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Version: 0.5.5

Version: 0.5.4

The Sissy Training School

 To be clear the  0.5.x Versions don't have as much Content as the 0.4.x Versions. 

If you want to Play the old Version you can see it here but the content won't neccessary match with the new Version getting released in future:



Slow Internet Connection?

Download the Game as a file and open the Index.Html file with your favorite Web Browser and the game should start and work smoothely. 

I actually don't have a windows machine here so I cant create a shortcut of the File and place it above the others to simplify the process... 


The main Story is about a regular boy getting kidnapped and forced to enter a special school.

Everything is in a very early stage.

I'm not native English speaking so don't be too rude. 

For Everyone there a not a lot of Choices yet. Personally I want to first of all create some depth in the Story before creating different  paths to follow. That's why It's still in Alpha stage.

Thx to everyone for the positive feedback :) motivates me to do more of it and to improve the story!


The Sissy Training School



0.3.10 New Sissy Maid Content :)

0.3.11 New Day added :)

0.3.12 New Content and design Changes

0.3.13 New Content :) Some people couldn't open the zip  file I hope it's fixed now

0.3.14 New Content Minor fix of the play online option

0.4 Almost added all pictures to the play online Options. It's almost identical to the offline version. I just have to add the pictures in the side bar.

0.4.1 All Pictures Added. The Online Version is now completed.

0.4.2 fixed the gif issue

0.4.3 New Custom images :)

0.4.4 New Content Finished the Chapter

0.4.6 New Content and Art

0.4.7 new Content

0.5 Complete redesign (alpha not finished yet)

0.5.1 Added some more Content to the new version (still in alpha)

0.5.2 Bug fixes

0.5.3 Added more content and an end of Content page.

0.5.4 another added Chapter from old Version 

0.5.5 Added Content and had to remake a lot of the old content because of a computer crash. Changed a few things and removed a few.

More Content coming soon :)


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Somedude02

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 04/14/2020

Great game, I loved it. Thanks! Hope you don't quit the project :)

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.5.5 on 01/30/2019

just my opinion, extend game, THEN make it prettier

Review by SissyNatasha

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 11/08/2018

Keep getting stuck in a loop and can't progress

Review by Desneiges86

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 10/28/2018

The popup after every page is immensely annoying and makes the game unplayable.

Review by dudeitsmiles

Version reviewed: 0.5.3 on 10/27/2018

Can't even make it past chapter 10 in this new website. It's not even halfway through the old content but it says there's no new content past that point. Doesn't even loop. Just can't make it past the beginning of Tyrone's second class.

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