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by red ochre

Jailbait is a TF/TG game created by Red Ochre.

You have recently been released from a 6-month term in jail for having had "carnal relations" with a girl who, unbeknownst to you, was not quite eighteen yet. After facing the statutatory term in jail, you've returned home -- to find yourself faced with a vindictive, mysterious woman who thinks you still need to learn about what it means to be a girl taken advantage of by a man.
She casts a curse on you turning you into a teen girl, with the warning that you'll become a girl whenever you get turned on. And, when a girl, must have sex with a man to reverse the curse temporarily. If you fail to reverse the curse in time, you'll be stuck as a girl forever.


Mysterious Woman: The vindictive woman who cursed you to become jailbait whenver you get turned on.
Wizard: A strange wizard who works at the local mall, and offers to help.


Ending 1: My House


Ending 2: Gimme a J! Gimme a B!

Ending 3: Catholic Schoolgirls Rule

Ending 4: I Will Be A Good Girl


Ending 5: Homecoming Girl

Ending 6: Leilani's Lei

Ending 7: Like, Totally Beach Babe!

Ending 8: Tick Tock You're Dumb


Ending 10: At Least You're Not Jailbait

Ending 11: At Least You're Not Jailbait

Ending 12: Maid to Serve

Ending 13: Stranger in Your Own Land

Ending 14: Got Seoul

Ending 2: It's the Thrill of the Bite (misnumbered 15)

Ending 16: Goth the Raven

Ending 17: Go Cry, Emo Girl

Ending 18: My Chemical Romance

Any Day:

Ending 9: The Bachelor Bobby-Soxer

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by WhiteFireDaemon

Version reviewed: on 03/27/2017

This game was a pain to get working. It ended up being very tedious of a game for very little erotic content. The pictures are okay, but you do a lot of running around to hunt down stuff to progress. The sex only ever seems to come in as a brief release from the curse and there really aren't any pictures to go with the scenes except for one generic picture.

The game seems to focus on the transformation really and while that's okay for a game, it's definately not something I would have listed as an "XXX" game; perhaps not even as an "X". The whole concept of jailbait also seems unnecessary. With a little tweeking this game could be made to just turn you into an 18 year old girl instead of a 16 year old. The only real impact it seems to have on anything is to make it more difficult to have sex.

Review by Preggy Sue

Version reviewed: on 09/04/2015

I have played theough tbis over and over again knowing that thede is nothing left for me ro so. It is a wonderfully crafted game ans if you dont hate RAGS then try this one if you havent yet. My only complaint is that it is so close to complete that you can feel tbe endgame begin right before it ends

Review by Decker

Version reviewed: on 01/01/2015

A fun game, decently well-written, with some explanation as to why you're so helpless in your feminine form(s), and non-obvious paths opening and closing depending on who you are at the time.  And it's seemingly so close to being finished!  I hope to see this completed, and more from this talented writer.  Well done!

Review by Soulfeaster

Version reviewed: on 02/03/2014

For each of the transformations, there is someone you can convince to have the sex with you. The only thing is that you only have one try and it is easy to mess up, so I would suggest quick saving before hand, it took me roughly 10 tries throughout all the transformations, and if you fail there is an old bum behind the mall when you go up who also works for the sex. Anyway I figuire while I am here might as well leave a reveiw. This is a great game so far, the only problem being it not being complete. I have played through the game roughly 10 times (on both of my cases, roughly means 7-13 times). I love to play the game and can't wait to see the grand finale. Althought it may seem a bit linear, which it can be, it is still jam packed with stuff to do (per a character, I am a completionist so I know every outcome possible up to date). I am just going to keep this review brief instead of writing an essay on it. So I would suggest downloading this game and playing it.

Review by habilon

Version reviewed: on 02/03/2014

this seems like a great game, but needs more content...and I am having trouble getting laid...I mean seriously I went everywhere...there should be a simple way to get laid the first time to introduce you to the way to do it.

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