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Tentacle Slave

Tentacle Slave


This is an open-world style game based on an old role-play between myself and Kaizer Ryu (more on him below) which in turn was based on an extension to a hentai, free game (with a ton of third-party content written for it) called Slave Maker 3.  In SM3, you are a slave trainer training various slaves to increase their skills at various sex acts, and in the "Tentacle Raid" extension, you begin experiencing unwanted (possibly wanted?) attention from tentacle creatures.  The original extension was never finished, but did feature some rather complicated plotting and a bunch of original characters.

I've attempted to preserve the core concept of the "Tentacle Raid" -- that under somewhat mysterious circumstances, the main PC becomes the target of unwanted/possibly wanted affection from unusually intelligent tentacle creatures, who are in turn being guided by a "mysterious woman" whom you'll discover more about later.

The game content is progressing steadily.  Most of the initial arc involving discovering what to do about the tentacles is in place.  A random tentacle attack and a few wriggling encounters are already present in the game, as are hip expansion and breast-expansion TF opportunities.  There's now a herm cock side quest for you to complete, and quite a few sex scenes have alternate herm cock content for you to discover.  In addition, the paid content features MTF and anthro TFs.  Check the game discussion forum for further details.  Note that there are several instances of placeholder content in the game (nightly sex training and the Service the Tip bar sex acts, for instance) but most of the unique scenes in the game are completed.

At the beginning of the game, you're able to select your main character's background, their chosen profession (Hunter, Alchemist, or Sorceress; the paid content adds a fourth profession -- a Witch), the new house they'll be living in, and one or more servants/slaves they will hire/buy at the beginning of the game to help staff the house.  This is NOT going to be a slave-training game, although getting your slave more comfortable with certain sex acts will still be important.

Fair warning.  The original "Tentacle Raid" extension and the RP based on it featured a servant called "Chaya" who was a panther-taur.  She's a selectable servant in this release, but I've also included a human servant named Brin that you can choose instead if you don't like furries or taurs.

Currently there are only female choices for the main PC.  I do intend to make a male choice as well in another couple of months once more content is in place, plus a set of traits available later, including herm if that's your thing.  (The original main character in the "Tentacle Raid" was a herm vixen-furry.)

Now, a bit more about Kaizer Ryu and the original SM3 extension and RP.  Kaizer Ryu has his own patreon here.  He also maintains a presence on furaffinity here.  His publishing schedule is a bit erratic, but his writing is fantastic.

Slave Maker 3 is a slave-training game -- more about that here.  You can download it here but beware -- it's over 5 GB in size because of all of the third-party content!

The author, who goes by the nickname of cmacleod, frequents a forum called Futanari Palace.  The original "Tentacle Raid" RP was also posted there.  Here is a link to cmacleod's development on Futanari Palace, and here is a link to the original "Tentacle Raid" RP.  (And here's a link to the "OOC" thread, with a list of characters and various plot ideas.)


Remake 0.32

  • Choosing to investigate when randomly encountering tentacles leads to an error
  • Stride boldly forward when randomly encountering tentacles leads to an error
  • Getting a tenta-tail after tentacles attack your house, immediately leads to an error
  • Displaying Fuchsia's image leads to an error
  • Error printing groins for character summary panel
  • Sensua's father doesn't appear if you followed the mysterious woman at the beginning, and freed Sensua's father in exchange for a futa cock.
  • Public exposure sometimes results in an error (unable to print your companion's gender if they're exposed)
  • If you or a companion is taken in for processing, cursed items aren't removed
  • Transforming into a Fae leads to an error
  • Coven questline bugged
  • Winning against bandits leads to an infinite loop
  • If broke at the weekly debt event, infinite loop
  • Attempting to buy the dress for meeting Lady Reyna without enough coin goes to the main screen
  • Re-entering the lakeside cave after finishing getting the crystal just prints a random description
  • Missing several church confession image variants
  • Winning or losing against the sorceress in the combat arena now accounts for tentacle blessings
  • One new follow-up scene after giving the horsetail plug as a gift to Eleri the fairy

Remake 0.30

  • When your companions return from being lost in the forest, there's a "getBellySizeValue" bug
  • Tentacles shouldn't randomly attack you in the city after you have a tentacle hive
  • Tentacles should rarely attack you in the forest after you have a tentacle hive
  • Tentacles shouldn't attack you at the riverfront after you have a tentacle hive
  • If encountering tentacles at the riverfront and you have a tentacle hive, give the option of fucking them
  • ALL of the original content from the Twine version of the game has been implemented!!

Remake 0.25

  • Fixes for only having a servant, rather than both a servant and a slave
  • Fixes for kitchen sex with Chaya or Brin
  • Winning in the combat arena is fixed.
  • Planting a garden is fixed.
  • Handling weekly expenses is fixed.
  • Character summaries are now added.
  • A LOT of content has been added, including the stolen heirloom quest, the coven of the Old Gods, the whole riverfront area, and the bandit attack in the forest.

Remake 0.21

  • Added intro recommendation to select BOTH a servant and a slave for the most content
  • Fixed showing inventory after collecting jizz in the town whore tavern
  • Fixed randomly encountering tentacles in the city with only a servant, not a slave
  • Fixed nightly sex training with only a servant, not a slave

Remake 0.20

  • Some backgrounds added!
  • Night events, morning events, and travel events are all implemented.
  • You can view your inventory.
  • You can go home and do the nightly sex training.
  • You can randomly encounter tentacles in the city as you move around.
  • You can visit Sensua in the Church.
  • You can get a herm cock from Sensua or get help with your dream molesting problem.
  • You can explore the forest.
  • You can purchase items from the Odd Merchant in the forest glen.
  • You can meet Karnul (Sensua's father) in the forest glen late at night, once you free him.
  • You can gather alchemical reagents in the forest
  • You can prepare alchemical reagents
  • You can brew potions (anywhere, not just in your magic shop!)
  • You can visit the wizard in the ruined tower in the forest, and get his help with being molested in your dreams
  • You can encounter tentacles in the forest
  • In addition to Alchemist and Sorceress, Patrons can play as a Witch

Remake 0.15

  • First day implemented (but you cannot actually "go home" yet)
  • Combat, buying from shops, dancing at the Service the Tip bar, etc., all implemented
  • Meeting the mysterious woman implemented


  • Hyper-preg is now a thing!!
  • Noticed that an important nightly visit to Mika had no "leave" link.  Added.
  • Discovered a combat bug with the sorceress where if you win against her *after* encountering tentacles or the bandits in the forest, it sends you to the forest instead of the "win" scene against her.  Fixed.
  • ...and even more content!


  • Extensive performance improvements. Old saves ARE supported, but to gain the full benefit, it's highly recommended to start a new game.
  • Companion artwork variants (bigger breasts, pregnant, etc.) implemented in the character viewer!
  • Once you craft the (corrupt) bracelet with Keawe, you can no longer get "banned" by Keawe afterwards.
  • Combat issues in the forest have been resolved.
  • ...more content!


  • If Sensua is treating you and your servant/slave, your arousal should go down to zero
  • If you ask Vivianne about tentacle research twice, you get a blank screen the second time (shouldn't be able to ask her twice)
  • Multiple other fixes when interacting with Vivianne
  • If you follow the mysterious woman, but then Keawe refuses to continue helping you, you should gain access to the Church
  • Scene variants that depend on NPC tentacle pregnancies that have advanced to a certain point (including Lady Reyna's) aren't properly triggered
  • Minor bug in the scene where you ask Sensua for help with a new tentacle hive, if you haven't met Vivianne yet.
  • Finally fixed persistent errors with winning sorcerous combat in the combat arena
  • If you meet Kaylee a second time in one day, on a weekend after getting her an apartment, she's wearing the wrong clothes
  • New scene if you join the coven of the Old Gods and become a member under the priestess of Ukemochi
  • Additional content if you lose to a tentacle beast down by the Riverfront a second time
  • You can now corrupt one of the sorceress nuns who patrol Tyrmidon, enforcing public morality
  • Implemented (most of) the quest to capture Keawe, if she refuses to help you any more, and then you summon tentacles to live at your house


  • Fixed pronoun and "nestled under your cock" in your companions' descriptions of their pussies
  • Fixed tentacock blessing description bug where you don't actually get a tentacock
  • Added breasticles to character descriptions
  • Added tenta-tails to character descriptions
  • Added scene where Vivianne injects herself with more tentacle jizz at your house, if you had previously researched tentacles with her
  • Vivianne explains the results of her tentacle research
  • Fixed bug with Fuchsia being able to visit the Lewd Club multiple times


  • You can now view your cock, pussy, and tailcock descriptions in the character view
  • Additional Fuchsia content
  • Captain Roberts artwork!


  • Fix for injecting tentacle jizz
  • Fix for discovering evidence of tentacle activity at your home
  • New content for Fuchsia
  • Updated "pet play" scene for Marie to take your tentacle "blessings" into account
  • Added new "tentacle jizz" option for night visits to Marie


  • Emergency patch for serious UI errors after a failed combat, or after a screen with just "continue" on it in the forest.


  • UI gets scrambled after a tentacle birth
  • Your companion(s) returning from being lost in the forest after the bandit attack now correctly accounts for not having hired a servant at the beginning of the game
  • During a tentacle encounter, "playerData is not defined"
  • You can no longer trigger Keawe's rejection after corrupting her, right before the tentacle attack on your house
  • During the tentacle attack on your house, you can't knock out a tentacle beast before Keawe kills it - rebalanced the combat to make it more difficult to beat the tentacles, and easier to knock one out
  • Fixed cannot find a closing tag for macro "if" after the tentacle attack on your house
  • Fixed multiple issues with handling knocking out tentacles, so you can capture them at the end of the tentacle attack
  • Fixed an issue where the morning-after event for after summoning tentacles to your house wouldn't happen, if you didn't have any space in your womb to get pregnant with a human/tentacle hybrid - now you get pregnant with a hybrid regardless.  (Hybrid pregnancy not fully implemented yet.)
  • Fixed not consistently being able to use the fertility potion to summon tentacles to your house
  • Fixed injecting tentacle jizz, after helping Vivianne with tentacle jizz research
  • Fixed an issue where the Alora/Captain Roberts morning tryst event wouldn't display
  • Fixed "Join null" instead of "Join Captain Roberts" for kitchen sex, if your companions are lost in the forest and you only have Captain Roberts to cook for you.
  • Fixed minor bug in fertilizing dickshrooms scene
  • Fixed cannot read property "ordinal" of undefined, after sorceress combat
  • Fixed "people" is undefined, after sorceress combat
  • Fixed cannot read property "current" of undefined during the tentacle attack on your house (I think?)


  • Vivianne can now be told about your tentacle hive and invited for a visit
  • You can "play" with Marie using dickshrooms or tentacle jizz at night (scenes incomplete)
  • Once Marie is suitably sexed up, you can get permission from her for Vivianne to examine the captured tentacle creature
  • Error when getting a tentacock "gift" after losing the tentacle raid, fixed
  • Combat bug fixed - error message when attacking during any combat after the tentacle raid on your house
  • Added Alora artwork


  • Added a way to get tentacle "gifts" even if you get kicked out by Keawe
  • Started two ways of Vivianne doing tentacle research on a live tentacle creature
  • Changed number of save slots to 12
  • Add content filter for "huge boobs" and set the default to off
  • Fixed Hunter combat
  • Renamed Hunter to Huntress
  • Fixed error in the combat arena: "defeatedEnemies[0] is undefined"
  • After acquiring a herm cock, if you fuck your opponent's pussy, your arousal doesn't decrease
  • Fixed "ask about crystals" bug with missing close paren
  • Fixed "blessings" bug when selecting a tentacock as a tentacle "gift"
  • Fixed able to corrupt the Church even if you defeated the tentacles attacking your house
  • Fixed forest merchant appearing if he has no inventory
  • Clicking content controls, then back, triggers an error
  • Clicking on main character's name, then back, goes back to the town square if you're at home
  • Cap breast expansion from meeting Fae woman to E-cups
  • Cap breast expansion from visiting the Lewd Club to E-cups


  • Error when using the bracelet on Keawe during the tentacle attack
  • Syntax error when publicly exposing yourself
  • Syntax error after losing the bandit attack in the forest
  • More combat issues


  • Fixed arena combat giving an error popup if you lose
  • Numerous other fixes with alchemy, the Church, the final tentacle attack, and more


  • Fixed navigation from one place to another
  • Fixed combat bugs
  • Fixed combat not correctly displaying a "lose" result
  • Fixed alchemy bugs
  • Fixed dancing at the Service the Tip bar
  • Fixed new "kitchen sex" scene - now it displays properly
  • Many other fixes


  • MASSIVE refactoring of the way NPC data is stored
  • Extensive changes to how moving from place to place is implemented
  • The game should run MUCH faster now!
  • Kitchen sex is in the house!
  • Chaya's tentacle "gift" art added!
  • This release WILL CONTAIN BUGS. I've tested through to the second day of gameplay and fixed the initial issues. You can help by reporting whatever bugs you find in this thread!


  • New scenes with Fuchsia, the head groundskeeper of the Church!
  • New scenes with Valentina, the head seamstress of the Church!
  • A chance encounter in the early morning with an acolyte in the Church who is not who she seems to be...
  • You can now "fertilize" and grow Lydia, the dryad!
  • If Keawe refuses to help you any more, you can now visit the Coven of the Old Gods instead.
  • Minor bugfixes, including the nightly event where your demonic cock compels you to fuck a member of your household.


  • You can now begin corrupting the Church! So far there are only a couple of options related to corruption, but I've got about eight other pending scenes ready to be added!
  • You can now experience the Fae priestess' transformation events in the morning, after accepting her offer to become a Fae yourself.
  • The first two tentacle "gift" scenes have been added! After losing the tentacle attack, you can now choose "breasticles" or "tentacock" and see your gift!
  • Other bug fixes I can't remember at the moment...


  • A quest log has been added to the game, to make it easier to track what you've learned and what you need to do next.
  • Character portraits have also been added. So far, Felicia is the only main character with full-body art.
  • Kaylee the orphan catgirl now has character art!
  • Fixed an issue where you can't choose to "be a woman" after the encounter with the Fae woman in the bar.
  • Fixed an issue with losing the tentacle attack on your house where you couldn't get a tentacock if you already had a futa cock
  • Fixed an issue with combat during the tentacle attack on your house where you only had a servant or a slave, but not both
  • Added initiation scenes for the different priestesses you meet after discovering the coven of the Old Gods


  • The cursed belly button piercing no longer continues to cause public exposure events in the city, once it's removed.  (If you're already experiencing the bug, you'll need to wear it again and have it "removed" again one more time to fix this bug properly.)


  • New content if you DON'T follow the mysterious woman at the beginning of the game
  • You can re-visit Vivianne after finishing her research
  • You can now encounter tentacles in the forest!
  • You can now correctly encounter Kaylee after getting her an apartment or a job, or finish getting a crystal from the Abbottess
  • Fixed winning the battle against bandits in the forest getting stuck
  • If one or more of your companions gives birth and you don't, when you try to capture spawn you get an error
  • The option to visit Lady Reyna no longer shows up after you've gotten the alchemized metal from her
  • Keawe's character art now correctly disappears after the end of the tentacle attack
  • Other miscellaneous minor errors and typos fixed


  • Tentacle birth fixed if your companions are giving birth


  • Service the Tip bar - beginner events implemented
  • Tentacle birth implemented
  • Sorceress from the combat arena can visit you a few days before you give birth


  • Fixed bug with the clothing shop modeling, if you arrive after the dance has already started but before it ends.
  • Fixed bugs with public exposure. If you encounter the nun a second time, etc.
  • After winning the fight with the bandits, page is blank.


  • Fixed game-breaking bug in the event system that prevented events from being properly tracked.
  • Changed the global font to something more readable.


  • Fixed doubled public exposure text
  • Fixed navigation errors in the forest


  • Fixed game-breaking navigation issues ($dest is undefined, etc).
  • Bad conditional expression when being disciplined by the nun
  • Fixed "wait half an hour" not working.
  • Your arousal should reset after a naked match at the combat arena.


  • Public exposure is implemented!  Currently only for the main PC.
  • Cursed belly button piercing is implemented!
  • Repeated link back to town market if the tentacle attack already happened
  • Offering Lady Reyna coin instead of an item when trading for the alchemized metal has some macro errors
  • Keawe crafting the pure or lesser bracelet, results in a dead end
  • In the combat arena when fighting as a sorceress, or when fighting as a sorceress against tentacles, you cannot win a combat. The fight goes on forever.
  • In the combat arena when fighting naked, spamming lust bolt results in the following error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause (#1): Cannot read property 'length' of undefined


  • Fixed breast descriptions
  • Fixed tentacle pregnancy morning events listing NPC names more than once
  • Removed an option from the tentacle "mystery event" if you don't have fuckable nipples
  • Fixed the tentacle "mystery event" repeating the next night


  • Hypodermic darts wouldn't actually knock out an enemy
  • Chaya could get pregnant with "undefined" tentacles


  • Fix for hypodermic darts no longer working


  • Implemented next tentacle stalking scene
  • Implemented Keawe forging the bracelet
  • Implemented dream event
  • Implemented tentacle mystery event
  • Implement followup scene after tentacle mystery event
  • Implemented pregnancies and bellies descriptions
  • Added an "important reminders" section to the sidebar
  • Included the Council Ball in the "important reminders" section, so you know when to go
  • Included when Sensua is available to visit
  • Fixed clothing shop modeling scene error
  • Fixed house repairs
  • Fixed Kaylee scenes
  • Fixed ordering a drink dead-ending


  • Fixed returning stolen heirloom to Alora without "activating" it first.


  • Fixed returning a pure crystal to Keawe not properly triggering the return of the alchemized metal.


  • Game-breaking bug with the Service the Tip bar fixed -- for real this time!
  • Other bugs with Keawe's forging the bracelet fixed
  • Issues with the private confession at the Church fixed
  • Issues with night training fixed


  • Third tentacle stalking event added
  • Added long scene with Keawe forging the bracelet
  • Game-breaking bug with the Service the Tip bar fixed
  • Several issues with the Fae woman encounter fixed
  • Tentacle stalking bug fixed
  • Other misc bugs fixed


  • Fixed mixed up male/female/futa content if you randomly encounter tentacles while alone
  • Fixed slightly buggy character navigation
  • Added gold amount/time duration on house repair links
  • Added time duration on dancing links at the Service the Tip bar
  • Various other minor fixes


  • Fixed visiting the Town Whore Tavern after the Bandits in the Forest event
  • Fixed borked breast-growth potion
  • Correctly fixed borked thorny vine tea
  • Fixed potion use where it renders potions first, THEN "uses" a potion (meaning, you don't see the most current potion count in your inventory unless you refresh the page)
  • "Tentacle Encounter Here" - removed for now
  • Fixed visiting Sensua after turning in a captured tentacle beast
  • After the "Bandits in the Forest" event, a normal tentacle encounter has a missing closing <> tag
  • Fixed shouldn't be able to visit Lady Reyna if not helping recover stolen family heirloom
  • Fixed all house repair weirdness
  • Fixed after being defeated as a sorceress in the combat arena, this appears before the text: Error: <>: bad evaluation: Cannot read property '0' of undefined
  • Fixed pregnancy update for slaves and servants. You would get tentacle preg morning events for people not even in your household, often resulting in a "blank" event with just a continue link.
  • Fixed capitalization error on the "first night" where you're expecting equipment to be delivered the next day


  • Fixed an issue with potion making
  • Minor grammar fix


  • Implemented house repairs
  • Implemented breast-growth potion
  • Implemented tentacle pregnancy morning events for servants and slaves
  • Implemented bandit forest encounter
  • Implemented Keawe's final fetch quest
  • Fixed bug with Thorny Tea not being drinkable
  • Fixed playing without a slave for the Service the Tip Bar
  • Fixed playing without a slave for dancing lessons
  • Fixed Vivianne's office hours to be 11 am to 3 pm
  • Optimize storefront code to eliminate unnecessary clicks
  • Don't allow player to select more than one servant when choosing staff


  • Implemented Keawe's second fetch quest (65% done; some sex descriptions are missing)
  • Implemented tentacle altered scene with Sensua when getting a crystal from her
  • Fixed accessing Sensua without Chaya, but instead through Keawe's first fetch quest
  • Fixed the inventory display bug with stackable items
  • Fixed working as a dancer in the Service the Tip bar does not lower arousal
  • Fixed your slave working as a dancer lowers *your* energy instead of hers
  • Fixed your ass description when applying for modeling at the Crooked Kitten
  • Fixed resting for an hour at home
  • Added more options for waiting in town
  • Fixed the notice board not wiping after you meet Saraya
  • Fixed getting lost in the forest. When you opt to explore the forest from your home, you always start with the Forest Glen now.
  • Fixed the broken tentacle altered scene with "the tentacles inside you retreat" duplicated text.
  • Fixed the bugs with the combat arena. Combat for sorceresses now works properly.
  • Changed Sensua's office hours to Tues, Thurs and Sat, to make her more accessible


  • Combat training has been implemented
  • Stackable weapons (e.g. darts) have been implemented
  • The combat arena for sorceresses has been MOSTLY implemented
  • Capturing a tentacle beast (for Sensua's herm cock side quest) implemented
  • Sensua's herm cock side quest has been implemented!
  • You can use a potion now - and it works with Sensua's herm cock
  • Implemented health/energy/arousal meters
  • Implemented ability to view your breasts, and their current states
  • Egg-hatching fixed
  • Fixing the inventory display of stackable items such as potions
  • Numerous other bugs fixed
  • HUUUUGE refactor on how data is stored in the game, resulting in a roughly 50% speed improvement.


  • Numerous bugs fixed, including some in tentacle encounters and in the stolen heirloom side quest.
  • Keawe's first fetch quest fully implemented.  I haven't implemented repeat visits with the new characters from two of the branching paths in that fetch quest, but those are gravy for next time.
  • Alchemy is implemented.  I haven't tested actually using potions on yourself (mainly because the potions you can make are cock growth and cock-shrinking, and the main character doesn't have a cock).
  • Having sex and attacking something uses energy, and you can run out and need to rest.
  • Lots more locations in the forest are now "searchable" and have been fleshed out.
  • Tentacle pregnancy is partially implemented.



Bug fix release.  You can now actually discover something about Keawe (and do the stolen heirloom side quest) after being attacked by tentacles.  Also fixed dancing in the "Service the Tip" bar after a certain point.


  • Content filtering is fixed
  • Fixed a TON of bugs with clothes modeling
  • Fixed a game-breaking bug that only showed up after interacting with Sensua at the Church, where you couldn't reload at all
  • Fixed some character display bugs
  • Implemented player inventory
  • Implemented weekly costs for your servant and your food
  • Implemented functions to allow your servant/slave being able to go places without you, and vice versa. (You can't actually do this yet, because the areas of the game where this will matter aren't finished yet.)
  • Implemented lunar cycle (29 1/2 days, so it doesn't line up with the month dates)
  • Implemented weapons shop with one item
  • Implemented "Service the Tip" bar
  • Fixed "you are being watched" trigger events after the first
  • Implemented the first tentacle attack event
  • Implemented all of the various ways of getting the name of the bounty hunter who can help you with tentacles
  • Implement the ability to wear or remove items, for both the main PC as well as the servant or slave
  • Finish the event where you meet an important character, as a side quest to getting the name of the bounty hunter
  • Finish misc scenes in the bounty hunter side quest
  • Implement personal slave supervision at night
  • Implement the path to the bounty hunter near the docks, where you meet several other new characters (and possibly more tentacles!)
  • Implement combat


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by wolfsbane010

Version reviewed: 0.20 on 01/31/2021

This game is definitely enjoyable so far, though it still needs a lot of work.  The graphics especially need a bit of a tune-up.  One thing I'd recommend is altering the arrows in the town map that point to different locations.  I admit my eyes aren't great, but even then, it's hard to find them sometimes.  Perhaps bigger and brighter colors?

The story, for what's there, is really interesting so far.  I look forward to finding out where things go from here!

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.15 on 10/21/2020


this game is  work in progress for sure.

(i liked the SM mod of it)

But i have to remind the creator that Ren'Py engine is created for WN that means without proper images any game created with it is as trashy as it gets.

Review by Nerevar

Version reviewed: 0.13.0 on 11/17/2019

Still a work in progress, but really hot. This game has grown a lot, and the tenor has changed a little, but it started out hot, and has only gotten hotter.

It is still a bit buggy. It is more stable than it started out as, but could still use a bit of refinement.

More content keeps getting added though, and the writing and the ideas in it are just great.

Review by filament

Version reviewed: 0.12.0 on 09/10/2019

This is a bit of a undiscovered gem in my opinion.

It's definitely in-progress, but:
The world concept and plot so far is decent, with plenty of scope for endings, or corrupt/save gameplay.
The art commissions are really high quality 
The writing itself is fun.

I'm really looking forward to more updates and more time with this game. As a wishlist, next I'd welcome seeing another city, and the opportunity to make use of the "gifts" you receive from various routes.

Review by w21dbb

Version reviewed: 0.11.7 on 04/21/2019

Needs work lots of areas that say to do or are broken but creator is working on it.

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