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Crossing Brothel

Play as a human prostitute in a colorful town full of monsters.  The gameplay is simple, easily navigating a top-down RPG Maker map to find customers and watching the illustrated sex unfold with numerous transformations.

There are 24 sex scenes full of transformations.
* 10 types of shape deforming (flattening, spherical, size change, etc)
* 6 types of material shifting (petrification, onahole, food, etc)
* 8 types of species altering (demon, beast, possession, seedbed, etc)

And that is the base game.  Plans to add expansions with more girls and transformations are already in motion.  Two expansion patches are complete so far.  Try the free dmeo on DLsite to see if it's your thing.  To get the game to run, you might need to install Japanese language suport for your particular OS.

The Crossing Brothel is an interspecies bordello for male monsters who want to get it on with human females. Working as one of its monster-exclusive prostitutes, Hal is one slutty sex goddess. Impossibly insatiable and easily inseminable, she provides relief to the dark denizens\' hearts and swollen members!

However, sex with monsters on their terms is no easy task. Abnormal conception, petrification, sextoy-ification, fusion, liquification, corruption, demonization... When these creatures unleash their demented desires, their partner gets far more than the usual status effects. Regardless, Hal gladly takes it all without a second thought, and that\'s why she\'s their shining ray of hope! Like a harebrained angel of mercy.

No matter what disturbing mess she comes out as, the brothel owner will fix her up using a little forbidden occult, so there\'s no need to worry!

Hal is an upbeat prostitute with a bottomless sexual appetite.  She finds enjoyment in practically every situation and is open to all kinds of new experiences, even when it flies in the face of common sense.  Which is probably the best attitude for her line of work in a town full of literal monsters all over the moral spectrum.

Lord Hades is the manager running the titular Crossing Brothel.  As overpowered as he is overworked, he uses his vast array of eldritch abilities to clean up the messes Hal gets into on a daily basis.  He has grand visions of improving the world of monsters, even if it means working as a walking reset button among other things.

Sister Holly came to spread holy doctrine to the Dark Realm but ended up joining its heretic church.  She doesn't pay a lot of attention to what she is doing.  While she wears a chastity belt to circumvent her habit of blowing off her daytime prayers to have sex with monsters, it doesn't prevent anything when she has the key.  She tends to mix rather literally with monsters, but somehow always turns back to normal.

Momiji is a traveling medicine peddler from the far East who can't find customers unless she's selling herself.  She becomes a temp at the Crossing Brothel following a chance meeting with Lord Hades until her other job picks up... which could be a while.  While usually wearing a blank xpression, she reacts a lot more to sex and being transformed.


Lieta is a sheltered, former noble who becomes a clumsy maid at the Crossing Brothel.  Gaining an interest in sex, she signs up for the more lucrative and pleasurable job of taking customers as well.  Has she found something she is good at, or will her career be cut short by the sinister shadow stalking Hades's monstitutes?

Look for and talk to Hint Balls.  They should tell you where to go next.

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Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 1.3.0 on 11/01/2017

This is actually a pretty nice game from what I've seen so far! ^^" Just don't think I can afford to pay the $5 extra a month for the not so much extra content each time a new patch would release. X_X" So I'm gonna wait before paying for it probably.

Review by Goldendawn

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 09/08/2017

Being someone who has bought this game in the past I can tell you it is a MEGA transformation sex sex story, with RPG Maker walking from sex scene to sex scene. There is not really quests that I could see, and to be honest doesn't really hold value as a game since it really doesn't add any of the puzzles, or challenges that a game gives. I might be wrong, I kinda stopped about half way through because it was ultimatly a sex story.

However, what I can say is there is transformations, lots of them, and if you like Transformations caused by sex, with mental alterations (which are all up my road) this doesn't really let you down. However, after a while it does seem like a rinse and repeat type story, with no challenge to keep you coming back for more, unless you want to have another scene to "enjoy".

Graphic wise there is far worse out there for more money (I have to look at some of the "support me type games" where you have to pay 10 dollars a month to get the full adult rated game), however the graphics are good and enough so that you can enjoy the sex scene, and the words that go with them.

The "no real bad ending" is pretty well done, and is something I thought to steal in my own game, because I like the idea of people having random transformations, but not punish them for experiementing so that they have to start again. It is nice to see it all a part of the story.

As a story - the story is an excuse to do transformation sex scenes - but at least it doesn't make itself believe it is anything else. You are a hooker, you like sex, you have sex, you love getting pleasure, and doesn't matter if you are changed or not - that is the aim of the story.

Overall, if you have some cash to burn, want a sexy Adult (very adult) game with really lots of transformation types you can do to a girl, and you like mental changes - but nothing long term - then this is your type of story.

If none of the above interest you - stay away - this isn't a game in my opinion, it is a "pick your own sex scene" with graphics.

EDIT: I have finished the game to make sure my review was valid, and it is. There is a couple of "extra" little things you can do which kinda a "collect an item to do something" but in the end it is the same thing - go from place to place, have sex, do transformation, revert back to normal, rince and repeat.

Is it worth the money? Well, to be honest I have seen shorter, and probably less transformation related games which are worse graphics cost more in Steam. However, I do feel disappointed in the 'game' I bought and would not suggest it as a good game for people. So my view of it stands, it is a interesting CG Story of transformation (missing TG however, which of course is my primary interest), but it is not a game.


Review by Suning

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 09/08/2017

Oh so you bought it too GD? Well i got the game too and yeah it would be better if it was CG + text instead a game, because it does not bring nothing good for it being a game, since all you do is walk around talk and activate events, no battles, no puzzles, only talk and scenes. While i have to agree i like how someone actually put an effort on a full Transformation only game and even better in english. The other one i know that does focus on inanimated TF is petrifaction, the second game was out those days but graphic wise and price i think it is not worth it... (even with a LOT of images, i didn't like the characters graphic).

Review by SilverS

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 09/07/2017

I tried out the demo and it was rather enjoyable. The art is nice and it deals with a variety of fetishes. Just within the three short scenarios in the demo, it showcases Furry TF + Impregnation in one, Petrification (and minor impreg) in another, and Cum TF + Cock vore in the last one. 

And if the rest of the game from the screenshots is any indication, there's a lot of other fetishes it covers. I liked it a lot. 

Review by darkestlink

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 09/07/2017

the demo is okay but nothing i would pay for. you can find plenty of other porn games on this site that are just as okay or even better

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