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Orchard University RPG


You are an adult of untold age. You return from your work that you hate, sit on the sofa drinking beer when an advertisement flashes in your computer selling you the solution to all your problems: going to school. Soon thereafter you get trasported to the university, small problem though ITS A SCHOOL (university) FOR GIRLS!! (you are also trapped with no way of getting out... small problem).

Will you survive school in this "virtual" (not so virtual to you) reality?

Current build end  after you complete quest 13 (ish) and the character events) (After the new library quest)

Use the Manual version if you want to move your save files manually, use The AUTO version if you don't care where your save files are.


- Added another quest in a "familiar" location (I had to take more liberties with this one though). The dungeon has 4 tfs (2 tfs and 2 compulsions), 1 new outfit and 1 image.

- Added the option to change hairsyle at will, you will have to unlocked them again in order to gain access to them, even if you have already had them, or even if you are currently having it. Color at the moment is still not under your control.


You are an adult of untold age. You return from your work that you hate, sit on the sofa drinking beer when an advertisement flashes in your computer selling you the solution to all your problems: going to school. Soon thereafter you get trasported to the university, small problem though ITS A SCHOOL (university) FOR GIRLS!! (you are also trapped with no way of getting out... small problem).

Will you survive school in this "virtual" (not so virtual to you) reality?


You: adult of untold age, trapped in a virtual world

Dean: The carefree dean of the school (University)

Mia: Antisocial Hacker (more to come in future realeses)

Emma: Proud Streamer (transformed into a Fairy)

Tina: Embarrased Worker

Lisa: A bit of a bully.

Hopefully you know where to go, otherwise its my bad. 

TF guide:

Lose to normal enemies, lose to bosses, grab all chests, be a good school mate, be nice to your companions, be curious, that is all. Be warned: some tfs will grant status changes.

This is a very hasty walthough. I will divide it into 3 sections: Missions, Companion events and Side activities (incuding compulsion mechanics)

1.- You start, you talk to the 4 girls with abnormal colors and any one normal color, then you talk to the guards to let you in.

2.- You try to find a place, I hoover the camera over to the available places

3.- You get transprted to the Deans office where you get access to the menu.

4.- You wake up to rescue a girl, in the forest head south to get the hatchet (your first weapon) and then head north. Interact with the wood. Defeat the Tree to get one point of affection for Mia and a "core" (I will call them cores, cause it's easier to type and are mechanically the same as Magical Camp's cores: you'll be able to sync with them for the tfs you would have gotten); or get defeated to get a tf (longer hair).

5.- Get called to the dean's office, obatin Map.

6.- Get called again to rescue a girl in the sewers. Head to the middle ish of the school and go down the sewers. 

7.- I was told the sewers are annoying, so be careful. Head to the middle, find the chest, get a tf (longer hair). Recue Mia for longer hair and affection, or not.

8.- Beat slime boss for a core, or get defeated for tf (boobs)

9.- Go to class, choose a side (can change daily) the choices will lead to +1 affection to one of the members of your future party.

10.- you can now access quests.

11.- Choose the Pool quest. Choose it again. Save Emma. Defeat the Snake for a core, or get defeated for a tf (down there)

12.- 2nd Forest: Grab the yellow plant and tree to access the boss (grab the purple plant for a tf: figure). Boss (get defeated for: mind tf: charisma)

13.- Mansion: Open chests for tf: thighs, fail puzzle for tf: chest. Puzzle solutions: 1st floor 18192021; 2nd floor 9. Boss= defeat for mind tf concentration.

14.- Core Sync tower: Grab book, get out. Come back for core syncronazation (Sync for a tf, a skill and a stat boost; only available if you did not get defeated by the boss. talk to the statue in the middle while Will hold the magic item (scroll down in the equipment space, it's one of the slots))

15.- Beach: in second area, open chest to get tf (thighs), Lose to boss for mind tf (impulse)

16.- Hospital: 2nd floor, open chest in left area for tf (face), Lose to boss for mind tf (care)

17.- Tower: move rocks to the switch (more specifics later). Get to the lowest floor, fight, then fight (don't lose second battle). You can return home or stay to defeat boss. If lose you get tf (thighs). Get Emma as a companion.

18.- Swamp: Follow the path with the least moss (I think up, left, up, right) Do up up for chest and tf (down there). Get Lisa as a companion

19 Laberynth: Chest "near" where you start contains a tf (thighs). If lose to boss, get tf (boobs).

20.- Ice laberynth (more specifics later) 3rd room in cave contains tf (down there). Lose to boss to get tf (in heat)

21.- Fire cave (more specific later) push the rock in the second puzzle towards the blue switch to unlock room to get weapon and tf (figure). Lose to boss to get tf (face)

22.- Upper part of the Library: SAVE! then lose to the Boss.  (Puzzle; follow the number of bookshelf in order, 1 to 2, 2 to 3 etc, Once you reach 8, go back and activate the switch in the 2nd room, that should open the room for the 9nth room)

23.- Old Town: Go to the cafeteria, buy the cake. Talk to the goth girl. Go outside. Go to the tree next to the mansion, talk to it and climb it (say yes for a tf, say no for a gameover; and tf). Trade something with one of the kids, any kid. Return to the goth girl gain a key. Use the key on the lower right house (go to the left for a gameover). Go right grab the item. Use the item on the well. defeat the bosses. Accept the offer for a magic item, kill the person that offered the offer for another magic item.

NOTE: You can go back to any previous quest if you talk to the male npc next  to the female one in the dean's reception

Miscelanious events

After unlocking the corresponding mind tf, you'll unlock jobs in the school. The specifics will be on a board in the Main Building

Flier giver: Nursing building on weekdays (early)

Tier 1 jobs

Dishwasher: Main Building weekdays 

Archery: Track and Field field (back of the Main Building) weekdays

Nurse: Nursing Building weekends


Tier 2 jobs:

Maid/Waitress: Main Building weekdays (Waitress on the left, Maid on the  right)

Tutor: Science Building, first floor, weekdays (early)

Hall Monitor: Science Building, weekdays (?)


Tier 3 job(s):

Cheerleader: Track and Field, weekdays(?)

More to come (incuding tier 3 and 4)

You'll unlock compulsions after you unlock the mind tf (clean your room to satisfy concentration, run laps at the track and field to satisfy impulse, guide people to satisfy care, talk to people in the main building for charisma. You'll see a star, that's the place to go to satidfy things). Alternatevile, you can adopt mentalities to satisfy them, but you'll take a big toll in battle.


Companion Events (the first requires >=1; the second >= 3 affection with the companion): Third >=7

Mia 1 (top left part of the school, outside) Mia 2 (Main building near the entrance, inside) Unlocks head slot Mia 3 (science bldg 2nd floor) Unlocks Accesory slot

Emma 1 (south part of the school) Emma 2 (left part of the security building, outside), Emma 3 (inside the Nursing building, after school)

Lisa 1 (Outside of the science building) Lisa 2 (Inside of the Main Building, right part) Unlocks panties usage Lisa 3 (Science Bldg outside (?))

Tina 1 (Outside the female residences) Tina 2 (Outside the nursing building) Tina 3 (Nursing Bldg)

AFTER you get all the events above, you will get an event that unlocks the body tf 

You can call your companions after the first quest is done, or get random events at classes.



- Added another quest in a "familiar" location (I had to take more liberties with this one though). The dungeon has 4 tfs (2 tfs and 2 compulsions), 1 new outfit and 1 image.

- Added the option to change hairsyle at will, you will have to unlocked them again in order to gain access to them, even if you have already had them, or even if you are currently having it. Color at the moment is still not under your control.



- Added a side/mainish quest in a ... familiar location (kinda). The quest has 2 tfs that end in a gameover, 2 magic items/cores that give you different tfs from the gameovers. And a 2 other tf. So like 6 tfs (?)

- Finished implementing the other tier 3 events for your companions, one which has the accesory tf (surprise which one) (PS, I thik I didnt put it on the mirror... my bad)

- You can now press I for inventory. You will need it for this quest.

> So in summary: 7 tfs, a new dungeon and quest, 3 new companion events.

PS: next week will be the last week I will be able to work regularly in this project. I'll still will try to update the game regularly, just not AS regularly



- Added 1 main quest with one gameover tf (its not permanent, also the Boss doesnt leave a magical item (aka core); It does contain an image)

- Added 2 jobs: Hall Monitor (Scicence Building) and Cheerleader (Track and Field; might not have included it on the board. Need 3 mental stats at 3); It also gives you an Outfit.

- Added Mini events when you call someone by phone. They are 3 for each character, you get them at random, but they all give one point of affection.

- Added Emma's 3rd event (forgot to put her on the map... she is beside her classroom in the Nursing Building after class)

> In summary 1 tf, one outfit, 2 new jobs, and a companion event.


- Added 1 dungeon with 2 tfs

- Added a bucnh of images regarding transformations from past dungeons (almost every tf has one, if you can see it, it is likeñy is there).

- Hopefully solved the bugs regarding the ice dungeon...


V 3.5-6.7.0

- Main story, many tfs... I forgot and I didnt wrote them



- Added a main mission (with 1 tf), which adds a new character to the party. I implemented 2 new events for said character (no tfs in those).

- Added some sort of ... I don't want to say compulsion ,but ... compulsion mechanic (sorry Novin...). You will have to do something related to ALL of the mental tfs or your stats will decrease, permanently and it stacks. On the bright side, if you do them you gain a stat point (only one per week, and not from jobs). I understand doing jobs all 4 minigames every week would get tidious, so I added places where you can satisfy the mental tfs all over the map (your room =Concentration; SUB = Charisma; Field = Impulse; Top right part of the school map = Care). This will not take much real time from the player (they still take in game time). 

- Added 2 sets of clothes to Avarice's shop. Also after Quest 4 is done, you can access the shop by talking to the sewer entrance (... you know what I mean) (accesories now visible in the mirror, except the 2 new ones)

- Added 2 new hair styles (High twin tails/side tail)

- Fixed some bugs (The nurse minigame should be fixed, the hair reseting should be fixed, I think everything mentioned in the thread should have been fixed)

- In summary: 1 new tf, 1 new mission (+story), 1 new playable character, compulsion mechanic, 2 new sets of clothes and 2 new hair styles. 



- Added 3 dungeons: the hospital, the beach and a tower. Total of 4 tfs (2 physical 2 mental) and the ability to sync with a magic item.

- Something I failed to mention previously  are the magic items (the items you get when you defeat a boss). Those are armor and can be equipped, they give you a skill and bonus stats. You just have to scroll a bit in the armor section to see them 

PS: You'll also see something weird called UHS, this is so the head armor doesnt unequip when you sleep (UHS unlock head slot; Should work even if you already completed Mia's event)

- Added 2 minigames related to the 2 mental stats (one in the nursing building, the other in the track and field field)

- Added 2 outfits related to the adventures as well. 

- The tower dungeon will allow you to sync with a magic item ONLY IF you didn't lose to the boss (they will give you the tf, the skill permanently and a small stat boost).

In summary 4 tfs (+ sync tfs) 2 outfits and 3 dungeons!!


Some small changes as well: The hand mirror will let you see yourself (then activate the menu) if you press V (view self); you can activate the map with M as well. This will only work if you have them. PS the map wont work in the mornings if you activate the green lever. 

The 2nd rank of each mental tf should grant you a skill (tell me if they don't) you rank up at 10. 

Also fixed some bugs (hopefully) : the message about the key should appear now (and some others)


Made both classes available (science, humanities), they should now feel more like a normal class (quizzes might come later). You can receive affection points at random with any of the 3 new characters introduced in this version (+Mia) (no events with them so far, that's coming later)

Introduced 3 new characters (technicaly none, since you've seen them before, but now you can interact with them)

Introduced a job system. If you have the corresponding mind tf, you can do a job to increase it (so far there are 2, both with minigames ) The job board is in the Main Buillding, left hand after you enter. They also give you money. 

I added another optional dungeon, this one grants 3 tfs and an outfit. 

Also fixed some bugs (hopefully)


First and explanation of the number system above. The first digit (currently 0) is if the game is concidered finished or not. The second is the main story, if the number increased, then I added a dungeon involving story (will also have tfs) (Will try to put images in them). The third are optional dungeons, simple dungeons that will have tfs, maybe images, but no affect on the story (might develop some characters, but will do my best to develop the world). The fourth represents mechanicals changes/ add ons like the school system, or the mirror; might also represent more of your confidants events. The final number is the version of the version (or how many bugs I have found/fixed)

So what's new? Assuming the last version is then you can see I added a lot of things!

First: I added a simple quest system, and 2 quests a main quest and an optional one  (total of 4 tfs, and an outfit)

Second: Implemented a school-daily routine system (its mostly automatic), the map now lets you teleport to the different school buildings (I think you shouldnt be able to use it in a dungeon, and if you do it might breack the game (hopefully slightly))

Third: Mia now have friendship events, 2 of them! The second one has a tf and an outfit (but I won't tell you how to get it :) ) The map SHOULD tell you where she is. Spoiler: top left on the school map and main building. 

Fourth: You may want to start another file, you have to be even with the MAC people (and accidentally forgot to add +1 to Mia's affection even when it says it does...)

Fifth: This is mainly to give a sneack preview, but the warthrobe in your room now changes your outfit (for the mirror only), this in no way affect gameplay or the story. But it will in future releases. 


Initial release

Credit for things I used:
Benjamin Mastripolito Lemoncreme
Fiesta cgoulao
Sinnistar: faces
SumRndmDde plugins:
Timed attack
collission checker
Joshua Empyre: orquestra
Jammerboy 70: cyber race
Sirkoto 51: castle theme, retro puzzle loop, rpg town, anime encounter
Airwolf89: epic music
Thalzon: monster (tree)
Sewer tiles: Nicnubill, Nagi God Kau (pipes)
slime boss: sage
harpy: adamrayen
taarna23: save plug in
tyruswoo: follower plugin
RPG Tsukuru MV material collection
Starbird Resources: cofee tiles
HimeWorks: disabled Choice CONDITIONS

Lunarea,Enterbrain, INC.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by hathios

Version reviewed: Windows MANUAL on 09/09/2018

Can't climb the tree next to the mansion after I cleared the stage.


I accidently got Quest #14 which was hidden and then it appeared on the board the day after so I can't finish this quest a second time.


I never found any hairstyles in previous version and the current one.


Foudna bug: YOu can get the Core of the Sea Creature again because you can enter the mansion in the old town and talk to mayor again.

Review by d101232

Version reviewed: Windows Manual on 08/27/2018

funny thing there's a school in montreal called orcherd


Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: Windows Auto on 08/20/2018

windows auto leads to mac link.

Review by Fallout2287

Version reviewed: Windows Manual on 08/15/2018

love this game so far. looking forward to the next update! <3

Review by Gilded Lyrea

Version reviewed: Windows MANUAL on 08/01/2018

Problem fixed. For anyone getting the "Insufficient Resources" Error, it's a problem with the computer and not the game. Dev gave me this link and it helped immensely: https://www.drivethelife.com/windows-10/insufficient-system-resources-exist-to-complete-the-requested-service-windows-10.html

One of those things should solve the issue.

As for the game itself, now that I've played it, it's fairly entertaining. Has clear inspiration from the Persona games in terms of day to day structure, and while battles aren't particularly challenging, they are enjoyable, especially knowing that any loss results in a transformation. The same goes for failing some puzzles, as well as opening some chests. The transformations themselves are slowly doled out over the course of the game, but they're not linear, so if you can figure out what gives which transformations, you can easily get your character to look the way you want. The only real complaints I have are a few minor bugs (which is to be expected of a game that's a work in progress), and that the grammar is occasionally inconsistent, but always understandable. The only reccomendation I'd make to the dev is to perhaps get an editor to go over the dialogue for them.

Overall, it's quite enjoyable, and I'm eager to see where this project goes.

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