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Version: 1.13.00 (Upgrade from 1.12 NOT FOR NEW)

Version: 1.13.00 (HTML + imagepack)

Student X-Change Program

NEW USERS: Download using the link labeled "1.13.00 (HTML + imagepack)" 
This is a game based on the story I have been creating over on Reddit. (https://www.reddit.com/user/xChangeFan).
This is more of a choose-your-own-adventure book, with some random elements added in, than a traditional game.  Some more interactive game elements may be added in the future, but for the time being I'm going to be more focused on developing the storyline.
Please let me know in the discussion thread if you encounter any issues.
Game currently has four finished (Game Over) paths.
Note: Any link versions that say (HTML Patch Only) will only include the HTML for the game, not all of the videos and images that come with it.  These are small bug-fixes with no additional content and should be only used to patch an existing copy of the game.  The regular releases will say (HTML + imagepack) and include a full installation.
Thank you to JonesI for converting my original captions into a game and for all the updates he made after that as well.

You - a student who takes an X-Change Pill and starts his adventures on an university campus.

1.13.01 (HTML PATCH ONLY) - Fixed an error on the Kate after Christmas page.  Also deploying an HTML file since I left it out of the "Upgrade" zip

1.13.00 (HTML + imagepack) - Added Part 13 Finishing out freshman year.  Added three additional ending paths.  Numerous fixes for various combinations of events and other fixes to earlier parts 

(I know the file is getting quite large, I've included an upgrade link this time that just has the images that changed since 1.12, though in this case that is also rather large.  I'll try to include a similar link for future releases as well.)

1.12.07 (HTML PATCH ONLY) - Spring break chastity issue was affecting more than I'd thought, fixed it for other keyholders also.

1.12.06 (HTML PATCH ONLY) - Fixed issue at spring break if with Veronia and in chastity belt, changed to allow engineering special project if trying to get pregnant (and fixed a small bug with that scene)

1.12.05 (HTML PATCH ONLY) - Fixed bug with spring break when dating Peter, fixed error message when on bar scene meeting Mistress Kate, error when Kate trains you to be dominate

1.12.04 (HTML PATCH ONLY) - Fixed bugs in part8 and part10 with keyholder and conditionals

1.12.03 (HTML PATCH ONLY) - Fixed bug in part9 and part12 if pregnant, looking at issue with coordinates and twine

1.12.02 (HTML PATCH ONLY) - Fixed bug at cheerleading job and with confessing to about riding with Brad

1.12.01 (HTML PATCH ONLY) - Fixed bug that stopped game if changing birth control after special project

1.12.00 (HTML + imagepack) - Added Part 12 Spring Break, redesigned how sex was tracked internally (internally to the game code that is), changed pregnancy testing,
added Halloween scenes at appropriate time (they were previously just references after the fact if needed), added additional captions
for a few paths, and for some named fathers that would previously just get the unknown father path, gave Office Boss a name (Paul),
added a path for when Faith is your mentor


1.11.01 (HTML Patch Only) - Fixed bug that stopped the game after Christmas in some cases

1.11.00 (HTML + imagepack) - Added part 11, added in coordinates for all passages to support twine, fixing broken ifs, fixed issue when had >$0 and with Andrew or Professor,
Fixed Veronica+Chastity+StripClub option, Removing money display after dealing with bills, various fixes, one-handed navigation (thanks HiEv!)

1.10.00 (HTML + imagepack) - Added part 10, revamped the side-effect selection system, reducing some video sizes to reduce zip size (more to do here), various fixes and edge cases addressed


1.09.54 and prior : Thanks to JonesI @ tfgamessite for converting my initial captions into a Twine-based game, and for all the updates after that.

1.09.54 (HTML only) - Minor bugfix.  (Final JonesI update)

1.09.53 (HTML only) - Bug fixes. A few extra passages.

1.09.52 (HTML only) - A few extra passages. Bug fixes. Improved logic.

1.09.51 (HTML + imagepack) - Added part 9.5. Pregnancy visit.

1.09.05 (HTML + imagepack) - Bugfixes. Replaced more gifs.

1.09.04 (HTML only) - Bugfixes.

1.09.03 (HTML only) - Bugfixes. You can now change naughty jobs on daddy path.

1.09.02 (HTML only) - Bugfixes.

1.09.01 (HTML + imagepack) - Added part 9. Sororities.

1.08.53 (HTML only) - Added kidnapping alternative path.

1.08.52 (HTML + ImagePack) - Fixed imagepack. A few extra passages.

1.08.51 (HTML + ImagePack) - Added part 8.5. Contains content if you are in a relation with either Andrew, Josh, Peter, Veronica, Kate, Professor.

1.08.15 (HTML only) - Bug fixes.

1.08.14 (HTML + ImagePack) - A few extra passages. Bug fixes.

1.08.13 (HTML only) - Bug fixes.

1.08.12 (HTML + ImagePack) - Bug fixes. Updated imagepack.

1.08.11 (HTML + ImagePack) - Multiple levels in side effects will now affect you. Some events will now have female alternatives for those who have not had male vaginal sex.

1.08.03 (HTML only) - Manual selection of side effects. More items and money tracking. Names for neighbours.

1.08.02 (HTML only) - Bug fixes.

1.08.01 (HTML + ImagePack) - Added all of part 8. Happy New Year!

1.07.82 (HTML only) - Bug fixes.

1.07.81 (HTML + ImagePack) - Added ~70% of part 8.

1.07.72 (HTML only) - Bug fixes. A few new passages.

1.07.71 (HTML + ImagePack) - Split part 6 and 7 into images and text. Added some branches for Josh.

1.07.52 (HTML + ImagePack) - Split part 3 and 5 into images and text. Started splitting part 6.

1.07.31 (HTML and Partial ImagePack) - Split most of part 3 into images and text.

1.07.21 (HTML and Partial ImagePack) - Split part 2 into images and text.

1.07.11 (HTML and Partial ImagePack) - Split part 1 into images and text. Improved body features selection.

1.07.02 (HTML only) - Bug fixes.

(Note:  Part 4 of the Reddit series was skipped as it concerned a female-to-male transformation and didn't fit as part of this story)

1.01.01 - 1.07.01 Added Part 1-7. (Part 4 is alternative story with minimum integration. I will add it if more integration for it is added to the other parts.)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by JHeresy

Version reviewed: 1.13.01 on 10/19/2019

Perhaps my all time favorite game on this site. I'm a long time lurker and game player. Two things I look for in a game are Story and Replayability.  Student X-Change gives me just that, a decent and fun story with plenty of replayability.

Review by ninjasandtacos

Version reviewed: 1.13.01 on 08/13/2019

I really enjoy the game. This was the game that actually brought me to the site. The biggest complaint I have with it is it seems to rush into things at the start. I wish there was more of an option to ease into things and get more corrupted over time.

Review by wulren

Version reviewed: 1.12.07 (HTML PATCH ONLY) on 10/02/2018

Fabulous game ... but what the need to do everything in a rush...

a week after week game could be fine...

Where give direction to :  

- your scolar work

- your sexual life

- sport training

... after noel you dont follow your scolar work neither your sport training .... and that a shame



Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: 1.12.07 (HTML PATCH ONLY) on 10/02/2018

I am loving this game. The writing is enthralling and makes the player feel as if their choices carry weight. In addition to those choices having consequences, which makes the world feel real. The level of complexity in this piece of interactive fiction grows with each update. 

I am constantly blown away by the perfect integration of the image/video art into the written story. The internet truly does contain all the porn you can think of. I can't wait till the next update drops.

Review by Polin

Version reviewed: 1.12.07 (HTML PATCH ONLY) on 09/17/2018

A very nice game with a lot of media content and a very good replay value. 

I recommend it for a more quick game. 

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