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Version: 0.9.1

Version: 0.9.0

Friends of Mine
by Sunfall

You have heard from your friend's father that he believes that your friend is on drugs. He has asked you to investigate, but what you find is even more unbelievable!

A Twine-based game that is both open-ended and with a focus on different stories should you choose to pursue them. Help your friend or take advantage of them; help someone become their true self or help them become happy with who they are, or do none of it! You are thrown into a world with lots of different things going on in it and it's up to you what you want to be apart of, even if that means just sticking to yourself. And in the end, you can find your true self as well, dominating the cock-hungry populace or caving to the feminine urges, there's plenty of sexy fun to be had, and there's more being added all the time!


Current Free version is 0.9.1            Current Patreon version is 0.9.6

Patch notes for 0.9.1 (Free):

- Updated Chloe's storyline!
- Added a new interaction with the clubboy to have him put on a show for you with no limit like his other interactions.
- Added 2 new random sex scenes and 1 new random fooling around scene with the clubboy.
- Added the option to join Chloe in the shower when you catch her showering in her apartment.
- Added a chance for your mother to join you in the shower if your relationship is 300 or greater (currently only on masculine route).
- Added a chance for your father to join you in the shower if your relationship is 300 or greater.
- Added feminine scenes when spending time with the women in Zikala's hut for characters with 25% or more femininity.
- Added a new shop to Thretik with 3 new outfits.
- Added 2 new outfits to the pawnshop.
- Added a new, more expensive car to the dealership in Twonton.
- Updated the bar menus to match the shop menu instead of just text options.
- Updated the Characterpedia with Lady Mantis, Zikala, and the Club Boy (after you've met them).
- Fixed the camaro image in the inventory and the cars with effects not working properly.
- Fixed some incomplete passages in Chloe's storyline.
- Fixed some work options not properly checking arousal.
- Fixed the jewelled buttplug not working when walking around Thretik.
- Fixed incorrect clips in one of Liam's scenes.
- Fixed errors when running into Chloe or Felix in Twonton.
- Fixed a few sex scenes not adding to the total sex stat.
- Fixed the manicure buff icon being broken.
- Fixed text issues in Liam's storyline.
- Fixed some missing pawn shop images.
- Removed the old debug option from the computer.

Patch Notes for 0.9.6 (Patreon):

- An apartment can now be purchased in Twonton! For a decent fee, you can snag a place to rest up in the city instead of having to run home to Onegaron!
    - Upgrading the first time allows you to watch TV in your apartment and improves the effects of eating.
    - Upgrading the second time increases the effects of food even further, as well as allows sleeping to bring your energy up to 110.
- Added dildo interactions with Alicia at the park and her apartment if you own the dildo.
- Added a dildo interaction with Mrs. Morin if you are on the masculine path with her and own the dildo.
- Added 2 more scenes to having Felix play with himself in his dorm.
- Added 2 more scenes to both having sex with Gabby and getting fucked by her.
- Added the option to cum in your own mouth when masturbating in your apartment.
- Fixed having Felix play with himself in his dorm to be available with the dildo from the pawn shop as well.
- Fixed a bug that could possibly let you build up infinite Attractiveneess by eating.
- Fixed some capitalization onconsistencies on interactions.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by aloopy

Version reviewed: 0.9.0 on 12/31/2020

This game is made for people who like a sandbox style game where you can go in all kinds of directions.

Like most sandbox games it's full of empty routines that you have to click through day after day to achieve the simplistic task of living.

There are also some plotlines you can get involved in, and they take you in a specific direction. They're easy to find, and you're basically given the core plotline right from the start. If you follow it, which is easy, it will lead to some crucial choices that direct the rest of the game (as it exists now).

This owes an obvious debt to Girl Life, and has some passing similarity to Young Maria Wardrobe Freedom, but you start as a male, a bit older and a bit sketchier. I'm nervous comparing it to Accidental Woman, as that game is so deeply broken right now it's impossible to judge how it will turn out, but even with AW so busted, it still feels like it has a lot more going on than this (unfortunately still unplayable). You can actually play FoM, so there's that!

I found it was rather empty. There isn't a lot to do most of the time, other than the rituals required to live and raise money. You need to raise money to succeed in some quests, so it can be grindy and repetitive. The casual sex feels very random. Some mechanics obviously are completely random. Pretty much everything you want to progress is gated on money, or just waiting for the appointed time.

It's not really my kind of game. Sandboxes where you have to grind up your relationship levels with everyone while counting your razors are not something I love. If you like a sandbox with more focus on lots of sex and transformation, Hornstown is the place to go.

Some people may like this, but for me it felt desolate even compared to the shampoo measuring simulator that is Girl Life. Maybe after a lot more development it might become something a bit more engaging?

Review by burnin8trxx

Version reviewed: 0.8e on 10/13/2020

One of the best games on the site, lots of great content in this one, looking forward to more

Review by najika4097

Version reviewed: 0.8c Final on 08/23/2020

This really is an odd one. MC is very anonymous from the start, all we get is a name and a rough age, nothing about his sexuality, but one of the first things I was able to do was to completely ride my parents' dildo. Then I run into a guy that wants to go on a date, and will eventually fuck me if I say yes. This makes no sense at all. Don't waste you're time on this one.

Review by shaneopks

Version reviewed: 0.8c on 07/29/2020

This game has always had good parts to it but it seemed a little emptied. As of the full update 0.9 version the world is starting to feel more fleshed out and accessible. There is certainly more to improve on, but that can always be said. With that tho there is plenty to enjoy if you haven't played the game before or are coming back to it.

Keep up the grind Sun

Review by Somedude02

Version reviewed: 0.8a Final on 05/29/2020

I'm usually positive in my reviews, but man, the story doesn't add up when you get a job and keep fucking all the time, and find strangers on the street and fuck even more and have a girlfrined and fuck even more, but when it's time to be transformed into a sissy you are a loser who never fucked. The possibility to not transform is there, but I think the future game choices should be limited because of your previous ones. It doesn't make sense to act cocky and sudenly you're able to be a total loser if you want. Maybe it's a personal taste, but I like when the story kinda forces you into the transformation with little variations to your choices, otherwise I feel I'm not readinng a story with an insteresting character that I didn't created or even playing a game. It doesn't feel like a game if your actions doesn't have consequences and doesn't lead you anywhere.

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