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Version: 0.5


Thanks for stopping by! 3025 is a Sci-Fi Romance/Corruption story. With tons of planned transformations and nonsense to ensue. Currently though it starts with m/m, but that won't last long. Im just doing this as a hobby and as a way to tell a story for you guys so dont bash me to hard please! And please let me know if you like what im doing and want more of it. If you have anything super mean to say or in depth criticism id appreciate if you sent me a private message!

For anyone confused on the use of images and gifs. I write beforehand and then search for images that fit closely to my material. In doing this sometimes they are not accurate. Although i always try my best to hide any defining genitalia beause there are males who can look female. You may need to exercise imagination and pay attention to descriptions, doing so will allow images and words to click and work together. Image searching is the toughest part, especially when dealing with m/m with a crossdresser element. Also please excuse any image size errors and inconsistencies. It takes a long time to find images and resize them, gifs are even harder. If i had extra help it would be no problem, and i'm no techno wiz. Just trying to present the story in the best way i can. Keep the criticism coming guys. The constructive kind is always welcome. Also look out for the release of 5203, the mirror to 3025. And expect a more linear story with small and sometimes big decisions! I recently added a ton of music and sounds. If you end up using the back arrow to revisit a page the sound could end up getting funky, so make sure you save often. I added the music and sounds because i think it adds quite a bit to the tone and themes im trying to have come across.

Hard at work on the next release. You can expect more twists and turns story wise, and more sexual content than in the previous releases! And remember to play through the multiple routes! More veriety will come as releases roll out.


P.S. if you can tell me where i got the inspiration for the game then send me a private message and i'll include one of your ideas inside!


3025 takes place in the future. On a distant object floating through space. You are alone… Forever.

In the WillowHeights expansion there will be a verity of things to do so ill put this up in order to avoid any confusion:

-Things that happen in WillowHeights are non cannon to the main story, i just added it as an idea. There will be some character development in reguards to the main story there.

-Things that happen in the basement stay in the basement. And dont affect the main plot.











3025.1- Game breaking glitch fixed

- Other then that i dont think ill change much on the initial release, i will listen to feedback and adjust for future releases

3025:Contact- Content and story added[story continues after the end of 3025.1, so play that first.]

-Forgot to add End of content for now plug at [[ZzZ]] more is coming.

3025:Contact pt 2-

This next release will include M/M sexual content with  heavy incestual themes. Due to my vision when writing this kind of content, i couldnt find the correct images that really convey what i see in my mind. So that scene will not have any images. When dealing with M/M content i can only write when one of the characters is extremely feminine or on that path, unfortunately they dont make gifs straight from my mind. That is all, carry on.

3025:Contact 1&2

-forgot that i changed the story format which got rid of the save feature, that will get fixed.

-more choices will come in the sub route, to avoid uncomfortable situations



-Added music and sound effects

-Added new section "WillowHeights" check the blue door

Next update you can look forward to at least 4 new scenes, plus a continuation of the main plot!


-Bit of a goof with the last update! I recently learned how to externally link the files so that the program would actually work. I think ive fixed it now! I compressed the folder and redownloaded it and it seems to be working fine. I included the actual .tws file as well if that was the problem!



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Review by black_swan

Version reviewed: 0.5 on 10/23/2020

I really like the first part with Iris, however I do think the second part with the dad is a bit confusing. 

Absolutely love the image selection!

Review by RM750

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 06/07/2018

I have no strong feelings one way or the other.


I jest. Good story so far. Choice of imagery is pretty solid and the writing is acceptable. Looking forward to more.

Review by Megaduck

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 06/02/2018

It's a good start with about 3 choices so far.  I like the pictures and think that the story has some potential.


My main complaint is that there is no actual MM content in this game so far.  It says Iris is a he but all the pictures are of a girl and you don't get an option to treat him as a male.  So I do hope this changes in the future.

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