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Version: .0.0.5a

Version: .0.0.5

Chains of Power

Well guys, I've hit a dead end. I honestly can't think of where to take the story from here? I mean, once you finish all the content I've put in there, what's left to do? I might revisit this game in the future, but I think it's time I tried something else. Maybe take on a new project now that I have some basics down in twine. I'm not calling it quits per-say, just dealing with writers block. If you guys have any feedback or ideas, let me know, and if anyone wants to pick up where I left off, Feel free!

 Feedback is appreciated.

All of the art at the moment I found on the net, if anything belongs to you and you want it removed from the game. Let me know, I'll take it down.

You, an unnamed guy somehow end up in a strange land.

Tasked with training an unruly slave.

You, a 20 something average dude.

Charlie. A sissy

You  should start out by getting Charlie to perform some tasks for you thus raising her  skills in those areas. You can either raise her affection I.E. hard mode, or you can lower her willpower.

There are various actions that accomplish this, but I recommend corporal punishment or praise/small talk.

There is now a rent system implemented, so earn 500 gold by friday, or it's game over. At the moment its a straight game over, but in the future I plan to include negative consequences that impact your character. Forced Tf's and that sort of thing.

.0.0.5a Bugfix, minor content update.

.0.0.5 Added Small amount of content, added market system. 

.0.0.4 Added content, bugfix

.0.0.3 Added content, bugfix, redone ui.

.0.0.2a Hotfix, bugs mostly removed.

.0.0.2 Alpha release

.0.0.1f added content, more variables, more technical things.

.0.0.1e added content, tweaked a few things

.0.0.1d added some content, started work on menu/inventory, changed font size and style.

.0.0.1c added content

.0.0.1b font size increased


.0.0.1a added content


.0.0.1 Initial release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by ninjasmurf73

Version reviewed: .0.0.5 on 06/05/2018

Amazing start. Wish there were more of these type of games for dominant/top guys that turn other friends/family into their personal little sissy. Looking forward to updates.

Review by joseisme

Version reviewed: .0.0.5 on 05/30/2018

A good start but really needs to be more developed. But what is here so far looks promising. Have encountered several missing picture bugs and odd back n forth menu bugs where the daily routine option vanishes and the implant subliminal magic doesn't seem to work at all yet. Keep at it!

Review by kris.harley

Version reviewed: .0.0.3 on 05/23/2018

you should set up a patreon to help development of this game it's got a decent amount of potential its also got the novelty of turning someone into a girl instead of just being turned into one

Review by Vane

Version reviewed: .0.0.1b on 05/18/2018

currently the concept has an intro part and no other choice than to play as dominant training a sissy which currently is only being hinted at. other sissy themed games on site are from the sub´s perspective being corrupted, which is the main distinction and it makes the concept stand out. writing is likeable and lighthearted, nothing taking itself too seriously, I like that.

Review by Uhuru N'Uru

Version reviewed: .0.0.1b on 05/18/2018

AFter a start that gives ibdications of your beibg captured, eg chained up in a prison cell, it flips into a fake "Job interview" where the only choice is to become a slaver, so no choice at all

Why the hell slavers would go through all the time, and expence of transfornming slaves, rathert than just enslaving what they require, never makes an y sense to me.

So basically players a Slaver thart transforms slavess, and the start is totally misleading, as no choices actually make any difference to the outcome, it should actually starts you as the Slaver, without all the fake "Choices", and prisoner bit.

A Slaver is not my thing, and some clue that was the games intention would have helped, for both those that don't want to be a slaver, and those that do.

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