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Version: 3

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All Set Up

All Set Up is a short game: or an opening scene. I am not quite sure yet. As of version 2 I am adding to the story: there are stumps for two of the three groups now; I am planning to follow the Roman option further: at least as a first step. If people are interested in the other options, we will see about that. 
It features an alternative me that has All Set Up in his life and goes lookig for the last missing ingredient for a happy life. 
Basically this is a short sex rump with a twist: playable in some minutes. 

There are several good or bad ends: they are easiest to reach by being quite consequent in one\'s actions. 

The ASU End could be the beginning of a second, main game part if people are interested in the start. 
I offer several options to vote for in the top of this post. 

Find the game at:http://www.mediafire.com/file/5rvpzppdl1ju2m1/All_Set_Up_3.html
There is no hidden messsage: either enjoy a short wild ride, leave the game alone or vote for what happens AFTER. 
Have fun any way!

Find a wife!

If you play further than the original end: Get out of here alive and as tight as possible!!

I: All Set Up but for the wife.


My cousin: knocked up and married. 


The girls: Too old for the first market, but still looking for a husband. 

Be good, be horny, or be an asshole. Your decision. 


Just don\'t tell me about my morals: this is a GAME, not a my biography. 

Added a scene for the Way of the Minx (Lizzy) and a page for the Way of the Braods (Pauline and Vera) and changed the game status to: In Development. Quite possibly this is an alpha status game: but one could argue that the good end (well, one of them: I have no spine) is already implemented. 

Posted the start of the Roman path (Way of the Stars). 

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