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Version: 1.09

The Change Games
by Third

The Change Games is a new X-Change themed reality TV show where male and female contestants take a drug known as X-Change to transform into beautiful women (potentially with a host of new bodily needs and desires). You play as a male contestant, are immediately transformed into a woman, and you've then got to compete for the right to be the new X-Girl, not to mention the 1 million in cold hard cash! Can you make it through this sexy gauntlet of boobs, dicks, and butts?


This game was essentially created so I could try to teach myself Twine (I'm a writer by trade, not a coder). As such, it's probably a horrible mess of terrible, terrible code, and I apologize for any bugs found within. I'll do my best to squash what I can, and to complete the content laid out within. The Change Games was originally envisioned as an image-based CYOA like one might see on /tg/ or reddit's r/nsfwcyoa, which is why it's not hugely fleshed out and open-ended, and is based on the X-Change Pill concept seen on reddit's r/XChangePill.


Currently Working On:

More side effects! More challenges! More competitors! Have an idea, send it my way on the forums!
A shop system. Gain money by doing challenges or by performing jobs around the resort and spend them on clothing and items to enhance your skills.
An "Easy Mode". Frustrated at the game? Think the challengers are cheating? With easy mode, winning will be much easier. Whenever you would fail a challenge, you get to roll an additional 2d6 and add it to your result. If you win, you'll have to suffer a new side effect. Get all of the available side effects, and game over. If you lose, well, you lose.



Version 1.09
There is now a Veto boon you can take to remove any two Side Effects from being generated.

Version 1.08a
The Resistance side effect no longer shows the Purple pill's image.
The Piercing boon now properly adds to the player's stats, rather than setting them to 1.

Version 1.08
Completely reworked the Side Effects system. You guys probably won't see much difference, but it's a lot smoother behind the scenes now, and it shouldn't prematurely declare you've run out of side effects. I'll probably be reworking the Challenge selection system and Challenger selection system like this in the future.
Added the player's goals into the mix. You can now select a goal, why you're on the show, at the very beginning. Some of these might have effects later on, some might not. The "Wealth" one isn't currently active, since cash payouts aren't a thing yet.
New Side Effect: Cummy Pussy. Yeah, it's probably as weird as it sounds.

Version 1.07
Game now comes with an imagepack. No more external images!
Fixed various bugs.
Added a new challenger: April, the dominant trap.
Added a new challenge: Tug of War.
Added some talk scenes for characters around the resort. Only a few characters are implemented at the moment. More will be coming in future updates (and perhaps other scenes featuring characters at the resort).

Version 1.06
Fixed various bugs.
Those with the Breeder or Infertility side effect now automatically win the Rodeo challenge, since they can only orgasm in certain ways.
Minor changes to the Appearance screen.
Added player stats to the side bar. Not sure about how it looks, we'll see. Might look into displaying stats ONLY if the player has a bonus or penalty to them.
Added a new challenge! "Pierce Me" is now available. It will give you a piercing based on some various stats, so I only tested a few variations of it, but they seem to work!

Version 1.05
Fixed a bug with the Slave Mistress boon. It should now allow you to select a slave and use that slave to compete in challenges.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by tsfan84

Version reviewed: 1.09 on 10/05/2017

Fun game, but haven't been able to play since version 1.06, when it switched to .rar.  How do I open?

Review by JoukyuuKunitoshi

Version reviewed: 1.07 on 10/02/2017

Amazing game so far with great potential.

Only things I think need addressed are the total number of potential side effects and the fact that if you take all but one boon the game will hang.

I believe this is do to it trying to re-roll for a new side effect you don't have but it just show blank screen for me for about 5 mins.


All in all it is a great start so far and looking for to more side effects and contestant interactions

Review by lenal

Version reviewed: 1.07 on 09/30/2017

The opening to this game is amazing. So many interesting mechanics with the character creation options, the side-effects, and the various opponents with their own quirks. I really hope the challenges get fleshed out more, incorporating those same fun, sexy mechanics that make the game so promising.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: 1.07 on 09/30/2017

Currently, the ''character making'' part is the greatest part of this game. Interesting ideas and descriptions.
The rest of the game, the actual 'competition' part is... Well, it's there. It works, but while the challenges' descriptions are good, the result(s) are barebone and ordinary.

Hopefully, the 'game' part of this is going to be fleshed out, with the same quality as the character creation and challenge descriptions, later on.

Review by Arael

Version reviewed: 1.07 on 09/30/2017

The Change Games is a fun and sexy start that I hope the author adds more to!

It's nice to see a game released where the structure of it is in place from start to finish. But the game does beg for fleshing out.

I don't know if Third is already planning this, but the game definitely needs activaties on the island that have you interact with other contestants in ways that improve your chances at winning the challenges (e.g., either by improving your skills, or sabotaging the other contestants, or something). This would encourage the players to explore the island and learn about the other contestants as characters while also adding an element of strategy.

The game needs more strategy. As is, victory is entirely in the hands of the dice. The only way to win the contest (aside from being very very lucky) is to save-scum until the dice rolls are in your favour.

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