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Kingdom Pregnant
by jofo91

Part 1:



One day, our young protagonist wake up mistery pregnant, and not is a normal pregnancy.
Powers, big belly, age regression, transformation, aliens, strange people, fast expansion.. and more strange situations but she need wait some months for know the true.


- Rpg game based in text:

You can write your actions or click in text.

- Health system:

Pregnant life is a hard work. One of the reasons are the physical problems that this gives.
While time passes, Abby's health will be reduced.
Some optional events will lower your health or go up.
Will you be able to solve all the mystery before the body stops responding?


 (if you see some problem with game, text or something, please, tell me for forum or private, thanks).


Update 0.4 i (only information):

This version don't have anynews, only i'm here to say that i'm working in in remake in 2d and the second part of the game. You can see more information in my Patreon and some day in this web.

 You can see in my patreon a cooperative novel that i'm working.




You can see more in my patreon website.


Update 0.4 i (only information):
This version don't have anynews, only i'm here to say that i'm working in in remake in 2d and the second part of the game. You can see more information in my Patreon and some day in this web.
Update 0.4 (Finish the plot):
- We finish the main plot, but the game not end here. I will make more events and objects for add more information or more puzzles options.
- Two new images add in the end.
-I take some time for focus in the second part based in rpg 2d game (more in patreon).

Update (Images are wellcome!):
Every month have some object for see the images, mirror, reflection or see the place.
More fast load.
Big news in patreon, about this part, future second part and rewards.
Update 0.3.2 is here!
I'm sorry for the silence about my work. I have had many problems with the engine and when repairing one, a new one came out. I have managed to make it functional, however the images (old and new must wait for the next version), I remind you of the news:


- Our artist SA97 edit all old text game and now you can read better.

- The text continue with escape of Abby and mysterious portal information. Some surprise in new and old text. New fast event: Work.

- New images: No patreons ( 2nd and 3th month initial image) and for Patreons ( School dance). This wait for next version.

- You can play with mobile device (experimental).

0.3.1 is here for all people!

- Health system.

- Better interface.

- Images

- History have one new page.

You can see more in my patreon website.


News Version 0.2:

- New Big Event: School Dance.

- I've made the black car event longer (with happy end)

- I do surveys in patreon important for me every week.



- Some problems with text are fix.

- Every month have one mirror for see the transformations of the body,

- Some new situation how black car or human experiments.

- I made 3 public polls in Patreon so you can choose how you want it to be Abby: Age, Hair color and Punky or chic.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Orphoenix

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 04/10/2018

This is extremely hard to follow at this juncture.

Review by sadarsa

Version reviewed: on 03/30/2018

You know it's going to be bad when even the main title is in broken English.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 11/16/2017

The idea seems interesting, but... I will go on a limb here and presume that 'English' isn't the main language of this person, right ? That last aspect will definitely need to be polished.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 11/15/2017


Very early alpha days for this interactive story. Curious to see what comes, but you might need more help with text checks.

Consider starting a discussion page for your game on the TFGS forums. Normally I would have skipped a review and just posted there for such an early game release.

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