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Stationmaster is a base-building game with a 4X space strategy component and a heavy focus on sexual slavery. You are the owner of a space station, and build it from a small-time floating brothel to the center of a galactic empire.

Build your station's facilities to keep your tourists and citizens happy

Modify your slaves at your whim by injecting them with hormones, aging them up or down in the chrono chamber, and performating cosmetic surgery to your heart's content

Staff your brothels with procedurally-generated slaves from several different markets

Fill your penthouse with a personal harem, and use them at your whim

Use your ill-gotten gains to build ships and conquer the galaxy, taking helpless civilians, princesses, and CEO's as the spoils of war

Dozens of animated random events, ranging from everyday operations to unique encounters with famous crews

Current Status
The game is functional. All of the above features (and dozens that aren't listed) are complete, and it has gone through many hours of playtesting to ensure that what is there works and is balanced. There is always more to add though. 

You play as the undisputed owner of a space station. As the game progresses, you gradually transition to warlord, and finally to dictator of the galaxy.


PC and slaves can be all genders / have all combinations of genetalia


Furry content and more varied alien species


Graphics updates, dressing room, and new face generator


Polish and gameplay improvements


4X mechanics overhaul, faction leader dates, and optimizations


New stats and training


New animations and H screen


Fighting Pit


More slave assignments and furniture


Added rules assistant and graphical overhaul

Added pregnancy

4X overhaul, faction leaders, diplomacy, and a bunch of quality of life stuff

Added aliens and sexbots

Added hormones, surgery, hairstyle changes, implants, and clothing
Several UI improvements (including a slave list)
Graphical overhaul
Significantly improved performance
Added lactation and hucows
Added pet play
Added placement grid
Fixed some bugs, mostly around memory usage
Initial public release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by sgb69

Version reviewed: 0.20 on 08/16/2019

The real time 3D 'Sim Station' aspect of the game is ambitious, interesting, and I think a decent game can be made here by focusing on this.  The rooms, furniture, and people wandering around all look fine.  This part of the game is fairly playable for an alpha version of the game, though this is over a year old by now.

The erotic content is...oh dear.  These models look pretty bad, there's tons of clipping on everything, and the anthro and alien models are mostly something out of nightmares.  There would need to be major improvements to the models to salvage this part of the game IMO.

The game soft-locked on me three times when trying to access the slave store (all the buttons and text failed to load, and couldn't go back; had to endtask it).  After the third time I've just deleted it for now.  I'll keep an eye on it since there's a promising game here, it just needs whole lot of polish.


Review by Terrone 2

Version reviewed: 0.21b on 04/29/2019

 i love this game so much


But for a moment the game download cant give me the correct version 0.21, for now i can download 0.20 version

Review by ChaosGhost

Version reviewed: 0.18 on 12/01/2018

Hi just want to say a really great Game ,i hope u will develop it more (it is like one of my favorite Games here "Free Cities" just in Unity 3D) i suggest a Cooperation with that Developer for more Uniqe Events.

some lil Bugs i had at big Station Size 500 Citizen/500 Tourists and 400+ Slaves it get really laggy Especial when u have to look in Slaves List (PS : i wish the list had some more Points to Search Mindbroken,Insane)

and with those lags on start i have the Problem even when the Slave is Devote the have a facial expresion like the have biten a Citron or peeled a Onion only after Sex/Orgasm they look short happy

Suggestion make Mindbroken/Insane cureable within Spa or maybe a Medical Station (only thing i use them for is Brothel or Arena) another Point make please some Buttons when u inspect a Slave where u can go to the next/or previous on List


so far my 5 cents i hope my English was not too bad and understandable

keep up the Good Work

Review by OPPenguin

Version reviewed: 0.16 on 09/12/2018

Playing 0.13:
The only real way to identify what buttons do are the tooltips, but for 2/3 of the interface the buttons go off the screen and can't be read. So I have no idea what I'm doing.

Review by darkmavid90

Version reviewed: 0.14.3 on 08/26/2018

Without a doubt one of the upper tier games that this site has produced in the past 3-4 years. There is hours of stuff to try and content added all the time. Only down side is it does become a bit laggy but that is due to the superiority of the game itself in using actual renders and content then simply stealing gifs and pictures off the internet. Certainly worth a try and something to keep track of. 

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