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Version: 0.5.96

Version: 0.5.95

Version: 0.5.94

Not my Body!
by pululon

Not my Body! is a game that combine aspect of visual novel and rpg. You play as Aisha Diamon, a woman that awoke knowing that her actual body wasn't her own. Without memories of her past, and some dark memories of the girl that previously had the name of Aisha Diamond.

She have to regain her memories to know who she were before, and what happened to her.
For that she will live her new life while begin to get involved in the past of the real Aisha Diamond, that is directly connected to the person that she was before.

The game have aspects of visual novel, and RPG, Aisha learn skills for her sexual activities and can craft items to help her in her daily life.
She interact with a large number of character, traveling trhough her neigbourhood and chosing what to do, and when to do it.

She can take quests that are part of the main plot, or others that are secondary, giving some color to the world that she inhabit.

Free Release: Build 23 
  • Update scenes for Ian's quest with the new navigation system - Taking Ian to the park.
  • New sex scene in the waitress at night job, with the new outfit.  
  • New scene from a poll -  Random guy will call Aisha to his car while she is walking through the neighborhood.  (the hunt)   
  • Add more stuff in the  new inventory
  • Fixed bugs that freeze the game in Ian's quest when you watch his picture on his room and when you give him the occultism book 

In Ian's quest the scene of the park now work like the one of the gym, with some effects and new navigation. 

Last scene for the Waitress at night job with the ero outfit... like the rest, you need to do before all the scenes with the normal suit to unlock de ero outfit, and then choose this one, and do all the scenes, since this new one is the last one to unlock. 

New scene has a clothe requisite and will have an item requisite, right now you don't need any kind of requisite since the outfit will be obtainable through the unlock bar quest, and the item isn't in the game yet. You can access the scene through the Hunt from Monday to Sunday in the afternoon, Saturday and Sunday midday and afternoon.

Build 21
  • Begin the update of the scenes for Ian's quest with the new navigation system.
  • New sex scene in the waitress at night job, with the new outfit. 
  • Tutorial at the beginning of the game 
  • Fixing bug that doesn't change the day after going to the movies with Lucas.
  • A new scene with the boy in the housemaid job, fucking his bully in his house. 
  • Added images for the new training outfit for training in the gym/park and seducing
  • 2 new scenes for the Book Seller job with the old man. 
  • Fixed that you cold go out of the gym lockers wearing any clothes


I updated the intro dream and the first scenes in Ian's quest when you meet Mikela and Ian for the first time and convince him that Aisha is real. 

You can access the new scene if you use the ero outfit in the waitress at night job, and if you do the handjob scene first (will be available the next night). 

I made some tutorials for the beginner, when you start a new game you will have a little explanation about what to do and some basics ideas, the scene triggers in Aisha's room and then another in the map, both in the first time that you access to them.  

The events on the Housemaid job with Lucas continue. He will return with a friend and Aisha can engage with them, is a long scene that can be cut into three (Aisha can say no a few times and continue later). After this scene, Lucas will be avoiding Aisha and the Wednesday none will be in the house when she is working. He and his friend will be in future quests/events after these events. 

In the Book Seller job with the old man are available 2 new scenes. The old man can now satisfice himself with Aisha, but without penetration. (you can access to the old man scenes on Monday and Wednesday) 

I updated the diary too, with new places and characters.

Build 20
  • Put the new navigation system in the scenes of the quest of Manny Dull (going to the school)
  • Indication of what activities you didn't with the old man in the housemaid job
  • New sex scene in the waitress at night job, with the new outfit.
  • More scenes with the boy in the housemaid job, going to the movies.
  • Fixed some colors in buttons in Lucas scenes, fixed that the navigation was letting you skip the options in Lucas scenes (train and convention)
  • New scene from a poll:  Book Seller's job,  going to a house where is an old man, can be seduced and then escalate to something more ecchi. 
  • Added new npc Clark McNiven (the oldman)


All the scenes in the Manny Dull quest are with the new navigation system.

The new scene at the Waitress at Night job can be accessed if you did all the other scenes with the common clothes and acquired the ero waitress outfit, then when you go to the waitress at night job you can choose which outfit to wear, if you chose the ero, you can access to a seduction option and then go further and access to the scene.
You can note that the option to trigger the scene after the seduction scene with the ero outfit is called "ero spell", at this moment you can access without any problem, but in the future you will have to complete some requirements to access this option and the words "ero spell" will have more sense. 

Aisha can continue seducing Lucas (Wednesdays in the housemaid job), the next step is to invite him to the movies, if he accepts (if you had sex in the previous scenes won't be that easy) you could pick him later in the afternoon to go to the movies, there you have a scene where you can choose to do 2 ero iterations in front of Lucas. To get to the movies you need to have a dress that can be bought in the clothes store. 

The bookseller scene triggers on Monday and Wednesday, then you have the option to go to the old man house and seduce him, after that he will offer to Aisha a massage, you can say no and return another day, if you say yes, its trigger an ero scene and then you can return on Monday and Wednesday while working to get more scenes (at this moment are only two scenes)

Build 19

New Build! 

  • New navigation for all the animations of the housemaid job with the old man
  •  Add a new outfits, ero maid and the ones of the ero photo sessions. Corrected bugs in some scenes in the housemaid job with the old man.
  • New sex scene in the waitress at night job, this one will unlock a new outfit.
  •  New scene for the waitress at night job with the new outfit and guides for the ero scenes with the normal outfit.
  • All the clothes are now in 1 version with the bra or without the bra, you can't change that anymore... was something that I wasn't using and only was more time waste when I make a new outfit.
  • Add info in the notes for the jobs, each job has information about the progress of it. For example, will tell you first about the job, then when you go the first time will tell you more information and if you engage in the activities in each job will be updating until you get to the end of the scenes of that particular job.
  • More scenes with the boy in the housemaid job, the anime convention.
  • New scene:  Seducing a group of workers in the street.  (the hunt)  


Now you have a guide through the different scenes in the waitress at night until you reach the final and unlock the new outfit and the normal outfit for use. After then you can select what outfit to use for work and that will define the scene for the job and the ero scenes available (the ero outfit didn't have anyone yet) 

After doing the cosplay scene with Lucas in the housemaid job (Wednesday), Aisha will promise him to go to an anime convention next Sunday, when we reach Sunday the new scenes will trigger. One in the train, and the second in the convention. 

The New Scene can be accessed through The Hunt from Monday to Friday at midday.

Build 18
  • Rework animation and scripts for the scenes of the housemaid job with the old man.
  • Fixed bug that crashed the game in the strip scene with the boys (housemaid job) and now the news scenes in the bathroom with the oldman begin to count in Aisha's diary
  • Ero scene, waitress at night, Aisha fucked outside the diner.
  • Saves miniatures for the new places in the forest and downtown, The move button in the gym locker now get you to the gym directly.
  • Fixed a error that broken the bathroom movement. 
  • I changed the way that the music worked, before, you load the bg music each time that you enter a place or the map, restarting the music when the new place had the same music than before, now check if the music is the same, it doesn't restart it. 
  • Added quest marks in the places where you have something to do (like Mikela's house, the school when the quest begin, or the park in the current quest in development for Cassandra Lomer)
  • Ero scene, Seducing a random guy in the bathroom area of the park, escalating the scene to something more ecchi, inside the bathroom (The Hunt).
  • Two scenes for the housemaid job, with one boy that return from the school (these happens in wenesday).

The entire bath scene for the housemaid job with the old man is redone, with new draws, and animations, so it can be the same that all the rest. The introduction to the selection of the scene with the old man is redone too. Next thing for this is put the navigation for the scenes of the bed and the rough scene with the old man in the housemaid scene. But that is for another build. 

To unlock the scene of the waitress at night you need to get Aisha groped again after doing the blowjob scene. 

A new scene for The Hunt, in the park too. Is like all the other scenes from The Hunt. You can get this scene in Monday, midday; Tuesday, Midday; Wednesday, Midday, Afternoon; Thursday, Midday, Afternoon; Friday, Midday, Afternoon; Saturday, Midday, Afternoon; Sunday, Morning, Midday. 

The new music is in the sex scenes for the housemaid job with the boys, and the old man in the bathroom, the ero scenes in the waitress job, all the ero scenes in the hunt, and the jobs. The combat has music too now.

Build 17 
  • Rework of the scenes of the housemaid job with the old man, anal sex.
  • Ero scene, waitress at night, Getting groped while work, can escalate to something more ecchi.
  • Fixed bugs in dialogues with some npcs (school director was one), fixed bug that makes doesn't show the images of the saves when you access from the menu.
  • Fixed bug on Ian's quest where the game stopped after selecting using a Lust Heart to convince Ian that Aisha is real.
  • Fixed bugs that could put the game in pause during the scenes previous to the fight, preventing the game to continue.
  • Ero scene, Seducing a random guy in the bathroom area of the park, escalating the scene to something more ecchi, inside the bathrooms or outside.  (the hunt) - One of two scenes made
  • Corrected some scripts that have a few bugged code that could crash the game (in the Hunt's scenes of Manny Dull)
  • More music. 
  • More info ingame so you can know how to begin the adventure and quests. 
 * For the scene of seducing the boy and the Manny scenes for The Hunt. I added the schedule for the scene with the boys in the school, you can access to it from Monday to Friday during morning and afternoon. 
*  The new scene trigger when you are in the job Waitress at night, then you can choose to seduce customers and go further from that 
* I added more when you start the game, so you can know what to do to start the different quests/system


Build 16

  • Model job, ero schoolgirl uniform.
  • The Manny scenes for The Hunt with the new navigation.
  • Seducing a random boy, escalating the scene to something more ecchi  (the hunt)
  • Added too rewards in some sex scenes that didn't have it (Young Semen and that stuff) 
  • Autosave, when you go to the map or sleep the game will autosave in a new spot.
  • Rework of the scenes of the housemaid job with the old man, vaginal sex.
  • Added descriptions on the fight. When you pass the mouse on the icons of the attacks you will see a description on the bottom right window.
  • Added some music, in the main menu, the intro and the map and places.

Build 15

  • The boys in the housemaid job, last scene.
  • Model’s Job, ero teacher outfit scene
  • Model’s Job, all scenes with the new navigation system
  • Fix dialog bugs
  • Oldman in the housemaid job, rebuild of the bath scenes, boobjob rebuild. (I have to make all the scenes first before changing everything, at this moment I only did the images).
  • Scene for "Seducing a group of boys, escalating the scene to something more ecchi (the hunt)". You need to unlock The Hunt for this (need to begin Ian's quest, then meet Greg and then do 5 seductions in any place)
  • Help for the job system, shops, cook, freezer, grimoire.
  • Added information for when you get the grimoire system unlocked.
  • Changed some icons from the hud.
  • Indications and help for some situation (in the start of the game, when we unlock systems like The Hunt or the Grimoires)
  • Model Job, Ero Schoolgirl uniform

Build 13

  • Model job, clothes, ero gym uniform scene
  • Fixed bug when sleeping, the day never changed
  • House Maid Job, the boys, Play cards scene
  • House Maid Job, the boys, Grope scene
  • Reworked the introduction scene (with the new navigation system)
  • New navigation system for the ero scenes (just in two scene for test, play cards scene, and the introduction)
  • New dialog system (is a rework to make it easy for me)
  • New places with the new navigation system, park and all its parts, Mikela’s house and all its parts.
  • The freezer, now certain items will go directly to Aisha’s house, to the freezer, like Aisha own pervert juices, and anything sex-related. The loot of the monsters will go here too (and some human’s pieces). You can access to the freezer in Aisha’s house, in the living touching the kitchen’s icon will appear the cooking icon and the freezer icon.
  • Fixed that the seduction icon was disabled after loading a game, even when it was able before.
  • Fixed bug that made the grimoire print one on top of the other in the grimoire book while selecting them.

Notes: The navigation system. The scenes with this are fluid, doesn’t stop (only in some key moments, that are part of the narrative or when you need to do a minigame), you can stop and resume the action with the space bar or the mouse's right click. You have on the bottom of the page a little button that says “Options”, in this button you have some… well, options, like continue/pause, remove the balloons (will pause everything automatically); normal speed, faster speed (if you don’t want to wait), and exit (if you want to end the scene early). I will be updating all the scenes to this new format.


  • Mrs. Carter, info file was with a bug that crashed her dialogs.
  • The contact system wasn’t working at all (the cell phone icon)
  • Jimmy Munn was freezing the game in his conversation (a guy in the park)
  • Wrong chat with Rudolf McCullin in the station
  • Mikela was appearing before Ian's quest in the gym
  • Mikela's house was available before Ian's quest in the map
  • Mr. Cunning was crashing the game when you talked with him.
  • Weird functioning with time, when you sleep Aisha was appearing in the living room and not in her room, and the time won’t changed sometimes.

Hotfix 2

  • The day won't change when Aisha masturbates herself and after a while, the time would begin to glitch.
  • When giving Ian either of the magazines makes the game go to a blank screen at the end of the initial conversation.


Build 12

  • First part of The Hunt
  • New grimoire, The Lust Seeker
  • Fifth part of Many Dull development
  • New clothe, gym uniform
  • New scene, Manny taking pics with the gym uniform
  • Reading images for clothes 19,20,21,22
  • Training gym and park pics for clothes 22
  • Seducing with clothes 22
  • New interactive backgrounds, store, library, highschool
  • New map, highschool
  • New hunt scenes, Manny groping Aisha’s boobs and Manny rubbing Aisha’s butt.
  • First part of the job scene in tuesday (seducing the boys)
  • Fixed bug in Ian’s fight
  • Fixed bug that make the game crash in the doggy style scene of the apartment scene after the club
  • A bug that sometimes crashed the game before beginning the conversation with NPCs.
  • Changed the icon of the exit in the minimarket.
  • Fixed a bug that stuck the game if you were at the gym at the same time that Aisha has to go to the waitress at night job.
  • Fixed bugged image when Aisha was training in the park with the gym uniform clothes.

To unlock The Hunt, first you need had talked with Greg and unlocked the grimoire system, after that you need to do 5 random seduction anywhere and you will unlock the system. Then you will need to craft the item “The Lust Seeker”, and this item only works once per day, so you need a new one every day.  Currently in the only place where you can use it is in the school, and for that, you need to finish Manny Dull quest to gain access to it. The events for Manny show up Monday in midday and afternoon, Tuesday in midday, Wednesday in afternoon, Thursday in morning and Friday in morning.

The house maid job has changed, the events for the old man only appears in monday and the events for the boys in tuesday.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Excanda

Version reviewed: 0.5.9 on 01/18/2019

Interesting game, though not as clear what to do as I would have liked.

My biggest problem is the blurry images and text especially the intro. Most of the game is good readable, but the intro and the parts where you have no control it gets blurry.

Another thing I noticed is the second screen that shows this game has a lot of errors. I mean just about every action you perform in the game gives an error message in the second window.

I give this currently a 3 out of 5 and suggest you clean up the game before you add more as the errors shouldn't be so many.

Review by MikeMike

Version reviewed: 0.5.8 on 11/21/2018

OMG I really want to like this game! The art style. The idea. all plusses. But the number of crashes. The number of times when I get stuck where the game just freezes, or when dialogues fail to appear is just incrdible frustating. The lack of a common guide on what to do in the game were urgh! The lack of information about using hearts to level up the character is just.... no!... (you do that by clicking on the character picture to the left)..

I'm going to follow the game, because I really feel that it got a lot of promise and I love the idea and art style, but on the other hand it just leaves me so incredible frustrated that I want to scream as well.



Review by becomingtgirl

Version reviewed: 0.5.7 on 10/09/2018

Doesnt work under a virtual machine. Requires OpenGL 2.1 but even with this installed (Virtualbox's 3d acceleration + OGL2.1 registry patch) it fails.

Review by jimmybob

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/27/2018

This game shows a lot of potential. The art is good, and the comic style is nice.

The game seems less complete than the 1.0 version would suggest, It feels more like a ver 0.7 or 0.8 than a 1.0 considering the missing images, placeholder minigames, and incomplete stat implementation, but what is there shows a lot of promise.

I look forward to updates to this.

Review by abartfast

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/26/2018

I really liked the visual style - very effective and it suits the story well. I especially like the use of graphic novel conventions and multiple small images on a screen to show aspects or changes over time.

(Minor art quibble, I know the main character is supposed to have very large breasts, but these are drawn even larger than very large. They are not to scale, and so to my eye they detract from the overall visual appeal.

Like several other reviewers, I had trouble figuring out what to do and what the game was trying to do - I understand that this is part of the immersion, and on my second start I did get the dream that pointed me over to Mikaela's house. So there is some guidance, but perhaps a little more would be good.

My other complaint is the amount of mouse movement - far too many screens require clicking through diaglogue or continuing from one sub-panel to the next. And each of these means finding the correct little spot on the screen and clicking on it to move ahead or to close the current window. A couple of keyboard commands - like space to continue and escape to close - would make playing this on a device with a keyboard much easier and smoother.

I played through version 0.1 and so was willing to accept that many of the minigames are currently placeholders and that a lot of the text has not been fully copy edited or proof read. 

I am looking forward to seeing and playing more of this.


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