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Version: 0.45c

The Realm of Lucira

Welcome to The Realm of Lucira

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/therealmoflucira

Please consider supporting me if you like the game.


Discord: https://discord.gg/QGVXDQ8


* Contributors are now wanted, If you like the game or want to add to it, let me know. You can also refer to the discussion thread for more information.


The Realm of Lucira is a free HTML-text based game taking place in a medieval high fantasy world.

You may create your own Character with their own Background, Race, Appearance, Traits and Skills.

After that, the game becomes a sandbox where the player essentially forges their own experience based on their choices.

Whilst every Background has(or will have) their own unique story quest, the world will not treat you like the chosen one or give you any main quest to save it.

What you do and how you decide to shape your Character or the Characters that populate it, is entirely up to you.




 *Changelog is now under the changelog-tab.






The Pitch
\"Who will you be? The mysterious figure, not from this world? The savage mercenary with a grueling past? Or the back alley slut every citizen dumps their load into? The Realm is an interactive experience, where you choose who you want to be, male or female, and your choices shape your character. You wake up in a cave, with almost nothing but the clothes on your back (or in some cases, naked ofc), and a background to your name. From there on out, the world is yours, seize it! Will you settle down in the cave and explore every nook and cranny of the world? or perhaps settle down in the city, with a cute elf at your side? Or maybe get captured by a fertile goblin tribe, and slurp on goblin dick for the rest of your life? Or perhaps... none if it matters in the end, for the darkness stirs in the north, and the whispers of doom grow stronger...\"


(0.44 to 0.45c)
- Applied some of the new optimization from the patreon version.

(0.44 to 0.45b)
- Fixed Flask (Corrupted Soul) not being added again properly after examining it.
- Fixed Lisas Quests not showing.

(0.44 to 0.45a)
- Fixed the CC being broken and traits updating incorrectly.

(0.44 to 0.45)
- Dynamic Character Prototype
  - Added Dark Skin Option.
  - Note: Not entirely satisfied with it myself, please give feedback.
 - Added a Backside, showing the back of your character.
  - Shows ass-size as it changes.
  - Shows boob-size as it changes.
  - Changed Blonde hair.
  - Note: Thought the old Blonde option was more yellow than blonde. Feedback is appreciated.
  - Changed Lower body half to not cut off the right foot.
  - Known Issue: There’s a small cut on the backview, I’m looking into it, but discovered it a bit too late in the process.
- Combat Balance and Update
  - Added the ability to examine your foe in-combat. This is affected by some traits.
  - You will no longer be able to see the exact health, mana or energy of your foe, unless you possess traits that relay this information.
  - Combat should now be much more punishing, if you play a weak background.
 - Lust Overhaul:
  - You can no longer defeat or be defeated by teasing alone.
  - Instead a foe or you will enter a Lustful Frenzy once lust is maxed out.
- Event Update
 - Plains of Westdale
  - Added a new event involving some hidden treasure.
  - Added a new event involving some centaurs and their ‘cattle’.
 - Dark Forest
  - Added a new event involving a burning bush, with a tasty reward.
  - Added a new event involving some nasty goblins.
 - Crater of Corruption
  - Added a new event involving some nasty imps.
  - Added a new event involving a dark demon.
- Scene Framework
  - Added a scene framework, to try my hand at adding some scenes to the various instances of sex. However, due to some Twine-functionality not working like I expected it to, I will be needing some more time to do this properly.
  - Supports different backgrounds etc.
 - Scene Additions:
  - You can find a lot of the scenes in the folders.
- Bug-fixes and typos
  - Fixed some typos in sex text and combat text.
  - Fixed not being able to complete Forest exploration (Banoreen Altar not registering).
  - Fixed Virginity staying intact during some penetration.
  - Fixed a bug where enemies sometimes would ignore running out of mana.
  - Fixed a bug where enemies sometimes would get ridiculous crits one-shotting the player if they had less than 200 health.
  - Fixed a bug where taunts and idles would sometimes just break out of nowhere.
- Lore Update
  - Added the book “The Old Whispers of The South” to the bookcase.
  - Added the book “Crazy Cavern Tales #4” to the bookcase.
  - Added the book “Nancy’s Guide to Noble Etiquette” to the bookcase.
  - Added the book “Bastian’s Bestiary: On Chorts” to the bookcase.
- Contributions
 - By snowspider:
  - Added two quick-sell features to merchants, to sell items that you have more than one of. (Weapons, Wearables)
  - Added a forge to Housing Upgrades.
  - Requires to be constructed first.
  - Smelts ores into bars, with timber as a cost.
  - Special Note: I will balance the forge based on community-feedback.

(0.43 to 0.44)
- Dynamic Character Prototype
   - Added Tanned and Pale skin.
- Trait and Skill Update.
   - Optimized the way traits and skills function, potentially lowering load times.
   - Added several new traits, to be earned through playing the game and some already available in the CC.
   - Added Sensitive Trait.
   - Added Corrupted Vision Trait.
   - Added Hellish Skin Trait.
   - And some more traits.
   - Changed the way Ranked Traits worked, and added Ranked Skills.
   - Added Oral Skill (Ranked)
   - Added Anal Skill (Ranked)
   - Added Party Pleaser Skill (Ranked)
   - Added Size Queen Skill (Ranked)
   - Added Cum Addiction Trait (Ranked)
   - Changed Vampirism to a ranked Trait, that tracks your need to feed on the essence of the living.
- Reputation Update
   - Special Note: I have only implemented the system itself, and not made it interact in any way as of yet.
   - Added the Reputation System, which will track several things related to the accomplishments of the player. Reputation will be the main way to paint a picture of how the world sees and will react to the player.
   - Reputation is Localized in communities, but will overtime accrue a global effect and may “leak” into other communities.
   - Fame: The overall fame of the player, the more famous you are, the more impact your actions will have overall.
   - Popularity: Earned through good deeds, and is how liked the player is by the given community.
   - Notority: Earned by committing crimes against the community and reflects how “wanted” the player is by the community.
   - Majesty: Not earned, but given or taken by force from important characters, and is how legitimate the player is in their noble or ruling standing.
   - Lechery: Earned by being a slut, having public sex, being humiliated or otherwise doing things with a lecherous background.
   - Renown: Not a stat, but a collection of things the player is directly known for.
   - Crime: Not a stat, but a collection of crimes the player has committed.
- Quests
   - You can progress the Vampire Quest a bit by talking to Lisa.

(0.43 to 0.43-hotfix)
- Equipment error should be fixed now.
- Added an option to buy all for consumable - By snowspider (Thanks!)

(0.42 to 0.43)
- Bug Fixes
  - Fixed Background Banners for exploring the world for the first time.
  - Fixed Background Banners for traveling.
  - Added appropriate missing backgrounds to all Points of Interest.
  - Fixed some of the Background Banners not displaying properly.
- Anatomy Update.
  - Added a new way for anatomy to work on a larger scale for the player and other entities (npcs, enemies etc.).
  - This system will easily support things like horns, multiple cocks, multiple limbs, wings and basically almost anything to be easily added.
  - This should improve load times.
  - Added a Cum System of sorts, that will gradually track how “cum-filled” a pussy, belly or asshole is. (Also lays the ground work for a “com-covered” system, tracking how cum-covered individual bodyparts are)
  - Added many more descriptors for genitals of all kinds.
  - Added a supportive framework which lays the groundwork for pregnancy, both the player and npcs. (this includes milk-producing tits, maybe even menstrual/heat cycles).
  - Penises now also have actual balls (surprise), balls only produce a limited amount of cum daily, depending on size.
- Character Creation Update.
  - Updated the CC to properly accommodate the new anatomy changes.
  - Hair Length has been changed to “Style”.
  - Added a Full Description at the bottom of the CC page.
  - Added the (patreon exclusive) option to switch between “Preset” and “Dynamic” Player Character Display.
- Dynamic Player Character Update.
  - Added a Prototype for a Dynamic Player Character.
  - Breast size dynamically changes as play progresses.
  - Hair Style is dynamically shown.
  - Only Supports Fair Skin for now (Pale, Tanned and Dark coming soon).
  - Eye Color is dynamically shown.
  - If Futanari, penis size is show dynamically.
- Sex Update.
  - Added some flavorful text animations to when the player or their partner cums or stretches each other.
  - Added cumming (currently only during dynamic, for events at a later date.
- Housing Update.
  - The cave now has the water spring by default, where the player can wash themselves should they be a cum-blasted mess.
  - The water spring can be upgraded to a spring bath.
  - You can also wash yourself in various points of interest now.
- Slaving Update
  - You can now sell your slaves, at a standard profit of 1000 coins. Future versions will have estimates based on slave quality and training.
  - Selling your slaves without a license will have dire consequences.

(0.41d to 0.42)
- Added the beginning of the enslavement system of the player.
- You can now become enslaved by either losing combat to a goblin (chance to become enslaved) and through the trap event in the ruins of valendale.
- Fixed the trap event in valendale.
- Being enslaved comes with 4 events to begin with. (Note: The branding event does not actually brand the player right now, that will be added in the future with tattoos update).
- Until something proper has made for escaping (enslaved), escaping will have a 100% chance to be successful if the player takes the chances.
- Added the street-walker activity to the city of westdale. It requires to be dressed properly.
- Added a total of 6 different events related to street-walking.
- Using the street-walker activity without a license will have dire consequences.
- Added the License Office.
- Added the license for Prostitution and Slaver.
- When sleeping, the player’s depravity will now decrease based on how corrupted they are. This is also affected by slutty/pure traits.
- Added backgrounds new backgrounds for streets and city of westdale.
- Added new backgrounds for most shops.
- Added new backgrounds for the crater of corruption.
- Added new backgrounds for the ruins of valendale.
- Characters should now retain their background.

(0.41d to 0.41g):
- Fixed some typos.
- Fixed old debug settings appearing in version without debug mode.
- Fixed cumming not properly resetting as intended.
- Fixed exp wrongfully being reset during CC.
- Fixed Lust not properly increasing on resting.
- Fixed selling being broken.
- Fixed giving oral being satisfying.
- Changed the bonus you get from being naked to be less broken.

(0.39b to 0.41d):
- Added the beginning of the Otherworlder Questline.
- Added the beginning of the Vampirism Questline.
- Added Vampirism to the game, still a work in progress.
- Added Default CG art for all the NPCs in Westdale City.
- Added two new rare Weapons.
- Fixed Merchants duplicating their stock.
- Fixed Exploration Quests completing the last one in the list.
- Rebalanced the availability of weapons, armor, clothes and items the merchants sell.
- Fixed some broken links with some merchants.
- Added a new penis increasing potion that some merchants will rarely sell.
- Also added two items for breast increase and decrease.
- Added an option to start as a Futanari.
- Added 4 new Points of Interest to various locations.
- Removed test passage entry from the cave (since it’s replaced with the full debug panel)
- Fixed “If”-error in the Streets of Westdale if you didn’t find anything.
- Fixed name-lists somehow not loading.
- Fixed gifting being broken from the new item framework.
- Fixed selling merchandise breaking sometimes.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Aserkill

Version reviewed: 0.45c on 11/15/2019

What to say... Overall the game got some solid content, some characters and events but what really drags the game down is the random event bugs, the golden bush in the dark forest as an example is broken if you accept the gift or the coding gore. $Entity.Skills[$D Skill] $Entity.Traits[$D Trait] among others that can be found from character creation all the way to the meny in the slave pen even in some description text. Even image swapping got hiccups where pictures overlap as with the witch's story quest the image fails to swap properly.

I give the game 3/5 stars. Major need for polishing of the coding and playtesting needed.

Game would be a solid 4/5 if the bugs, hiccups and coding gore were resolved.

Review by aolw12

Version reviewed: 0.43-hotfix3 on 09/06/2019

The game is well made, though I would like that if every time you lose to a goblin, satry or imp that you would not just become enslaved to goblins. Maybe have the satry or Imp take them to a den and keep them there for awhile. Is there any impregnation in this game? I did notice it was mentioned with the tentacles. The sex scences I noticed lacked alot of description and it seemed to mention the same scene; including different scences would be nice. Besides getting attacked by the gobins, satry, orcs, ect.. it would be nice if there were actually neutral gaming scenes with them and the MC instead of only attacking scences in the game. 

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.37a on 06/23/2019


the story and pictures are average not bad at all

untested combat

unbalanced economy

laggy game play kills the mood

(link reaction time is horribly low 5-10 seconds)


Decent amount of content but because of the untested game and economic balance you should fix it and make it play smood and fast before you add anything else!!!

This has been written with good intentions. You can ignore it if you like but you have to face it in the future either way.

Review by Moxblog

Version reviewed: 0.3a on 06/08/2019

The description page for the game seems really overambitious, but the author seems to know it so I downloaded and gave the game a go.

I quickly found a city with a sign in the center saying the city is run by demons, slavery is legal, and nobles don't need to obey laws, so I thought we were off to a super great start! I immediately went into a tavern, where the bartender in an overly cheery way told me I need a drink, no, the expensive wine! I got really excited then, I mean I have no money! So I'm going to have a few drinks, they find out I have no money, I ask to pay it off washing dishes, and I get turned into a slave and used as a plaything by the locals!... But the buy options were grayed out. I rented a room and ended up with -10 coins, but no one seemed to care.

I explored some more and found a goblin. The things are ugly and annoying, not really my thing. No thanks. I found a goblin with a clit and the domination scene was super unenthusiastic. I was able to finish the only quest I found from the bartender, give her a few berries, and all I got was a bunch of gold and a smile. She didn't even rape me...

I went back to the city and decided I'd just dive right in and get myself enslaved and fucked by the local thieves, so I explored it a bunch, but nothing ever happened. I think I ran into a pickpocket, but all I got was an error message. It's so painful clicking through resting to restore your energy I didn't give it too many tries. I gave up on the city.

I tried exploring a forest and pretty quickly ran into an elf. She'll enslave me right!!?? No. I lost the fight but the game bugged and I was left waiting for the encounter to end with no buttons to advance.


Why is it so hard to get someone to ravish me?

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 0.2.3 on 01/26/2018

Good Storyline and decent descriptions (could be a bit more in-depth).  Spelling and Grammar is good. 

The problems i had with it though (as of v0.2.2)= there's no way to gain exp and therefor no way to increase/gain stat points to increase stats/skills and gain new skills.  There's a space for Iron in the inventory, but ye don't get it from anything (so i wonder about it's use).  Wood and Stone gained from exploration should be much more, as it stood ye get far too low of an amount in exploration that it makes it more of a farming grind just to get enough for one upgrade and that makes it redundant and a bit on the boring side.

Some extra items i thought of that could help add some "flavor" to the game and make it a bit more interesting-  add potions that do different things like- increase size of body parts (hair length, breast size, ass size, penis size, ect), increase stats/skills, give skill points, ect.  These i would certainly spend extra time just to find to be able to use.

Also the alcoholic drinks do not seem to do anything (would be very helpful if it was said in the description what it did along with what it is).

Overall- Great Start to what is already becoming a favorite of mine and i look forward to future updates and much more content.

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