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Version: 0.3.980085

by TangoTF

Transfigure: verb - transform into something more beautiful or elevated.

Transfigure: is an adult interactive fiction (text based) game currently written in Twine/Sugarcube (plays in modern browsers) focusing on the male to female transformation of its main character, Taylor Roux. The story caters to a variety of subjects and tastes. The entire game is fairly large and has many planned and partially written endings, with routes ranging from romantic and frisky, to downright hedonistic debauchery and submission. Transfigure has about fifty envisioned endings but finishing the current core story is priority. Some content and themes include FF, MF, involuntary M2F transformation, voluntary decisions, blackmail, corruption, best friends, maid and nurse fetish, impersonation, impregnation, a variety of standard erotic fair (hj, bj, sex etc) etc Plus a whole bunch more planned down the line as I complete the early portions of the story and add them to the game.

The main plot focuses on Taylor's quest to find out what the heck happened to him while finding a way to return to his original body. How seriously he takes the mission is up to you. There is a lot going on in the background and so it will probably take multiple play throughs to unravel the main story and meet all of the characters. Each of the in game romances are unique and have wildly different themes and relationship dynamics and motivators and they each will have several different ends. The various story lines involve everything from strange experiments and mad science gone awry to interplay between the various distinct characters all the way to elaborate global conspiracies and powerful competing national and corporate interests along with other topics that never make their way into a normal porn game. (This is not a normal porn game.) There is heart touching romance all the way to rape. There are spy missions and will be assassinations and explosions. Some people will die and unusual circumstances will be experienced... all while Taylor is trapped in an unfamiliar body that seems to inexplicably fan arousal in those around him. This is a story about choices and their consequences, transformation, and transfiguration. Will Taylor make it out alive and with his mind intact?


Anyway, this is my first attempt at all this stuff, so there will be bugs and such.  Please bear with me and thanks for checking out this project! After the overwhelming positive response from people, I have decided my next goal is to get an ambitious 1000 likes. So please drop one if you like the concept and want to encourage production of more Transfigure tales.


Some upfront warnings: This is an adult game. There is humiliation and drug use in some routes. Taylor Roux also has a notorious potty mouth, so if that bothers you, steer clear.


Transfigure (public) now has approximately 374,000 words (of which 82% are rumored to be "fuck"). The various stories combined together are about 1100+ pages long or roughly the length of an absurdly large novel.


Alt Funding page: https://subscribestar.adult/tango


Transfigure .87...80085 14,600 words


Yellow potion Taylor endures captivity while attempting to escape the BT sex bunker. The trio of friends take things a bit too far in the pursuit of an urban legend...  Taylor attempts to escape Trans Corp while Lucas Ferret tries to force her into submission. Craig enjoys his victory.


-continued yellow potion sex bunker adventure (YPSBA)


-continued “defeated by Craig” (Honor your agreement with Craig)


-continued slavery vs will (Lucas)


-minor edits and pic fixes


-added some more jump points


-continued two friends route with Mongoose Adventure (Thanks Mitsuha for sponsoring!)


-added two “bad” ends

(full dl)




Q: How do I use the upgrade pack? Since Transfigure has grown in size, the new updates often come in an upgrade pack to reduce bandwidth use (if desired). Download the upgrade and the previous stand alone (which you should already have).  You need both the new and last public version.  Start with stand alone and then add the new images and html from the upgrade pack over top and launch the fresh html or you can just unzip directly into the same folder and then launch the new html too. Alternatively, you can be patient and wait for me to upload another current stand alone with my slow ass internet.


***The small download is an upgrade pack (or a typo fix) for Transfigure (put it in the previous version folder and launch new html) You need both the upgrade pack and the previous edition to get everything to work, otherwise download the stand alone.  Note, there is no upgrade pack for some versions.


Screenshots of Transfigure: www.imgur.com/a/Bn8qk3d



Thanks again for all the likes, comments, messages, reviews, and patreon support - all of this feedback has and will continue to improve Transfigure. If you are interested in the project, feel free to contribute. Even a simple vote, a like, an idea, or comment goes a long way. Thank you for the interest and please enjoy the latest update! And stay tuned for the next episode - more startling revelations and mad science resulting in sexy antics? Oh my goodness!

The main plot focuses on Taylor's quest to find out what the heck happened to him while finding a way to return to his original body. How seriously he takes the mission is up to you. There is a lot going on in the background and so it will probably take multiple play throughs to unravel the main story and meet all of the characters. Each of the in game romances are unique and have wildly different themes and relationship dynamics and motivators and they each will have several different ends. The various story lines involve everything from strange experiments and mad science gone awry to interplay between the various distinct characters all the way to elaborate global conspiracies and powerful competing national and corporate interests along with other topics that never make their way into a normal porn game. (This is not a normal porn game.) There is heart touching romance all the way to rape. There are spy missions and will be assassinations and explosions. Some people will die and unusual circumstances will be experienced... all while Taylor is trapped in an unfamiliar body that seems to inexplicably fan arousal in those around him. This is a story about choices and their consequences, transformation, and transfiguration. Will Taylor make it out alive and with his mind intact?


You are Taylor Roux (pronounced \"R-oo\"), an average introverted and slightly nerdy university student.  Taylor is short, slight of build, and unremarkable in most respects except for his well known potty mouth.  The kind of guy that gets lost in a crowd and is forgotten not long after introductions.

Evan has been one of your friends for as long as you can remember. He is tall and skinny, with a mop of dark hair that he usually keeps short.  He is also more than a bit of a perv.   While not much of an athlete, he usually spends his time watching and playing sports as well as sport themed videogames.

Drew is an overweight nerd who spends most of his time indoors, at his computer.  He usually wears glasses and unfashionable clothes and has curly brown hair that has never seen a comb. He is quite intelligent and a good guy though, albeit more than a bit eccentric. You have been friends for ages and get along well for the most part, except when Drew gets in one of his “weird” moods.

Julie - is your older sister, she is kind of haughty despite being a huge slut.  She is very attractive with big brown eyes and long, straight chestnut hair.  She has an ample chest and curvy ass, as you are frequently reminded by your friends.  She is a lot like you complection and feature wise, just female.

Ryan - is your sister’s current long term boyfriend, a businessman from the city.  Tall, dark and handsome with an intense gaze and a ready smile.

Mitch - is a bully from school that you have scuffled with previously.  A gym rat who deals drugs and goes out of his way to pick on anyone he feels is weak.

Mr. Deter - is a creepy teacher from school that teaches psychology and also works in the university’s bio research labs.  He has expertise in multiple disciplines and isn’t afraid to brag about it.  He has a huge belly and a thick, stalinesque handlebar moustache.

Sam - is short for Samantha.  She is bright eyed and perky, a very beautiful redhead woman.  She seems intelligent and a lot more reserved than most of your friends.  You have had a crush on her for a few years but never had the courage to act.  She is good friends with Rhea and Jimmy.

Rhea, pronounced “Ray”, is a beautiful buxom blonde who loves male attention.  She is really outgoing and sexually aggressive.  You get the impression more than a few dicks have penetrated her over the years.  Her constant sexual jokes and conversation topics usually make you very uncomfortable.

Jimmy - is a tall lanky guy with a scraggly beard and a penchant for heavy drinking and sniffing out fun parties.

Damien - An old acquaintance that always made you a bit uneasy.  He is funny and well liked but turns into a huge asshole with no self control with even a sip of alcohol.  You recall your sister and several of her friends complaining about him and the sexual advances he often made during any number of his near constant benders.  Despite this, he is undeniably a brilliant young scientist...perhaps precisely the person to help you research your predicament.

Tim - Evan's charming and very well hung roomie.  

Dr. Fantasia Bloom -the strong-willed and very curvy Dr. Fantasia Bloom is a female foil to Mr. Deter's insanity.  Dr. Bloom is a woman who exudes an air of authority.  She is a woman of means, intelligence, and power.  She is the daughter of a shipping magnate.  Dr. Bloom was afforded every advantage and, unlike most in her position, she squandered very little if any of her potential and used her advantages to accelerate her growth and sharpen an already sharp razor-wit into a force to be reckoned with.  According to her wiki entry, Dr. Bloom now heads one of the leading nanotechnology development firms, amongst a giant consortium of other interests that spans the globe.  But Fantasia's firm has a troubling reputation.  There are also rumours of strange experiments.  Observers note that Dr. Bloom’s most outspoken colleagues often have a habit of disappearing shortly after crossing the Doctor.  Fantasia is busty, mature, and utterly fearless while being absolutely peerless in her numerous fields of expertise.

Louise - is a dominant lesbian woman who is fond of punk rock and rebellious philosophies.  Louise is very sexually aggressive and masculine while Rhea is definitely more on the feminine side of this spectrum. Louise hates authority figures and is eager to rebel against the status quo. Louise probably would have been happy to have been born a man, but her lack of a dick has never stopped her from getting her share of pussy.  Louise takes what she wants and she doesn't take shit from anyone, especially a man.  Louise is also fiercely protective of those she cares about.

Sophie Bell - A beautiful, empathetic young woman with a kind heart who has been broken by life's circumstances.  Sophie is a pretty blonde, a slender wisp of a woman.  Sophie has been traumatized by several recent events in her life.  Maybe if Taylor exercises some patience and kindness, perhaps one day Sophie's brilliant smile will return to shine again.

Sandra Bell -Sophie's mother and a good friend of the Roux family.  She is a mature, busty woman who firmly fits into the MILF category.  Sandra never minces words and always says what is on her mind.

Craig Bell - The Bell's adopted son, born with severe mental and physical handicaps.  Craig is usually fairly placid but it is clear Craig's mind works in a different manner than most.  Taylor has a weird feeling about this guy...

Lucas Ferret - is an executive of a company with a very suspicious name.  Ferret (pronounced “Fair-Eh”) is Mr. Deter's former partner.  Lucas is a man defined by his ambition and lustful greed.  Lucas is an older "gentleman" who is always well dressed.  He is known to be ruthless and cunning in the business world and is probably someone who should not be taken lightly.

Margaret Roux - Your adoring and overly sensitive mother.  Being around her is suffocating but you love your mother dearly.  You just don't want to live with or near her.  Marg recently went through a mid-life crisis as you went off to univeristy across the country.  She has embraced her newfound passion of real estate and now spends her time trying to sell homes to rich people.  In this manner, your mother went from one extreme of the spectrum to the other, from a house wife to a budding business woman.  She now works an absurd amount and has become uncharacteristically distant as of late.

Teddy Roux - Your father. Mr. Roux works as a minor executive in a large research company. You think your dad did a pretty good job raising you and your sister.  He was usually honest and blunt and was a good listener whenever you needed to vent or a shoulder to lean your head on.  His advice has also saved you and gotten you into trouble more times than you can count. Your dad has been a bit moody and quiet the past few years and you have been worried about him.  You suspect he and your mom might be having some troubles, possibly due to your father's traveling schedule and frequent absences.  You aren't worried about them getting divorced though because you know that Teddy can be quite charismatic when he wants to be and you are certain he can re-charm your mom once she finishes building her real estate empire.


More characters added, check the game and character menu.

There is a walkthrough up to .75 at Patreon. Right now content is focused around Mitch, Ryan, Drew, and Evan with minor content for Julie, Rhea etc.  Evan and Drew are easy, just hang around them and make naughty choices.  In order to go down the most complete route with by far the most content, you must piss Mitch off and create a situation to get blackmailed by him (go home early for a chance meeting). Deter is found by searching the school alone.  Ryan's route is started by finding a way to get him alone and away from your sister. Julie is discovered by creating a misunderstanding. Sam and Rhea are attained by resisting hetero m/f advances from your friends.

Current rough (incomplete) overview:

The first day has multiple cosmetic paths that mainly exist for introductory purposes.

At the end of the first day Taylor becomes ill.  If you go to the campus medical center, you will start Damien's route.  Themes: not completely consensual, aphrodisiac, lust, manipulation.  Further (planned) themes: Age reduction, corruption etc.

The main path follows Taylor home.  If you go to the hospital after the transformation that leads to Asylum end #1.  Themes: Psychology, mind control, hospital, unethical, bad end, bad luck.

If you continue on, the first huge split occurs at "Think things over."  If you head home early, you get a chance meeting with Mitch.  If you make a deal > Mitch Romance route (not much content, just a single "date") and if you are rude to him, you get an offer for a party night, which leads to Taylor getting blackmailed if he gets shitfaced.  This starts the main Mitch (blackmail, hedonism, corruption, drug use, non-con) path.  If you chose to not get drunk or be nice, the story returns to the "main" branch.

This is also where the split to Julie's route occurs - something that confuses many since it is "hidden."  By going home earlier Taylor alters the timeline and meets July under a slightly different frame of mind.  If you correct Julie > Main route, if you don't know, this is where the sister "misunderstanding" and offshoots appear.  Themes like: unaware, lesbian, incest, etc.

The main path continues and after school you get another large diverging branch.  Evan = Evan, Drew = Drew, Both friends = both.  And they go down their paths until out of content.  The 4th option is more complicated.  It leads to a campus search/ home option and a currently empty path.  If you stay on Campus, this leads to Deter's route/ Lucas Ferret corp spy and offshoots.  (Mind control, non con, espionage...) Going home leads to Ryan (physical attraction, love, youthful lens, taboo, cheating etc).

If you go home alone after the concert without Drew that leads to a rape/pregnancy end.

Another thing that is often asked is how do you get to Rhea/Sam.  You must go down Evan's path and then early on dispute his reasoning, this leads to a new party scenario where you can romance Rhea (and Sam eventually, but it is bare bones atm)

Beyond this, there are a few offshoots and choices, some cosmetic, some not.

The last thing that is confusing in my mind is how people discover the spy missions.  This is found on Drew's route by Taylor making compromises that pushes him towards femininity, leading to an amazing discovery... and the potential to impress a mysterious spy agency.  There will lots of paths eventually and it will generally be critical if Taylor has/has not learned about his powers and how to control them.  Whether you use a disguise or not determines if the Agency notices your talents.

Tim is accessed via Mitch's route (basement)

Craig is found by respecting Drew's privacy.


Since this is a spoiler zone already I will list the endings below for those interested:

Some current and envisioned Endings:

End 1 Happiness (Evan)

End 2 Married Life (Drew)

End 3 New conventions (both friends)

End 4 Born this way. (Ryan route)

End 5 Teacher’s Pet. (Mr. Deter trains you to be a submissive slut and mistress)

End 6 Hedonist (Mitch/bully/blackmail/drugs)

End 7 Unconventional (Julie) A lesbian incest route.  You become your sister’s toy.

End 8 Transfigure (return to your old body with a new appreciation/perspective, become a fearless ladies’ man and kick a lot of ass!)

End 9 Death/dead ends.  

End 10 Science! (alt 5 + mix) Piece together clues and research, discover the truth behind the Transfigure program and why you were selected.  Then, with all facts at your disposal, you decide your fate.

End 11 Science (Failed/Damien)  Your efforts to change back fail, instead forcing you to live a new life with an old friend.

End 12 Dominant =alt 6-  Taylor snaps completely and becomes a Fem Dom, spending her days punishing inferior, pathetic males.

End 13/14 Samantha - end your life with your old love interest as a male or female (lesbian end)

End 15 Bully love - a turbulent, love/hate relationship develops.   Taylor see’s Mitch’s good side and learns some surprising information.  She gets stuck in a shitty, semi- abusive relationship but finds her new life still has its pleasures.

End 16: The Nuthouse (alt hospital route directly after transformation)

End 17 Stockholm Syndrome (abduction/rape bad end)  To obtain walk home alone after going to the concert with Drew.


Primary spy missions are on Drew's route.



I have merged all my expansion story lines into Transfigure so it will have at least 50 full length endings... eventually.


Transfigure .87...80085 14,600 words

Yellow potion Taylor endures captivity while attempting to escape the BT sex bunker. The trio of friends take things a bit too far in the pursuit of an urban legend...  Taylor attempts to escape Trans Corp while Lucas Ferret tries to force her into submission. Craig enjoys his victory.

-continued yellow potion sex bunker adventure (YPSBA)

-continued “defeated by Craig” (Honor your agreement with Craig)

-continued slavery vs will (Lucas)

-minor edits and pic fixes

-added some more jump points

-continued two friends route with Mongoose Adventure (Thanks Mitsuha for sponsoring!)

-added two “bad” ends


Transfigure .86...80085 10,400 words

Taylor finds an uncomfortable clue regarding Sophie at the Bell residence. Taylor hangs out with Rhea and checks out a possible lead which requires her to pursue “employment” with Rhea. Yellow potion Taylor endures captivity while attempting to escape the BT sex bunker.

 -changed Rhea’s picture/model to Lily Ivy

 -extended Rhea’s route with new content.

 -added a character portrait for male Taylor pre first transformation

 -fixed several distorted pictures in the early game and added a code to center videos (ongoing process)

 -edited and updated Damien route, including the new centered pic style. Several minor rewrites. -Polish edits Evan/Sam/Rhea route and some minor early game content and rewrites ~500 words.

 -added more Xs to mark decision trees under construction 

 -removed logos for immersion, resized and reduced the the file size of a shitload of pictures. (Thanks Nicke for taking all the time to photoshop everything!!!)

 -added some new media sprinkled around + More coming! (Thanks Ivan and Nicke!)

 -continued Craig line “chase after Craig” during the shower scene (Relax in living room variation)

 -continued yellow potion sex bunker adventure (YPSBA)



Transfigure .8580085 13,400 words

Yellow potion Taylor explores the outside world alone… Lucas Ferret binds Taylor’s will to a business card. Taylor accepts a contract from the Agency and heads to Korea… but not before acquiring some dance moves. Taylor spends time with her friends, while Robbie and Evan compete for her affections.


-continued group activities  (Thanks Mitsuha for sponsoring!)

-began “Card Worshiper” story arc. (Offer Lucas a drink)

-added a threesome with Jacob and Lucas  (Thanks Mitsuha for sponsoring!)

-added new alt branch on Damien’s path ““Damien, I have had enough of your bullshit for today. I am going out for a walk.””

-Began Dancer Mystery - BJ Cho story arc (choose her mission from the Envoy)

-added new transformations (BJ Cho, Bimbo Taylor)

-added more media to early game and changed some early media to Little Caprice from random models. (Thanks Nicke for the help!) More media updates coming soon. Thanks to everyone who sent me stuff this month!

-added code to make the pictures have a more consistent size and appearance and perform better when adjusting the window for smaller sizes. (Thanks Valid Florian!)

-increased the number of save slots by 10x! (from 15 to 150) because Transfigure is just too damn big. Now you can save all your favorite passages and scenes!

-some polish, typo fixes, rephrasing, formatting, centering etc

-known bugs: some distorted pictures and odd resolutions. The new Jacob and Lucas scene is also missing a picture (fixed in next update) + some typos (fixed in next update)


Transfigure .8480085 - Anniversary Edition


Evan and Taylor experiment with anal sex. Taylor has a very strange encounter in a mad world… Taylor hangs out with her friends and learns a lesson about democracy. Taylor tests out her powers on Lucas Ferret and brings treasure back to Professor Deter.


Transfigure .8480085 - Anniversary Edition - 15400 words


-continued Deter route “Let him come to you.”


-continued the two friends path, “Democracy.” (Thanks to Mitsuha for sponsoring this route!)


-added Evan anal scenes on main romantic path


-added basement encounter, Bloomverse (explore the house)


-Added several characters to the character menu plus some pictures (Mr. Bell, G, Stephan, Sophie, Sandra etc)


-added more save slots because Transfigure is fuckin’ huge and the default isn’t enough (Thanks ValidFlorian and Kazeto!)


-added a settings toggle to adjust text size and display. (Thanks ValidFlorian and Kazeto!)


-added the the profiles for most characters and some character links using a popup menu, links still need to be added. (Thanks ValidFlorian and Kazeto!)


-centered many images, added several misc images and media


-many typo fixes and minor rewrites. + added a stupid joke to the pre transformation game night with Drew


-reduced file size, some video optimizations (created a light version for gamcore, -135 megabytes in size)


-added an alternative funding page ( https://www.subscribestar.com/tango )


-audited word count, game was larger than the tally I have been keeping. True Transfigure size is: 335,131 words and 1934 passages… As my critics say, “Dat iz alots of wordes!” 


-known bug missing berber pic, but fuck him



Transfigure .8280085  ~18000 words - Transfigure exceeds 300,000 words!


Taylor tries to get his friends to work together. Taylor and Damien experiment with potions. Taylor explores Dr. Bloom’s mansion with huge consequences. A defeated “Tammy” indulges Craig and takes a ride with the young man’s adopted father.


-added more Craig content and changed the initial events to unfold over an extra day to slow the pace of erotic escalation (3 new early passages).


-extended Craig's route, defeat aftermath (partially cut due to time constraints) + a scene with Mr Bell


 -added new character interactions Marg Roux, Stephan


 -added some crazy exploration at Bloom's mansion that leads to weird occurrences + some early edits and pic additions on that route.


 -extended the two friends "Teamwork" route with one of three adventures. (Thanks to Mitsuha for sponsoring!)


 -added more Yellow potion antics (Damien)


 -edited and formatted early two friends route content


 -lots of typo and misc fixes


 -added dedication/info page


 -extended patron quickjump with more jump points (more coming)


Transfigure .80.80085

9500+ words + 10500 word preview of a Transfigure Alternative (Island Adventure) by Lucia87

Taylor gets interrogated by the police.  Drew and Taylor become intimate.  Taylor uses his powers for the sake of Christmas. Mitch tightens his control over Taylor and sends her to work for a mysterious gentleman. (Transfigure Alternative by Lucia87/ Tango!)

-added two new transformations (Emily Grey /Riley Reid)

-continued the Drew route / police encounter (Come up with a more believable story)

-added an early xmas transformative moment with Drew

-started Transfigure Alternative Mitch path by Lucia87 (intro and edits by Tango)

-Continued "Group activities" on Evan route post strip poker on "...I will use my mouth." (Thanks to Mitsuha for sponsoring!)

-fixed the ui bar blank spaces where the character portrait resides.

-added a readme file with Android instructions


Transfigure .791 +8700 words

Taylor plays soccer and then joins some friends for an after-party and "group activities".  Taylor goes on a date with a mysterious woman who radiates attitude.

   -removed several redundant passages and words. 

 -fixed all references to Taylor being Julie's sister on the Ryan route before the reveal as well as many typos and grammar errors. (Thanks Poopoopuh!!!) + many other misc edits.

 -fixed several media links to display properly on Linux /case sensitive systems.  (Thanks Taladar!)

 -added several pictures (makeup/strip poker)

 -Players can now meet Louise and go on a first date. (Mitch route)

 -Continued "Group activities" on Evan route post strip poker (Special thanks to Mitsuha for sponsoring this scene!!!)


Transfigure .783885 5800 words


Taylor mulls over the possibility of becoming Evan's girlfriend.  Taylor gets roped into more trouble babysitting Craig.

 -added a transformative clue on Evan route / road trip.

 -added more content to Evan's romantic route.

 -continued Craig route and added 2nd game night.  Includes shower trick start, magic trick, "Where's Weirdo?" and aftermath start.

 -added a quickjump menu for patrons (concept out for public on this version)

 -resized several pictures, minor edits.


Transfigure .7780085 - 12k + words


The Ryan, Julie, and Taylor trio indulge themselves. Foxy Taylor and Evan go to a Halloween party.  Taylor indulges Drew while a mysterious force begins to pursue them.  Meanwhile, Taylor gets into serious trouble with the law.  Natalie Roux indulges in a lewd photo shoot. 


-continued TMTM/Drew path with a titjob scene and "picture to remember" plus an interrogation strategy

-continued Evan's romantic route up to Halloween party, including Foxy Taylor! / Pirate Pillage

-added the first sharing is caring threesome scene with Ryan & Julie.

-added the start of the Natalie Prynn photo shoot impersonation

-broke up several walls of text, added a video to first anal scene with Mitch, many minor edits and fixes on Evan/Mitch/Drew paths.

-added several minor passages/text fixes


Transfigure .7580085 21K+ words

Taylor seeks out a meditation master to improve his control over his transformative powers.  Taylor must impersonate a famous actress and a singer in two alternate spy missions.  Yellow potion Taylor role plays with Damien.  Evan and Taylor make another lewd pit stop.  Taylor makes a high stakes bet on a video game’s outcome.  

-slowed version advancement to represent 10k words per .01 version advancement so that most core content will be finished around 1.00.

-changed all media links to function properly if a user renames the "Transfigure by Tango" folder.

-fixed 2 broken videos on Mitch route (1 Evan, 1 Mitch) 

-added a new character, Tay QS to the spy missions (dancer) /character/appearance menu + started her modchipped spy route.

-started the Zen master route (Drew path, Search the internet for ways to improve your mental stamina)

-added Master Peeshi + desc to the character menu.

-continued Damien's little girl potion route

-continued the celeb bodydouble/guard mission for Natalie Prynn (modchipped)

-agents 12 & 29 added to character menu

-added appearance descriptions for new transformations

-extended babysitting with Craig including the game battle tournament and possible defeat aftermath.

-added the pitstop with Evan #2


Transfigure .7380085 15k words

 -extended Drew's route with a potential first date and aftermath. (The first date is at the old hospital) + Tailor Made Taylor Maid returns!

 -added more end of content notices to inform readers that content ending means the end of content.

 -added the start of a new route where Taylor stays male at the beginning of the story.  New game -> hang around school, continue studying, > cut through the park

6780085 10k words
-Evan has been given the surname Moore.
-Alex Jones renamed to "Alexander Jones"
-References to Taylor's starting age have been slightly increased.
-added pics for Craig and Damien
-added more pics to appearance menu and updated some text for different transformations.
-added Damien's laboratory and first experiment, plus some erotic content. (Contains age regression and a new transformation for Taylor)
-added more minor content to Craig's route
-added Evan and Taylor Drunk night, alt Mitch route
-added a transformation change for the ugly blonde spy incident

Transfigure .63 ...80085 added 14k words
-added more text to the start and end of the assassin modchip scene, choice of two targets added.
-added fishing adventure on Evan's route at the cabin with several branches including a canoe trip and a horrific nightmare scene that is bound to give you at least one of your own O.O
-added a new scene at the end of Mitch's route and connected the main route to the middle hub. I also added a scene with Julie that doesn't make complete sense yet because I am still missing earlier meeting/ "padding" scenes, ie where Taylor and Julie first meet on this route.
-extended Craig's route with some minor additions. Chat about games and Sophie.
-continued Drew's romantic route (turn Bloom down), added Drew's confession and Taylor's tormented weekend.
-added a new masturbation scene to "two friends" path
-added "Suspicious Julie" scene/ Ryan route plus a new Ryan scene and the possibility to come clean with Julie about Taylor's relationship with Ryan. Splits the path to "sharing is caring" and the main Ryan route.



~13,500 words

-added strip poker on Evan's route with multiple paths, strip etc

-added scenes to Bell route / alt route off Drew, intro Sandra and Craig (Respect Drew's Privacy)

-added cotton candy pic on Bell route and a pic for Bloom on char menu, plus others.

-added the Envoy/Gil and some minor chars and celebrities to the character list

-added the celeb bodyguard modchip scene (some text is reused but modified with flavor text and custom details for each choice)

-added the assassin modchip scene

-added infiltrator modchip scene

-added the dancer modchip scene

-added "the direct approach" Deter/ Lucas route, Deter pregnancy chat

-added Mitch duo bully scene with Gil (Mitch route)

-added the gyno exam, Drew/Bloom route.


.5280085 10k+ words

 -added study night with Drew

-added the meeting with Dr. Bloom (post mid).

-changed the first Mitch gif to better match the passage.

-cropped several pictures to cut out blank spaces and resized several awkward displays.

-lots of minor edits, grammar etc  fixes along with several typos that somehow still existed in the early game.

-added shopping with Julie mid scene with minor flavor text if you arrive by Drew's route.  Clothing choices saved and will influence later scenes.

-new updating appearance tab and cute ui pic - this bare bones atm but will be fleshed out with a lot more details and provide better descriptions for Taylor's many upcoming transformations and outfits.

-several new variables regarding your decisions are now tracked but most of this framework is not visible/ won't be apparent until later updates. (you need to start a new game for variable changes to take effect)

-added a variable check to determine if a player learned about Mitch's money stash, so now a couple flavor sentences will be hidden unless you actually witness the drop. Eventually hope to add a whole bunch of stuff like this. 

-changed future alt route pathway from "Ask Sam" to "Ask your friends"

-added Evan ice cream and travel bj scene post cabin.

-added more scenes to Taylor and Julie's "misunderstanding" route and offshoots.



The “accidentally missing in game” Changelog for .47:

 10k words

 -reformatted more early passages to "novel style"

 -several hundred minor edits, grammar fixes, proofreading and deletions of redundant words and awkward phrases scattered across several routes, mainly Deter/Mitch/Ryan.

 -finished Taylor's virginity loss scene with Ryan

 -added more passages to Deter's route, including a class scene, the "homosexual conspiracy," the protest march, and Taylor scoping out T Corp Exec L. Ferret.

 -added the drunk night with Tim.  Found on an alt path, Mitch blackmail route.





10k words, additions to Drew's route / "Spy" setup, Transfigure Conspiracy / minor Ryan content



 12k words

 -added Julie nail painting scene to middle node content.

-added another sex scene with Mitch before mid node

-added a short scene/pic for Taylor to test out larger boobs after the...boob epiphany. Next up the fanny epi-phany?

-added extension scene with Evan/background accessed by "kick yourself out of your funk."  (after 1st anal scene Mitch route) This sets up for Tim's side route and an optional Evan scene out in the next update probably.  Many "padding" scenes in development to bring the cast together and patch holes in the story caused by rushing connections to Mitch sex content in earlier releases.

 -added Julie eat out and post encounter

 -added scenic drive scene with Ryan

 -added Ryan and Taylor's "Exploration Day" with a cute ATV and romance scene.

 -added a lab entry scene with Ryan and Taylor

 -added Ryan and Taylor's "cleanup" bath scene

 -added quite a few more scenes on Damien's route up to the escape and first bj/ "green potion" sex scene. (Taylor can lose virginity to Damien)

 -added connection scene between a player refusing to suck Mitch's dick and beating him up and the player returning to the main path thread.

 -added a character menu to ui

 -added a Change Log accessible from within game

 -fixed a bunch of typos and small errors for readability


.3580085 notes: 18k words

-broke up and edited several passages

-added another night of anal with Mitch

-added "Drive by Piercer" Julie scene (end of mid node)

-added most of the final, steamy night at the cabin with Evan

-merged Evan's repeat confession with above scene.

-added "Haggard Drew"

-added "The G-Man Pursuit"

-added hospital scenes and Taylor's introspective moment

-added "Deter's Cattle"//undercover mission set up

-added the start of "Real Roux", the generic heterosexual path that will tie many of the loose ends into a single route. Includes a masturbation scene. Take "call it a night" Evan route to see it. Eventually most of the "opt out" choices from your two friends will lead here.

-added "bad" end 17, found by walking home alone after the concert.

-started the "Best Friends Route" leads to a urination/bathroom scene.

-filled in the option to politely refuse Mitch's advances and let him down gently. One dangling thread tied!

-added the start of Craig/ Sophie Bell's route, begun by an unexpected email exchange. (respecting Drew's privacy)

-fixed a couple eye colour contradictions caused by me adding character pictures that were different than their initial descriptions. (Thanks Frits)

-Also testing a new "novel" formatting style for the the intro content. Let me know what you think. Still trying to find an easy way to bypass twine deleting indents.

-added Taylor's mirror epiphany, a very important scene with huge story implications and options for body modifications. Some readers may begin to piece together parts of what has happened to Taylor. I really like this part because it opens up so much story potential in my opinion. Stay tuned- shit is going to get crazy.




15k words added
added an early "date" scene with Rhea which "may" lead to an erotic massage.
added a bit more content to Julie's "Misunderstanding" route
added Taylor's re-try of cocaine and the night of debauchery with Mitch.
added "Ultimate blackmail threat" scene with Mitch
added connecting scenes for Drew/Taylor's concert adventure.
added "Concert with Drew" and a second scene if Taylor decides to push things.
added "A Date with Mitch" intro scene /alt route start.
added Evan shower scene at cabin.
added romantic mountain scenes, a terrifying hiking adventure, and a setup for a potentially steamy final night at the cabin.
added a new masturbation scene that rekindles an idea in Taylor's mind.
Rewrote and rephrased several early passages that were awkward or that didn't make sense.  Also includes dozens of typo, grammar, punctuation, and word optimization improvements.
added some more pictures to earlier scenes.



added Ryan and Taylor forbidden massage scene.

added F/F scenes with Rhea.  I have decided to give Rhea her own route as well, (because she is funny and sexy).

added intro romance scenes with Samantha

 added "Spin the bottle" scene (girl alt version)

 added "Strip poker" (girl alt version) 1st half

 added more extension scenes to Mitch's route - Taylor heads down a dark path that becomes increasingly difficult to escape.

 added Deter scenes, some lewd depending on Taylor's earlier choices.

 added new scenes hinting at the Transfigure conspiracy and a scene where Deter's analyses reveals a potentially more complete understanding of the nature of Taylor's transformation.

 added Drew "Bully" scenes and extension content, setting up for an upcoming concert scene.

 added campus medi-centre route start, introducing a new character that may help Taylor escape from the clutches that have ensnared him/her.

 added more scenes to Evan's route pre- cabin, a travel scene, and the 1st day of the glorious weekend at the cabin.

 added mind control and anal aftermath scenes.

 added bad end 16, found by taking a new 1 way branch after the transformation

 added several new pictures to earlier content, further misc typo/bug fixes.



 -added World war 10 scene with Drew plus other intro content

-added Drew's fetish discovery

 -added "Tailor Made Taylor Maid" scene with Drew

-added Mitch anal scene, Poor Taylor :( 

-added Deter's route start...includes a few lewd scenes and spoiler...impromptu brain surgery O.O  along with some possible insight into Deter's madness and the Transfigure conspiracy

 -added Evan cabin retreat intro scene of what will be a very hot weekend in the woods...

 -added Ryan route passive content.  Our handsome friend may just provide some insights into a mysterious company with an overly suspicious name

 -added Transfigure middle node scene

-added many branch and alt route threads to set up for the "Grand Destiny" I have envisioned
-added many pictures both sexy and for characters and background, including a sweet custom flying eraser graphic that I might have trademarked.
-many passages broken into smaller, easier to digest bits in affort to break down the "Great Wall of Text"- This took quite a while bit I think presents a lot better.

-Typos, grammar, and other misc fixes, also did a polish and bugfix pass fixing many formatting and display issues along with re-writing and updating a few passages in the early game.  The game should be overall much more readable... and hopefully more enjoyable.


Full change log available in game.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Melongirl3

Version reviewed: 0.8.480085 on 03/09/2019

Absolutely amazing game! I would recommend it to anyone, the writing is awesome and the updates are frequent :)


I would like to see an option to deactivate photos, but deleting the image folder did it also for me.

Eagerly waiting for more Damien content :P

Review by sadarsa

Version reviewed: 0.8.080085 on 01/15/2019

Im currently addicted to this game, for the moment; it has become my favorite. I find myself checking every few days for the next release, and often disapointed, but sometimes happily surprised. While this game is far from perfect, is more than a little incomplete, and sometime does things that make zero sense, it's still a very good 'chose your own adventure' story. 

Review by Excanda

Version reviewed: 0.7.838 on 11/30/2018

It's a good game and mostly well written. Some places you forgot a word or a letter, but over all good game.


Couldn't find Louise though. Maybe she is further along Mitch path as I stopped at Tim.


Would love some more lesbian and incest. It's sad that the Drew path is only oral and no sex. I mean with the amount of teasing that path has why no sex?


Good Game keep it up.

Review by compass87

Version reviewed: 0.7.838 on 11/25/2018

I was just curious, how do you get to the Craig storyline?

Review by Renadon

Version reviewed: 0.7.780085 on 11/14/2018

A really nice game with many and quite different stroy routes.

I really enjoy playing this game since the possible route are so different. Each follows it's own kink and I'm looking forward to the next updates. Be aware that there are some nice hidden scenes which you might only find by making the "right" choices :)

The Text is really well written and does't repeat itself.

Personally I'm looking forward to more updates for the Damien and Mitch story line. I really love the existing possebilities and would like to see more. Maybe the alternative routes with Mitch (wichich doesn't exist util now) would produce a new favorite story line.

Thank you TangoTF for this nice game and please keep writing such nice stories :)

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