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A New Job

A New Job is an adult TF/TG game created by Darkwing.

You've come a long way out to Tavershorn Manor in response to a "help wanted" ad for a live-in assistant job. You hope it will be worth it.

Joe Smith

You, the player character.

Lady Tavershorn/Mistress

Your employer; a tall, beautiful, aristocratic woman with an air of authority.

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Review by Haunt

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 11/10/2013

As of the Beta version 1.0 available today this game is playable to a point but it doesn't feel fully like a game yet. I gave this a 3 star rating because the author has obviously put quite a bit of work into this already so it deserves more than a 1 or 2 star, but in its present form I would debate the "playable" description on the info page on this site so 3 is the most I'm willing to give it as it is. In its current version this feels like a prologue to a book rather than a playable game. Read on my full review for more details.

Normally I try to avoid explaining what happens in a game to avoid spoiling fun for gamers, but the severe lack of options and straight-forward linear flow makes it so there is very little to spoil here. What few things could be spoiled I have avoided mentioning.

So far every part of the game has been a straight forward progression path. There hasn't been any options given. There's no choices of do this or that or a punishment/reward system for doing one thing over the other. You can't elect to avoid some objects that cause certain transformations or run into ones that can cause others. In other words this is not a typical transformation game. As of the time I am posting this review there are 3 transformations that follow one after another in a linear story-telling fashion rather than a game-fashion, and your actions will have no influence on changing those transformations.

You have to take the job, along with signing your name in blood. Then the male character is made to wear the maid outfit. Then the man gets involuntarily transformed into a female maid and forcibly given the maid's name of Josephine again without a name choice. Then later they forcibly get turned briefly into a sort-of pony-girl-morph only long enough to take the mistress to town in a typical pony-girl way, and while there interract with a witch that (apparrently) wants to help you fight the mistress witch's magic. Whereupon you pony-girl return back to the mansion and can remove the items that morphed you and redon the maid apparrel.

There is something else in the carriage room now that wasn't there before the trip to town. I won't spoiler it, but the interraction you had in town should tell you how to find it, and the text file 'solution' has a spoiler in it if you can't figure it out. After you interract with that something you can interract with it in such a way that you can unlock the currently final transformation turning your character into a mermaid. Furthermore you find out from the assisting witch at this point that your transformation into a girl has given you magic that can stop the mistress witch but now you have to explore to unlock it. Which would be great, except apparrently the content ends there in a room with no exits and no items within it without even a 'end of content' warning.

I tried every verb I could think of to get any hidden content to work before checking the solution file and finding that it ends there so I assume the content ends there. Two verb commands do work here and give 'some' result. You can examine yourself (or mermaid counts for you too) but that only describes you and nothing mentioned in the description can be interracted with or can help you get out of the room or explore. The second verb may at some point become a spoiler so I won't say what it was in the review, I will say however that the command is one you were given thanks to the assisting witch. Usage of that 2nd verb in this particular location and version is probably not something you'd want to do if this was a fully playable game, but if you've gotten this far in this version go ahead and use that verb just so you can squeeze one more bit of content out of this game.

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