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Version: 0.10


Obumon is a transformation game that is similar to Pokemon. It is my first RPG Maker VX Ace game so please keep that in mind when responding to my content. Thank you and enjoy the game <3

You play as Hunter, a young man aspiring to be an Obumon master!

Hunter - Main Character


Professor Guy - Pretty much Professor Oak


Obumon - The monsters in the game

There is no need for one at this point, just make sure you talk to Professor Guy at the start of the game.

First release

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Review by benwolf0

Version reviewed: 0.10 on 01/06/2018

well the game was short, it was fun and all the endding it had where fun. keep up the work. I'll love to see what more this game has to it.


Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.10 on 01/04/2018

I've just started the game, and so far I do see the changes being a little too instant before the game says game over. ^^" Was expecting more images for losingn to the cat person before it suddenly showed you fully being a catgirl from the first image. Just some advice for improvement, don't take it the wrong way. :)

Review by Derilk

Version reviewed: 0.10 on 01/04/2018

needs work, aloot of work, nevertheless keept going it has potential and it rare as hell to  find games wiht functional tf as a mechanic and not another  get tf you lose

Review by IAmAHuman

Version reviewed: 0.10 on 01/03/2018


This is such a pre-pre-alpha it feels fruitless to critique it at all. There's placeholder art everywhere surrounded by white boxes and sqaure boarders, only one area has any gameplay, and the RPG mechanics are clearly geared at the moment purely to seeing all the content this little thing has. So, I feel the proper thing to do is judge the idea being shown here.

And the idea is of your standard RPG Maker Game with some equipment management on the side with erotic TF TG content when you die.

I guess it's an alright idea. The TF TG as of right now isn't all that exciting honestly and done with little fanfare, but I am assuming that is also an area that will be improved over time, so let's go with the notion that it'll be great TF TG stuff. Again, I gues it's an alright idea. I've always wondered about XXX games (or even X games) that gate off their sexy content behind death, I mean, that sounds counter-intiuitive, right? Play the game well and avoid the sex? But as someone on the forums said, the TF TG is "functional." And it is a formula that people like and gravitate to.

So, once again, it's an alright idea.

I guess.

Keep going, 2dgriffin.

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