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House of Dreams (RAGS)
by areg5

House of Dreams is an adult TF/TG created by Areg. The RAGS version is a remake of the older SUDS version.
Warning: this game doesn't contain explicit content, but it does contain references to an older man lusting after an underage girl, which some may find disturbing.

You are a middle-aged man with a wife and daughter, with an interest in your daughter's best friend. You use a formula developed by your scientist wife, "boosted" by a spell from a witchy neighbor to try to get close to her.

Unfortunately for you, your neighbor has a malicious streak and a bit of a grudge against men who cheat with younger girls.


Jon Smith: You, the player character, a middle-aged physician.

Lauren Smith: Your wife, a beautiful woman, and brilliant biologist.

Dana Smith: Your daughter.

Sara Jones: Your neighbor, a very attractive woman.

Jackie Jones: Dana's best friend, you have a crush on her.

Michael Jones: Jackie's brother.


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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 2 on 06/23/2016


I've played through this game multiple times and seen all of the endings, with what I found to be quite high quality work. While there is a snag of some heavy backtracking if you lose your way and the occassional loop bug if you miss a key moment, for the majority of the game it is very stable and straightforward to follow.

Writing is good and interesting, but the material involved gets really close to the line with the whole age regression theme. The author has done a good job though of keeping it under control through restricted use of adult material and the character depth also works well with maintaining the general seriousness of this fantasy story. Direction control in RAGS is reliable and consistent, despite the backtracking you may get caught in; if you're able to figure out where you had your last interaction from the writing it is possible to get back on plot.

Item hunt wasn't too severe and the amount of sudden game overs are few with (mostly obvious) common sense warnings before you're likely to trigger them. However you should save often just incase.

Overall a compelling game to play for the story, but there are a few snags on gameplay. And if you're after adult material it's relatively tame, so for those who note that sort of thing it may shift your opinion either positively or negatively (especially with the age regression TF being a core part of this game).


Review by rinblanche

Version reviewed: 2 on 05/15/2016

Great game, and complete too. Well made visuals and a few paths to take.

Review by Alayla

Version reviewed: 2 on 12/17/2015

I think i found a top entry to my top 3 favorites here top 5 at worst.

I've played about 4 hours worth and found many interesting endings huge array of themes age regression and progression are huge factors and the story just unfolds as you go it feels alot less linar than it most likely is and changed my mind about rags games entirely glad i gave the engine a chance out of boredom allowing me to find this little gem.

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