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Version: ver1.01, English v1.0

変身すごろく (Henshin Sugoroku)

***DISCLAIMER: This game is NOT made by me.  I've merely translated it from Japanese to English.  The original creator is "mogmog", whose information can be found in the included ReadMe file.

Please report any bugs or typos in the game, and I'll gladly take a look, but as far as things like content or difficulty, the game is in its final, unchangeable condition (unless the author updates for some reason), and I do not plan to alter the original creator's work.  Thanks for understanding!  (Don't let that stop you from reviewing the work! Just don't expect any future changes :P )


(From mogmog's ReadMe File):

This is a Sugoroku board game where four players scramble for Victory Points while using cards to transform and battle each other.

English Version Changelog
[v1.0]  2018/04/22
    English Version Initial Release!


mogmog's Original Changelog

-Update History
11/12/25 ver1.01
     Fixed partial game data encryption failure.
     Adjusted Opponent Algorithms.

11/12/24 ver1.00
     Initial Release.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by koddle101

Version reviewed: ver1.01, English v1.0 on 06/03/2018

Review by Tgballerina

Version reviewed: ver1.01, English v1.0 on 04/24/2018

Very fun and cute little board game, I enjoyed it a lot and have played quite a few games so far.


Tip that I missed: You can access the menu by right clicking when it is your turn to roll. Took me forever to figure out all the status effects and had to go out searching for a guide or something, then I spotted there was a menu in the game already.

Review by Erik1986

Version reviewed: ver1.01, English v1.0 on 04/22/2018

From wikipedia:

Sugoroku (雙六 or 双六) (literally 'double six') refers to two different forms of a Japanese board game: ban-sugoroku (盤双六, 'board-sugoroku') which is similar to western backgammon, and e-sugoroku (絵双六, 'picture-sugoroku') which is similar to western Snakes and Ladders.

So yes it is like blackgammen, seing as this is based on the board version (ban-sugoroku), aldo played with cards in this game i guess. Could be a bit of both types realy.

Review by Mugen Kagemaru

Version reviewed: ver1.01, English v1.0 on 04/22/2018

Sugoroku... That's Japanese Backgammon, isn't it?

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