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Version: 0.9.4

Version: 0.9.3

Version: 0.9.2

Version: 0.9.1

Stepmother Re-Program


A Stepmother Re-Program is a text game (very linear) including feminization and sissification processes. See \"Plot\" for more information.

Story begins a little rough. Now, you are 19 years old, and from when you remember, you are living with your Stepmother. Your childhood was tough, since your father decided to leave both of you.


Your stepmom is a hot MILF, on which you had a crush from few years. She always wears beautiful clothes, the nicest lace lingerie and awesome heels. Also, she is owner of a little Beauty Saloon in the town center, where she spends most of her time.

You love video games, and you are addicted to porn and... masturbation.

v 0.9.4

Added new storyline

More words

More videos and images

New clothes





A lot of new content!

New images

New intro

More videos!

More sissification!

More story!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Immoral

Version reviewed: 0.9.4 on 10/06/2019

0.9.4: Wish there were more updates, been waiting too long for this :D

Thanks for keeping the game alive


Not sure why so many people are complaining, if you don't like the game, don't play it. It's a fun forced feminization linear story game, you don't really have much of a choice in anything, but there's plenty of media content to engage the user in various sissy fetishes. I'd like to thank the author for the continued support shown for this game despite all the negative reviews.

Review by barbar

Version reviewed: 0.9.3 on 05/09/2019

If there ever was a straight to fap game, this is it. Choice of multimedia content is pretty decent and story progresses fast to the endpoint.

Is this as deep as say eWardrobe? Nope. But you need a quickie? Dive right in. 

Review by RM750

Version reviewed: 0.9.3 on 04/26/2019

To update an old review:

This game is kind of awful. The story is ridiculous and the characters don't make any sense. It's very short and ends abruptly after being thoroughly unentertaining. It doesn't help that it clearly written by someone who has no understanding of anything trans related, which is especially bad considering how it's used as a plot point. I don't come to TFGS expecting perfect writing nor do I expect perfectly trans understanding material, but this is just egregious. If the story didn't hinge on a carcicature of trans people, I won't complain, but it does, so I will. Even if that doesn't bother you, which it should if you are a decent person, the story is clearly written by an author who is detached from reality. I can't even suspend disbelief for this, and it's neither fun nor engaging. There are no choices or interactions. The story is mostly told through poorly chosen imagery and bad dialogue. Don't waste your time.

Review by Exotica

Version reviewed: 0.9.3 on 04/26/2019

played a earlier version of this and i rather liked it.


However i click on the google download link and get a message that states the file have been veiwed to may times please try again. Wait 24 hours blah blah, if after 24 hours you are still unable to blah blah please retry to uupload process

Review by Kasaix

Version reviewed: 0.9.2 on 03/28/2019

As people said, it's linear, but if you go into it expecting a story and not a game, it's enjoyable.

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