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Version: 0.4.1

Version: 0.4

Version: 0.3.2

Fetish Hotel


Longtime lurker, first time poster. After playing a lot of awesome games here I am just one of these guys who wanted to try it for himself.

Fetish Hotel is inspired by a lot of games from this site like "Trapquest", "Spa Recreation", "Motel S", "Bimbo House", "Seal of the Succubi" and more. 

The transformation for the protagonist is instant while in the progress of the story you may find other people with an similiar problem like yourself...

As not native speaker please excuse any mistakes or strange sentences! Have fun!


What's new?


After a long time of waiting I'm happy to present you 0.4. This update fills the Hotel with a bit more life and and bit more stuff for you to explore. 

As always I thank you all for playing and the feedback! Stay tuned. :)

You are Jake Doe a rather boring guy in his late twenties. Together with your two colleagues the cool Adam and the really hot Emily you have to make company trip towards a strange hotel. Things are not like the other years though as you will have to learn.

You: You play as Jake Doe a rather ordinary and average guy in his late twenties.

Adam: A friend of you from work. Cool, handsome and lucky with the ladies. In fact everything what you would like to be.

Emily: She is that hot colleague of you that you were never able to land. You three are like a little squad somewhere between youth and adulthood.

2018/10/03: 0.4.1 (hotfix)

- Made the color for Ms. Carters font a bit brighter. Please write me if there are any other bad fonts.
- You should now be able to distinguish between items that are being worn and that can be equipped.
- Added the version number on the sidebar.

2018/10/03: 0.4

-Added overall a bit content
-Reworked the intro skip passage
-Removed the 'Explore the room' option. Shouldn't have been there yet. (Sorry)
-Spell check and some overall formatting
-Reduced size of media files
-Rearranged some pictures

2018/07/29: 0.3.2

-Fixed several bugs
-Removed 'Objectives' for now
-Polished the memory game

2018/07/22: 0.3.1

-Very hot hotfix: The back link in Objectives should now work properly
-You shouldn't be able to get stuck at the Maid Costume anymore

2018/07/22: 0.3

-New content
-Fixed another bug where you could end up in a loop
-Remodelled the mail system of the HotelNET internally. New mails will fly in soon very often.
-Remodelled the memory game for better resolution handling

For more details please check out the forum.



2018/07/07: 0.2.3

-Fixed save games. Now you should be able to actually save and reload a game probably.
-Fixed path to media. Replaced all backslashes with slashes for non-windows systems.
-Added an "eject"-button which jumps you to the main HUB in case you got stuck in a loop somewhere. (Use with caution)
-Added some small events to fill up the game a bit.

For more details please check out the forum.

2018/07/02: 0.2.2 (HotFix)

-Fixed a game breaking bug where the HotelNet causes you to go to sleep immediately after but then produces an error
-Added a nice cover art :)

2018/07/02: 0.2.1 (HotFix)

-You can now see where you choose the difficulty of the game
-You have no 60 seconds to win the memory game at easy difficulty (tho I want to see you all lose <3)
-Fixed the bug where you could end up in a game breaking loop during entering the inventory from the HotelNET

2018/07/01: 0.2

-Big mechanical update
-Smaller story progressions
-Took out most of the pictures and videos in the media folder which aren't part of the game yet (no need for such a waste of space)
-Removed the back and forward buttons (Yes, yes I know. But since RNG is a big element of the game I don't want to give you guys the easy way to break it ;-))

2018/05/27: 0.1.1

-Added new content after the transformation
-Put some more flavor in several intro passages
-Added and fixed some formating stuff
-Changed some colors into more eye-friendly colors
-Added several behind the scenes mechanics for later use

2018/05/21: 0.1

-First Version: Just the intro for now

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Exotica

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 04/27/2019

played this game a few times trying to find other options.


The base work that is in place is wonderfully done. I would like to see more of what is to be done in the game, looks very promising.


Sad to say but this one may also be a dead and lost game. Which is a shame

Review by awkwardcultism

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 02/08/2019

Cute, but rather lacking in content at the moment.

The only thing you can really do in the game right now is hit the explore button until you get a new event and play concentration.

I'd probably give it a miss until there have been a few more content updates.

Review by wp12mv

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 10/04/2018

Really liked playing the game. 

You do need to click go out a lot right now to actually progress in the game. It took me to day 8 to get story events. 

Keep adding more stuff, but don't forget to progress the storyline (at least barebones?) there's not much to review about all the side stuff (although it's nice :) )

Review by Nemo

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 10/03/2018

Very much enjoying this so far.  



What I had posted previously probably should have been in the discussion forum, so I'm subbing it out for a real review.


Very good game for what there is, with some early dev flaws that hopefully will be rectified in later versions.  Lots of fetish content, especially latex/rubber.  


The TG portion of the game is over almost immediately and it would be good to see something more of a transition- as it stands now, the protagonist is pretty accepting of her new gender which is somewhat off-putting.


It's a sandbox type game where you return periodically to your base and then go out and explore, with random encounters and specific content areas.  As it sits things are too random- you can get the same event multiple times, even multiple times in a row.  Media is GIF and WEBM, fits nicely and about right for time and size, but very large to download.


Early days for this but what there is is quite good.


Review by Polin

Version reviewed: 0.3.2 on 09/17/2018

This game is really fun and I like the mystery about the whole thing. 

I'm really looking forward to see more updates in this game. 


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