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Version: 0.9.9

Version: 0.9.8

Version: 0.9.7

Version: 0.9.6

Stepmother Re-Program


A Stepmother Re-Program is a text game (very linear) including feminization and sissification processes. See \"Plot\" for more information.

Story begins a little rough. Now, you are 19 years old, and from when you remember, you are living with your Stepmother. Your childhood was tough, since your father decided to leave both of you.


Your stepmom is a hot MILF, on which you had a crush from few years. She always wears beautiful clothes, the nicest lace lingerie and awesome heels. Also, she is owner of a little Beauty Saloon in the town center, where she spends most of her time.

You love video games, and you are addicted to porn and... masturbation.

v 0.9.9 (By K17)

- Finished the main story (2 possible ending).
- Added 140 meg of videos.
- Added a new character with own avatar and color font.
- Added own avatar and color font for Karen.
- Added some possible interaction with stepmom after being tattooed.
- Fixed more typos, spelling/grammar errors.
- Fixed some clothes pictures bug (missing link, wrong one).

v 0.9.8 (By K17)

- Fixed more typos, spelling/grammar errors.
- Added an entire new alternate story in main story
(as maid, you need to refuse to have sex with client, then leave Kendra).
- Added 100 meg of pictures and videos.
- Fixed an upside down picture.
- Remove music in one video (to loud and not needed).

v 0.9.7 (By K17)

- Added version number on title screen.
- Fixed all broken images.
- Fixed many typos, spelling/grammar errors.
- Reduce all time poses (10 sec maximum).
- Added a warning at the beginning of the game about audio in videos.

v 0.9.6

- Massive content update! I was working on update since December 2019. My life changed a bit (new storyline partially describes my life) so I couldn't spent so much time on writing.
- Over 500 new lines!
- New storyline!
- More hypno, clothes, cum eating encouragement, new characters (both female and male)!
- Improvements in looping, replaying storylines.

v 0.9.5

- New content in Lisa's path.

v 0.9.4

- Added new storyline
- More words
- More videos and images
- New clothes


- A lot of new content!
- New images
- New intro
- More videos!
- More sissification!
- More story!


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Copernicus

Version reviewed: 0.9.8 on 09/05/2021

This is less a game than a rather narrow CYA.  It has three main coherent paths, but those read very much like, "and then this happened, and then this happened, and then this happened, and then this happened...."  The MC has very little will or agency, and I prefer the games where that becomes eroded over time.  Not my cup of tea.  5/10

Review by Lets

Version reviewed: 0.9.7 on 08/24/2021

The description is misleading as in an attempt to hide that it BBC with everything else as a second thought.

Review by Kolka

Version reviewed: 0.9.7 on 08/22/2021


Can't really see much of a difference between the builds, the "engrish" has been improved somewhat, but there are still a plethora of issues... Again, this is more of a sissy/bbc fetish fap fest, but if you're serious about making this into an actual story with an ending, then a complete rewrite of the paragraphs would be best. Still, I'm glad that this has received an update, I was saddened to see the game die like this, best wishes and I hope to see more updates soon!



With so much content, I'd definitely recommend this for those into sissy/bbc fetishes.

I like this game for the forced/coerced feminization content, the images/videos + the text really immerse you into the narrative

Review by GodzillaVsKong

Version reviewed: 0.9.7 on 08/13/2021

The new update doesnt match my computer but thta's just my problem

Review by K17

Version reviewed: 0.9.6 on 08/12/2021

*** UPDATE 0.97 ***


Hi all, I'm not the orinal author of this game, but seeing that it seem there won't be any update anytime soon,

and liking this game, I decided to take the initiative to continue on the work.

I finally finished fixing all the issues I saw in the base game, here is the update;

Here are the change log;

v 0.9.7 (By K17, August 2021)

- Added version number on title screen.
- Fixed all broken images.
- Fixed many typos, spelling/grammar errors.
- Reduce all time poses (10 sec maximum).
- Added a warning at the beginning of the game about audio in videos.

This is bases on all the feedback I have read, so most of them are taking care of.
The spelling is what took the most time to fixed, and I'm sure that I have forgotten some (LMK, thanks).

The next thing I would like to do is complete the 3 stories,
but I would appreciate help with the writing.
If you are interested, please post on the discussion thread, or contact me.
The dialog would need to be short, so to respect the original style of the game,
also I would like the story to be concluded rapidly (so please don't stretch it out).

And if I have time, I might also add more options.
Please I would like to get some feedback, at least to know if there is interest on seeing the completion of this game.
Thank you.


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