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The Breath of Resurrection
by Kiryn


This is the beginning of a story I have wanted to work on for an extremely long period of time.
I had to hold myself back, as I was too preoccupied with studies and my part-time employment. However, the drive of my creativity knows no bounds.
The storyline is heavily influenced by games, anime and folklore that I am particularly passionate about. As well as being slowly corrupted into an ever-expanding multiple choice/ending story driven heavily by two separate fetishes.
Domination and Submission.
Whether you have played CYOA! as a child or just recently got into text-based player driven games, I want to try to make this experience one of the best out there.
This will not be an easy task, I know. But I will put every and all my effort into achieving this goal.
This is still my first day having ever used the Twine engine, however, I have a lot of experience in Game Development using engines such as Unity (3D) and UE4.
Twine is a much more bare bones approach to this project which I had initially imagined developing in UE4, however, with the feedback from multiple friends I decided on HTML as the language for development.
This will allow an almost universal support for TBOR as well as focusing much more on storyline and player choices, which otherwise would be largely overshadowed by creating 2D CGI.
I will try my hardest to submit weekly content updates (major increases to the size and clarity of the storyline as well as small graphics for characters and the main sexual scenes).
This will be a long journey, and progress may be slow due to my full-time studies and employment taking priority. But I none the less invite you to come along for the ride.


You awaken from a dream, or a nightmare. But you don\'t remember the events of your minds adventure.

Continue the life of a reincarnated Viking Lord as you conquer dragons in modern day Japan.

「Janicka」- Your loyal housecarl who has served you for 6 years now. She has shoulder-length blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Her fit figure is lightly toned with athletic muscles.
「Drakô」- Extremely powerful dragons capable of using advanced magic’s and morphing abilities. Only the Queen rivals these beasts in terms of power and cunning.
「Aika」- One of the Universities nurses. She is in her mid 20s and an excellent swimmer, often teaching swimming classes when not at work at the University. She has long black hair, tied back with a white bow and dark amber eyes.
「Genzo」- Your Geology tutor at University. He is a little rough around the edges and is a little impatient, but does an amazing job teaching his subject.
「Myra」- An extremely attractive student, with dark cyan hair and glowing orange eyes. She has an overpowering aura, one can simply describe as \'death\'.


  • v0.04 : First sex scene added! CGI is still WIP. Over 50k characters in the bulk of the story, which comprises over 90 pages!


  • v0.03b : Major lossless compression of audio (total file size 129mb>24mb) as well as improvements to timing. Additional content also added to the storyline.


  • v0.03a : Huge UI overhaul, with close to no additional story-line content. However, text has been modified to add clarity to whom is currently talking as well as the addition of music and a minor change to the sidebar.


  • v0.02 : Minor update with a slightly expanded story-line as well as vital grammatical and thematic changes to formatting.


  • v0.01 : Initial release of an extremely early test version.

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Review by Kiryn

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 on 03/24/2018

Hi pingguo,

Sorry for the late reply. I flag all links which are currently only available to patrons for testing in the note next to their download link.
If you are a patron, it should bring you to its direct download page.

Have a nice day,


Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.0.3b on 03/23/2018

Unable to download 0.0.3b

Review on version 0.0.2 

A fitting versioning. There was not much to see, adding up to a 5 minute read, at most. There were 28 well formated, and short, pages until you reached the end of current development (EoCD) of the longest path. There were a dozen choices in between, mostly leading you immediately to an EoCD, except one, so most of the branchs were empty placeholders.

The good news is that the writings and formatting is averagely good. The bad news is that the pace was a bit slow so far.

The author targeted a weekly update. I'd say wait until 0.0.3 before you start downloading. That should have some content to have a better view on what this is about. Until then.

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