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by Deedee



[Secretary Discord Server]

[Secretary] is an erotic adventure/life simulation game, where the character starts as an grown up, nearly 30 year old white collar worker in a well paid but dead end IT Job, when a few wrong decisions made his life fall apart, which lead him at the mercy of his new manager, whose personal opinion on how to motivate subordinates might differ from your typical work relationship.

Some fetishes I plan to add are:

  • Corruption
  • Submission
  • (Forced) Feminization
  • Physical Transformation
  • Humiliation
  • A strong emphasis on BDSM
  • Bimbofication

Some fetishes are always within the game, as parts of the storyline depend on it (like BDSM and Feminizations), others depend on decisions the player takes within the game.

Gameplay information:

  • When you change to a newer version, use the Export Button under the avatar at your last stable savegame (please check if you're already beyond the last content, which is currently Sunday evening, first week). Then download the new version, start it and press restart (so all new variables get set) and paste the content of the export file into the dialog and press okay.
  • Some versions are simply not compatible to each other, mostly because something drastic happened during the game design process. I am very sorry, but there cannot be done a lot about this (for example any 0.3.x version is not compatible to 0.2.x).
  • If you're stuck check if someone wants you to remove or put on some clothes, and use the inventory menu to do this. If nothing else happens please feel free to ask at the discord server or the game thread, since this game is still in development!

 Last Changes:


Please check #bugs on the Secretary Discord Server before posting any new bugs. We have regular updates there and maybe your problem has already been taken care of! Stable release of Sissy Pill MK2

  • More Fixes of Bugs!
  • An fan made Item has been added (A black blouse, special thanks to anakim!) Return of the Revenge of the Bugfixes

  • You have guessed it! More Bugfixes!
  • Also a few graphical tweaks with the long hair due shadow issues. Revenge of the Bugfixes

  • Bugfixes Sissy Pill MK2

Better living through chemistry

  • Revamped drug system including withdrawal effects and interactions
  • Overdosing can have its own effects, as well as recovery...

Hellllllo Nurse!

  • Learn more about the R&D department at Social Interaction Services Syndicate Inc.
  • Assist with various patients... including some previous acquaintances
  • Get the opportunity to mix up some drugs of your own!


  • A new chastity device is now obtainable along 4 different routes (the standard forced, obedient, voluntary and greed)

It's the little things

  • New events related to penis shrinking both at home and at work
  • In light of new content any penis shrinking you may have previously had has been reset


  • Task list is now sorted for easier reading
  • Inventory has now a search function and a filter.
  • You can now get either the succubus collar or the harness as a 'reward' depending on how you finish out that version of the campaign
  • Various minor bug-fixes left from 0.7.3
  • with sissy pills now having more mechanics all players have been reset to having exactly two of the tasty things
  • drug system has been reworked, all "active" drug effects have been canceled -the aformentioned fix to event/task colissions
  • new chastity"belt" alternatives
  • ability to tell bob you'd rather go by a nickname other than "bro"
  • pile of minor fixes


Known Issues:

  • The game is far from finished. Please take a look at the current build and changelog to see whats new!

If the download needs a password it is always the gamename, written in lower case.

Yes, there is a plot.

Here a few pointers to start the game.

Tuesday 28.Jun, 2032 

  • Pick up everything
  • Search your wardrobe
  • If you're a decent human being, for heaven's sake water your poor plant (it's in the living room)
  • Drink some coffee in your kitchen. Its relaxing.
  • Leave your home
  • Realize you're naked and put on some clothes. The blueish Text are your thoughts, they give you some information from time to time.
  • Go to work by going to the company.
  • Workday is pretty much a choose your own adventure cutscene. Different entscheidungen have different influence on different stats, but It won't lock any content, so choose what you're feeling most comfortable with.
  • Go home.
  • There might be a small incident. Decide what to do.
  • Try to calm down by playing some games. Or git gud in other games.
  • If nothing else helps masturbate.
  • Go to bed.


Wednesday 29.Jun, 2032 

  • Someone will be at your door. Put on clothes before opening the door. Or don't. Or put on someone elses clothes for fun. Who knows what might happen?
  • Be on time at work.
  • Work.
  • Deliver Food (or not :3)
  • Work again.
  • If your manager asks you to drop your pants and shoes you have to comply (by using your inventory) or you can be a little bit more sassy and drop more then asked. Your call.
  • Your butt is going to suffer anyway.
  • Enjoy the city. Visit the mall. Try to regain to your last pieces of manliness by buying normal underwear.
  • Go home. Wash your clothes again (the changes that this chain of events happenes again is almost zero... almost.


Other things:

  • Call your friend, try to meet them (if they response to your call).


You can see the full changelog [here]

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Robot123456

Version reviewed: on 06/30/2020

------- Content : 10/10 -------

If you are into the game theme, then it will definitely be worth your while.


------- Replayability 11/10 -------

Wow. Just wow. So much content... So many possbilities... Even when I make seemingly similar choices I sometimes end up with completely different results and uncover secrets.

Plus, there are 4 major paths, so content can vary very much.

And the best part... Author keeps adding more good content! Wow.


------- Story progression : 9/10 -------

I haven't played this game since mid-2019. Back then going full obedient path progressed very differently from current progression rate.

In 7.5.0 I managed to get to the party in full dress before the end of 2nd week (I count the starting incomplete week as 1st). This is kinda inconsistent. But then again, it is very good for those, who have replayed this game many times.

ADVISE TO THE AUTHOR : In my opinion, it would be good to add some kind of heavy hinting about not rushing too much. For example, I think that kissing <spoiler>'s heels was what caused events to spiral out of control in a too quick manner. It is not an issue for most players, but for full obedient path it means an unnatural progression : never worn heels -> walking in high heels; never wore makeup and dressed in female attire -> pink dress...


------- Art : 8.5/10 -------

Well, art is definitely good. If it was in vacuum outside of the game, it would be average. As part of the game, it is awesome. Advice to newcomers : ignore the art of surroundings and some characters like Miss Antlers. You will get used to it and further you will get better art.


------- Technical side & bugs : 9/10-------

The only unavoidable bugs happen when you misuse "go back" button. For example, clicking on it will result in nothing in certain scenes, but if you click on it many times very fast, a bug will occur.

But STILL this is the only significant bug that I found. Game is of very high quality.

Review by Nerevar

Version reviewed: on 06/15/2020

10/10 Best game on the site, at least in my opinion, and I've played a lot of them.

I've followed this project for a long time and always thought it had excellent vision, but hadn't played the last few updates until recently. OMG. Wow. Amazing. The creator has done a great job hammering out bugs, and the content has only gotten better. The creator has filled the loops with randomized flavor. The mechanics are now somewhat deep, the immersion is quality.

Well done. I eagerly look forward to every future update. If you haven't played this, and you're at all interested in the content on this site, play it, it's good.

Review by chrisx

Version reviewed: on 06/07/2020

fyi womanly hips r above average for a guy, normal on a lithe girl, we just have a small bonus, cuz theres still the eventually possibility of "child-bearing hips" . plus gotta think about the body type, u want a muscle bound bulky bob or a skinny boney anorexic, supposed to have a hot butt for a guy cuz hes androgynus. :) such an awesome game, definitely 1 of the B.O.A.T.s of this site ^^ havent played since 7.0 waiting for a "huge load" of content b4 i start a new game all over, which 7.5 is more than enough :D

Review by Somedude02

Version reviewed: on 05/29/2020

I hate the fact that the Mc already starts with woman size hips....that takes the whole transformation pleasure out of the way, it's really disapointing

Review by hentaidark

Version reviewed: on 05/25/2020

Arguably the best game on this site, not only for the breadth and quality of its contents, writing and presentation, but also for its very active development cycle, which is sadly an issue that impacts a lot of other prominent games.


It's highly recommended to check the official Discord server to follow its progression, as well as to look for information, as the game's complexity means quite a bit of content can be easy to miss.

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