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The Pixiespawn Festival

The UI of The Pixiespawn Festival
It's pixie spawning season, which means you and nine other grad students at the School of Magic will spend the week competing to win a private mentorship with the Archmagus. The rules of the contest are simple: whoever impregnates their fellow students with pixie dust the most times wins.
The Pixiespawn Festival is a roguelike browser game featuring saucy magic, aphrodisiac pixie dust, body transformations, and loads of pregnancies. The enchanted campus is procedurally generated and switches itself around every night during the witching hour. Spell-slinging duels transition into orgies and back again in an unrelenting stream of action sequences. There's something here for the whole family, assuming the whole family are all adults with weird kinks.
Character visualization can be switched between text-only and Morfology figures.

SPLOOSH! Features and Fixes (Jun 20 2019)

- Clever students can unleash White Pixies onto the campus, with a new type of pixie dust and pregnancy

- Wanking produces Cum and Splooge items

- Lactating characters produce Milk items

- Students who grow too wide will have trouble navigating narrow passages

- The pasture now actually has cows!

- Patreon Exclusive: cook up six alchemical jinxes by combining items

- key capture allows movement by WASD or arrow keys

- East and West are no longer flipped backwards (seriously wtf was that?)

- Containers have capacities, so you can't hide 100 Eyes of Newt in your strapon

- Updated Morfology Support, which now includes pregnancies

- Removed DAD support, which was just not playing nice with other code

- Portals display as swirly curves on minimap

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by halfcookie

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/31/2018

Fun game. One problem: you have your "east" and "west" reversed. Beyond that, nicely done.

Review by lilymoncat

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/20/2018

When I attempt to play this, it refuses to allow me to hit any directional buttons or any other buttons other than 'new game'.  There's also nothing telling me if there's an alternate way to move my character or not.  A little disappointing.

Review by flamewind11

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/19/2018

I liked this, I don't leave many reviews but this was right up my alley fetish-wise. Once I understood the controls, where to train, learn spells, etc, I had a lot of fun. It is a bit of a grindfest, but at the end I was so far in the lead that I was just looking for any materials to use my spells for, everyone ran from me because they knew I was Queen Herm Bitch. I had 385 as my final score while 2nd place was 127 and 3rd was -3, all the way down to 10th at -113. The last two days I sped up by sleeping in beds and if I did run into anyone I'd "Look" at them to see how far they'd fallen and hilariously enough I'd give/grow thier dicks. I started as Ione Bangher and ended as a Herm varient that never once got impregnated myself, I'd say it was easy but the other review I read thinks it's too snowball, so maybe my playthrough I just got lucky or something. personally I like the difficulty where it's at, it was hard enough in the beginning because I didn't know what I was doing at first and it was easy at the end because I snowballed out of control. Like I said I liked this, right up my alley. I played a similiar game on this site a few years ago where I didn't pick up the game mechanics as well, and when playing this I thought "this is what that game should have been" I just can't seem to remember that games name (it wasn't Trap Quest that I'm thinking of, even though I was bad at that game too). I'll look forward in following this game devolopment if it catces on.

Review by elite

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/19/2018

The primary fetish here is impregnation; transformation content is actually pretty light. You can add a vagina to opponents*, but otherwise I've not found any way to alter their bodies. There are spells that supposedly inflict lycanthropy and other animal related changes, but as far as I can tell all they give is a simple text description and then no other effects, mechanically or visibly. Doesn't even change text descriptions. If various forms of impregnation and non-con stuff isn't your thing, there's no real reason to play.

If that IS your thing, then there's a framework for a game here that needs to be fleshed out. Victory or defeat is decided in day one; the game is extremely snow-bally and has no catch up mechanics if, say, you hit a trap early on that maxes your humiliation. It's also way too long and the ending is pretty anti-climactic. But there's something there that could work out with enough work.

*Several characters who don't start with vaginas seem immune to this spell. I hit the button to cast it, the component is consumed, and nothing happens. Not even the text that says the target resisted. This is almost certainly a bug. I'll edit this out when that's fixed.

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