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Version: 0.0.2


Version: 0.0.1

So, Like, I Make Ether?
by shroudy

Early stages of development. Concept at this point.

I have left the Adult Themes blank for now, because at this point it has none.

I have set the Content Rating as XXX because it will be.

Read the plot for what the game is about (though SLIME is a pretty good indicator).

I have a goal for 0.0.03 (will work on that this week), so for after that please let me know in the Discussion forum whether you think I should work on the Interaction/Sex system (my "plan" so far), or adding new Locations and Characters.

This is my first game I've present to a "public" place instead of just friends and giving up on it due to lack of feedback. I'm running in head first but I have a blindfold on.

Still getting used to Twine. It has quite easy ways to do general presentation; but as a programmer, sometimes I find myself making it more complicated to do what I consider a basic thing.

You have woken up in a strange place. You don't know where you are, or even WHO you are.

Your first wanderings around your new abode lead to more mysteries at the start.

Who lived here? What are these slimes doing here? What's this "Ether" thing?

As you leave, you notice a sign telling you where you can get a job, and that seems like a good idea. Or at least you can see what's going on around here.

(I have a major plot hole here, because as you apply for your first job you have to enter a name even though you wake up not knowing who you are. I will tidy this plot hole eventually.)

Eventually I will add in plot discoveries, like why they only use frozen 21st century men for Mayors (no, it's not a plague that means men can't reproduce anymore, though I do like that in other stories).

You, you know who you are, right?

Belle, a French librarian.

Slimes, your source of Ether.

Your first steps are getting aquainted with your new home (and systems, like the Slime farm, Ether Focusing, and Stat changes).

Head to the library.

At the library, you meet Belle, who you are going to work for.

Upon placing your name upon the application, she freaks out. They've been expecting you! (In a good way, not a creepy way)

You are now able to (slightly, and with no visual feedback) start work on getting Belle to like you more, and the TF system is in place (use the Ether, Lucas).


Base TF Ether system in place. Need to keep adding more stats and descriptions, so bare with me. (Yes, I said bare, BARE IT ALL AND BASK IN YOUR GLORY!)

Plan for 0.0.03:

Continue adding descriptions to changeable traits (and therefore get them in the Ether/Look screen)

Clean up the Ether/Look screen. It's a bit messy at the moment.


Half version, just showing how the Ether system will work. Tomorrow or Monday I will have a physical TF working (physical will work minorly differently in code, since it covers more specific things rather than a general "emotion" stat).



First version. Be gentle, but firm.

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