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Version: .0073

Version: .0071(C) Linux

Version: .0071(C) Mac

Version: .0071(C) Win 7

Version: .0071(C) Win 10

by Novin

Important note: Pre-.007 saves are not compatible with the latest version. 

Important note 2: The Patreon reward has changed from 1 week of early access to having a cheat menu. This cheat menu allows time manipulation, giving yourself money, an EXP multiplier and a toggle for resist common state effects.

There's a discord link in the first post of the discussion thread.

This is the second of two projects I've been working on(Blood Magic being the other). This game has a Persona 3-5 day structure where there is limited time between major story events. The game is made in such a way as to maximize player customization(Through TFs, outfits, different classes and otherwise), and quite a bit of that is already present. Bear in mind that seemingly innocent choices will have an effect on things like your initial transformation and class.

As for a (very) short summary:

After accidentally running into a demon our protagonist ends up dead. Unfortunately, that's only where his problems begin.


If you don't mind I'd appreciate any feedback in the game's thread that you can provide, negative or positive I won't take it personally, though I'd prefer to get specifics on why X is bad or good. Oh, and if you find a bug feel free to beat me over the head over it, I won't mind. There shouldn't be anything major in this version.


Known bugs:

    • If someone on windows 7 uses the windows 10 version battles will be super zoomed in and hair color changes won't display (it'll default to blonde)
    • Sometimes when skipping text in a few of the cutscenes, movement routes can be broken causing the game to no longer be able to advance. This happens very rarely, but it CAN happen.
    • The cloud dungeon can occasionally cause a game-breaking glitch causing the user to be unable to move.

Broke and having lost an opportunity at a job in his field, our protagonist does the only thing that makes sense: goes to get shitfaced. Of course, things don't always go as planned. Soon he will find out what life after death is like.


Patreon version only:

-Added cheat options to the menu.

-Added option to change how much experience you get from each encounter.

-Added option to resist common status effects.

-Added option to receive certain cheat items that allow you to control time and give yourself money. NOTE: Time control can break the game if used improperly!

Everyone else:

-Added a packed save game starting in week 2 optimized for a tranformation run.

-Added a packed save game starting in week 2 optimized for a no transformation/soul depletion run.

-Added function to these save games to change name, clothing and class.

-Fixed super skip to actually function properly throughout your run.

-Solved the case of the transforming red and pink couches.

-Solved the case of the decapitated stuffed animals in a very particular set of circumstances.

-Solved the case of the free pink curtains.

-Fixed various karaokee related glitches.

-Fixed various textual errors

-Fixed various troop encounter related errors (I know I left a minor one in)

-A lot lot more bug fixes


-Adjusted base satisfaction gain (decreased).
-Adjusted decoration satisfaction gain (decreased)
-Decreased mission payout a bit.
-Properly added elemental weakness/strength to bound spirit of earth and earth elementals.
-Nerfed earth elementals in dream catchers lair.
-Slightly nerfed thrall swordswoman
-Nerfed Dream Catcher
-Added cooldown to depressive grasp skill.
-Fixed Alia staying in the party if a certain choice was made in the optional dungeon, causing some... problems.
-Fixed packing error in windows 7 version.
-Fixsed some collision issues.
-Fixed, during initial cutscene Ray(male) displaying rather than player's chosen name.
-Fixed non-skip female name not being applied to textboxes (retroactive, though you'll probably have to toggle the menu name on and off to get the female name in the menu).


-Added new intro skip that skips to just before you buy furniture.

-Fixed party order issue when starting in new versions.

-Fixed frilly black dress disappearing after an upgrade.

-Fixed various typos.

-Fixed double shoulders in mirror picture when slim shoulders tf is on.



-Fixed Win 7 version arena fight 2 crash (Probably, I don't have a windows 7 machine to test this with).

-Fixed some textual issues.

-Fixed a soft lock in the karaoke event.

-Fixed shoulder size variable not being pushed.

-Fixed some reversed variable checks in sybil 2 and 3

-Fixed a reversed check in Ceta's free massage check.

-Fixed a soft lock that occurred if you decided to quit the optional dungeon early.

-Fixed a floating body being visible in a cutscene.

-Various other bug fixes.


-Added full version of Reunion song to Abyss of Clouds.
-Fixed being able to use skills outside of battle that should not be used outside of battle.
-Fixed being able to five finger discount some Ellis stuff if you're broke
-Fixed instances of shower picture persisting after the event.
-Fixed certain instances of a soft lock happening if using any event in your room on the second to last day of content.
-Added a party order fix to the sleep event so party order problems won't spiral out of control. 


-Fixed issue with loading into math minigame causing a black screen soft-lock.
-Fixed some collision issues.
-Really really allowed for infinite days mode to be accessed. For sure this time.
-Fixed some issues related to files not available.
-Fixed bug related to save files going/reading from the wrong place in certain versions.


-Fixed the ending so it now properly goes into infinite days mode (Also added a debug npc to the fire forest if that's your only save to teleport you out so you can access
the current end of content).
-Fixed minor error where the first time the main character says their male name it would come out as Ray(Male)
-Fixed putting eth in the empty vat problems.
-Fixed Geomancer's hair in mirror messing up when longer
-Fixed soul depletion state not removing itself once fixed (You might have to sleep on it).
-Fixed missing audio
-Various typo fixes.


V.007(F) (non-exhaustive changelog):

-Definitively broke saves, for reals.

-Approximately 375,000 words written, up from approximately 210,000 words.

-Made the Dream Catcher's Lair a little brighter.

-Nerfed some things.

-Added a chest here and there.

-Nerfed monetary gain from killing enemies a smidge.

-Erased the invisible do nothing enemy from the week 3 first visit boss's encounter.

-Fixed Sybil's upgrade event causing a black screen.

-Fixed Delia 2 event

-Added new dungeon (accessed by having done Erin's first two events before 4/26 and 5/4)

-Added Karaoke Outting.

-Added Beauty mark tf.

-Added glasses related hair/coordination tf. (Only accessible by wearing glasses to karaoke, with the voice tf, while making a particular set of choices on the solo path)

-Added a new Marksmanship event with a new class-dependant skill at level 10

-Added a new specialization training with a new class-dependant skill at level 10

-Added Delia repeatable

-Added third Delia event.

-Added new optional dialogue options for Delia.

-Added quest entries to track character affection and progress.

-Added options entry to turn off text noises (Only works when within the game, not from the starting menu)

-Added option to swap the menu name of the main character between male/female

-Added message log. Press shift during dialogue to bring up a log of previous messages (slight glitch where a random number appears in text that the MC speaks)

-Added ability to hide windows by pressing the "1" key.

-Revamped icons

-Added tooltips for states (It's a bit wonky when in the skills menu, WIP).

-Added ability to reveal weaknesses of enemies when you hit their weaknesses.

-Performance increase.

-Weakness pop up.

-Fixed all furniture-related glitches.

-Made many couches have backs that cover the sitter.

-Added calendar system with 9 days weeks and graphic overlay. Shows free days as well as the section of day you're in.

-Added Dream catcher compulsion and fusion.

-Added Earth Spirit Echo fusion and compulsion.

-Added Beckoner Fragment fusion intitial event (no more past that atm).

-Added gardening free time event related to the echo.

-Added soul degradation system. Fusing with fragments (except the dream catcher fragment) and echoes now increases the amount of time you can go without running into soul collapse event.

-Added game over potential with soul degradation. Depends on satisfaction, minimum satisfaction needed to prevent a game over increases depending on severity.

-Added soul collapse event with a potential tf from it.

-Added cat eyes tf. This TF also makes the dream catcher dungeon much brighter.

-Added event in spiritualism shop.

-Added side quest within Dream Catcher dungeon that can also be helpful for navigation (Miiiiigggggghhhhttttt have some performance issues for the moment).

-Dramatically decreased number of encounters in Dream Catcher dungeon.

-Rebalanced Dream Catcher enemies and encounters to be less grueling.

-Did a complete stat rebalance for all characters and a ton of pieces of equipment.

-Added head equipment for each character so their stats won't trail the MC so much.

-Companion characters now have their stats scale slightly more so they can keep up/exceed with the MC's training and otherwise.

-Made healing items have their healing scale a bit with max HP and level of target so they don't fall behind.

-Increased Sybil's healing scaling.

-Fixed Delia's partake to no longer give flame cloak, instead properly gives her a buff.

-Fixed syntax error in equip requirements making equip requirements not apply.

-Added option to add choice noises.

-Changed way hair color works.

-Tons and tons and tons and tons of typo corrections.

-Tons and tons of plugin edits to make life easier in the long term.



-Fixed the first subway car traveling bits. Deleted something I should not have.


-Fixed the difficulty slider also decreasing/increasing health restored.
-Fixed the first arena day's train trip having some unintended tag-alongs.
-Fixed the second dungeon first visit day skipping over a cutscene (so, technically there's new content, but it was actually there all along), for sure this time.
-Fixed some linux version case errors.
-Various other bugs.
-Various typos.
-Various balance tweaks.
-Added Delia 2 to free version

V.00642/[Patreon] V.00065:

-Added difficulty changer to the options menu, with a prompt that it exists.

-Made the Dream Catcher's Lair a little brighter.
-Nerfed a bunch of things.
-Added a chest here and there.
-Took out a few encounters
-Nerfed monetary gain from killing enemies a smidge.
-Erased the invisible do nothing enemy from the first visit boss's encounter.
-Fixed Sybil's upgrade event causing a black screen.
-Bunch of typo fixes.

Patreon only (Until next week):

-Added Delia 2 event with ability that heals attached to it.

V .00641:

-Added week 3 ending 1 day before arena fight.
-New dungeon, first visit and subsequent visits.
-Delia event 1.
-Delia new ability.
-Ellis upgrade system (only for the cloud thread atm).
-1 out of three outings. This one outing has 9 choice branches with some minor variation stacked on top.
-More TFs. Like, one event has a ton of possibilities for TFs along the lines you've already seen.
-Hard to get, missable, skin color change tf (paler).
-More mental tfs.
-Added idol tier 2 compulsion and way to manage it.

-Added idol tier 2 abilities (depends on fragment).
-Coincidentally, remodeled the building east of the Necropolis Bureau District's subway entrance. It is now a karaokee joint.
-Added the compulsion for tier 3 Avarice and way to manage it (There will be another way added later).
-Coincidentally, the barber's shop now also sells stuff. You'll only be able to buy a nice hair clip at first.
-Added new NPCs around town.
-MANY MANY bug fixes, too many to list. But, here's one example: when doing the Seki/Kita joint event, if you chose to wait for Seki, your satisfaction would be set at 4(or whatever number) instead of being added to your satisfaction amount. That is no longer the case.
-Reached 210,000 or so words.
-Laid more ground work for choice noises.
-Dotted more i's and uncrossed some T's. 

-Party change system.

-Very light Encryption


-Fixed Sybil stealing accessories if you equipped them during the shopping trip.

-Fixed being able to get on the train after the first avarice visit.

-Fixed various other bugs.

-Various grammar/typo corrections.

.000576(A) Win:

-Fixed the windows version missing necessary files.


-Added new arena fight

-Added curtains, rugs, posters and style change to furniture store.

-Added Sybil event 3.

-Added Sybil repeatable.

-Added Ory response to Sybil event 3

-Added Felix Event 3 (accessed through a call after using an underwear item).

-Added Trixie event 3.

-Added 3 new physical TFs.

-Added 2 new skills (1 companion, 1 player)

-3 outfits(not to be used outside of an event, for now)

-Satisfaction system rebalance (Should be harder to get to zero and harder to get to an absurdly high number).

-Experience rebalance (the game should give you additional experience if you've already completed a or both dungeon(s) to reflect these changes)

-Stat rebalance (Agility gains severely nerfed, all characters now have different initial stats)

-Enemy rebalance

-Fixed Ellis cafeteria event putting the player in a time warp if done in the afternoon.

-Fixed Ory event leaving picture up.

-Fixed Ory handjob iteration not actually being finished(Whoops)

-Added combat fast forward feature

-Fixed various typos and textbox overruns.

-New NPCs around town

-Changed flame cloak so it now effects all attackers.

-Various collision problems solved.

-Other bug fixes



-Fixed the problem where the player would get stuck in cutscenes caused by an Abyss of Clouds fix in the previous version.

-Removed the debug room start. You saw nothing.


-Added a couple of NPCs around. One has varying convos based on when you talk to them.

-Added Delia's Portrait.

-Added healing functionality to the in-dungeon crytals for a fee of 150 points.

-Added yet another fail safe to the Abyss of Clouds that constantly runs when you're not on a cloud.

-Fixed a case where talking to Ory about random stuff without doing something else first would not clear hidden choices, causing the bureau's 25f to disappear from the elevator (Should work retroactively)

-Fixed a glitch where you're able to do marksmanship class 2 infinitely if your acceptance is less than 3 (However, I cannot apply this fix rectroactively, so you'll have to do it again and get the stats again if you want the bump.

-The above glitch caused a glitch where you couldn't ask Ellis for a corset after marksmanship 2 was finished because the game didn't recognize that marksmanship 2 was finished. That should now be fixed. Again, though, not retroactively.

- Other bug fixes.

- Some typo fixes.




-Added branching repeatable event for grinding affection from Ory after second event.

-Added the ability to ask ory various questions about people and things after second event. Can have additional side-effects later in game(not implemented side-effects, mind)

-Added choices to tf reactions that will bump certain variables that do certain things(not much atm).

-Added first sex scene.

-Added three additional tfs. You can only get one or the other of two of them in current content, though.

-Added paperdoll for mirror look in bathroom/vanity. Accounts for hair changes(not including hair tie), two other tfs, and butt changes.

-Changed Seki and Kita's ears. Credit to Icarue for ears.

-Changed menu layout to allow for pictures.

-Added full body/half body pictures for Sybil, Erin, and Ory where appropriate. Art by Noiz.

Bug fixes:

-Made cell phone inaccessible during dungeons and important days.

-Fixed tf reactions

-Found issue that would tank performance when the game is tracking player location.

-Made it so Kita meeting with Seki option doesn't appear early.

-Removed end of content message from the Hospital.

-Typo fixes.

-Various other bug fixes


-Fixed Esper medium hair coming out as short.

-Fixed Sybil's second event to react properly to player choice in the first event(The conditionals were swapped)
-Put yet another fix for cloud jumping. This one might even work! (From testing I couldn't get it to fail, so, yay!)
-Fixed the variation in Erin's second event not firing for clothing(Because the game was checking to see if the player was wearing Ory's outfit rather than the Bureau resident outfit.
-Added an additional point of variation to Erin's second event.

-Fixed the subtext in the cell phone to change when calling Sybil to go somewhere is an option.

-Fixed the switches for long hair not going off when getting a hair cut, causing you to be able to wear the yellow ribbon at different hair lengths.

-[LINUX]Fixed (!?) the linux version crashing on new game. Not quite sure how it was fixed but I tested on a linux install so it should work.



-Finally fixed the train! No more missing tile and it's... Somewhat smoother.
-Various typo fixes.
-Fixed massage session overlapping player with NPC.
-Fixed short hair not appearing properly on the ESPer's sprite.
-Fixed graphical bug in Eternal Rest
-Added a fail-safe to escape event. Was occasionally not properly applying i-frames.
-Fixed a bad scene transition in a cutscene.
-fixed a locked off iteration of Erin's second event should the player have gotten rid of the Wisp compulsion by that point.
-Fixed Delia conversation proccing when it is not supposed to.


-Fixed Corset event appearing when it should not.
-Fixed some minor textual things
-(MAC)Fixed save bug due to deactivated plug-in.


-Fixed new fragment fusion choice to actually show up at the proper times. For real this time.
-Added a hidden variable to allow for some possible retroactive new fragment progression in later versions.
-Fixed minor missing text.
-Fixed being able to jump a staircase.

-Added patreon link to title screen
-Fixed issue where, if the player left the stairwell area near the end of the abyss of clouds they would not be able to re-enter because the key was broken.
-Added failsafe to prevent issues after jumping off of moving clouds
-(LINUX) Fixed font name syntax error.
-The red velvet sofa should no longer transform into a pink one after leaving eternal rest again. This will not transform
your pink sofas back into red. Sorry.
-Fixed esper medium hair showing up as short.
-Added content for what happens when you fall into the void without any mana.
-Changed Sybil's cell phone subtext based on whether you have something planned with her.
-Fixed some dialogue in the new dungeon.
-Fixed the new fragment's fusion dialogue. Should now be accessible to everyone.
-Added more mirror text based on tfs.
-Made it so that you can go back to the dungeon without the end cutscene looping.


-Added week 2.
-Added story cutscene after old end of content.
-Abyss of Clouds now finishable.
-Avarice tier 2 is now possible to achieve
-Initial part of fragment fusion(It cannot be advanced or regressed in this version).
-3 new Ellis Events (all of which have prerequisites).
-New Kita event, found by hanging out in the cafe.
-New Seki Event, she's hanging out on the first floor of Artemis.
-New Sybil Event.
-2 new outfits.
-New underwear.
-New hair accessory with new hair style.
-Reconfigured dresser system that allows you to change multiple slots and
-Reopened Bureau Shop on the 25 floor
-Made an item vendor accessible on the initial Abyss of clouds visit.
-Added a massesuse.
-Added some missable, though not particularly important, content.

-Added 5 more save slots.

-Added a patreon.

-Fixed longstanding bug with custom fonts not loading properly.

-Fixed bugs with decoration score calculation sometimes adding up wrong.
-Fixed syntax error with equipment requirements.
-Fixed various cloud issues and sped up some clouds.
-Fixed a variety of errors with the bureau training center.
-Fixed bugs with Trixie's cafe not allowing repeatables after getting done with unique content.



  • Fixed some reversed logic in the hang-out event. A random dice roll to determine which event you get in week 2(that is inaccessible) was firing in week 1, causing there to be a 2 in 3 chance that the day would be wasted.



  • First day of new dungeon(Includes 2 minibosses, a questline-ish, numerous cutscenes).
  • Sybil's first event(Only available after Ory's first event).
  • New gun trainer event(Only available at level 7. Which is hard, but not impossible, to achieve in current content).
  • Additions to Terry's Arsenal shop(Accessories and weapons).
  • Minor graphical changes to arena cutscene(The first cutscene)
  • Some background changes to how hit rate works through a plug-in


  • Fixed a few issues.



  • Arena fight aftermath added
  • Ears of MC no longer clip through front hair.
  • Various errors and grammar mistakes fixed.
  • Bonus day added.
  • Possible TF added(Only available if lost final arena fight).
  • Very beginning of first day of 2nd week added.
  • Option to continue to explore without saving added.


  • BETTER file path fixes for linux.


  • File path fixes for Linux


  • Mac Version fixed!
  • New laptop MMO event
  • New specialization training event(Accessible at level 7.



  • Fixed problem with intro skip causing the first barrier to not appear in the dream dungeon.
  • Various other small fixes.


  • Fixed memory leak that causes regular crashes.
  • Fixed all macros.


  • Event to increase a party member's stats and abilities.
  • More bug fixes.


  • Various bug fixes


  • Removed ability for magic to miss.
  • Added ability to run away successfully in the dream of avarice dungeon.
  • New Erin event.
  • New Ory event.
  • New(incomplete) location 
  • Bureau shop opening up. Expensive(point-wise) but effective consumables.
  • Terry's Arsenal Point Shop opening. You'll be able to buy some accessories and stuff for points.
  • A way to amplify a compulsion.
  • Tons and tons and tons of back-door stuff.
  • Caught a bunch of typos and the like as I was fine-tooth combing stuff for other reasons.
  • Likely tons of bugs(No, really, so much changed in the background that bugs are expected, sorry)
  • Old saves fully broken beyond recovery(Like, I added a bunch of backdoor variables so even if you wanted to recover your save through save-editing it'd still be broken).
  • Now possible to get the maxed out physical tf for the will-o-wisp compulsion.


  • Fixed various issues.
  • Added more save slots
  • Magic can now miss.


  • Fixed intro skip.
  • Minor textual corrections.
  • Minor adjustments to Cloak of Flames.


  • Added a new event with Ory/Sybil.
  • Added an intro skip option(Will not appear with no save games present).
  • Modified laptop event to include pictures
  • Added a barber shop(With a new hairstyle option)
  • Fixed a variety of errors
  • Fixed a LOT of typos.
  • Added a LOT of commas.
  • Buffed Cloak of Flames(Quite possibly too much)


  • Fixed the case of the disappearing laptop and vanity.
  • Fixed not getting an increase in MP from butt size increase.(If you did this in a previous version, just go to your room and it should apply).
  • Fixed more typos.
  • Added a catch-all fix for not being to go anywhere on subway car.
  • Fixed not being able to buy furniture if the cost exceeds the amount you have without your trade-in value.
  • Other bug fixes
  • Added a crazy beggar to explain class differences and choice relation at the beginning of the game.


  • Fixed some typos
  • Slightly lowered requirement for Avarice fragment compulsion.
  • Sprite displayed in subway car should match player sprite.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Fixed a variety of things.
  • Added two new physical tfs.
  • Added a new relationship event.
  • Added fusion event with Avarice Fragment.
  • Added compulsion related to Avarice Fragment.
  • Added mirror descriptions of new changes
  • Added Faceset changes for new tfs
  • Added a couple of NPC reactions to new changes(Only applies to one character atm, but more character's reactions have been written).
  • Nerfed and buffed some abilities(Cloak of fire still sucks though)


  • Fixed not being able to interact with laptop if you bought the pink or white desks.
  • Fixed Vanity disappearing if you go furniture shopping again(If it already disappeared, then it's gone for good till you buy a new one. Sorry).
  • Added automatic trade-in of furniture that is being replaced for half-price.
  • Fixed a few small things


  • Probably fixed color lady event.
  • Minor collision fixes
  • Minor transfer fixes


  • Undeleted something properly


  • Fixes galore
  • First 3 free-days including several events to spend them.
  • First Arena Fight
  • Dream of Avarice Dungeon completed
  • Training center events to get new skills up.


  • Put Magic.ogg back in place. Whoops.


  • Debug room? What debug room. There's no debug room.


  • Fixed accidental backwards time-travel by going into the wrong room at the wrong time. For sure this time. I hope.
  • [MAC] Fixed an issue where saves for RPGmaker MV games were all saving in the same spot. Coincidentally, this actually makes this version more conveinent as far as saves go(No need to manually move them around).
  • Fixed game-breaking issue from .00024.


  • Undeleted something that should never have been deleted.


  • You may no longer visit the bath house.
  • Put the weapons folder back in the game.
  • Unbroke game. For sure this time


  • Fixed(For sure this time, tested) getting time-travel by going into Soul Fusion room after the first time.
  • Fixed some collision isssues.
  • Fixed not being able to walk over a bar customer after they've left.
  • Made station fence impassable. For sure this time.
  • Potentially fixed Subway problem(two stations tested)
  • [LINUX] Fixed(Probably) bug with case-sensitivity.


  • You may no longer desrespectfully walk on Laha's desk.
  • Fixed some cutscenes firing when they shouldn't
  • Really fixed this time the issue with some japanese characters being in a sprite sheet name caused an error.
  • Fixed Erin calling a spirtulaism shop a barber shop.
  • Hid bodies in the void(Probably)


  • Took away ability to walk on some walls
  • You may no longer walk through stumps
  • You may no longer walk under some fences.
  • (Hopefully)Fixed rare issue where the name of one character sheet would cause an error(Only one reported instance of this, so not sure if fixed)
  • Changed the strength from Erin's barrier ability to 180 from 140.
  • Changed the description of Erin's barrier ability to no longer say it's only worth 100 points.
  • Changed the first Fiend fight's stun ability so that it actually wears off after one turn.


  • Closed trap doors.
  • Probably fixed subway glitches. Maybe.
  • You may no longer burn all your fire talismans outside of combat.

.00021: Fixed resource not present for self-destruct.

.0002: Initial IGDB release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Jhal3mbustion

Version reviewed: .0073 on 08/20/2021

This game is already annoying me a lot in the first few sections. First of all, even though there are supposed to be message warning systems, they seem to never work. Additionally, your options will never save and that option is turned off by default anyway while the annoying text sounds are on by default too. The default settings thing may or may not be a problem with the creator's coding/design, but I am sure the message warnings are something the creator forgot to properly impliment.


After that, you will immediately notice the quality of writing. It feels like this writer was purely trying to mimic HLF, who is not a flawless writer in the first place, but they have a great sense of personality. Trying to mimic their style of writing does not give characters personality. One good example is exposition. In Magical Camp, there were often small menus where you could ask about different aspects of the world you find yourself in. In Magical Camp, these things are given personalized answers and do not explain everything in a complete or concise way. This game on the other hand, has these options often read like a textbook, but also have minimal effort put into it so you are not given an impressive picture of the world. There are also some elements of Little Beech Academia where there will be blatant references to other video games and such, but once again it is done with very poor taste since this writer does not have anywhere near the comedy skill. It really feels like they need someone on their side to take care of these two aspects of writing because the dialogue and plot are so dry and predictable that this is the first game I ever skipped huge chunks of dialogue.  Magical Camp may have used quite a bit of talking, but it was always dropping hints about the true nature of the world and it was also combined with some sense of freedom and open-endedness. Meanwhile, this game focuses on a simple bad end system....

By the way, the first bad end I encountered (probably the first in the game that you could fall for) was not only very poorly implemented (and an attempt to rip off Magical Camp), but barely anything about this ending is complete. This game had been in production for two years, which makes it inexcusable that the first bad ending is not even implemented. This bad ending is basically the exact same reason you would get a bad ending in Magical Camp (you were discovered to be a guy [at birth]), but the plot DID NOT set this up while it was the central point of Magical Camp. I almost did not save before this section and I can not imagine having to go through all of the 15 minute long cutscene leading up to it without knowing what was going to happen. Not to mention, that cutscene is all about how the world in the afterlife is basically cruel. It feels like  a world of magicos, which is really not a fun concept considering they are mindless beings, but this part also tried to be funny like Academia without really having any jokes at all.

Oh yeah, and probably the worst part of your average cutscene is that your character is going to walk BELOW walking speed to their destination, and there is usually some big hallway or room that you have to wait for them to get to the other end of. They really should have done fade out unless something was going to happen in the middle of walking, or they could have made the movement speed just normal walking pace.

Oh yeah, and another thing this game does not do is use music outside of the RPG Maker MV resources.. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, given the clear inspirations behind this, I am surprised they considered personalized music unnecessary.

Basically, this is a game with no soul when, in my opinion, it would be very easy to have a soul. The Afterlife is a great idea for a story focused game, but Novin has no desire to make a unique vision. And if this person's first language is not English, they should write the story in their own language and then have someone translate it IF they need to. Nobody is missing out on much with the game in its current state. Use the language you are most comfortable with or you fail to tell a good character centered story.

Map design is pretty terrible. Very boxy areas. Necropolis is a very hard map to understand at first and has very bad boundaries that do not guide you like they should, probably because Novin did not want to create alternate versions of these boundaries. And pretty much every map has no guidance to it as conversation does not give you good enough hints either. And almost nothing in the game can be interacted with - everything is tied to what the cutscene needs at the moment. Additionally, a lot of times, you are given control when you really should not have it since you have nothing to interact with.  IF there is practically nothing to do but walk back and forth when given control, then you should really just be using fade outs or auto-movement. I feel like I spent at least an hour wandering on the few maps you are allowed to move on without having anything to do. There is no benefit to giving me control because all I did was get a little lost and check a bunch of areas with no triggers, the end result being that my experience is just made worse.

Review by AMagicalCampFan2

Version reviewed: .0073 on 07/31/2021

A fun Game with a interesting setting and well writen characters. If you're a fan of games like magical camp, then you'll likely like this game too. Though, just a heads up, it gets very dark. Not super surpriseing given the setting, but if you have severe arachnophobia or.....how do l word this.... dislike mentions of suicide, then you might want to give this game a pass. Sadly, thats all I can say without spoileing things. I liked it so much, l immediately started a second playthrough when l reached the end of current content


Also, unlike some of the other reviewers, l don't have a problem with the diffrent art styles. I think it's part of the chrm of these kinds of games, and especialy fits the theme of this game. (it's a world where a ton of diffrent people come after they die, and isn't "real", so the diffrent art styles work (IMO)) (also, for the combat, spesificaly healing items, enemys drop them, so all i've had to do to get 99 painkillers (weakist healing item, but still good) is beat every enemy l come across during a dungeon raid, and be cleaver with useing the healer and mana restorer.


As for things l would add? A way for the player to know then their soul is about to be depleted. (sorry if this counts as a spoiler) If there is a in game way to check, then please let me know, cause l just finished a dungeon, went to bed, and "woke up dead", with no warning (to my knowldge) so maybe a "You Might want to fix your soul" prompt at the start of the last possable day, (or something in the menu,like below the "days to arena fight" thing,) could be added? I ask cause l don't want anyone else to have to replay 1.5 hours of content to get back to where they were. (the worst part is l was planing on "patching" my soul the next day. SIGH Sorry, l just needed to vent for a minute.) But yeah, a "soul durability Gage" would be welcome.

One other major thing, please make future dungeons able to be compleated in a single day. 

Makeup compulsion. Would require you to buy a vanity and learn how to apply makeup (maybe ask goth vampire for help, and gain a point of affection?) (though, given the fact that it might require a bunch of new pictures to acount for makeup, (depending on if/how its added) l understand if its not added, or is simply text, without a visable change to the players picture) Also, l hope there will be more "girls night" events. Maybe one could be added after the arena fight that is comeing up? 

Also, while i'm here, might as well say that the mirror doesn't let me check my mood. It did at first, but in my main playthrough, it stopped working. ("l" am super deppressed though. Maybe its not bothering showing something thats below 0?)

Review by Zeep

Version reviewed: .0073 on 04/13/2021

An amazing game that I've spent many hours on even on the current unfinished state.

It's a story heavy tf game with some sexual content. It has a well written story and characters with an interesting world that I want to immerse myself in.

Even though it's a good and well-written game, the enemy art leaves something to be desired. I hope later they will add better and more thematically consistent art assets for the enemies and bosses, since it kind of breaks the immersion when you're fighting enemies with clearly different art-styles. This is particularly bad in the Avarice dungeon, where many of the enemies are clearly using fanart from the popular videogame series, Touhou Project.

I'm eagerly waiting for updates and new content

Review by parya

Version reviewed: .0071(C) Linux on 10/05/2020

Interesting. But redundantly difficult. I cannot go thru the mission against the clouds. So it is not for fans of the story, but for some enthusiasts of luck/random chances.

Review by Red-XIII

Version reviewed: .0071 Win 7 on 09/22/2020

As much as I like this game's content I find myself unable to enjoy it because of the way it was designed.

The root of the problem is the limited time, and then there are several problems growing out of that.

First would be combat.

The amount of enemies in a dungeon is limited unless you re-enter it. Re-entering takes time, time is limited.

Enemies drop money, which you'll want for consumables, and give exp which gives you levels, which give you stats and access to training events, which give you more stats and skills. On top of that, character roster features only one healer and only one character capable of recharging MP (fortunately not just their own). So whenever you don't have both of them with you you'll be running on limited resources.

All of that combined with long dungeons makes combat feel like thankless work. Maybe other people view this differently but to me the inability to go grind up for "potion money" should the need arise means I can't relax while playing this - I'm constantly thinking about grinding up more "while I can" and looking for ways to minimize costs. Which, in turn, means it's impossible for me to relax in the process.

Then you get social events.

Typically 3rd social event requires affection.

Typically it requires MORE affection then you'd get from first two events and other interactions.

What that means if that you end up having to use your limited time on affection grinding events.

Which makes every affection point you can gain elsewhere that much more valuable.

Again, UGH... the idea of getting hung up on those points is NOT fun. But the alternative of missing out on content is not fun either.

And last but not least there's TFs.

These come from two sources. Namely: events and shards.

Shards work on progressive "compulsion" system, which is fun on paper, but because of limited time, is, once again, tedious in practice.

Events just got covered above.

In the end as a result of all of that instead of thinking "how would I like to play this" I always end up thinking "how do I play this to miss out on the least amount of content".

Here's the latest example, with one of the newest additions - cat eyes TF. To get that you have to let MC experience a certain event which, you get by NOT fusing with shards. So you either not get that TF or you don't get a lot of others until after you get that one, which means that if you want to see TF-ed version of events you'll have to put off events as well.

This isn't the first game where I've been juggling around the order of events, but this is the first game where that process felt truly unpleasant. Normally I feel like I'm gaining something from that juggling, here I feel like I'm choosing between what I'm loosing.

In some “heavy duty” rogue-like this kind of weighted choices design philosophy could make up the core of the game and actually be fun, but for a game like this one it's nothing but an ill-fitting burden.

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