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Portals of Phereon
by Syvaron

Monstergirl Breeding/Management Game with rpg elements

Breed baseSpecies of monstergirls into hybrids with unique looks/skills etc. Traits and stat potentials also breedable

Town Npcs have unique traits and can be used for breeding with enough relation

The maincharacter has the ability to absorb/learn genetic information through dna and can transform/upgrade based on those (maincharacter can also be used for breeding)

Current baseSpecies(Beastgirl,Harpy,Centaur,Mermaid,Lavagirl,Succubus,Plantgirl,Lizard,InsectGirl,Shadow,Tentacles and a light creature)

All possible combinations also available


Explore randomly generated worlds and recruit new characters, find items etc.

Changelogs and newest versions always on patreon.



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Review by sgb69

Version reviewed: on 08/14/2019

One of the few games on the site I come back to for the gameplay, though the fantasy artwork is amazing as well.  There's a lot of different things to see and do, and none of it feels like pointless busywork/clicking like a lot of other games resort to.  The combat system has gone through a lot of changes recently, and while some people don't like some of it, I do feel like it's headed in the right direction.  It was simply too easy to become overpowered before, and now with the XP changes it's a LOT less of a hassle to level up weaker characters.  The AI is also becoming steadily more competent and using the full range of their special skills.  The only area it's really lacking in the main story and events, but each update has been gradually addressing the latter.

It's also of the few Patreon games that doesn't charge people for the latest version or lock features.  Really deserves a lot more recognition than it gets here.

Edit for 9.8.1:

The new skill system is great.  It really felt like there was a lack of progression for Evo in particular before, as once you hit level cap your power remained stagnant for a long time until you unlocked the special forms.  Chimera form was also useless before.  Now all classes get steady gains like Druid, and Evo Chimera form eventually becomes superior to regular forms as it should be.  I do think the points required for everything needs to be looked at though.  If you don't take Biologist it's very unlikely you will see the special forms unless you're playing a very long or sandbox mode game.


Review by Red-XIII

Version reviewed: on 02/24/2019

It's sad to see this game in it's current state.

From most of the changes since about I'm getting an impression that the game is trying to self-destruct.


It DID get slightly better combat-wise, as AI stopped being so inept and actually started using skills.

And also the balance of enemy difficulty got somewhat better.

But a LOT of what made this game fun was lost in the process and nothing came to replace it.


For example the old AP system got scrapped, basically AP and AP regen are not stats anymore. Maybe it made things easier for AI to deal with, but it's a step down from what we had nonetheless.


And what the hell could have possessed the author to decrease exhaustion restoration for MC when it was already disappointingly small?


But the worst part IMHO is what happened to Evo's gameplay.


Evo's gameplay used to revolve around turning it into a juggernaut.

Sure it was kinda OP, and yeah, it turned out that way fast if you knew what you were doing...

But it was still better than what it is today.


Fist we lost most of the flat stat increases, and while that did help a lot with “evo is op” issue it bared another problem – a lot of forms are just no good. Back when evo was op you could afford to screw around with them. So what if they were weaker? You were just strong in general.

And now that you aren't, it's painfully obvious which forms are up to par and which are NOT. Most are NOT.


But then came the main hit. Nowadays you don't level any forms for Evo.

Sure it was a bit over-the-top originally. But now it's a boredom-fest.

You get to lvl 25 (your maximum with a starting trait that raises your maximum) in about 2 in-game days if you know what you're doing. And what do you do with MC from that point on? Yep, nothing. You just drag it around and let it carry “the hatchings” that you'll need for various purposes.


Theoretically we can now unlock body parts and build a chimera form. Practically it's too darn weak compared to special forms. And even if it wasn't... MC that stopped leveling from day 2 in a game that's supposed to last 30-150 days is a sad sight.


In short Evo went down from the centerpiece of his own gameplay to a support character.

It's a convenient breeding aid (especially with the new copy/paste traits feature), and a strong support character for leveling other characters, but that's it. When you feel more “invested” into a weak-ass side-kick sapling that you got through unlock then you are in MC it says a LOT about how wrong the things with Evo MC are.

Review by Hito125

Version reviewed: on 10/28/2018

This is one of the few games on this site I'll play for the gameplay, not just the story. I wouldn't mind seeing more story, but this is still well worth playing. And I'm impressed how much art in is this. 

Review by Khorothis

Version reviewed: on 10/20/2018

If you want to soldier through a game to learn how it works and optimalise your play, I'm fairly certain you'll like it because the game has a clearly thought out system.

If you want a story, some charm, and/or reasonably accessible smut, this isn't likely to work out for you. I'm in that camp.

Seriously, if this game's concept and artwork was remade in Harem's or Strive For Power's gameplay style, I'd play the everloving shit out of it because I love the creativity in the monstergirls, the concept of copying their genetic makeup and incorporating them into your own to improve and to alter your body, so much that I'd even ignore the part that I'm not into impregnation and breeding with named NPCs (yes I'm weird like that).


Review by Aarott

Version reviewed: on 09/24/2018

Game is very good.


I like my adult games, but I am forced to admit that 90% of them are not great as games. At best, they tend to be money making simulators, and they usually don’t have the best writing or plot, either.


Well, this game doesn’t have the best plot, at least not yet, but it does have engaging gameplay. I was extremely surprised when I saw that the battle system was a hex based one, and I have now spent many hours in game.


The game is customise-able as well, with settings like starting money or subjects of game requests. That said, I had to make three attempts at making a PC I liked.


The AI is a bit limited at the moment, and is mostly limited to moving, attacking and seducing- enemies don’t actually use their skills currently. Story content is likewise limited. However, there is a lot f potential here. I will be following this game.

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