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Version: 1.2.8a

Version: 1.2.8

Version: 1.2.7b

Version: 1.2.7a

SlaveGirls Rising

The story begins:

Alanna, a SlaveGirl on the island Slavery Nation of Tagero, awakens to find herself in the Gauntlet, a lethal run through a, well, gauntlet, of monsters, by a group of naked SlaveGirls. Usually no one survives the horrors of the Gauntlet Run, and an audience of cruel male masters watch through a viewing crystal as one by one, or in groups, the women fall in various unpleasant ways.

Somehow Alanna survives, barely to be sure, but to all the spectators' utter disbelief. Her master, Marick, collects her, an even heals her wounds, but asks her why she couldn't just die like she was supposed to. Later back at his home, Alanna witnesses an odd exchange, via a red communication crystal, between Marick and a mysterious woman. The woman orders him to murder Alanna immediately, but Alanna knocks Marick out and escapes into the night...


Featured in the game so far:

Like in Helpless Heroine, the game begins with combat and vore; as it progresses, more SlaveGirl and Damsel-in-Peril themes come into play. This installment now includes the first transformation themes (petrification), with many more to come. This game is still in its infancy and I hope to work on it constantly to keep it progressing.

EDIT: by this latest release, 1.2.8, The game is about 25 hours long, and that's for myself, as the game's creator. There are less vore scenes by this point, but there are a lot of transformations and a good amount of smut. The transformations are still mostly inanimate, with a smattering of "live" TFs and a few gorier Game Over scenes. Planned for next release: slimegirl (active TF), sexdoll (inanimate), stone/sandstone (inanimate, willingly).


EDIT: Screenshots removed due to being NSFW.  -KavenBach



Alanna: A mysterious SlaveGirl who can actually defend herself, even against monsters. When her Master, Marick, sends her into a Gauntlet Run to die, she survives, to everyone's surprise. Alanna's mere presence seems to inspire other otherwise defenseless SlaveGirls to fight for their lives, and for their freedom...

Marick: Alanna's master, just another male in Tagero... or so it at first seems. After a Communication-Crystal conversation with the mysterious (clothed!) woman Vendell, Marick is reveaaled to have many secrets... and is ordered to murder Alanna immediately to conceal said secrets.

Vendell: A mysterious woman Master Marick speaks to via a Communication Crystal. Appears to be clothed, and appears to be Marick's superior, working for some foreign power...

Auctioneer Fade: The man running and commentating the Gauntlet Run. Appears to have at least a bit of a head on his shoulders and is cooperating with Tageran Intelligence to track down Alanna.

Loezen: This seedy, and at times cowardly, man is the head of the Slavery Guild of Tagero. Is in pursuit of Alanna for reasons of his own.

Altorios: Head of Tageran Intelligence. Is in pursuit of Alanna based on her mysterious origins. Does not immediately realize that Marick knows a lot more about her than he lets on.

Camdon: Owner and administrator of the Sudvess Arena. He is a very hands-on (and cock-in) owner of many SlaveGirls ranging from Arena fodder to seasoned Gladiatrixes.

Beatrice: The top Gladiaatrix of Camdon's Sudvess Arena. All the other SlaveGirls fear her combat skills.

SlaveGirls Rising






Alanna first awakens in the Gauntlet, a deadly run through a lethal monster-filled maze by SlaveGirls. Just from the initial conversation with fellow SlaveGirl victims-to-be, you know that it is unlikely that any of these women will survive... and you see that Alanna intends to try anyway.

Be sure to speak to the transparent girl, Tutteerielle, or Tuttee for short. She will give you a few hints about game play as it applies during the Gauntlet.

In short:


-Press the Shift button to switch from walking to running. There are some areas where you will not be able to do this, but for the most part it makes it easier to wander around exploring or to avoid wandering monsters.

-A monster that is “occupied” --- that is, who has penetrated or devoured a girl --- will have lower defense and offense, making it easier for allies of said girl to damage it. Bear in mind, however, that some monsters will “Guard” once they've grabbed a girl, so though their basic defense will be lower, they will still halve all damage they take. Remember, also, that the girl herself will have reduced physical attack power. However, Alanna will quickly find that her Magical power is actually augmented when she is penetrated or swallowed alive; this, according to other girls, is not normal. With this in mind, the rule of thumb is for Alanna to use physical attacks when free, and to use magical attacks when penetrated or swallowed.

-Do not forget to equip gear you pick up. Even ridiculous-seeming gear, like silk, will increase your stats. Generally you will have “tougher” gear that can boost your attack power and defense, or “flimsier” gear that will boost your magic power instead. Be aware, however, that while the sexier gear will boost your magic powers more, it will also increase your SEXY stat, which during Chapter 1 will cause severely detrimental in-battle orgasms that can literally render Alanna completely helpless.


You will need to open the treasure chest before you can finally begin the Gauntlet Run. Once you do, you will first face a series of rooms with set battles. Between each room, you will get a chance to save your game and to equip any gear you've picked up. As a general rule, gear up Alanna with the best weapon you find. Once she hits level 2, she will leard “Double Strike;” this is a much better option to using the basic “Fight” option.

During the run, watch the four girls for any that is getting weak, and use the Minimal Healing Potions you found in the first room if necessary, because you won't be able to revive any of them that dies for a few rooms.

When you get to the fourth room, after fighting small rats, large rats, and the plant, make sure to take a drink from the Healing Spring (you can't move on until you do, anyway). This will completely heal up all four of the girls, including reviving any that you may have had die. By this point, Alanna should be level three; you can now use “Bravery” to substantially increase her attack power in battle, to the point that she will still be doing good damage to enemies even if she is swallowed or penetrated.

By the fifth room, you will get to control in what order you fight enemies, or to avoid some entirely. As the experience you gain during the Gauntlet will eventually all be erased anyway, you can avoid some fights without having any permanent detriment; however be aware that the lower your level, the tougher some of the later Gauntlet fights may be. They should still be easy enough, but regardless, it's something to be aware of.

By level 4, Alanna will learn “Encouragement.” You can use this skill before battle to boost all the girls' attack power by 20%, which isn't negligible. By level 4 the other girls also learn “Strong Hit,” which is a good improvement over their regular attacks, even if it misses more often. Between those two skills, none of the fights in the next few rooms should be difficult; you will one-shot the smallest rats, Alanna will often one-shot the bigger rats with “Double Strike” (a critical hit helping), and even the plants should be quick to kill.

You will first encounter a male monster in one of these rooms; a Ratite. Alanna will experience her first in-battle sexual assault; as mentioned before, if a male monster is “busy” with one of the women, the other women will have an easier time hurting him. Ultimately, trying to use a “RapeBuster” skill to escape the Ratites in the Gauntlet is mostly a waste of a turn, as the girls can still generally do decent damage even while being assaulted and the damage they take from the assault is often negligible. Bear this in mind for future battles.

In the room where you first encounter a horde of Ratites, you will need to look inside the caves for the keys you need. Bear in mind, however, that if you use the first key you get to access the far right area, you will lose the chance at the treasure chests in the top middle of the room, which give you a decent weapon and a set of Rope Anklets which are harder to come by.

Once you encounter the spiders, try to use Alanna's magic sparingly. Only she can remove the poison those little critters inflict; leaving it untreated will gradually lower the poisoned woman's HP. Also, don't waste your time trying to figure out getting a woman out of the spiders' webs if she gets caught; you can't do it yourself, and it will happen automatically at the end of battle.

At the end of the room where the spiders are, you will face a few sets of Ratites, the last of which will include the much more powerful Red Ratite. He has the ability to increase the attack power of the other Ratites with him; to reduce the damage the girls take overall, try to kill off the lesser Ratites first. Bear in mind also that they are all vulnerable to whips; having Alanna use “Whip Frenzy” while equipped with the rope, particularly once the Red Ratite is alone, can yield tremendous amounts of damage... if she's lucky.

After the fight, you will get a whip; right after that, you will pick up a sword. It's up to you which you choose to equip Alanna with; the sword is stronger and can yield good damage with “Triple Strike,” but the whip can potentially yield more damage to a single target with “Whip Frenzy.” Potentially. Either way, make sure Alanna has the best gear and is at full HP; your next fight will not include the other women.

Against the boss of the Gauntlet, “Whip Frenzy” seems to be the best option to use, if possible. “Triple Strike” can do the trick also, though it's a little more dicey to rely on. Either way, don't waste time trying to RapeBust or heal HP; Alanna should have enough HP to survive his penetration for a while, but once at a certain point her HP won't save her, as the Minotaur will administer an instant death. Just do as much damage as you can, as quickly as you can.


After the Gauntlet, Alanna goes back “home” with her Master. When you are given an opportunity to save your game, do so. A crucial decision is coming up; if Alanna chooses the wrong option, you'll get a Game Over.

After escaping the house, go ahead and explore the stormy night area. When you're ready to move on, speak to the only person you see around; after that, head to the south gate and check the gate on its right side. After speaking to the locked-out slaver, head down into the well to your East; check out the knocked-over statue to open the escape passage. Alanna is stark naked and unarmed, but you might want to use “Encouragement” before checking out that downed statue...

The fights in the well passage shouldn't be hard, particularly after you start getting some gear. You've faced all these enemies before, and even alone Alanna should make short work of the enemies.

Make sure to save after you see the Healing Spring in the second section; against the boss, your game can end abruptly regardless of how much HP you have left. As Tuttee will warn you, there is a treasure chest in this section you don't want to miss; to survive the boss, you'll want the pile of HealStones you find! To get them, you have to jump over a section of water.

Once you face the boss, be ready to use a HealStone from time to time. If Alanna is almost fully turned to stone, don't wait to use one, or that will be the end of her! Bear in mind, also, that the boss can send Alanna into a trance, and that could mean a turn or two of her not reacting when you need her to! Also, he is more likely to add to the petrifying curse once his HP has been reduced by half.



Chapter One


You will have to fight within moments of starting Chapter 1; however, don't try too hard, as it isn't a fight you can win. Just take the punishment and let Alanna's HP run out.

In the arena training area, first head East. Once there, speak to all the women around; some of them will provide a tiny bit of experience, allowing Alanna to be level 2 before even getting into a fight. Then, make sure to do all the fights you can; if you win them all, you'll reach level 4 just before having to fight the boss of the area. Speaking of which, don't speak to Camdon, the arena owner standing in the lower right section of the first training area, until you're ready to face the boss; and that shouldn't be until you've hit level 3. If you try below level 3, you will not survive the fight...

Also, try being a little insistent with the trainers even if they seem to have given you all the fights they can. You never know what kind of bonus you could get...

By level 3, you will learn some spells; your first offensive ones. You'll need at least one of them if you hope to survive the boss fight Camdon throws you into: another Medusan. This time, however, you have no way to heal Alanna if she's turning to stone; therefore, you have to kill him as quickly as possible! Your “Ice Finger” spell is your greatest ally in that fight. In fact, two or three uses of it should do the trick.


In the next area, you will start training against stronger foes and groups, and even against monsters. Unfortunately, as of now and for a while after this point, Alanna is going to have a severe problem: she will often hit orgasms in the middle of combat, resulting in a lost turn, possibly at fatal moments as well. Therefore, things to remember:


-Alanna's arousal will continue to increase in battle; no matter what, she will hit orgasms from time to time. Her arousal will then drop for a while and will resume building gradually to the next orgasm.

-AntiSex, once she learns it, will greatly reduce her arousal, but will only slow down the orgasms, not completely deny them. If you use AntiSex in one fight, don't be at all surprised if Alanna hits an orgasm on the very first turn of her next fight.

-The sexier Alanna is, the more quickly she will hit orgasms in combat. Therefore, you want to keep her “SEXY” stat as low as possible. Be aware that if her SEXY stat is too high, Alanna will literally hit an orgasm every single turn and will be completely useless in combat! Therefore, until she breaks free of this effect, you may have to sacrifice actual attack or magic attack power for a lower SEXY stat. At times the best option may just be to leave her armed but otherwise wearing absolutely nothing!


Make sure to fight every girl you see; they will all fight you at least once, and every bit of experience will help. If you fight every girl, monster, and group of both, and have won every single fight since starting training, Alanna will hit Level 7 just before finishing this area.

Once you're ready, speak to the gray-haired man in the lower center of the room, Berkins. You will get to fight Beatrice. She is very tough, capable of dealing you a lot of damage; don't be surprised to lose, but don't be worried, either: it won't give you a Game Over. On the other hand, if you beat her, you'll get some good gear to use in the next section.

Start by using “Encouragement” before the fight; use “Bravery” on the first turn. This will substantially increase your defense, which really matters against her. Having good defense from equipment could help, but remember: too much sexy gear will leave Alanna unable to really fight back as the orgasms hit.

Do as much damage as you can to Beatrice quickly. Like Alanna, she can hit spontaneous orgasms in battle, which can increase your odds against her, but first you have to lower her HP below 50%. If you've hit level 7, you can use Heal2, which may save you from her highly damaging attacks as well. Either way, it's no catastrophe if you lose.


First Arena Event


Before the event, if by some chance you still haven't gotten a weapon from your training opponents, make sure to grab one from the boxes in the upper left of the training room.

For the event, you will have your former ally Millie helping you in combat, and you will also have allied CombatSlaves performing random actions in some of the fights. Don't get cocky, though; you'll be trying to beat the clock at all times, as well. If time runs out, Beatrice will get ahead and the fighting will get harder.

On the other hand, like your very first fight against Beatrice, if you lose the arena battle you won't get a Game Over. Getting the gear from getting to the end first is just a bonus. If Alanna has reached level 8, you can use the “Wind Gust” spell; it does good damage to her and may knock her off her feet. This could greatly increase your odds of survival!


Second Arena Event


Regardless of whether you win the first event or not, Alanna ends up in a dire situation. With her head in a guillotine, she is slated to be executed.

However, if you “try something else” when given the option, you will be able to equip a weapon. Equip gear, and especially a weapon, as best you can, because the higher Alanna's attack power, the greater her odds of escaping the guillotine before her head comes off. However, don't leave her “SEXY” stat too high, or she won't be able to fight when the time comes!

I have personally found using the “Pink Stone” you got from Tuttee, combined with the “Razor Halberd” and the “Iron Collar” you got from the chests in the first arena event, provides good defense, good physical and magical attack power, and still leaves Alanna free to act relatively freely with few turns wasted on orgasms.

When comes time to fight the boss, the Medusan Twins, again, make sure Alanna's SEXY stat isn't too high. If it's too high, she may not be able to act very often, or at all, if she gets double-penetrated! As with other Medusans, Ice skills are the best option. If you've balanced out your physical and magical attack stats, going with “Frost Strike” when she is free, then switching to “Ice Finger” when she is grabbed, should yield the best results; if double-penetrated, Alanna's magic is quite augmented. Either way, if Alanna has turned completely stone grey, you need to either RapeBust her off at least one of the medusans, or use a HealStone. Otherwise the next turn is her last!


Arena Catacombs


Most of the monsters you face down here are the same ones as from the Arena. However, be aware every time you have to jump over a stretch of water that a Water Snapper may lunge upward and swallow Alanna whole; she will begin the battle already inside it. Bear that in mind if she was close to an orgasm at the end of her last fight, or if her HP is already low!

By level 11 you will learn the level-2 attack skills. If well equipped for physical attacks, you should be regularly killing off foes in two turns using their weakness element. By level 12 you learn the equivalent level-2 magic spells, which will give you a powerful punch even if swallowed or restrained and penetrated.

You will find clay pots here and there with Healing Water inside; use them to restore her HP and MP. You will also find little clumps of mushrooms around; pick all of these up, as they are a very useful means of restoring MP.

Also, bear in mind that if you leave an area, when you come back all the monsters will have respawned. This means you could potentially earn unlimited experience... just bear in mind that this is not recommended while the game is in development, as level-gained skills may still change, among other things.

In the third area after the room you landed, you will see something shiny; it's thee key you need to move on. However, before that, you will fight your first Red Water Snapper. Alanna will learn the skill “AntiSex.” This skill can be used to substantially lower her arousal and allow you to act a lot more freely in battle. The game will also sometimes prompt you if you want to use it in certain dire battles. User beware, however: if you end one battle under the “AntiSex” effect, expect to hit an orgasm at the very start of the next battle...!


Arena Catacombs Sanctuary


Once you reach this place, you'll need to go into the room to the upper left. After speaking to Roggar there, you will be able to enter the guarded cave opening in the north of the main section. After traveling through the escape passage being dug, you will then have to fight your way through caves full of monsters. While the story states that Alanna is to kill all the monsters, you don't necessarily have to; just get through if you so choose. Before you go too far, though, make sure you've bought all the curative items you'll need from the woman in the lower left section of the Sanctuary, because you will end up trapped in a very dangerous area eventually!


Sudvess Arena Depths


True to the storyline, monsters will not regenerate in this section if you leave an area. Which is good, because said monsters are a little tougher here, and have a few new tricks.

The Water Medusas can both stun Alanna and petrify her with their gaze. Once affected, Alanna will turn to stone mid-battle, her image displaying on the battle screen to show to what extent she has changed. Don't let her go too far before using a HealStone! Likewise, the Pit Spiders and Pit Webbers will wrap her up as she fights, progressively reducing her ability to do physical damage. Don't wait too long to use a Rescue Blade.

The Red Slimes, now morphing into female forms, can be broken free of using RapeBuster skills, but that is not always reliable, so don't wait too long. If completely engulfed, Alanna's next turn in battle will be her last!

When you are forced into a fight against four Pit Worms, to reduce your HP damage focus on killing one at a time first. Use “Blazing Strike” until swallowed, then “Fireball” on the one holding Alanna once she's been swallowed. If nothing else, once her swallower is killed she will avoid at least 50 HP damage per turn and likely more as they can squeeze her to do more damage. But don't hesitate to use your stronger healing potions or “Heal2” to keep her HP up!


Once you find a twinkling spot in the water that draws Alanna's attention, that's how you know a boss fight is coming up (shortly after she spots a small waterfall). Touch the sparkling water to restore HP and MP, then be sure to save the game. You're about to get trapped in a section of tougher monsters, with no way back until you clear it; if you need to, return through the areas you've cleared to purchase any items you need!

When you face the first boss, you need to first be aware that her petrifying powers are twice as powerful as normal. You could find yourself having to counter the effects every second turn. Don't hold off on countering Alanna's petrification until she's almost finished, because it can progress passed the point of no return very quickly! It's very easy to have her go all orgasmic at a crucial moment, as well; AntiSex could serve you well. At this point, since physical damage is less of an issue, it may be time to leave her completely without any armor, just the best weapon you have and, if you have it, the Pink Stone to boost her magic.

For the second boss fight, you now have an ally; but, you have an added problem, too. The HealStones and “Healage” spell can no longer counter petrification. You must instead rely on Alanna's new skill, “Lesser De-Curse Wave.” You get a chance to re-equip before this fight, and to save your game; it's strongly advised that you do so.


Sudvess Arena DarkPit


The corrupted medusakin you faced in the Healing Spring room are only part of the corrupted hazards you'll have to face in here. While you have Beatrice as an ally now, the fights can still turn very fatal (or worse) very fast. Always try to keep your HP up and always remember to use “Lesser De-Curse Wave” or De-Curse Crystals before it gets too late. Also, you can return to the Healing Spring as often as you need to, and the monsters won't re-spawn; if one or the other girl is petrified, the Healing Spring will heal that.

When you reach a small room with a Healing Spring, after Alanna and Beatrice talk for a while, be sure to pick all the Green Mushrooms in the room, and then try roasting them. The Flecked Green Mushrooms will lose their negative status effects, and the regular Green Mushrooms will increase in potency.

After the Healing Spring, be aware that some of the Undead Slavers will start calling Undead SlaveGirls into battle to assist them. This means you could very quickly get overwhelmed if you aren't careful! Fortunately, by level 17 Alanna has learned “Holy Light,” which will do decent damage to all the undead in a group.

Also, if leveling up is starting to pose more of a problem for spontaneous orgasms --- as each girl's “Sexy” stat rises with her levels --- pay attention to what some of the gear you can pick up does. Some of it will give good boosts to your stats, but will actually lower your “Sexy” stat.

And, on the lowest level, you'll find an optional section full of undead. If you're brave enough to face them, you'll find a powerful weapon to use against any others like them. Just equip it and use “Triple Strike” and even the tough undead will often drop in two or three turns!

Finally, you will reach the big baddie of this area. Expect a tough fight; hit as fast and hard as you can with holy attacks. If Beatrice recovers from her stunned condition during the first half of the fight, if you equipped her with the holy weapon you found, “Triple Strike” can do some really good damage, particularly if she has used “Bravery.”

For the second half of the fight, Alanna is alone. Again, Holy, Holy, Holy attacks! Under the effects of “Focus” and equipped with magic-enhancing gear, using “Holy Hand” can do upwards of 5,000 damage each time. However, don't let her HP drop, as the boss strikes multiple times per turn and can do a lot of damage! Once it grabs her, she only has ten turns to live, though she can “Break Free” and will slowly recover those turns. However, it will likely just re-grab her... damaging it as quickly as possible is usually the best bet.


Sudvess Desert


You won't be in the desert for long, in theory, though as long as you stay close to the western mountains you can fight monsters for a while if you like. To recover, just go back to the Sanctuary to drink from a pot or spring of Healing Water; each time you leave the escape passage into the surface, the monsters will re-spawn. Just be aware that there are some powerful monsters that may spawn that you may not be able to defeat yet!

Once you're ready, head East. As soon as you get to a certain point, the next portion of Alanna's adventure will begin...


Sudvess Desert Inn


It's definitely a good idea to save your game before heading east, and you'll be given the option just before beginning the dangerous next area, where there is no combat but lots of opportunities for your decisions to end Alanna's life quickly. On the other hand, as you progress passed certain parts of the story in the area, you get to save again from time to time. Either way, there are several ways Alanna can survive; how she does, though, will determine if you get to pick up any items or gear. You could escape with nothing; you could escape with some good gear to equip later.

Regardless, once Alanna escapes, you'll find that her magic is locked out. For the next few areas you'll need to rely on her physical combat skills only; fortunately, the monsters she'll face are not as powerful as those before.


Port Sudvara


You'll need to walk around, trying to find a way to remove the magic-blocking collar Alanna is wearing. As you talk to different people, other people will have more relevant things to say. However, be aware that there are a couple of people in the town you do not want to be too insistent with... or talk to at all...

To progress, start in the item shop. From there, you'll have access to the dockhouse; someone in there can point you to your next destination, at the pub. From there, check out the barns, but first, make sure Alanna is at full strength, as she's going to endanger herself to save someone again...!


Port Sudvara Caves


The monsters here are not very strong, so even without Alanna's magic she should make short work of most of them. Keeping Vindy alive is irrelevant (as of release 1.1.8, at least), so it's up to you if you want to use items on her or not. If nothing else, her being alive provides the monsters with more than one target.


After release 1.0.6:

-Changed things so that most enemy groups freeze after you run away from one, at least in areas where there is the potential for large numbers of monster groups swarming you.

-Changed Alanna so that she gains much better escape skills much sooner in the Gauntlet. She will be able to escape being swallowed or penetrated more easily than the other girls, which was supposed to be the idea: she's several cuts above them, so to speak.

-Weakened the damage effects of the spiders' poison. Instead of 10% of total HP lost every turn, it's now 4%.

-In theory, fixed the error which slowed messed up the Running/Walking dynamic whenever the girls got pulled into a cave in the Gauntlet.

-Added Tutteerielle (Tuttee) to the end of the second Well Passage, where she drops the usual cryptic warnings, in this case about whether or not you picked up an item that can save you against the boss.

-Added the scene in the Slave Cart.


After Release 1.0.9:

-Corrected bugs with Running/Walking in the Gauntlet making the caves give extra keys or not give them when they should.

-Added several scenes in the Sudvess Arena, including several character sprites and battler sprites, and progressed the story.

-Added an image on the opening page, graciously offered by MadBirdCZ.


After Release 1.1.0:

-Modified the training fights in the Gladiatrix training section of Sudvess Arena so that they don't mess with the walk/run dynamic, and so that the player can no longer bug up the game by switching between walk and run during the discussions.

-Changed the scene with the Minotaur just a smidge, just so that Alanna can be SEEN holding the sword when she back-stabs him.


After Release 1.1.1

-Added the first event in the Arena.

-Corrected an issue with leg gear having been set as an "accessory" and vice-versa.


Release 1.1.2

-Modified the Arena so CombatSlaves randomly help you in battle for the first half of the first arena event; also changed the first time delay from 5 to 6 minutes, and the last section's time delay from 5 to 6.5 minutes.

-Added the second event in the Arena.

-Added a feature so that in boss fights, at least, LoreCheck allows you to see how much HP the enemy has left.


Release 1.1.3

-Reduced the MP cost of the " Purify" spell from 10 to 5.

-Corrected the fact that Alanna already has "MiniHeal" against Camdon when she fights him at the unloading dock. Using it would make the unwinnable fight unnecessarily long.

-Corrected the Guillotine challenge at the start of the second Sudvess Arena match so that you can still win it even if you never beat Beatrice or got the weapons from the last room of the first arena match. Or got a random Small Hand Axe drop... :/

-Corrected an issue wherein you couldn't get the key to enter the last room of the first arena event if Beatrice got there first. -_-

-Modified some fights so that in some specific circumstancces there are odds of earning much better gear.

-Alanna now knows the skill "GIVE UP." This reduces all characters' HP to 1 and sets them all into "Surrender" status. This will not automatically give you a special Game Over; it's just a way to quick-kill the characters for easy defeat, if you want to see if there is a Game Over Scene or not. I will attempt to put in more such special scenes in future, including in some of the older fights.


Release 1.1.4

-All Ratites from Sudvess Arena are now vulnerable (1.5 X damage) to the lightning element.

-Added a background for the Water Snapper fights in the Sudvess Arena Catacombs.

-Added a knockdown effect to the "Shockwave" and "Wind Gust" skills. In relation, set thing up for some battles so that knocking down some foes can be helpful for breaking free of a rape... or can be detrimental to you instead. And of course, some monsters can't be knocked down.


Release 1.1.5

-Modified the Water Snappers (due mostly to the lore behind them, unknown to player or characters yet) so that you can use Mana Drain to substantially replenish your MP... as long as you're willing to spend a few turns being digested. :)

-Modified the "CombatGasm" system so that you have more leeway to act before Alanna or Beatrice get incapacitated one turn by orgasms in battle, but so that unfortunately they will hit said orgasms eventually despite using the AntiSex spell. This gives you more leeway for equipping gear and still being able to act; essentially, better gear wiill mean better stats but more CombatGasms as a trade-off.

-Added some skills up to nearing Level 20.


After release 1.1.5D

- increased the damage dealt by special attacks and spells.

- gave Alanna a larger critical hit chance.

- changed the opening wall-of-text to make it a little less generic feeling.

- added a bit of a scene to the very first fight with a Ratite, showing that the girls are physically enjoying the situation even though they shouldn't be...

- added the first glimpse of Tagero's surface, a desert, and the scenes relating to the first visit to the Oasis Inn.


Release 1.1.7

-Added Port Sudvara and its actual population this time.

-Added a couple of spontaneous game overs in Port Sudvara, and an optional Game Over when fleeing Donall's Inn.

-Added two dungeons, both short: Port Sudvara Pit and Jovan Forest.

-Added seven enemies. Some are rehashes, some are not. Added one transformation type.

-Added the first scenes with a new mysterious woman.


Release 1.1.8

-Lessened the HP of the Tentacle Mass boss (second incarnation) by 3,000 HP and increased the odds of "Break Free" from 50% to 70%.




Release 1.2.3

-Now the game ends in Port Sudvara, after escorting women from Sudvess Arena to the Forest Village.

-Finally fixed the coloring of the Gold Slime when it has Alanna in its clutches. Still needs to be adjusted a bit possibly. Also added another sprite for when it successfully takes over her mind and body.

-Added the escort quest from Sudvess Arena to Port Sudvara.

-Fixed some discrepancies from the previous release; characters in two places at once, or strangely not aware of events they have lived through, etc. Also fixed some typos.

-Added an instant Game Over in the Trophy Room of Sudvess Arena, only triggered under the right circumstances when it has been invaded by monsters.

-Added some scenes after the escort quest, at which point the game ends for the present version.


BUGFIXES in 1.2.3a

-Added saves during the escort quest from Sudvess Arena to Port Sudvara, after every leg. Also shortened the time for each leg and
corrected the issue wherein the girls sometimes started a leg as moving statues. I think. Also hopefully reduced the occurrence of game-freezing bugs?

-Fixed the glitch wherein you could head downstairs and outside during the "Monsters Released Failsafe" part of the arena.

-Added a bit of code to Optionally remove lesser versions of the RapeBuster and Kick skills at the beginning of the Desert escort quest.

-Corrected the issue wherein the Medusakin in the Sudvess Arena invasion are correctly vulnerable to anti-reptile weapons.


Release 1.2.4

- Added the Battle of Arkheva, and progressed the story to the situation in the aftermath.

-Modified things so that after the Battle of Arkheva, you can freely wander all the main areas you've previously visited: the Library Temple, Port Sudvara, and Sudvess Arena (both the dungeon refuge and the arena itself). NOTE: as of this release, there is a bug if leaving the main gate. You need to leave by the dungeon escape passage. This will be corrected in a bugfix release 1.2.4a very soon.

-Added six encounters in the Library Temple Play Room.

-Properly added the Game Over scene for if Alanna allows all her charges to perish (or worse) during the desert escort quest.


Bugfixed 1.2.4a

-Fixed the issue where the screen faded to black forever when leaving the Arena by the front gate, after the events in Arkheva.

-Added optional grid markers for the Battle of Arkheva. You can turn them on or off if you ask for a status report.

-Added some helpful guards and a signpost in Arkheva to give directions.


Version 1.2.6:

-Added the Medusakin Village and all the events therein.


Version 1.2.6a:

-Fixed a game-breaking bug in one of the Water Medusan rooms, which occurred after Alanna took a shower in the waterfall in the lower right of the Medusakin main area.

-Added the "decoration" crystals in more places and around more rooms in the Medusakin Village. Once you find the password in the final area of the Medusakin Village, during replays or from earlier saved games you can enter said password to try out more combinations of Medusakin Appreciation and Alanna petrification levels.



-Made small changes in the STIGSS (Goldman fortress) to fix a game-breaking bug in the Archives room. If you have an older version, only read the books in that room while "running," or you won't get the key you need for the chest there.

-Added a few "overworld" goldmen to the South Tagero Island, so Alanna has to be careful even outside of the STIGSS if nearly turned to gold.

-Fixed various typos.

-Added a few encounters in the Ancient Temple Playroom. I will have to start correcting things soon so that you don't meet creatures in the playroom that you haven't actually encountered in-game yet.



-Fixed some glitches in the Defense of Arkheva battle.

-Increased the gate's resistance in the Defense of Arkheva from 300 to 450.

-Added 4 "booby-trap" uses to the Defense of Arkheva battle, to target enemy units 1-4 with extra damage. You're free to use it, or not.


For next release: 

-Giving you a chance to "revisit" some of the Medusakin in the Medusakin Village. A different, more "playful" context this time, and one you can replay whenever you like.

-SlimeGirl transformation, sexdoll transformation

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by netuttki

Version reviewed: 1.2.6 on 06/24/2021

An interesting story buried under hours of clicking and clicking to get through the pointless battle scenes. 

Review by FEARspunch

Version reviewed: 1.2.3a on 05/13/2020

Just played this game and I enjoy. I don't play the game for the art or combat but the story. Even though I am easily impressed and love TFs, I enjoyed this game. Actually inspired me to try and adapt this into a DnD campaign. Can't wait to see what happens in the next update.

Review by dramoxe

Version reviewed: 1.2.2a on 04/02/2020

If you're into submission and degrdation, this is the game for you.  It does the "TF" part of TFgames.site amazingly well.  Story is very well written, has decent drawn images, and the bad ends are done in a particularly compelling way.  That latter bit is the most important part of a tf game, at least for me, and there aren't many games that get the bad ends right - much less as good as this game does them.


As others have said, the game can be grindy - but its optional.  Nearly every fight in the game is skippable if you pick "escape", so if you use a save game editor to dump stats on yourself its easy to pick and choose what you're fighting.  If, on the other hand, you're a grindlord and you like that kind of thing - and there are plenty of people who do - then you'll most likely enjoy both the TF and game aspect of this.

Review by Innocience

Version reviewed: 1.2.2a on 03/30/2020

This game's biggest problem is its grind which is a shame because I actually enjoy the setting and world very much.
Lots of combat transformation (rat, petrification ...) with multiple steps throughout your run of the mill VX Ace combat.
They're all nicely illustrated through a handful of images and sprites.
It's not the best nor sexiest but it's all coherent and keeps its level of quality throughout.
Sadly enemy types and transformations repeat frequently but rarely without some additional twist and/or new imagery to spice things up.
I can't say much about balancing - I've given up on playing the intended way after act I.

Honestly if you have no way of easing the grind it's probably best you don't bother.

Review by Sajuuk

Version reviewed: 1.1.8 on 04/26/2019

So after playing this game like the first one too battle heavy.

I found myself wanting to cheat in this game that is how bad it was.

the story is well written, and I do think it's fun but the amount of forced battels drag it down.

There are times you are litarly attackt by 4 to 5 enemies event encounters in a row.

And as they are all set to approach player it's impossible to avoid them. 


I should have expected this but still it's a shame to see it's not better balanced.

It's worth a play, if you have nerves of steel

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