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by Deedee, psy



[Secretary Discord Server]

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[Secretary] is an erotic adventure/life simulation game, where the character starts as a normal guy in his late twenties who is about to transition from a dead end IT Job to a new position as the personal Secretary to a very important executive. Your choices choose how your development progresses as you interact with coworkers and friends and steer your way to learn that there's more going on at this company than might first appear...

Current fetishes include:

  • (Forced) Feminization
  • S&M
  • Submission
  • Corruption
  • Chastity play
  • Physical Transformation
  • Humiliation
  • Hand holding
  • Bondage
  • Bimbofication
  • Validation
  • Tentacles
  • Latex

The game is in active development but is currently over a million words (longer than the collected words of shakespeare) with dozens of characters with unique art, a fully functioning inventory and nearly 600 pieces of equippable items.

Which content you experience is heavily controlled by player choice to range ranging from forced bimbofication to a (somewhat kinky) fully voluntary transition. In addition an expansive fetish flag system allows the player can tweak their experience in regards to what type of content they will encounter.

Gameplay information:

  • The gameplay is primarily point and click with some inspiration taken from classic 90s adventure games, it also incorporates a fully functioning inventory, a variety of characters to get to know (and some to KNOW), as well as time advancement and random events.
  • We release new content every other month (odd numbered months), each content release is at least 60k words, as well as new art and in-game items. Patrons/substars can gain early access to test builds, as well as help steer the topics of releases and some aspects of prioritizing development of the game.
  • All saves should be forward compatible to new versions, if you want to play it safe when you change to a newer version save to disc, then load that save after updating to the new version.
  • If you get stuck the game has a wiki (while it will contain full walkthroughs for each new version we are still in the process of backfilling some older content), you can also ask for help on forums or discord.


Please check #bugs on the Secretary Discord Server before posting any new bugs. We have regular updates there and maybe your problem has already been taken care of!

  • Bugfixes
  • Adds some missing graphics (Corporate) Retreat! [Wiki link regarding the latest update]


  • Join your manager on a luxury corporate retreat
  • Strengthen the professional and... personal? relationship with your boss!
  • Enjoy the fun perks that come with executive-class travel
  • Corporate intrigue and interest in an exotic locale!
  • What happens on a corporate retreat is supposed to stay there... but will things ever be the same after?
  • 21486 words, 85 passages

Corporate Move

  • Move to a higher floor with even higher stakes
  • 7 different multi-part repeatable move variants covering the full range of fetishes
  • Stage 4: new morning inspection, new random events, and some additional work options (some of which that have existed in the game files for months but will only now be reachable)
  • Unlocks new stage 4 specific content with HR managers and a new work meeting
  • 23941 words, 83 passages


  • Feed and grow your pet plant to impressive dimensions
  • new shop and horticulturist NPC
  • 7687 words, 39 passages

& Friends

  • Adopt a pet dog and/or a pet cat to keep you company around the flat and help you relax
  • 6725 words, 38 passages

Dog days

  • Patreons voted "Take your dog to work day" holiday
  • 4201 words, 15 passages

Advances and Advancing

  • Can ask your manager for pay advance, with different "requirements" based on game stage
  • After completing your probation (ie: reaching stage 3) overshooting your required workload by a large enough amount can lead to a title promotion and a pay raise
  • Job + Player titles generated based on stats
  • 2697 words, 11 passages

Who was that, again?

  • Profiles have been added for all named characters
  • 3364 words, 47 passages

Misc. New Events

  • The previously voted PR Sissy Event #3 (apparel division tour)
  • A new work hucow event
  • New Technician kink events for watersports and foot fetishism
  • After-work party event: blowjob contest
  • After-work party event: evening with Mr. Pawn
  • After-work party event: misplacing your collar
  • A Pawn cock training event
  • New 4-option fem_style event for the sissy/frilly choker
  • hitching post scenes are now reachable without failing hormone inspection

Other Changes

  • You can now "double up" an anal plugs if one of them is hollow (ie: 9001-series chastity devices)
  • Foot fetishism can now be raised to 20
  • Anal skill can now be raised to 20
  • an option toggle to disable the genital, etc. synonyms
  • allowed inventory search by item name
  • option to revert out of the 9001/permanent chastity device

0.8.0 increase

  • 109,609 words, 448 passages, 244 achievements

Game Totals

  • 1,030,447 words, 3,484 passages, 1474 achievements

Known Issues:

  • The game is not yet finished. Please take a look at the current build and changelog to see whats new!

If the download needs a password it is always the gamename, written in lower case.

You start the game as a normal guy in your standard cyberpunk corporate-run megacity... But an innocuous mistake at work soon has you with a new job, and a new boss... One who has some very particular ideas as to how HER Secretary should behave...

Enjoy over a million words and nearly 4000 passages of self-discovery, development, corporate intrigue... And sex... Potentially a lot of sex...

While not yet complete, the wiki can answer many problems is in continual development:


You can see the full changelog [here]

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Centrophy

Version reviewed: on 09/20/2021

Secretary is an odd one for me. It's mostly well done with interesting character sprites, verbose writing that doesn't waste much of the reader's time (a problem that many of these titles fall into), and a somewhat interesting premise. I've started playing this game years ago and have indulged countless hours into it yet despite all these things I hate it.

I have many problems with it but let's start with the big one. This is not an involuntary game and there is no path to redemption. Forget the forced route, it's the worst offender of not being involuntary. Seriously, how do you go from somewhat normal prudish man to cock loving slut that will love wearing the sissy underwear after a light spanking session without chemicals or brainwashing? It's a pure fetish game that seems like it's going to go the way of a noire story in which by the end of this TF journey, the secretly willing character will have fallen into the clutches of an evil corporation.

The skill ups are a perfect example of the dev's plan for the game. If you want to raise stats like strength of stamina then you must engage in cock lust with dogs and gym bros. Grinding is not enough, it's all gated by how degenerate the character is which is great for a voluntary story even though it really stretches the bounds of credulity. No one and nothing in the world is remotely realistic which is my other problem with the game. Everything revolves around sex and the player character's coming out as a sissy (even to their friends who see nothing unusual about all these changes going on with the player character outside of the bad ending with Bob).

My last problem with it is that the mysteries that are peppered around the game all serve to further drive the fetish. For example, the psychologist drops various hints that she is being paid to corrupt the player by the myserious man (company president). This all leads nowhere and the player character will never have a chance to think about or rebut the nonsense advice that the psychologist gives him. The secondary characters that undergo transformation at the same time as the player character illicite no response from the player character. Not even a raised eyebrow as he watches a man turn into a hucow before his eyes. You would think there would be a thought that something is going on at the company but there's nothing! I feel like I'm playing Chaz from Shammy's annual review of No Man's Sky. Chaz for all intents and purposes is an idiot that never notices anything around them. Chaz is the player character for this game as well.

The latest update that I played ( doesn't improve my outlook.

The black box ends with the player character getting railed in the poop shoot and loving it immediately like everything else done to them. It's not something salacious that the ex-girlfriend was involved in. It's not a contract to the company for selling out the BF, it's not blackmail, it's not evidence of cheating. It's just a high tech sex toy. I don't know what else I was I was expecting. I suppose the fault was on me. I was looking for an underdog story where the player character walks into the lion's den and through their tribulations may come out changed but still solve the mystery or come out on top. As it stands it looks like you'll just end up playing yet another victim of the dystopia.

Still, it's a good game. It's just not for me. Play it if you're into gender dysphoria and cock lust but don't if you're into mystery. For now, I'm done with it.

Review by don

Version reviewed: on 09/18/2021

I like this game though it is a slow burn.

Five main issues though: I think you should be able to ask the psychologist about specific bits of clothing you have bought, that way there is a path of advacement outside of trying to guess what the game considers an outfit.

Second it seems like the game is set up more for you resisting change so it seems like if you embrace change with max fem/slutty outfits it breaks things since you skip over the tamer clothing

Third hair provides a fem bonus and you can use that bonus to unlock more feminine hair so you can get max fem bonus (+5) hair early on but it doesn't seem to affect what you can wear ex. this run I currently have base 9 + 5 bonus for 14 fem but it won't let me wear a lot of outfts that should only need 10 or 13

Fourth sluttyness should be seperated from smarts, a smart dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste, not saying the true bimbo path shouldn't be there for those that want it but being a smart bimbo or hucow should also be an option

Fifth there need to be more paths to lactation: lactation tea and herbs from the store, hormone shots at new you, making lactation/hucow chems when helping after work, making the sneak up to the hucow level event repeatable, lactation pills in the sex shop milking section, stimulation bras, suction bras, milking bras, etc. what seems like it should be the easiest thing to get going is the most difficult. Also lavendar tea and products for breast growth.

Review by Somedude02

Version reviewed: on 08/20/2021

I don't know why this game didn't click with me.

Maybe it's because the focus is bimbo stuff, and I really don't like bimbo content. The idea of a dumb, huge breast, huge lips, sex addict girl doesn't turn me on. The machine thing at the psychiatrist doesn't make the mental corruption so natural. The mental change of the character relies too much on this machine, so there's no creative situations the character will live trough to change. It's just as simple as getting into the machine. and you'll stop any resistence twoards the life that's being forced upon you.

Review by AMagicalCampFan2

Version reviewed: on 08/14/2021

So, l'm not too far in (End of my first day on the job) But so far, it's well writen, has interesting characters, and has som every funny and clever Game overs for if you Say no to the job (ie, not accept the job, or quit on your first day)

In short, I'm Very excited to play more.


Edit: So, after playing some more, l have to say, this might be my Fave HTML game on the site. (sorry Paradise IncPerverted EducationThe Repurposing Center,The Estate,The Ooze Wizard Apprentice, and The Parity) (though, only one or two of those are spesificaly "Sissifiction" games)


Yep, i've played, well i don't kow how long, but it was a long time. The story is well writen an paced, the art is amazing, and l love the interface. It's the best html Force fem game i've played from this site.

Review by custardscone

Version reviewed: on 08/05/2021

One of the TFgames classics, only issues I had way back when were the stress levels, nicknames for cocks and not easy to replay as progress can be slow. BUT all this has been solved, stress is now much more manageable and a healthy challenge instead of coursing irl stress, you can disable the nicknames for cocks in the settings and you can also in settings activate "story mode" where you gain xp 10x faster, making it one of the most replayable games with different scenarios to try. If you haven't played it before, now's the time!

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