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Version: 0.1.2

Summoned By Accident

This is a fighting/dating game with lots of kinks and M/M elements.


You play as a young man pulled into a world of anthropomorphic creatures. With the promise of returning to your home. One day... Eventually... Probably... Explore the new place you've been brought to, but be careful. You might just be pulled into one of the many problems that lurk in the city's shadows.


Totally remade the game to be an event based interactive, and! Rpg. It's mostly interactive right now, but an rpg version is being made that will come with different features and content than the interactive one. Now comes with art.

Zorro - The person who you followed into this new world, and housemate. Whether you like him or not, you're stuck with him. Don't worry thought! He'll vocally voice his opinion of you all the time.

Duilio - Big gaint lion that gave you a house to stay in.

Trald - Friendly arctic wolf at the local gym. Loves to try and experience new things, and expereince them all over you if you let him.

Gen - Zorro's big bro found at the local gym.

Ferron - Hubby of Zorro and owner of the local gym.

Kevin - A hot mustang, while also one of the bartenders to the Winner's circle and agent of Duilio.

Greg - A giraffe that likes play over work... Or work over play. One of the bartenders to the Winner's circle and agent of Duilio.

Grisus - Your everyday friendly minotaur that serves you liquor. He's just very protective.

Xav - A satyr that likes to get up close and personal. If you ask nicely, maybe he'll teach you how to do the same.

Kru - One of Zorro's loyal goblins here to help you. He might make you help him back one day.

Kuri - A tanuki here to make money and use you in whatever way to do so.

Patreons at a certain tier get guides on how to encounter events over at...


Update 0.1.2:

Remade the game... Again


Update 1 0.1.8:

The Pred side has been expanded by 65 Passages to include the first two interactive consumptions

The Prey side has been expanded by 76 Passages to include the end of the first night on the Prey side.

One fighter added to arena fights

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Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.1.8 on 06/12/2018

Loving it so far, keep it up! ;)

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