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Version: 0.0.1

Bimbo Battle Royale

Welcome, Gamers of the World, to Bimbo Battle Royale!

With our new, Full-Dive Technology, we can take you into a virtual world like no other! Head to one of 6 locations (one in game so far) to battle 99 other players for victory! With over 19800 words and growing fast, this battle takes you around different biomes, cities and landmarks to fight other players! Make friends, avoid traps and transform your enemies to get first prize in this groundbreaking game!

Ok with all that spiel over, I'd like to formally introduce my game, made for the Virtual Worlds contest 2018, Bimbo Battle Royale. I figured that with 2018 being the year of the battle royale games, and Virtual Worlds being the focus of the contest, this would be the perfect mix. It's not perfect, and I won't pretend it is, but I think it's a solid showing of what I can do, how I write, and hopefully advertise my project for collaboration a bit. Currently the game is text only. although I am aiming to add images very soon. There are 157 passages in the game currently on just one branch, and 237 links inside of that. Please leave advice for me to improve this, I want it to be great!

Currently no placeholder text outside of the drop select and one decision midway through the game. Please make use of the back button and saves, it took a really long time to learn sugarcube 2 and then convert the whole thing from harlowe just to give players those options.

I hope you enjoy!

If this game gets a lot of attention I might start a patreon so I can work on it even more hours than I already do, but as of now I intend for this game to be 100% free.

Created for the Virtual World competition https://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=10946#p455290


 I set up a Tumblr Development Blog! It's here: jessiehorigames.tumblr.com


And yes on the forums I said I wouldn't release this until it's ready but I really need an editor/image finder/coder/idk. If you want to collaborate on this please message me.

(06/13/2018) Initial concept release

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Review by Celice

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 06/17/2018

Ever play a brand new game and just immediately know that it's gonna be really good... This is definitely one of them.

Definitely gonna be keeping my eye on this one

Review by nnaadd

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 06/13/2018

Even porn games needed battle royale, what a genre.

Yeah, its a good CYOA game, just lacking at the moment. Images would be great, but that should be something to worry about later

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