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Version: 0.0.04

Version: 0.0.03

Into the Mist

Into the Mist is a lovechild of a story that I've been working on since high school. Jasper, the most powerful mage of the century, loses his powers due to a magical sigil in a cave he is sent to by his master.  What follows is his journey back to his master and beyond to find a cure for his "affliction".  H-Content planned for future releases. Game is story-heavy and if you are looking for a quick ero-game this is not the one for you.

Our story takes place nearly 10,000 years after a cataclysmic event brought humanity to the brink of extinction and almost destroyed the planet at the same time, the world we are set in is dotted with remains of pre-fall technologies and magic. We follow the strongest mage of the century, Jasper, as he transforms into a woman, starting over from level 1 in the process.

Jasper/Juniper: Our Main Character, a bit sarcastic and mischevious. Extremely skilled mage.

Jasper/Juniper's Master: As of yet unseen but important to the story.

Arturus: Juniper's first party member, looks like an old man but is only in his 20's.

Sage Hendrick: Extreme nerd that hangs out on the 2nd floor of the Inn.  For now.

Hint: Talk to people more than once.

PS: Follow the dialog hints for the next story event.


1. Starting from the cave, proceed through the area until you reach the inner part where there is a large spider monster.

2. After transforming, leave the cave and proceed to the first town.

3. Once you reach town the first stop should be the inn. Remember to talk with the sprites in armor while there.

4. Visit the item shop for the next story event, it'll give you a hint as to the next location.

5. Leave town using the East exit and proceed onwards until you are stopped by your first party member.

6. Head for the forest and continue onwards through it to get some backstory into the character's.

7. Find your way through the Mythic Forest until you reach the Elven City.

8. Content ends there currently but you can talk with some of the NPC's for some little tidbit's of information as well as spoiler's for the next update.

0.0.02: Game is complete up to the first city, after the first transformation.

0.0.03: Several tweaks to the original file.

            Content now extends to the first party member and then into the beginning of the first dungeon.

            Ends a little bit after the heart-to-heart in the forest.

Planned content for Next Update: First town finished as well as first dungeon.  Minor H-Scene planned but may not be implemented as I'm still researching

how to do it.  Any tips are appreciated.

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Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: 0.0.04 on 04/06/2018

the plot tab should have a brief synopsis, so that a person can tell weather its worth their time to try.

Review by Toraneko

Version reviewed: 0.0.02 on 04/03/2018

Hmm, interesting game so far, if not much content yet. I will say that the text for the opening setting, and when you excape the cave, giving the background of the character and such is somewhat difficult to read with the color and it going over the map as it does. It also scrolls by too fast to be able to read it all, possibly due to the difficulty in actually seeing the words. you might consider adding a temporary background for the story text like that to make it easier for people to read it, and slowing it down just a little. Otherwise, great start and i hope i get to see where this goes.

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