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Spring 2008
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Hit or Miss

Hit or Miss is an ADRIFT game by Decker that contains strong adult language, themes, and situations.

Eric Angeli was about to snitch on the wrong man. You're being paid very well to make sure he never makes it to trial.


You are a hit man in the employ of Mario Falchion.

Eric Angeli

Your target, a thug, a small time smuggler and pimp turned stool pigeon.

Mario Falchion

A crime boss paying you to clean up some dirty business.

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Review by stickandjab

Version reviewed: 0.12 on 06/02/2014

Good writing but tricky to figure out the right commands sometimes. Hope there's more soon...

I found the pink path a bit jarring since a lot of love went into it, and then it just ends on that last note, lol.

EDIT: the command you want is ENTER VENT.

Review by Haunt

Version reviewed: 0.12 on 12/05/2013

Ignore the review by the idiot mgchrome45 who claims the game requires a password, and ignore the fact that the same idiot apparrently reported the link as dead. The link is fine, the game file is there and downloadable. The game does have a password lock on it for editting, but not for playing.

This game is currently fully playable as long as you are not an idiot. Even if you 'are' an idiot the game is still playable as long as you follow the steps as follows...

You need to open the adventure game using the Runner not the default developer's program. Basically it is like the difference between using a html editor or a web browser that reads html. The game file has a editor password but not a reader password.

Sadly the aforementioned idiot that gave a 1 star review and gave a false dead link report is too idiotic to know that. And sadly the system as it stands is not able to simply ignore idiotic false reports / reviews.

Ok rant about idiots aside, the game itself is pretty straight forward. You're a male hitman targetting a male that is in witness protection. Only it turns out that the feds are taking protection and new identities very seriously. Soon you find yourself in a situation you never would have expected.

I have play tested the game fairly thoroughly. As a result, I can tell you that the game can be completed without even once having to have the hitman use her female body to have sex if you want, but you also can go out of your way to put the hitman into situations that are explicit and still complete the game.

If you do decide to go for the explicit, then you will also probably want to turn on the graphics panel of the adrift engine. The reason for this is the game maker has supplied images of women nude, in sexy clothing, and having various stages of intercourse. Those images will appear in that graphics panel, but only if you have that turned on - it was off by default I believe.

As far as the gameplay goes it is fairly straightforward. The only issue you will run into is that in a few places you may find yourself without knowing what to do - several times I got stuck and almost gave up before stumbling across it. As such I am going to post a few spoilers. Don't read if you want to do it all on your own.


First tricky spot: You need to attack, move body, get key, unlock door, open door, east. - If you delay or do something out of order you will be killed and forced to restart or reload your save.

Second tricky spot: You need to go inside capsule. - If you delay or do other things such as messing with the boxes then you will be killed and forced to restart or reload your save.

Third tricky spot: You need to get crumpled note, read crumpled note.

Fourth tricky spot: You need to open purse, get picks from purse, pick door with picks, pick door with picks.

Fifth tricky spot: You need to open grate, look inside grate, look inside purse, look inside purse. - Seriously this is probably a bug. If you try to enter / go inside the grate it will tell you that you can't do that. But when you look inside the purse it does it.

Sixth tricky spot: In order to 'kill' Eric(a) you need to use poison. Here's how to do it: look coffee, get poison, get coffee, put poison in coffee. - PS: If you want to do the sex scenes with Eric or Erica you need to do them before poisoning.

Extra tricky spot: If you decide to go the sex route with Agent Bartoni after the game says quote " if you were feeling naughty..." use the command position in order to find out what 'naughty' things you can do. Use that command or status or command when in doubt.


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