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Version: 0.4.1A HTML

Version: Media folder 0.4.1

Version: Media Base Folder

Realms of Lust

 IMPORTANT: Download the Media base folder and then the 0.4 and 0.4.1 and extract them in the same place. Replace the files you are asked to.

This is a game about a man that makes a deal with a lust goddess to chance his boring life and as a consequence the world around him.

The protagonist stays male, everyone else not so much.

WARNING: Download the "pics" folder and then the html file, you will need both on the same place to run the game properly

This is the first game I have ever done, and it is still no ready, there are a lot of improvements to be made, on spelling most of all since english is not my first language. But the story the looks of the game and several other aspects should change (for the better I hope) in the future. 

Note:From this updade on, the media folder (called "pics") will have a base folder, and that is the one I'm uploading for the 0.3 build, so on the next updates you will only need to download the new pictures, not the old ones again.

Small note:If for some reason you want to play the 0.2b version, you can use the 0.3 media folder

Max is a young college student with no luck with the girls, one day a goddess of lust offers him a deal that would change his and the world\'s fate.

Max- Protagonist


Mia- sister


Lisa - Legal guardian


Marcus - Your best friend




Bug fixes


more bug fixes


Add leave buttom on the beach

Seversl bugfixes 

Added a sidebar to the game.
You can now save and load anywhere.(sidebar)
New Phone mechanic (sidebar)
Now you can travel between hub areas via Map.(sidebar)
Changed from the model Tessa Fowler to Marina Visconti as the character Tessa.
New link style, now instead of text they are pictures on most places with a large amount of sublocations (like downtown or college).
New day in the second week, and more of the Main story.
Saves now have indicator as if they are empty slots or not (they also have game day and time of save indicators, but those are not working properly yet.)


-Grammar fixes

-Stretched pic on day 2 fix


-Added rounded corners (as suggested by Laufe) for dialog boxes and images and other borders
-Put images in the center of the screen. They are no longer on the left side.
-Fixed the infite loop for Veronica in the gym.
-Fixed some links that were outside of their borders
-Fixed the missing images in day 2, Sara in the bathroom.


 0.2 - This version has too many changes to put in here, but the most important ones are:
-New UI.
-Added several new characters
-Some changes to the story.
-Added Saturday and Sunday
-You can now explore the city on days 3 to 5 after class.
-A laptop in your room, where you can save the game and pass the time.
-New locations
-Added a dialog box for each character
-several other smaller changes to the game.
-Added a futa and a gilf character(you can disable that)


0.1b Change the MC's text color to be more visible. Colored Nina's speach text. Colored Lisa text on the second day on the living room.



Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by percyjacksonpg

Version reviewed: 0.3b on 11/03/2018

I really like the game but am not able to export the saved file and lost the save after closing the game. Played on Chrome.

And please add some more transsexual content.

Review by WhitestWhiteEver

Version reviewed: 0.3b on 10/24/2018

Great game with good pic choices. Been playing this since launch and the story is great and the content is nice.

Review by Grandsmeister

Version reviewed: 0.3a on 08/22/2018

Cool! Thank you for such an interesting game! I will wait for continuation)

Review by ssshenzy

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 08/15/2018

Love the amount of content that you put into this,  enjoyed the hell out of it! Can't wait to get some more on your next update

0.3 edit: Love the new content, a few bugs though, like sometimes you'd click on an option and it would go with the option under it, like with Bonnie at home, for example. Other than those bugs, the new update was great! Really looking forward to more!

Review by redok

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 08/15/2018

Awesome game and story !

I will defintly have a look on the updates. Keep doing that good work !

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