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Version: 0.09

Version: 0.08

Version: 0.07

Version: 0.05

Version: 0.04

Version: 0.02


This is in alpha development and is my first adventure into writing a game/CYOA.

"Redesigned" is built in Twine 2 sugarcube. The project is currently sitting at 27k+ words, 150 pages, 230 links.

You play the role of a 24 year-old interior designer who gets in over her head while surveying/exploring an abandoned factory. Deep within the factory is a rogue AI with a bizarre agenda. The story takes place in the (relatively) near future of 2040.

Themes/fetishes that are already or will be included: AI control, rubber, latex, sex machines, insertions, gags, force-feeding, anal, enemas, (light) mind-control, i.e. aphrodisiac and gas,  milking, pet play, humiliation, training/conditioning, (light) bodymod, related to repeated training for various tasks, f/f, slavery/becoming a "drone." (or not! It's a CYOA after all.)

Themes that will not be included: Futa, furry, snuff, gore, loli, scat (Addressed but not graphic, The computer just has total bodily control of the player at points.)

I've written a fairly long introduction with a handful of available arcs. The first few pages are a little rushed and lacking exposition, but... the bulk of the intro is worth exploring.

Scenes get rough around the edges as the player is lowered into the facility. There are a LOT of dev notes and ramblings, but the facility is now laid-out with room descriptions upon first exploration (the AI leads the player on a first-time tour but it's a little wonky,) and upon visiting a room a second time, the persistent options are visible, if they exist. There are sex machines, a few ways to train skills, a tiredness system, a way to piss off the AI and get put in a bitchsuit and treated like a cow... Now including a fancy minimap!

The game has a stat-tracking backbone. Important stats are those such as "obedience" which is basically the AI's approval of you on a scale from 0-10. Other stats track which orifices are filled, the computer's general impression of your personality i.e. "slutty" or whether it's convinced you are literally a slave. These attributes will have to be managed, with the player having to "play along" to appear obedient or risk losing access to certain locations or actions within the facility. Or perhaps the player has to misbehave to achieve the same.Despite the backbone of these stats exsting, they're not tied together yet in a well-managed system, but it's a top priority. 

10/30/2019 - Latest update to 0.09

Discussion thread is now up! Offline download now up!

I can explain a little better here what's not yet coming through in the game, plot-wise.


Under an abandoned factory, there it's an AI in a secret facility that has never accomplished its last programmed tasks. Due to forward-thinking laws that prohibited AIs from having control of complicated robotics, in order to complete that task, the AI must have some help. So, to circumvent its programming restrictions, it is forced to "convince" human beings to help it. 


Thus, with its limited abilities to interact with the outside world, it lures the player to its location, and presses them into service, trying to convert them into a drone of sorts for its master plan. The player than has to choose whether they fight against the AI's will, or submit to its weird forms of persuasion and become a cog in the machine.


at least in theory. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

There really are a surprising number of scenarios to the intro, revolving around interacting with the pedestal. 

Here are some routes:

After getting through the wall, select "That. was. AWESOME!" and be enthusiastic all the way through. The AI will love you. You will be tagged as being "slutty" by the computer, and given a much greater degree of choice initially, since the computer considers you a prime candidate to convert to its cause.

You be submissive and just kinda coast through without complaining, and the computer will like you.

You can be combative and make demands, which... most likely results in the computer gagging you and taking control without much explanation or consideration. 

After getting on the pedestal without too much complaining, and confirming that you ARE a guest, you can ask it questions. If you ask "Is that the best you've got" it opens up a few scenes that should probably be accessible via another dialog choice.

If you avoid sitting on the pedestal for as long as possible and keep messing with the screen, you can zero out your obedience. This as yet has no effect, but certainly will, later. 

Similarly, if you tell the computer that you are not a guest, it will assume that you're a slave of some sort, and rename you. I dislike how suddenly I impliment this, but it's going to stick around as a feature, but one that requires a little more... deliberate stupidity to activate. This will also tag you as a "slave" which will result in much fewer choices and more direct orders in the facility. Also, a different wardrobe. There will be ways to work out of this status.



Although it's not a very fleshed-out story arc, the most complicated bit of "quest" logic is now in place. 


If you train your tech skill in the computer room, you can gain enough proficiency in electronics to piss off the AI by trying to access the mainframe room. In contrast, with no tech skill, it isn't angered when you tug on the door. But when you try to hack the keypad or guess the code... well... when detected, you're punished by being put in a bitchsuit so you can't use your hands. (a restrictive full-body suit that binds arms and legs so that you can only crawl around on all fours.) 

In this crawling form, there's now an option to enter the "milking stalls" in the Vats room. And if you try the milking stalls, you're designated as "livestock" by the AI, which in turn opens up new feeding/cleaning options back in the personel hub area, which is a more dehumanizing procedure, and also modifies your diet, which opens slightly extentended scenes back in the milking stalls.  



Introducing globial variable tracking. Certain stats, notably tiredness now can trip events regardless of location. If you pass out from tiredness you're hauled off for hypnotic reconditioning.

New complicated scene in the feeding/cleaning rooms regarding the "Control pack" piece of clothing, which you can demo wearing.

ARIA is now aware of your clothing status, and will occassionally comment on it. Currently a low chance of happening if wearing a Bitchsuit, and it depends on if you're a "cow" as well.

Various cleanups and tweaks.



Massive changes for a gear-handling/descibing/restricting system. Test it out in the Materials lab, and the clothing button in the sidebar.

Coding almost done, placeholder system for equipping/unequipping through checkboxes. Code ready to be copied into passages.

Some typo, spelling, and bug-fixes.



Holy shit that was a lot of copy-pasting to nest every single existing link to date in a button code block. 

Lots of polish. a few areas now have a finished-level of coding (finished in depth/complexity, but still needs more exposition and/or similar scenes.) Food scenes now further polished--can't eat if not hungry. Not all food types reduce hunger the same amount. Hunger and tiredness stats now game-wide, and adjusted a bit. Training rooms now modify stats in some cases.

Oh--a helpful reader pointed out an unintended loop a player could enter in the intro arcs while questioning/taunting AIDA. I patched it. The loop still appears to exist, but now it results in AIDA punishing the player on the second round.



I'll be honest, not a big update. I brushed off a lot of dust. fixed up a few broken scenes, deleted some annoying dev notes, wrote a longer description for the food/cleaning room in livestock mode, and created a temporary link to browse the various good/bad end scenarios planned. (just very short descriptions.) Trying to tame the project and bring it back in to a workable state that is easier to track/improve.


Major changes to the food system. Whole new scene there, and parameters to determine which food scenarios the player qualifies for, as well as more implimentation of the "reaction" system.

Major new addition to the code -- I'm slowly replacing the normal navigation links with navigation buttons. Not trivial semantics, because buttons allow checkboxes for the player to log their reactions, AND it allows nested IF statements. For example, I can use an IF statement to hide the travel button if parameters are not met, AND I can use more If statements within the button code to make player stat changes.  This allows me to finally start leveraging the stats and playing with how they affect scenes.

This update is now worthy of its number.



Pretty big update!! There are actually things to DO in the facility now, and the stat-tracking backbone of the game is getting robust. Tiredness is now tracked although it has no true consequences yet, it does limit some activities. Days are tracked upon exiting the sleep pod and has an effect on stat decay/resets. feelings about erotic scenes are tracked.

There are a few new erotic scenes within the facility now.  There are machines in the recreation room. There is a computer you can train tech skill at in the computer lab. You can use that tech skill to access the mainframe room. You can FAIL to access the mainframe and expereince a punishment. That punishment unlocks two other scenes, one in the latex vats/milking stall, and another one in the feeding/cleaning room, that unlocks slightly different descriptions in the milking stall. There is another detailed punishment scene that can be accessed (temporarily) from the training room in the west wing. There's a new NPC for that scene that I will be implementing more of. 



I've begun some test renderings and put in place a system to display images.



I've finalized the layout of the facility, and set it up in a way that allows for easy "quest" expansion, and have also standardized the format (and started writing) for a first-time player tour of the facility. Self-guided, but AI narrated as the player is still gagged. Most of the rooms now have an AI explanation, but it needs to be a little more flavorful, and allow for player non-verbal reactions. Regardless. I accomplished a milestone and it deserves a little update. 

Once again, pretty substantial behind the scenes work. All rooms in the facility now have the same framework.  Oh--the game now tracks the players location at all times. 


I looked up how revisions work, once. I've forgotten everything. In my mind, small updates get a .01, and REALLY BIG updates get a .1. 

So here's a little update. I've made considerable behind-the-scenes changes to many of the facilty rooms in order to provide first-time visit exposition. I've also cleaned up a few broken items, some messed up text, and added a MAP. If you click on the obnoxiously-large map icon in sidebar, it pulls up an image of the facilty. 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 0.09 on 10/31/2019

To be totally honest, I am shocked... totally shocked by how this game has gone!  Okay, at first glance, there doesn't SEEM to be much here YET, but I tried this game back during the first time it came on this site (ish), and HUGE DIFFERENCE!  It is starting to come together, and you can tell a LOT of work has gone into it.  Yes, it has a long long way to go, but the PROGRESS!  Comparatively, it's night and day!  You actually have an interactable complex, an energy/food system, and ideas planned/written down!  Awesome job, and please keep up the good work! 


Admittedly, this is no RPGMaker game, which is my admitted fave, but it has some neat ideas which might not do too terribly well in RPGMaker... but then again... =^_^=

Review by Arael

Version reviewed: 0.05 on 09/23/2018

This is in very early alpha, so what's there is basically a skeleton, but it's a sexy sexy skeleton. Girl's got pelvic bone for days.

Review by anonmr

Version reviewed: 0.05 on 04/26/2018

extremely short and linear at the moment.


the actually written part is great though.


@author: please add the version somewhere on the first page. Its pretty hard to figure out if the [Play] button points to the current version right now.

Review by sugoichek

Version reviewed: 0.03 on 03/13/2018

Very good start, I hope that author will continue to work under this game. I do want to see new update already. :)

Review by BlueHarfang

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 03/04/2018

Nice start, I hope to see more in the future!

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