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Flute of shame

This game from CatTail and TGgameguy. 
The plot: protagonist is not by his own will becomes a witch hunter. Paladin begins prepare him for hunt. First the rookie must spend several nights in the house alone. And it\'s not at so easy. The world is magical, but not quite... 

now version for patrons is in free access! This is final version. Remember - favorite number 1914!!

 Good luck!

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Review by Dion-Zeromus

Version reviewed: 1.02 on 02/14/2018

So, what I've played of this (The non-patron version that is), I bear a singular gripe.  But I will speak of the other bits I have to say first.

The game definitely has a decently done graphics, though they seem sluggish and at times, take a longer time than I'd expect for some of them.  Nonetheless, teh imagry is very well done and easy to tell what things are on teh whole, hwich is useful in a game.  The story that I've managed to see isn't bad, but it is hindered a bit by the gameplay.  The gameplay reminds me very much of FNAF, what with having to be conservative with your resources.

Which leads to my gripe - The night sequences are too dark.  I'm not saying light them up like it's christmas, but there should be SOME ambient light, enough to at least see shapes outside the windows, or at least the outline of the windows themselves.  I mean, other than when you turn on the flashlight on the phone, you've only a candle for light, which means you wouldn't be that nightblind.  This thusly makes the night sequences much more difficult than they ought to be because you're expending resources just to go "Okay yep, nothing's in the window."  That means when you actually NEED those resoruces (such as to run off the knight), you don't have enough.  The first night I burned through teh initial charges because I had no way to tell if I actually needed to use them, which mean the second night, I was left trying to figure out how to move the 'clock' forward since I couldn't actually scare off anything anymore.

Am I saying teh difficulty is bad?  No.  But some small concessions to the player to make it feel less like you are punishing them like being able ot see well enough to see a shape out the windows would help significantly in having the experience be a bit more fun.

Review by dramoxe

Version reviewed: 1.02 on 02/14/2018

The game is fully 3d rendered and the models are superb.  There isn't any sex in the game, but you're coming to a site about transformation games and the concept behind the transformations is also quite well executed.  If you're looking for straight tf's this is a game you shouldn't pass up.  That being said there is a very long intro sequence that might turn you away (I know it turned me away my first time playing it) but its worth sticking around long enough to get past it.

There is a lot of text to click through at start about the lore of the world the game takes place in, if you're not interested in that you can skip it in about 10 seconds by just clicking through.  There is also a night minigame which is pretty easy, but not very intuitive.  What you want to do is train on the dummy whenever it lets you - you gain stregnth from training and need to hit 10 to move on.  If it tells you that you're being watched, start with the left window - if there is a monster there you'll see it and then use your phone or bow.  If there isn't a monster there move to the other two windows - you can't see monsters at either of those so you just have to use the phone and hope you win the 50/50.  

If you do good at the night minigame you can move on by the end of night 2, but its also got some content for losing it and doing so only really delays you by a night or two.



Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 1.02 on 02/14/2018

i'm not findig it fun.  the night parts are irritating becouse you cant see anything so you waist your battery power

Review by Theacds

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 01/26/2018

A game I didn't appreciate for quite awhile. I'm absolutely loving it now. The 3D renders are high quality, there's a fair amount of content for each kink listed, and the gameplay itself is... a little frustating, but overall adds to the feeling.

When the branching paths get extended, the gameplay becomes more polished, and more content is added it will easly become one of my favorite games on the site.

Review by vscs

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 01/16/2018

Спасибо! Очень понравилась игра!
Но почему нет полноценного контента для взрослых?

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