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Version: 1.0

Please Don't Touch Me

Guy falls for Girl, Girl is Succubus and Curses Guy, Guy turns into Perfect Lover if he gets Touched, Shenangians and Sex Ensue.


Guy likes Girl, Girl is Succubus, Guy gets Cursed.

Pretty simple, if anyone touches him, he gets turned into their perfect lover.

So I somehow uploaded a file I had thought I'd deleted, sorry about that, so now it should be the real and true full game, sorry for the mix up, also, and no offense to those who posted reviews stating on the wrong file, but well as it's no longer (or should no longer be the wrong file, please disregard those reviews)

.this was previously called Contest Edition, it is no longer that version an is now the full/final version)

BTW to those saying, "why didn't you read my review a coupla weeks ago and fix this sooner!!!", well, the short and simple answer is, I have a life, it got busy, also in the few free times I had Iwas working on my next project, 'Catgirls in Heat', so yeah, hopefully that has a smoother launch than this one...

Game is in Final Version and while it's been spell checked it wasn't edited, so some passages may still be a little rough...

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Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 03/11/2018

I have trouble calling it a game.  two choices, one leading to an incomplete path, and the first choice leads directly to one ending.  the second set of choices had a dead path and an ending.  since this is the  'coplete' vertion, it just doesnt feel gamelike.

Review by karma

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 03/11/2018

Confused. Previous version had these 2 endings and is labeled to have photos in the media category. No photos and no noticible difference from previous version. Labeled as final edition but feels very incomplete. It's a nice concept and the parts written is well done though. Shame it won't be developed further.

Review by dhccpmc

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 03/10/2018

There's 2 endings and one "to be continued". The writing seems good, though. There are also no pictures as it's indicated on the DB page

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 02/22/2018

Short, but good!  Complete as far as it goes, and fun to read!  Fave is still the first ending with the first girl tho... They were all good, and different.  No cookie cutter duplicate endings!  =^_^=

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