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Version: 0.01

Dark Influence : Stolen Fate
by Viarch

It's a story of demonic being that traveled (actually escaped) from his own dimension to world inhabited by humans(mostly), who live in society more or less similar to european Renaissance. You'll lead him from being penniless and homeless refuge to rich brothel owner (what is good adult game without brothel?) and eventually to..... no, no spoilers. You'll meet and "conquer" a lot of women on the way, gather tons of riches, and ... damn, no spoilers again.

It is attempt to show the story throught the eyes of non-human being - with his own, non-human set of priorities, bias and understanding what is right and what is wrong.

We are trying to keep it as realistic as possible (considering the fact that there are demons and magic in game world). People are superstitious and uneducated, they won't became your best friends\followers after first meeting and their moral code is far from modern Earth one. Women won't jump into your bed two seconds after you approached them (unless you know, they do it for money), social taboos are strong, and it will require a lot of time and efforts to persuade or force people to break it. No sudden gifts from the sky, noone going to give you anything for free, and revealing your identity could lead to disasterous consequences.

You should handle your limited resources to achieve best possible outcome, however we are trying hard to make sure that most of the goals could be reached through more than one way and there will be very little to nothing obviously bad or good choices.

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Review by Jeb94

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 12/18/2017

Currently the game is very tedious and not much fun.  A lot of clicking and grinding that only slows down the inevitable game over.  I'm guessing there are a lot of things not implemented that'll hopefully ease that.  I know you all don't want to make it too easy but if you make it too hard then its no fun.  You have to strike a balance that doesn't exist at the moment.

I'll update this by saying that I did finally make some progress with it after some playing around and a hint or two in the forum thread.  It definitely has potential and I'll be watching.  In the current state its very pretty but it is missing some important things that will hopefully come soon.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 12/13/2017

Great game if you're looking to be bored.


First, this game falls into a trap I see very often in these games.  You end up in a wake up, go to work, go home, go to bed cycle.  I do not understand the popularity of this problem.  Games are supposed to be about escapism.  What successful games have you played that do this?  Maybe the SIMS, but that's what cheat codes are for.


Presumably in Grand Theft Auto V, Michael, Franklin and Trevor must go to sleep SOME time.  They must eat SOME time.  They must go to the bathroom SOME time - but at no point do you actually simulate this.  You don't say "Oh, it's getting late, I better head home and go to bed.  Mike has work tomorrow."  No, you just keep playing the damn game.  You just kinda assume that they're taking care of their biological needs when you save the game and call it quits for the night.  There's a reason for that.  If that means the character would technically be out doing his thing for a month without sleep or grabbing a burger, that's fine.  With the possible exception of people who play The Sims, gamers don't find realism on that stuff fun.  The only thing that might make it fun in the Sims is that people use that to torture the little twits by not providing a shower or a toilet etc before they finally kill them off in a housefire or something.


It looks like the character is supposed to get laid in order to restore his mana...but the game has you more focused on improving your penmanship, working at the dock (which is just a click, by the way...it's not like the dock provides fun opportunities - just a way to get copper), eating dinner and going to bed. 


It doesn't take long before the player is asking himself "why am I playing this?"



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