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Version: 0.0.2

Bunker 69

We are a group dedicated to the adult games develpment. We are working on different styles (pixel art, european, graphic novel, japan, ...).

Bunker 69: A post-apocalyptic pixelart game of survival RPG. Build your own story in the open world of The Wasteland. Download in Patreon


For the translation I depend on a philologist and I can not put the translation as fast as I would like, I am sorry for the text in Spanish.

I have reviewed the game in more than 5 computers, I do not have the problems that you tell me, tell me, if it is not annoying, where you have the failures, thanks.

Currently in the game:

3 Scenes in different branches.
HB Dom.
HB Sum.

3 Collection maps.

Updates (Bunker 69):

Bug fixes.
Improvements in English translation.
Adaptation of the text to the resolution.
Added character to cheat the game in the Breccia.

Launch of the Alpha.

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Review by Derilk

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 02/21/2018

may have potential but fisrt, fix the  continous avalanche of errors

Review by boza

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 02/16/2018

Where to start now...So game still have bug with the water.the circumstances are the same as with the infinite loop bug,just this time game do not recognize that i have water in the inventory and also girl in the bunker says "you did not bring any water" or something like that, but i am and in the inventory bottles are full.

Water or not game can still be played but i am not sure what else you can do in the game.

After Nora tells you to sell fences in the city and go to that mountatin for the feathers there is no much after that or i am missing something? Or maybe there is again some game breaking bug that prevent events to go any further.

In that city you cannot buy anything except junk and small feathers,there is no any tools and cannot further explore bunker,you need axe to cut some boards on the way but where to find axe or exploring bunker any further is not aviable at the momen,maybe in the next update?

I forgot to mention,i used cheats in the city to raise Nora Dom and the next morming Nora says that she wants a new bed or mattres and that i have to buy it,but all text was on Spanish,i was forced to use google translate to see what is that about and trust me that was not cool at all. Now after that event it was aviable to buy new mattres in the city and after upgrading her bed there is a handjob scene from Nora as thanks for the new mattres (and again all text was on Spanish,had to use translator AGAIN )

She also mentioned something to find someone who can cook food,i think that can happen if her Dom is high enough but have no ide where to find that someone.

So is there anything else to do in the game?In the wasteland there are many places to visit but the are all inaccessible,maybe you want to add what events are current in the game and how to acces them if coding something as quest log is to complicated at the moment.

So agin,games gives to many headaches in the curent state,i do hope that you will fix this,game to have potential.

And english is not my language so sorry for mistakes to all who read it.

Review by Daishi

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 02/16/2018

Releases a broken, barely functional tech demo that seems to have seen absolutey no bug testing.


Calls it a game.


Begs for money on Patrion.


Pretty par for the course, I guess.


Remember back when porn games were cheerful labors of love and actually got finished from time to time?




So do I.

Review by manarak

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 02/12/2018

played the beginning.

gathered beds, went to shelter, gathered food and water in the cave, then stuck on the second night giving water rations to the shelter in an infinite loop.

didn't have the time to get a feeling for the game

Review by Craven

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 02/11/2018

Sorry to say i change to English and the menu and half of the text in the Tutorial are in Spanish and I couldn´t end the tutorial because i didn´t knew what to do. So make sure that the Language change is working as intended will check it again.

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