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Version: 2.11

Version: 1.0.0

Exchange Year

This is a small sex game about an exchange student who experiences a lot more changes than expected. 
This is a rather short game, not an open sandbox to explore: there is a definite end, and some events can neither be stopped nor avoided by the player: 
several things just happen to the main character: the game is about ways to deal with them. 
There is no deeper sense or moral in the game: it is a fantasy in gameform. 
I am currently rebuilding the game with more choices, additional scenes and, most important: a voluntary path. That path is not free of little problems and people after the player character, though: most problems can be avoided, but the storyline around Mr. Blanchard remains mandatory. 


New link for the debugged version: and the letter from sis is the right one now. WARNING: there seems to be an error  at one scene that I have not yet found and therefore could not repair. That error does not show up in my testplays, but two people report it. 

Travel to foreign places (the USA) and learn about the people: the language, the culture, the lack of condoms. 
Please do not go to the RL USA and try this there: this is a collection of strereotypes and prejudices, not a guide. It claims no more realism than any American tv-show showing foreign countries. 

Robin, a rather opinionated person. Bigoted and prejudiced sound so rude, you know. Still: please do not confuse the character's opinins with those of the game author. Thanks. OR: be a nice guy and willingly submit to a similar but different adventure. 

The family back home. Once we get to the wedding again, sis will pay a visit. 

The host family.

Pupils at High School (last year adults only)

Upt to three pairs of twins. 

Go down with grace, svp. 
Or enjoy what happens. 
Other than Mr: Blanchart you can avoid any input. 

Started a voluntary path. 

Added a transfer scene with the dentist.

Changed pictures. 

Decided to try out first person narrative. 

Put the end back in. 

New update (2.1 as of 4.11.) is just a debugged version. Sorry it took so long. 

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Review by Trollsmyth

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/15/2018

Imagine if Blauz did The Weekend or A Wintry Mix.


Ok, it's not quite that.  This is still Blauz, after all.  But this is the sweetest Blauz game yet.  To my utter shock, Blauz makes getting to first and second base sexy and fun here, where most games just kinda gloss over those bits.  Exchange Year actually plays with dating as more than just an excuse to get quickly to "the good parts" by lingering on the stuff that builds up to intercourse.  Full props to the author for that, especially since there's clearly a struggle with the language barrier.


The take on Yanks is more than a little stereotypical (girls only wearing skirts and Polish jokes are so very 40 years ago) but like most of the games on this site, it's more about the fantasy than the reality.  And, as usual for a Blauz game, your character is a loathsome jerk getting his just desserts and the story ends when you get knocked up (though the denoument is a lot sweeter and more pleasant than usual from Blauz).  


This is extremely linear.  Your choices mostly seem to be about tacking on extra material you encounter on your way down the core path, from which you cannot deviate.  So this one is even less a "game" than most.  


However, if you're not hung up on what is or isn't a "game" and you enjoy the little moments that make the experience "real," you should definitely check this one out.  And if you're in the process of making a life-sim game, you absolutely must play through this and see how Blauz handles being on a date and those little things like looking into a guy's eyes.  These little details really sell the experience, and Blauz handles that masterfully here.

Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 06/29/2018

It is poorly written with bad grammar. The game however has some nice images.

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