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Version: Final - Rough

The Boobening 2: Zombimbo Contingency

This game is now Completed, Spelling and Grammar is done, however it does require a final Heavy Edit, I will do it within the next few days. i will ask that reviews be Reviews and that any spelling, grammar or bad paragraphs please go to Forums, thank you.

After the events of the Boobening the Government knew there may be another outbreak, they set up a Contingency, you are apart of that contingency.

It's been just over a year since the first event and it's happening again, the government has set up a quarantine but the Contingency has mostly failed, you appear to be all that is left, and your stuck inside the Quarantine Zone.

What happens next is up to you, do you hide, try to escape or try to fight back?

This is The Boobening 2: Zombimbo Contingency!

Final - Rough

Completed Story

Spelling and Grammar Done

Beta 2

Pictures Added to All Endings

Beta 1

18 Chapters - 5 Endings (1 Super Good)

Alpha Build 2

11 Chapters - 2 Endings

Alpha Build 1

3 Chapters - 1 Ending

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Review by CorruptedMageBoy

Version reviewed: Final - Rough on 05/07/2021

I enjoyed the boobening, and a enjoyed the boobening 2, however, I think you have so much more to give then just these. The concept of an outbreak is so underutilized (although considering what's going on in the world right now, I can thoroughly understand). Playing through these made me wish that you wrote a fully fleshed out “boobening” with multiple paths that had multiple endings (both good and bad for each path). Your work here is refreshing. I don’t enjoy the *poof* and your TF’ed, and there is none of that here, although you could be more descript. Overall solid 8/10.

Review by Dinorawr21

Version reviewed: Final - Rough on 10/07/2018

I've always been a fan of your games but this game didn't do it for me. Maybe it's a bit of me expecting it to be great like your other games but I didn't enjoy the writing and the pictures as much as I thought I would. Still, I love your style of writing and hope your next game will be awesome!

Review by zanakitty

Version reviewed: Final - Rough on 08/26/2018

I like the Boobening 1 a lot more. Even thogh this one says it's compleat the first one is more fun to read there boobs on every page and there is more to do. also don't say a game is compleat when there is a path missing. it's not bad but not what i was hopeing  following the boobening.


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