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Version: 0.1.61

Cowgirl/Hucow Apocalypse
by squeaky doelly

Cowgirls for Furries. Hucows for non-furries


Updated to version 0.1.61 Fixed various bugs and errors.


Cowgirls? Hucows? Whats the difference!

Short and simple. Cowgirls are furry and Hucows are not. I enjoy them both and found no reason not to just have differnt versions and please lots of people!


Longer explanation: Cowgirls (At least from what im going with) are anthromorphic cow's, Hucow's are genreally considered to be humans with particually large breasts, often with stubby horns, act and subsequently treated like cattle!


There is no gameplay differnce between the two. Only some text and cosmetics.


So in short


Cowgirls for furries.


Hucows for Non-furries.


With that out of the way.


What is Cowgirl/Hucow Apocalypse?


Cowgirl/Hucow is a Transformation themed, Text based, CYOA(Choose your own adventure) Game.

The world has been plunged into milky doom, cities falling under the tide of these sudden waves of changed humans as their bodies are forcibly altered and brains dulled into horny bovine like hordes

Your city is one of the first affected and as such is quickly quarantined.Information is withheld, your communication cut off from the world as the city is consumed by the bovine hordes. The army is not allowing anyone to enter or leave and they will forcibly enter in 20 days. You must survive or escape before that. But what will await you?

And can you escape before you become one of them?




  • 11 Endings.
  • 16 Encounters.
  • Stat system and rolling.
  • Cowgirls/Hucows.
  • Lots of Cowgirls/Hucows.
  • Lots of Milk and lactation.
  • No dead ends!


Why release this now?

For a few reasons. I wanted feedback, to gauge interest and to show my work!




Cowgirl/Hucow are now in the same program



Whats to come?


If interest is high enough I will be working on.


Adding more encounters.

Improving Combat.

Adding multiple enemies.

More endings.

And more!


Also keep a look out for my other Game concepts coming out soon.


One a Text based RPG Arena thing.


The other a more typical RPG.



Alpha 0.1.6

  • Added new Park Location
  • 1 Main encounter and 1 repeatable encounter added to the Park (More encounters to come) giving substantial amounts of food.


Alpha 0.1.5

  • More Proofreading.


Alpha 0.1.4

  • Fixed various small bugs and proofread.


Alpha 0.1.3

  • Added 3 new Enemies, each with their own infection path, win/loss text and ending.
  • Infection path is determined by the first loss to any enemy (If you get infected without losing to an enemy you get the standard)
  • Added "Submit" button to combat. You lose the battle instantly.
  • Fix a few typo's (But likely added more with the new text) more will constantly be being fixed.
  • Removed Ending Panel as refactoring caused it to break. 
  • Added Herm and Udder Kink selection on main screen.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by namapo56

Version reviewed: 0.1.61 on 02/26/2020

It's a shame that this doesn't seem to be in active development anymore, as it's probably one of my favorite Cowgirl/Hucow games. I'm a big fan of apocalypse survival TF games and Cowgirls, so this is perfect for me. I recommend trying it out, but be aware that what you see is what you get.

Review by slaveonline23

Version reviewed: 0.1.61 on 03/05/2019

I feel that sneak is to powefull. But overall a great game! Can you add some visual element? I'll love some pics!

Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: 0.1.51 on 03/15/2018

As Abraham Lincoln once said, "For those that like this sort of thing, this is exactly the sort of thing that they will like."

This is a grind of a game.  Players create a minimally descriptive anstract character that interacts with an abstract environment.  The opponents, overwhelmingly, are hu-cows or cowgirls (non-furry humans with huge, milky mammary glands or furry cow-girls).  The hucows and cowgirls are like zombies and, for some reason that I could not care enough to learn, they want to infect the main character with the virus or whatever that causes them to turn, very quickly, into hucows or cowgirls.  

I think milkers are kind of hot, actually, but this isn't a good vehicle for the concept. 

Review by RMK99

Version reviewed: 0.1.4 on 02/26/2018

Typical but revelation history. I love when hero slowly transformed (body and mind).



To autors:

Very pleas add more stories like this or maybe Part II ? or Gynoid, Greybot, Fembot, Giger Aliens, Bug, AnthroCow, Cow, Anthro Horse, Horse, Werewolf, Rat, Bimbos, Cheerleaders, Housewife, Maid, MILF

Review by Lazarus

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 12/21/2017

Well I saw this game sitting in the new releases and thought "why not?" so I downloaded it and played, and this is what i found.


Nice little story with CYA game but oddly enough intresting bits popping out here and there.

Something I found when trying the game again and again is that my "stats" didn't go away with each retry bar closing the game down and opening it again since I had 37533 stats at the beginning of another game. Food and materials seem to be hard to come by if you wanted to build up your food stash along with materials before pushing into the city but then you seem to get spammed with the same events again and again. 


Overall and enjoyable enough game that requires a little bit of polish and gammar checking, keep it up.

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