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The Magic Of Home

The Magic of Home is a text-based game made in the twine system. It is a reversal of the classic game scenerio where the player tries to escape the Witch\'s house, while avoiding objects that transform (usually) him into some form of sexual parody. In this game, you play that witch. The main gameplay is based around a Mastermind style puzzle to try and get people to interact with the spells you place on various objects in the house. Win, and you get to see the results of these objects transforming people who have come poking around your house on Halloween.

This is an adult game; the transformations are of a sexual nature, and focus around male to female transformations and lesbian encounters, given the main character is female. This started as a project for the author to see if they could write smut and more sexual content, but personal gender identity issues make me unwilling to write such content involving men at this time (although this may change with practise).

I had hoped to have it finished for Halloween, but it is currently half finished, although mechanically playable. As such, consider this a demo, and I hope you enjoy it enough to consider donating some money for the completed version.

UPDATE 24/09/2018: The game is now effectively complete. Some edits may be made, but no major changes are planned.

UPDATE 24/09/2018 (the second): Guess who managed to delete two angle brackets in between play testing and posting the game?

Yep, it's me.

Anyway. bug fixes.
-Bedroom TFs should show up properly now.

-The Clock Woman TF in the kitchen should appear properly, not with the ice spirit TF.

-cleaned up some of the links.


Current Content:

STANDARD VERSION (Version 1) (24/09/2018)

Introduction completed, all mechanics in place, all good ends and bad ends completed. This version of the game is effectively complete, although there might be some minor proofreading edits.

This version is free, although if you choose to pay slightly more I would be very grateful. It is a pay what you want download.

Total word count: ~52,000 words

THE CHEAT VERSION (Version 1.C) (24/09/2018)

This version has an option to automatically view the answers to the puzzle, letting you bypass that part of the game and just get straight to sexiness at the end.

This version costs a minimum of $2 US.



It is Halloween Night,  a night when the unseen becomes visible, and magic charges the air.

Unfortunately, this also includes your house, which normally is enchanted to keep people away from investigating it. Of course, any compotent witch would have spells and wards set up that morning.

It\'s just too bad that you got back in late from a conference and overslept. Now, armed only with a very weak time crystal and a load of free spells you picked up at the conference, you need to juryrig your defenses. Of course, casting spells willynilly on such a magical night, with your mind in a rather perverted place, might have interesting consequences...

Yourself: A witch who specalises in creating magical servants.

Intruders: Various intruders you transform during the game.

Maryline and Emily: A sex-witch and a succubus you meet at the conference.

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Review by Taxouck

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 05/12/2020

Oh heck yes a game that doesn't directly link pronouns to gender presentation is always a hint the person that wrote it is LGBTQ themselves (if the gleefully obstentatious amount of lesbians wasn't enough of a hint either). This gets my seal of approval immediately.

Review by HiddenFan

Version reviewed: a0.5 on 11/06/2017

Excellent start, very useable based on mastermind, a touch disapointing now as a playthrough is giving me a fair share of blanks once I solve the puzzle; will definitely play again once more is written.

Your core concept is solid, just needs to be filled out.

Suggestions on how to proceed:

First: finish the introduction, that feels core.
Second: finish the 'base game'.
Third: Although ideas and thoughts are good, Finish step 2 before doing anything more than think about more.  Too many plans/ideas will overwhelm you and burn you out.

  Unsolicited ideas/suggestions: That being said, I like your ideas of new game+ and such, a random idea, however, is her having one or more of her convention friends over 'next year' since year 1 was so fun.  focusing in on a colour? Adding subtypes or combonation-types? ("Well, no green this year, but if we combine our magic, mixing the red and purple gets us... okay, orange makes some sense... more sense than combining blue and purple to make pink did.")

Review by Shoggoth on the Roof

Version reviewed: a0.5 on 11/03/2017

Interesting premise, but far too unfinished at this point.  The game doesn't provide details on what the spells do, and doesn't provide nearly enough feedback on what you're doing, right or wrong.  You're left trying to randomly guess and hope that you stumble upon something.

Review by Senko

Version reviewed: a0.5 on 11/02/2017

Well its interesting if a little too incomplete to really assess yet especially since it seems to be based on mastermind (5 colours in correct order to cast the spells). So its hard to tell if something is incomplete or simply didn't trigger this play through. I'm hoping there'll be some TG later as a group of 5 girls seems personally a bit less likely than a mixed group especially since in my experience guy's are more likelly to play the "go into the spooky old house to prove yourself" shenanigans.

Review by MechZombie

Version reviewed: a0.5 on 11/01/2017

I enjoy the concept, but the intro being unfinished as it is makes me unsure of what the spells do, although i did find the little notes on what the spells did, but the number of tries and combination of spells made it feel a little narrower of an idea, i do hope you put more content to this, as it does show some promise. 

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