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Version: 2018.06.5b

Threshold of Annihilation
by kirath

Two hundred years after Earth's first confirmed contact with sentient alien life, humanity has colonized dozens of star systems.  You take the role of a former star corvette captain now severely down on his luck after the end of the recent war between Earth and some of its earliest colonies.  Make decisions, and see how they affect you, as well as the fate of three sentient species.

Version 2018.06.5b is now public.  This is the beginning of the economy, and is a work in progress.  Things such as there not being a place to sell robotics are known, and will be addressed as the economy continues to be fleshed out.

See the Changelog tab above for what's been updated in the newest version.  If you find any problems, bugs, or whatnot please use the forum thread to report them or leave constructive feedback that you want me to see.  I am subbed to it and get notifications and check them as soon as I am able.  I can't say the same for reviews.


~ added simple trading system. All values are very much subject to change! Leave constructive feedback in the forum thread! A game economy, no matter how simple, is a complex thing, and this is my first time attempting it. So it's been kept very simple in its first iteration.
~ new location "Greenhaven" an agricultural world. Currently can only visit its orbital station. Can be traveled to from the right location right away for now, but in a future version you will have to unlock it by finding the right person (probably on Altia).
~ new location "Mitra Station". You need to unlock this location before you can go there.
~ added an alternate and less traumatic route to complete Griv's first job
~ added a ship event that you may or may not see depending on your actions
~ added one new "scene" available at SBX-512. As usual you have choices, and it can be missed depending on your other choices beforehand.

~ content/word count increased by 17% since last version for a total of about 65% more since initial release on April 1
~ first job to start stocking Griv's shop is now available (there's no way to subdue the first target yet; you have to just fight it head on for now)
~ added a travel passage between using the ship's nav system and docking to allow for random events and interaction with companions. (no events added as yet to save people time from looking)
~ combat updated to allow for companion actions
~ test battle has been removed from Altia


~ content/word count increased by 12% since last version
~ New voluntary TFs: Breast enlargement and height gain
~ added clothes storage to ship quarters (no more carrying around your wardrobe)
~ added basic combat system (you can test it by going to the new planet under construction. This monster is just a joke test and not going to be really used. All values (health, damage, etc.) are     subject to change.)
~ added basic item system
~ added enemy item drops -- now there's at least one way to make some money. More coming.
~ shop code majorly cleaned up to make adding new items easier
~ inventory improved and cleaned up


~ content/word count increased by 34%
~ More story plot
~ Two more scenes with Lianna
~ Alternate path finished if you didn't want to go to the party
~ Beginnings of open area play added
~ Inventory/equipment/shop code added


~ Initial public release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by gergory

Version reviewed: 2018.04.3a on 05/31/2018

This game looks really promising. Very reminiscent of Trials in Tainted Space, if you're a fan of that. It's a bit barebones at the moment, but I think it could eventually be something really good.

Review by willnotwork

Version reviewed: 2018.04.3a on 05/28/2018

Echoing what others have said, this is an excellent beginning which heralds great promise. There isn't a lot of breadth, only a few options at each nexus, but the story is well told and competent — there is a sense that as more content is added, each decision will have greater significance.


Play now, enjoy, then watch out for more later.

Review by SilverS

Version reviewed: 2018.04.1 on 04/01/2018

As a first release, this game is incredible. It's remarkably detailed and lush with worldbuilding. There's also several sex scenes available right now for the player to find (the first within like 3 or so pages of the beginning), so people looking just for that should be pretty satisfied. As I noted, the writing is superbly descriptive and engages the reader. While the story is overall linear, there are so many options within scenes that can alter how those turn out that it doesn't feel restrictive and there's plenty of obvious areas to expand upon in future updates. 

I highly recommend this game for everyone to play and I eagerly await future updates from the developer. 

Review by Atinla

Version reviewed: 2018.04.1 on 04/01/2018

This game does not feel like an alpha state. In it's current version, the story consists of a lot of world building, but it's extremely well done. Descriptions of characters (and yourself) are written extremely well, environments are nicely detailed, everyone that I've spoken to so far appears to have their own personality. This game is seriously well written. Better than what's normally here. The writing is consistently good, and for an "alpha" state game, there's a lot here. It's really good, and while there isn't a lot of TF (it's just the one, as mentioned by the programmer/writer), what's in is pretty good. There's less focus on the TF and more on how the character/player handles it afterward, but seriously, this is good. The story is good, the world-building is good, the characters are good. I fully reccommend that people check this out. Even if it doesn't get a single update after this.

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