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Version: 10.1.0

Version: 10.0.2

Version: 10.0.1

Version: 10.0.0



Version: 0.9






Version: 0.4.4

Version: 0.3.6

Dungeon Depths

This game requires the Microsoft .NET framework to function (If you have Windows 8 or higher, you should be ok, otherwise there may be a problem with startup if the framework isn't on your computer.)

Dungeon Depths is a 2-D dungeon crawler with a player creation engine that allows your character to be changed visually as the game goes on, and for transformations to overlap one another.



Disscussion thread: [link]

Bug/Issue Tracker: [link]

Discord Server: [link]

Houdini111's Unity D_D Prototype 5/17/2020: [link]

Image Packs for versions 0.8 and earlier:

LazerLite142's Image Pack: Strawberry Version: [link]

LazerLite142's Image Pack: Charcoal Version: [link]


 Update Log 10.1.0:

 Bug fixes:

  • NPCs should no longer occasionally load in between walls for saves going forward
  • Going from floor 5 to floor 6 no longer crashes the game
  • An exception is not thrown by using the Midas gauntlet on shopkeepers
  • The game should force the correct order when loading images rather than using an OS dependent alphabetical order.
  • Misc. Text/Formatting issues have been corrected.
  • Misc. Smaller Bug Fixes



  •  Succubi are now less likely to drain levels and raise lust, and a loss to a succubus will now drain 1 level rather than reset to level 1.
  •  Fusion now has a menu to make it easier to use.
    •  Characters with the same name can no longer fuse.
    • Spot fusion now has a cooldown to prevent it from comboing into spot fusion.
  •  Transformative mystery potions have all been shifted to the rare rarity and stat boosting mystery potions have all been shifted to uncommon rarity, and all potions other than the "Mystery Potion" have had their potential effect pools narrowed. This should make the average mystery potion found more useful.
  • Curses and other status effects are now displayed in the players description.
  • Mana Potions are now more expensive, and less common in chests.
  • Anti-Curse talisman will now remove cursed armor on its use, not just on unequip
    • The order of operations is (note: only one of these will be performed per tag):
      • Revert "slut-cursed" armor
      • Remove cursed armor
      • Remove cursed weapon
      • Remove cursed accessory
  • Misc balancing changes to spells and specials.

New Stuff:

  • The player now starts with two Misc. books, the "Spellcyclopedia" and the "Big Book O' Specials" that contain descriptions for all currently known spells and specials. Depending on pending spell/special menu updates, these may go away.
  • 5 new uncommon mystery potions:
    • Chilling Potion (lowers lust)
    • Mental Potion (restores mana)
    • Potion of Benediction (removes curses)
    • Potion of Dodging (dodge next attack)
    • Incandescent Potion (makes the player glow)
  • 4 new rare mystery potions:
    • Ass Shrinking Potion
    • Dick Shrinking Potion
    • Hyper Health Potion (Permenant health buff)
    • Hyper Mana Potion (Permenant mana buff)
  • Arachne now learn the "Snare" special at level 2. There is also an extra potent venom that causes immediate transformation into an arachne.
  • Webcaster Arachne should start showing up on/after floor 4.
    • Spidersilk Bonds: Similar to ropes, this is another armor that binds the wearer.  Unlike ropes, they break when damaged and have a slut variant.
  • The Cursebroker can now remove all curses on the player with a "Blight Dismissal".
  • The Hypnotist Teacher now teaches "Focus Up", a special that reduces lust.
  • The Frock of Night now turns into a new item, the Familiar's Costume under specific effects.
  • Bunny Girls learn a new special "Mirage Dance" at level 3




Update Log 10.0.2:

- Lowered Succubus spawn rate
- Anti-Curse talisman will now remove cursed armor on its use, not just on unequip
  - The order of operations is (note: only one of these will be performed per tag):
     * Revert "slut-cursed" armor
     * Remove cursed armor
     * Remove cursed weapon
     * Remove cursed accessory
- New Item: Dragonfruit
  - This is only accessible via the debug menu (for now), and applies a version of the "Half-broodmother" transformation
     * There has also been a engine change related to this, and player forms now also have the ability to set custom body overlays which allows for more physically distinct forms.

Bug Fixes: 
- The slut curse should no longer be applied on gender change
- Magical Girl (and other tfs) apply the complete mtf transformation
- Save/Load icons become temporarily disabled on click, which should prevent double clicking
- Other misc fixes


Update Log 10.0.1:

Bug Fixes:
- Lust should no longer be able to go negative when using clear potions
- Bunny Ears trigger on lust
- Equipping Ropes no longer throws a stack overflow exception
- Other misc fixes

Update Log 10.0.0:

New Items:

- Common Clothes, Skimpy Clothes, and Very Skimpy Clothes now have inventory entries
- Clear Potions now also lower lust
- Cow Cosplay:
   - The slut variant of the cow bikini
- Dark Magical Girl Outfit & Wand:
   - In preperation for eventual player teams and because magical girls were not that differant from mages gameplay-wise, there are now a few new forms and variants.
- Pro Magical Girl Outfit & Wand:
   - Pretty close to base, but with a few new skills and better stats overall
- Pink Magical Girl Outfit & Wand:
   - High HP and a focus on enemy TF based magic
- Red Magical Girl Outfit & Wand (and pro variant):
   - High attack, and a focus on physical attacks that deal spell damage
- Gems of Progress, Darkness, Sweetness, and Flame:
   - Used to upgrade the existing magical girl wand to one of the new ones
- Kisune Mask & Vial of Flame:
   - Pretty much a better version of the blindfold, because it puts you out if worn while on fire. The vial of fire can start you on fire, as can Fox-Fire elementals.
   - Fire is a status effect now. It BURNS!!!
- Bimbell:
   - One of the back-end changes I've made is going over the various bits of code that repeat and don't need to, and this lead to some consolidation of similar TFs. Bimbo TFs, Magical Girl TFs, and Cowbell TFs now all WAY easier to make than before.
- Attack Charm:
   - "Now wait", I hear you say, "...there's already an attack charm!" True, but now you can buy one on the cheap from your friend the Curse Broker! On a completely unrelated tangent, there are a couple new cow themed transformations in the new version. Well, "cow" may not be the right word for the one associated with this charm...
- Demonic Whip & Archdemon Whip:
   - High attack, deals critical hits more frequently, and also raises lust on attack.
- Fox Ears:
   - Like the Cat Ears item, but more...foxy
- Bunny Ears:
   - Like the bowtie item, this provides a conditional bunny girl transformation. However, unlike the bowtie, this transformation is based on lust level
- Crimson Spellbook & Manual:
   - Succubi-written skill learning items

New NPCs:
- Masked Magical Girl:
- Sells magical girl related items, and only appears if the player is also a magical girl

New Enemies:
   - The boss of floor 7, and a shapeshifter
- Succubi:
  - There are now three classes of enemy succubi, and they are more common the higher the player's lust is...  Lust does something(s) new too if you get cursed by a succubus princess!

Major Class/Balance Changes:

   - Warrior, Mage, and Rogue now learn skills on levels 2-4
   - Levels can also be removed (along with their associated buffs)
   - Bimbos require half as much XP to level up as other classes, but also do not gain stats (other than the standard health buff) or as many skills
- Succubus: 
   - The succubus form now has a drain ability that increases XP
- Magical Girl & Valkyrie:
   - In addition to the above sub-classes for magical girls, both weapon-based transformations now consume mana and stamina (respectively)
   - General buffs to both classes while transformed
- Will boosts spell damage, and provides spell damage resistance.

- Hunger has been renamed "Stamina", and now is consumed rather than increased
- The main game UI has been updated to more clearly represent the player's health, mana, stamina, and XP
- Highlighted items on inventories now use a custom rendering function rather than the default .NET highlight
- An issue with item comparison has been resolved, and now dungeon generation and shop load times have been improved
- Dungeons should generate with less disconnected chunks

- Scaling should now be more consistant across resolutions

- Full body images for nearly all (save for 3 of the holiday) clothing options and lower body transformations
   - Auto-generated size/buff lists for armors




w, a, s, d/arrows = move

;/e = interact (w/ stairs/chests)

Click on stuff in the inventory to select it, and use the equip tab to equip weapons and armor.

Image Packs for versions 0.8 and earlier

LazerLite142's Image Pack: Strawberry Version: [link]

LazerLite142's Image Pack: Charcoal Version: [link]


Update Log

This is a patch for the equipment bug in the last version, some more minor bugs, and gives the Anti Curse Tag a new description that explains how it works.

Update Log

This is a patch for the major bugs surrounding saving, disconected chunks, and new games present in the last version.  I am looking into the bug that prevents all equipment from being changed; in the meantime saving and loading resolves it temporarily.

- The debug menu has been moved to the main menu bar

Update Log 0.9:

5th Floor Boss : Medusa

- Curses:
  - "Cursed" equipment (ie. Thrall Collar) is now impossible to remove without the use of a special item, the Anti-Curse Tag
  - Anti-Curse tags can be bought from the shopkeeper at a markup, or from the Curse Broker, a new NPC
  - The Curse Broker deals with various curse related things.  Attack them at your own peril...
  - Cursed Defence Charm & Dragon Broodmother transformation

- New Class: Rogue
  - Starts with a dagger that hits twice per combat and Stealth Gear that both lowers encounter rate and buffs speed
  - Special ability "Bounty's collection" that lands a boosted reward for anything it hits.  If you try to collect a bounty on a foe that it can't kill though, be careul...

- New Games now allow playthrough of the same dungeon, and "ghosts" are now fixed.  Expect ghost stuff ASAP.

- New Monster:
  - Alraune, found in the forest area, associated TF

- Scale Armor/Bikini

- Using the Disarmment Kit on a cursed coupon trap now drops a Cursed Coupon that works on basically everything in the game so far.  Sex doll transformations for all!

- New art for a lot of things.  We're making progress on our way to a 100% functional full body view!

- Character presets and first seed specification

- Bug fixes, optimizations, and probably some other stuff too.  Check out the "Every New Item" and "Broken Remote" items in the debug menu for all the new stuff.



Update Log

This is a patch resolving some save issues with floor 4, as well as the past and future special stages.

Update Log  

Fixed an issue with divide by zero exceptions when player stats are too high

Update Log  

Fixed a couple of bugs with the goo girl, it figures that some stuff with slimes slipped through the cracks.

Update Log 0.8.9 (Anniversary):


We’re rolling up on the 2nd anniversary of Dungeon Depths, and I’d like to thank everyone for their patience, for their support, and for playing our game.  Thank you for reporting bugs, thank you for telling me what you like about the game and making suggestions, and especially thank you for telling me what you don’t like.  I’d also like to specifically thank Houdini111 and Lazerlite142 (aka Kiera) for their work on the development team, and Marionette and BigIronRed for the scenes they’ve written.  Please take a look at the in-game about menu for a more detailed list of contributions.  I’m proud of the progress that has been made since the original release 2 years ago and I’m grateful for the creativity and patience of this community.


Version 0.9 is still in the works, although I’ve wrapped up most of the major engine changes and at this point I’m working on new in game content.  So, consider this a sort of v0.9 lite release, even though it’s technically numbered as version 0.8.9.  So, that begs the question, what’s all changed?



Engine Changes:


- The dungeon system as a whole has been refactored.  While there is a lot that’s changed behind the scenes, this boils down to a couple of visible things.


  • New dungeon generation algorithm:  The dungeon area has a new algorithm, and the forest area uses the old one.  Right now, this is to compare/contrast, but there should be a noticeable improvement to dungeon area floors.  Also tiny floors no longer crash the game.
  • Floors are tracked once you leave them.  This means you can go back (via portal chalk or the new grappling hook), even across saving and loading.


- Monsters are now individual objects.  This allows me to make them more distinct from one another other than by stat changes, and this can be seen by slimes (and goo girls too I think) now having an absorption special.  I plan on updating other existing monsters in a similar vein.


- Full-body images in the self-inspect!  By popular demand (this is the most requested feature I’ve had ever), Kiera and I have begun working on getting the game’s art set up to support a full body description and image system.  While we’re still a ways off at this point (this will be my focus for the version after 0.9), the game is now technically capable of it and a fair amount of art assets have been converted over to reflect this.


- New event box that displays the longer passages in a better, more readable way.



New content:


New Items:

  • Will Charm:  Mana regeneration has been switched over to a system that restores a percentage of the mana cap every tick, with the time between ticks decreasing based on the player’s will.  To support this, there are now charms that boost will like any other stat
  • Grappling hook: Allows the player to go up a floor at any stair case, and does not disappear on use.
  • Cat Armor:  Based on a design suggested in the Discord community, this is something new from a technical level, an armor only obtainable by anti-slut-cursing the cat lingerie. 
  • Anti-Curse Tag:  This is only here as a stand in until I add in a “curse” NPC, but this allows one to anti-slut-curse their equipped clothing and is purchasable from the Hypnotic Teacher.  How convenient.
  • Mana Hibiscus:  Available (naturally) only on the anniversary day, some folks say that using this accessory will lead to…special content

Changes to existing items:

  • Omni-Charm: Now also boosts will
  • Braced Headband: Now is worth gold.
  • "Every New Item": Updated for the new-to-0.9 stuff.


- There’s been a host of bug fixes, and due to the new dungeon system old save will not work with this new versio

Update Log

Bug fixes:

  • Gold is now loaded from saves (note that this applies to all v0.8 saves, not just new ones)
  • Clicking the "use" button with nothing selected should no longer throw an exception

New Content:

  • I'm working with Marionette (aka Bloop) to improve some of the writing for the game, and our first target is the slime TF.  While the new text for the whole transformation has yet to be written, the starting passage for a standard loss did!  Check the #nsfw tag on the discord for an extended sneak peek at that!

Update Log

Bug fixes:

  • Resolved issue with off-center (and terrifying) portraits
  • Mystery potions are now drinkable/sellable in all menus
  • Shop discounts now apply
  • Other misc bug fixes

Update Log

Bug fixes:

  • Sorcerer Robe's now center properly
  • Saving in space no longer corrupts the save file
  • Combat units are recognized as "mechanical"
  • Uvona's blessing now will...well, work.
  • Shops display 17 character named items properly (no more compass description/infinite sell potential)
  • Clicking an empty space in the player's inventory window in the shop no longer throws an exception
  • Scepter of Ash actually adds to the inventory when bought (oops)

Update Log 0.8:

Wow, it's been five whole months since the last update.  Version 0.8 is by far the largest update this game has recieved, and with a wait time that long it had better be, right?   So, without further ado, this is version 0.8.

New Content:


Both new spells can be found in the advanced spellbook


  • Warp: Randomly teleports the player to another spot in the dungeon, and ends combat if used during.  Chance to backfire, sending the player ... somewhere else*.
  • Uvona's Fugue: For the new warlock class, I've introduced the first named deity to the game: Uvona, Goddess of Fugue.  As her "signature spell", this wipes the mind of whoever it hits, including it's caster if it backfires.  If one has the ring of Uvona, however, this can be benificial in the long run as she will boost your stats slightly once you get your mind back.


  • Combat Manual: Contains 5 new specials dedicated to combat.  Specials with "Focused" in their name only consider your base attack stat (prior to any weapons / armor / accessories), and the "Ki Wave Blast" used all of your mana combined with your base attack to deal a LOT of damage, at the cost of a LOT of hunger.
  • Utility Manual: Contains 4 new specials dedicated to general use.
    • Ritual of Mana: Converts hunger to mana, gets progressively less effective the more mana one has.
    • Cleanse: Reverts transformations (slightly)
    • Spot Fusion: Performs a temporary fusion.  Note that this is the opposite of the fusion crystal fusion.
    • Uvona's Blessing:  The second Uvona thing in the game thus far, Uvona's blessing causes the player to forget a spell or special at random (including Uvona's blessing) to learn another.  If you have a ring of Uvona equipped, this won't forget Uvona's blessing.


We've got two new NPCs, both with a couple of rare encounters that come with a discount and new profile art, so keep an eye out for them!

  • Hypnotist Teacher:  Allows the player to change classes/forms, buy spellbooks and manuals at a reduced price, and provides a few other useful services.
    • Classes:
      • Barbarian
      • Bimbo (New art)
      • Warlock
    • Forms:
      • Half-Gorgon (sold prior to floor 5)
      • Amazon (sold after floor 5)
  • Food Vendor:  Sells food.  Some of the food has effects.  I'll cover that in the "Items" section.


Prior to this version, there were roughly 85 items in the game.  This update adds 58.  I'm not going to cover all of them in detail, but hopefully there's a little something for everyone.

  • Dissolved Clothes: Part of the new slime tf (see more below)
  • Bimbo Lesson:  Lessons are used by the Hypnotist Teacher to do her thing.  None of them do anything unless bought, and this particular one turns the player into a bimbo.  A new bimbo.  Arguably a better bimbo.
  • Combat / Utility manuals:  See the specials section.
  • Panacea:  Sold by the food vendor, reverts all changes and restores all health.
  • Vial of Venom:  Progresses the spider/arachne bad ends.
  • Anti Venom: Stops the spider/arachne bad ends.
  • Blinding Potion:  A new mystery potion that blinds the player.  While this may seem like a stricty bad potion, just remember who I'm hinting the floor 5 boss is going to be.  
  • Valkyrie Armor / Sword: Kind of like the magic girl wand, only for physical fighters!
  • Bowtie:  If you're a fan of bunnygirls, add yourself a bowtie from the debug menu because this item supports a the new Bunny Girl class.  This is a class built around dodging, something the bowtie enables.  After enough dodging you'll turn into a bunnygirl, and if your armor provides enough defence you'll get the new armored bunnysuit.
  • Spatial Shroom: Bought from the food vendor, this simulates the warp spell, albiet poorly.  It still has a chance to send you ... somewhere else*.
  • Flavored Gum:  Different flavors of gum, different flavors of bimbo.  Arguably better flavors of bimbo.
  • Omni Charm: Dropped by bosses, this charm boosts all of your stats.
  • ... And more!  There are so many new items, adding them all would delay the release even further so I'll get to them later.  Add a "Every_New_Item" from the debug menu to get one of each.


  • Slime and spider bad ends:  No more placeholders, now all of the common enemies have unique transformation bad ends!  While the slime one isn't wholely finished yet (I'm working on giving armor durability), it's better than the I.O.U that was there before.
  • Magic Girl as a Starting Class:  I was annoyed jumping through hoops to debug the magic girl wand, so I set up a magic girl starting class, and have yet to remove it!  
  • Engine Improvements:  The game should run smoother that ever, thanks to a whole lot of minor optimizations I am too tired to record.
  • Bug Fixes: OHHHHhhh yeah.  Lots of bug fixes.


 * Somewhere else might be a space dimension with future stuff.  Neat future stuff.

Update Log v0.7/

New in v0.7.0.1:

Issues fixed:

  • Losing to the 4th floor boss with the whole map revealed will no longer crash the game.
  • Exception should no longer be thrown when accepting or rejecting the enthralling sorcerer/ess's offer after not breaking your collar.
  • Restore potions should no longer throw exceptions, or pop a dialog box up.
  • Ear images should layer with the rear hair better.
  • Explorer body swap should work as expected.
  • Some "Hat" related changes work correctly now


QOL improvements:

  • Some more description passages have been added.
  • Added a check for the ability to equip that blocks it when the player is petrified, or when the player is in a polymorph where the clothing is not reflected on their portrait (dragon, cake, blowup doll, etc.).
  • Numpad keys are now valid options for custom controls (in theory, I don't have a numpad).


Welp, it's been over a month since the last update.  Here's a new one.  I priorotized fixing a lot of bugs, and thanks to a host of engine improvements, the game is more stable than it has ever been.  Thanks to a pre-release and feedback from the community, I've also nipped a lot of bugs with new stuff at the bud.

So, what's new?

Bugs fixed:

  • Cowbell, gum, and thrall collar effects aren't interupted by combat any more.
  • Fusion crystal no longer doesn't update equipment
  • Equipping the magical girl wand now stops the thrall tf. While it would be cool for this not to be the case, at the moment the two transformations have a whole heap of issues that conflict with one another.
  • Magical Girl/Gum work (note: this interaction is triggered by eating the gum as a magic girl, not the other way around).
  • Error 2: Unknown cause of death should no longer pop up in regular play.
  • Various typos fixed (found out I mispelled intellect, which is kind of funny).
  • Various inventory fixes.
  • A whole lot of other misc. bug fixes.

New content:

  • New default player images!
    • The randomization methods have also been updated to reflect this
    • Images can now be loaded into the default image folders without breaking the game (see exeptions below).  This allows for an infinite number of custom clothes, facial features, etc. to be added.
    • The algorithm detecting breastsize doesn't work for additional body images, and new ones will default to -1.  This creates issues, don't load in additional body images.
  • New bronze armor/weapons
    • These replace steel stuff as the starting loadout for warriors.  Steel stuff has also been buffed
  • Updated the skimpy clothes images to have a more cohesive feel, as well as to better reflect a mideaval/fantasy style.
  • New potion system:
    • The old mystery potion system was pretty technically awkward, from my perspective. Each potion, as well as its effect, needed to be tracked outside of the inventory, which made them weird to save/load. So, when I saw some requests to update them, and I was already working on re-doing the inventory, I decided to do just that.
    • Mystery potions now have a completely unique effect every time.  Each variation of mystery potion has a individual effect table, and this adds variety to all of them.
      • Some variations are rarer (and more valueable/potent) than others
    • Restore potions now only revert some changes, unless there are minimal changes to revert.
    • A Clear potion has been added, while at the moment this is just a slight hunger reducer, in the future it will be used for brewing
    • Various other potions have been added
  • New Spells:
    • These were added towards the end of testing, so there's nothing too crazy here so as to not break anything.  Several existing spells have been tweaked as well (mainly mana costs, turn to cupcake has a backfire now).
    • For adv. spellbook
      • Magma Spear: Backfire-less spell that deals a signifigant amount of damage. Also costs 10.
      • Petrify II: A faster version of petrify. Careful though, it can also backfire.
      • Major Heal: A better heal. Pretty straight forward.
  • Valentines day stuff:
    • Added a couple new uncommon "armors" found in chests.
    • Added a rare ring found in chests with a couple of unique effects.
    • These items will only be availible in the vanilla game on Valentines day.
  • LOTS of engine changes: There were a bunch, here's a brief summary
    • Players, Monsters, Bosses, and NPCs are now the same data type.  Before, players were their own thing and monsters, bosses, and NPCs were all variations of monster.  Now, all of them are Entities. This allowed combat, damage, inventory, etc. standardization
    • Inventory data type:
      • Inventories got a new data type that allows for easier save/load and management from a code perspective. There should be no visible differances
    • Image Collection data type:
      • I've moved the image libraries from static lists in the charracter generator class to a data type, which allowed me to simplify their access.
      • The hair and skin color applying methods are WAY simpler now
    • Other misc improvements.



Update Log v0.6.5.1

This is a bug fix that targets many of the bugs reported in 0.6.5, as well as some balancing.  There's a new damage function that should assign damage more accurately to the attack and defence of the targets.  As a result, I also re-balanced the Ooze Empress encounter as well, and now the player starts out with ~4 random items in addition to their weapons and armor.

Compasses also now have a trail that is visible on discovered tiles.

Update Log v0.6.5

This is a combination of a bug patches and optimizations, hopefully the game should run smoother now.  Floor 4 also now has a proper boss scenario.


Update log v0.6.2.5(.1) - Anniversery Edition:

So, its been a year (on September 10th, for those in different time zones).  Thanks for all the feedback, support, and patience over the past 365 days!  Its been slow at some points, unbearably buggy at others, and I appreciate everyone who's stuck with the game thoughout it all.  I'd also like to thank everyone who's contributed to the game in both large and small ways, without you all this game would be a lot less interesting.  I would also like to specifically thank Houdini111 for their contributions as a member of the development team, they were responsible for such features as the debug, dungeon generation, and second shop menus, as well as a lot of other, smaller improvements.  

Going back over version 0.1, I'm amazed at how different a game D_D has become!  So, without further ado, here's a patch that hopefully takes care of some of the more pressing issues facing the game.

New Stuff:

  • Harder Difficulty - I've re-balanced basically all of the basic enemies to be harder to kill, as well as a few other minor changes to make the game more difficult.  Included in these changes are a revision to the Sword_of_the_Brutal to make it less of an unstoppable weapon without making it completely useless, and a change to the Ruby trap that makes it drain mana and increase hunger to simulate the several days spent as a statue.
  • If you want to make the game easier from this version's default, I recomend reducing either the encounter or trap spawn rates or increasing the chest richness settings from the dungeon generation menu.
  • Chicken suit - I've re-added the chicken suit as an item that is found in chests only on the anviversery day (it can also bo obtained through the debug menu).  Unlike the previous chicken suit, this one focuses exclusively on the stick-of-gum and chicken transformation combo, which was the only part of the old chicken tf that I regret removing.
  • Bug Fixes - I've fixed some minor bugs, and I think I've also got the save bug nailed down (If it was only being caused by the things I think were causing it)
  • fixes a bug that threw an unhandled exeption when talking to shopkeepers above floor 5


Check out this awesome image pack made by LazerLite142!  To quote her;

How to Use it:

1. Extract the .zip
2. Move the new folder to the folder that says D_Dv(whatever version)(also if you have two folders with the same name, with one inside of the other, place it into the inside one)
3. Click replace files in this destination, if you don't see this message you might have messed up, sorry

Download link:

If you have any problems, ideas, and/or questions either ask [LazerLite142] or reply on the forum ...!



Update log v0.6.2/

More bug fixes. ( re-enables dungeon traps)

Update log v0.6.1.1:

Whoops, left somthing in the last one from my patch that made only dart traps spawn, this changes that.

 Update log v0.6.1:

Whoops, left somthing in the last one from my debugging that made only ruby traps spawn, this changes that.

Update log v0.6:

Oof, it's been a while.  Houdini and I have both been working on some stuff that affects the core engine of the game, and we wanted to be thorough with our bug testing this time around.

So, what's all new?

  • New shop UI:  The shop interface has been revised to be more user friendly and adds the ability to search for items, as well as inspect the items in the shop.  Special thanks to Houdini111 for taking the lead on this, it turned out great.
  • Accessories:  The third wearable item catagory has been added.  These will provide minor buffs to stats, though some may have some side effects. There are a few fully added to the game at the moment, including the:
    • Red Headband
    • Ruby Circlet
    • Cowbell
    • Thrall Collar
  • Dungeon Generation Menu:  Another of Houdini's improvements, a menu allowing detailed customization of the dungeon has been added!  This menu can set the starting dungeon size, chest frequency and richness, trap density, and encounter rate, as well as listing the seed of the starting floor.
  • Thrall Loss Revision:  I've finally gotten around to adding a transformation to a loss to one of the generic enemies, so lose to a thrall or enchanter(tress) at your own risk now.
  • Title/Form/Class Update:   Prior to this version, the player's form and class were held in a single title variable that had no real impact on the players stats.  Their stats were bumped up and down along with transformations, but this created a jumbled system that didn't always work.  Now, however, the players title has been split into form and class objects, each of which contain stat multipliers
  • Health is a ratio now
  • The compass routes a path to the exit instead of just marking it as "seen"
  • I've moved the game from demo into the alpha catagory on the site, since its been out almost a year now and I think its expanded far enough from where it was when I first posted it.
  • Unfortunatley, due to a few of the engine changes old saves couldn't be salvaged, and will no longer work.
  • Tons of minor optimizations/improvements
  • TONS of bug fixes


Anti-Virus software was flagging versions 0.5.1 and, so those are both taken down.  Version is the same gamewise as, however the application has been re-signed and is no longer a single instance application.  If this problem continues, please let me know.  Sorry for any inconvinence.

Update Log

I recompiled the game file and removed the underscore from its name to avoid it "false-positiving" Windows Defender.

Update Log 0.5.1:

This is a bug fix for the problems with the magical girl and dragon transformations, as well as that the heal spell occasionally healed for greater than maximum health.


Update Log 0.5:

I've been on a bit of a hiatus, but I am back to actively developing the game.  This is primarily a patch to fix the major bugs left in the last version, though it also contains some of the work I've been doing on the spell system.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Save/Load:
    • Saves created past floor three should now load
    • Saving will no longer darken the characters skin in the portrait on the load menu
    • While some old saves (from v0.4/v0.3) may not have loaded on the previous version, they should load on this one 
  • Custom Controls:
    • The custom controls system has been altered to pull the key name directly, rather than by putting the character it generates through a table.  This should mean that it runs smoother.  If the controls file is corrupted to the point where it prevents the game from loading, a fresh one can be found here.
  • Other misc. minor/trival bug fixes

New Stuff:

  • The spell system has been rebalanced, along with self polymorph forms
  • Some spells can be used outside of combat using the magic key ('z' by default)
  • Potions are now sorted alphabetically
  • Advanced Spellbook - This item is rarer than a normal spellbook, can not be bought from a store, and contains the more broken spells in the game thus far.
    • Turn to Blade and the goddess Self Polymorph form have been moved to the advanced spellbook
  • New Spells:
    • Normal Spellbook:
      • Heal
      • Dowse 
      • Illuminate
    • Advanced Spellbook:
      • Turn to Cupcake

Update Log 0.4.4

This is mainly a patch for v0.4.3 and its offshoots, with a few quality of life improvements.  

Known Bug:

  • There may be a problem with some saves that has been carried over from a previous version, but I don't have enough info on it to confirm it, or to begin debugging.  If it occurs, please let me know any details you have and/or submit your save file to its bug tracker entry

New Stuff:

  • Custom Controls -
    • Clicking the controls button on the start screen, or clicking the controls dropdown under the help option allows one to set a keyboard control scheme.
    • NOTE TO THOSE WHO USE THE 'e' INSTEAD OF ';' - You will need to set this, as the 'e' key has been unmapped from the interact option.
    • While most of the keyboard controls are set, there are a few that do nothing at the moment, being the "Inspect item" and "No" keys.
    • What was done by the ';' key before is the "Interact Option"
    • The "Yes" key can be used to challenge the boss at the stairs.
  • New Tileset - 
    • The icons for the tiles have been updated, and should display at a higher resolution.


Update Log 0.4.3/

This is a patch to cover some of the bugs created in v0.4.2, with a couple of new features and optimizations. fixes the bugs involving aquiring a key from the shop or debug menu

New Features:

  • Debug Menu - The map view has been greatly developed, courtesy of Houdini111:
    • More detail (Map key, seed, etc.)
    • Zoom
    • Pan
    • The map is now able to be edited, along with chests
  • Expanded self inspect - I've slightly expanded the self inspect, and there are some problems with the haircolor identification and with some non human form descriptions.

Update Log 0.4.2:

This is a combination of patches -, with the saving glitch associated with front hair #5 worked out and with multiple polymorphs no longer saving over one another.

Edit: I've put up another 0.4.2 that doesn't crash if you try to move while it's loading.

Update Log 0.4.1:

This is a patch for version 0.4 to (hopefully) fix the main bugs I have seen in the bug tracker.

Update Log 0.4.0:

This is mainly an update to the core game engine to make it run smoother and stable enough to be left alone while I work on a large content update.

Special thanks:

  • Houdini111 - Houdini has been helping me by compiling bug lists for a while now, and with this version Houdini has been helping me on the development side as well, notably with the addition of the debug menu, breast shrinking potion, and with several smaller optimizations.
  • Storm -  Storm gave me the idea and drafted some code for a body swap on the defeat of a Explorer.

Bug Fixes:

There have been a lot of bug fixes since the last release, and I'm not going to list them all here. At the moment, all bugs should be listed in the issue tracker, and if any pop up they should be reported there.

Engine Optimizations/Changes:

Unfortunatly saves from older versions don't work with this one anymore.

  • Reduced load times
    • Loading should be much faster, and long loads now have a load bar
  • Map generation is now seeded
  • The map generation algorithm has been updated
  • Combat now has a UI
  • Reporting bugs can be done from within the game via help -> report
  • The debug menu; see this
  • Fixed some typos
  • Floors past floor 5 have a forest tileset
  • Other miscelanious improvements

New Content:

  • 4 new mystery potions
    • Breast Shrinking
    • Hyper Heal (Heals/Boosts health)
    • Hyper Mana (Mana regen/Boosts mana)
    • Random Hair Color (Replaces black hair)
  • Masculine Potion has been revised to have multiple stages
  • Hair Color potions are now semi random
  • 1 new trap
  • Basic enemies have been renamed
  • The way enemies drop items has been randomized
  • Explorer has an optional body swap on defeat
    • This may become a non optional random event, let me know what you prefer



Update Log 0.3.6:

This is a few more optimizations, some additions for the engine, and some bug fixes.  This will be the last update for a while (barring any major or gamebreaking bug fixes), as I want to add a bunch of content to get Dungeon_Depths out of the Demo stage into an Alpha.

Bug Fixes:

  • Equipping a staff and self polymorphing no longer nets a mana gain
  • Medicinal tea heals up to the full extent of your maximum health + buffs
  • Stairs, chests, NPCs, and traps no longer can spawn on top of one another

Engine improvements: 

  • Multiple save and load slots.
    • Saves from previous versions will load into slot 1
    • Saves from previous versions lose track of beaten bosses upon load
  • I've added a disclaimer at the beginning
  • Game info box under help tab

New Content:

  • I've replaced the fourth default clothing option (the suit) with another design provided by Rangorak (Thanks once again)
  • Masculine Potion/Murky Potion - the exact opposite of the feminine potion, its another hidden potion.
  • Armor and weapons now buff multiple stats - I've also reassigned the stats of some existing armors for different purposes.

Known Bugs:

  • Minor:
    • [temp fixed] midas gauntlet does not drop gold statue
      • the gold from midas kills has been greatly increased
    • [possibly fixed] shopkeeper @ sign disappears sometimes
    • [fixed] Equipping a staff and self polymorphing nets a mana gain.
    • Traps disappear on save and load
    • Restoring from the princess tf causes some problems.
    • [done] Medicinal tea does not restore health past maximum (without charms) and cuts health
    • Equipping forced form equipment during combat doesn't fully tf until combat completes
    • Polymorphing to a form with greater hp nets a health gain
    • Polymorphing, and then polymorphingd again causes you to return to the previous polymorph
    • Losing to a goo girl causes an unknown cause of death error and nets a game over
    • Marissa can occasionally hit for extreme damage
    • Some transformations re-equip items incorrectly
  • Major:
    • [possibly fixed] Character creation can throw an exception when hair/skin color is changed while an affected attribute is selected
    • [semi fixed] slime hair allows one to survive the midas gauntlet's bad end
      • Slime hair still isn't turned to gold
    • [fixed] The shopkeeper/ladder/chests can spawn on top of one another
  • Game-Breaking:
    • [possibly fixed] Encounters on floor past floor 3 may throw unhandled exeptions
    • Using the Just-Straight-Poison (The default name for mystery potions) will throw an unhandled exeption

Update Log 0.3.0/0.3.2/0.3.3/0.3.4/0.3.5:


This is some bug fixes and some new content.  Sorry for the radio silence/delay between updates.  This should be the last major update before I finish the alpha version of the game.  From there, the engine should not change much, and I should be able to more easily add floors/items/monsters/tfs.

0.3.2 should fix some of the bugs in 0.3.0 and 0.3.1.

In 0.3.3, I nailed down the unknown enemy error and the corrupted save bug, as well as causing the game to loop after floor 3.

0.3.4 fixes the save bug related to magical girl tfs

0.3.5 fixes or diminishes all bugs on the known list, and optimizes the game a bit.  You should notice smoother map scrolling and faster load/new level speeds, as well as a smaller game file size. Also the shop is approached via the ; key (I went through Houdini111's suggestions, some of the minor ones may also have been put in as well.  I have a list of things to add, and many of the suggestions have been added) 

Bug Fixes: 

  • Reduced required .net framework required
  • Mana and health now regen up to their buffed max value
  • You can no longer sell currently equipped items
  • Chests can not be opened in combat
  • Saving and loading are no longer possible while menus are open, or when in combat.
  • Weapon Attack is displayed added to the players
  • Item descriptions now display as a pushed notification rather than in the log.  This lets me wrap their text, and use longer descriptions. (Longer descriptions for some items pending)
  • Stats should not go negitive any more, unless intentionaly through a tf
  • You can not polymorph into a " " (nothing) anymore
  • Text boxes should scale better, but let me know if any other scaling problems occur
  • Gold Armor's slut variant now appears
  • Some of the known issues that I haven't been able to pin down now throw error messages instead of unhandled exeptions.

Engine Improvements:

  • To let me make larger maps, the map is now zoomed in a bit and scrolls.  NOTE: This also means that the compass is not as useful as it once was, I plan on fixing this in the next update
  • I'm moving away from using the log in favor of text boxes, let me know what you all think
  • The save files from this version should be forward compatible with future versions
  • Enemies can now be stunned via critical hits

Additional Content:

  • Floor 3 is done for the most part:
    • Traps are introduced, so be careful where you step.  There are only 3 at the moment, but more are on the way.
    • Some chests are mimics, which have a defeat tf that gives a unique armor with a special effect
    • Only one chest has the key to the stairs.  While this is simple at the moment, floor 4 will use a more complex version of this format with some body stealing elements.
  • Specials:
    • Warrior : Berserker Rage (x2 damage for 2 turns, with 3/4 DEF loss per turn)
    • Mage : Risky Decision (Use life to replenish mana)
    • Breastsize > 3 : Massive Mammaries (80% defence for 1 turn)
    • Succubus : Unholy Seduction (100% chance to stun enemy)
    • Slime : Absortion (Hits for low damage, Heals for Double damage dealt)
    • Dragon: Ironhide Fury (Damage x1.5, defence +100 for 3 turns)
  • Trap Kits can be found in chests to disarm traps adjacent to the player

Known Bugs:

  • Minor:
    • [fixed] Upon successful game load, the portrait does not immediatly update
    • [fixed] Restore potions undo charms
    • [fixed] Ruby trap doesn't make you redder post trap
    • [fixed] polymorph keeps defence stats from armor
    • [temp fixed] midas gauntlet does not drop gold statue
      • the gold from midas kills has been greatly increased
    • [possibly fixed] shopkeeper @ sign disappears sometimes
    • [fixed] bimbo tf doesnt change clothes
    • [fixed] lust tends to loop back to 0 at a certain point, and then goes no higher
    • [fixed] hitting enter without entering a cheat code pops up a message box
    • [fixed] shops/stairs/chests register as undiscovered after load
    • [fixed] spell casting physically hits the enemy
    • [fixed] reverting from magical girl removes clothes
    • Equipping a staff and self polymorphing nets a mana gain.
    • Traps disappear on save and load
    • Medicinal tea does not restore health past maximum (without charms) and cuts health 
  • Major:
    • [possibly fixed] Character creation can throw an exception, particularly working with ears (Error 001)
    • [fixed] The opponent that killed you is ocassionally not recorded (Error 002)
    • [fixed] Un-equipping Targax Sword doesn't stop the tf
    • [semi fixed] slime hair allows one to survive the midas gauntlet's bad end
      • Slime hair still isn't turned to gold
    • [fixed] The living armor and skimpy clothes curse lock the player in place
    • [fixed] DEF is lowered in tfs unintentionally
    • The shopkeeper/ladder/chests can spawn on top of one another
    • Restoring from the princess tf causes some problems.
  • Game-Breaking:
    • [fixed] Game crashes on entry to floor 3
    • [fixed] Saving seems to fail in some situations
    • [fixed] Magic Girl TF breaks if gum is eaten
    • [fixed] Stat buffs are not tracked correctly, and double/disappear
    • [possibly fixed] Encounters on floor past floor 3 may throw unhandled exceptions

Update Log 0.2.4:

Fixed a lot of bugs, made some general improvements.  Hopefully the next update will be some new content and not more bug fixes due to this one resolving them, thank you as always for your feedback, and thank you for playing.

Bug fixes:

  • Saves no longer corrupt the game
  • Fixed my use of states; this should elimnate most TF related bugs
  • Death no longer throws unhandled exeptions
  • Improved the reverts from TFs and restoration potions
  • Titles no longer stack for polymorphed enemies
  • New games shouldn't have issues anymore
  • Glowsticks no longer do their secondary effects on non-custom colored hair
  • The maid duster should work for the magical girl
  • Many general bugs no longer exist


  • The shop lists are now vertically alligned
  • Character creation now has a "randomize" option
  • The inventory filters now have a "check/uncheck all" option
  • Levels no longer exist; Stat buffs can be gained from "charms" found in chests and the shop
  • Polymorphs now last longer (between 1 and 15 turns)
  • Spells have been buffed to do more damage and be more accurate
  • Balance has been tweaked slightly

Older Versions:


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Nonolion

Version reviewed: 10.1.0 on 02/27/2021

Game's pretty fun. Progression might be a bit janky tho, it didn't take me long before i started onetapping everything that wasn't a boss, on my first run too. I know the game's still in development, but it gets a bit boring after you defeat the gorgon, since there aren't any more bosses afterwards, so after a while i just let a shopkeeper kill me to start a new run, opting to stay in the same dungeon. Now, I think it's pretty neat that you can run into your previous character, but that being said, it might need a little reworking, since being onetapped by the first enemy you see isn't particularly fun (tho it is funny).

Review by Echidna27

Version reviewed: 10.0.1 on 10/06/2020

This game is suprisingly difficult. its randomly generated rooms and rewards means you can start a game and quickly become a literal goddess or become a mindless drone and get a game over right away. but this leads to very interesting interactions.
By playing more you'll come across your heros now transformed and an enemy of the dungeon. this means making the same hero over and over becomes weird as youll fight yourself everyonce and a while.

transformations are great. the art and the mixing of the transformations has been done really well. but this game has many enemies that will cause instant game overs if you lose.

its great to have debug as an option from the start to test different items before a no save play though.

Review by AloneTaco

Version reviewed: 10.0.1 on 10/01/2020

This game is really good, but it's really really glitchy. In the patch notes I didn't see any bug fixes, but I'll hope for the best. Either way the games worth it.

Update: Sometimes if I click load game too fast it corrupts that load save permenantly as far as I know.

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 10.0.0 on 09/30/2020

One of my favorite games on the site, and now we've got a new update bringing more life to it! Let's go!! ^w^
Edit: I often revert back to level one on saves for some reason. I dunno what's going on, but that definitely needs a patch =S
Edit 2: Not only the levels, but the stat boosts from charms collected as well.

Review by w21dbb

Version reviewed: on 02/23/2020

This game is a good one, simple enough to play, but it needs more interactions, still a fun one hope to see more thing happen with this game.

Current state 6.9 out of 10.

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