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Version: .0723

Altered Heroines

Altered Heroines Redeux is a SuperHero themed RPG in early alpha where you decide if you want to stay an Alpha male or you make decisions which lead you down a path of forced? feminization.

We've gone through development resource changes over the last few months and pivoted from RPGMv to Twine as our development platform. For this game we felt that it captured where the game was going better, and it would be more accessible and a more stable development path for the long term.

The game is primarily made up of custom pictures and animations. We're also currently building out a RPG style simple combat system as well.

There is way more transformation/sissy content than there is 'Alpha' content currently.

While Patreons will have early access to releases, we will always have a public version of this game posted here.  

Hope you enjoy playing!


You are a college student whose life was derailed by an unfortunate accident caused by a titan of industry. You want revenge and there is a cast of female characters, many with dubious intent, who want to help you oblige!

Strive to regain your masculinity, or decide you would like bigger boobs. It's up to you!

Main Character - A man (for now).

Allison - Your Landlord

Debbie - Your Landlord's daughter

Circe - Your lawyer/Evil Witch

Hailey - Her android companion

Various Heroines and Vilanesses

Walkthrough and in game Quest System in progress!

.18 release

  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Greeen Lantern, Raven, LexCorp, Stargirl content

Known Issues:

  • Debug code sometimes showing
  • Combat still buggy


To do list:

  • Complete Quest System and incorporate all in progress quests
  • Flesh out LexCorp work days
  • Add Coffee Shop to meet Raven 
  • Patrols - Additional combat
  • Update Massage Parlor progression

Review by D3athkitty

Version reviewed: 0.18 on 07/28/2022

I honestly hope the negative reviews didn't disuade the author(s) from continuing work on this. I enjoyed it emmensely and yes, it is buggy, I think the only thing shitting on it is going to do is make the dev give up. 


You got something special here, keep it up!

Review by Innocience

Version reviewed: 0.18 on 11/11/2021

The amount of bugs, wrong code and debug variables being displayed was staggering. Lots of stuff obviously ripped from other games and patched together to form a mess of a code.

The few pictures and animations that did work were great, and the story and setting seem really enjoyable, but all is lost in this total trainwreck of non-playability.

I don't know what the gameplay really is like, but the little stuff I've seen point towards another find-the-one-scene-in-this-sandbox-of-links-that-advances-the-plot game.

Wait for this game until the devs ironed out all the bugs and get this game into a playable state. I doubt the gameplay will be all that interesting, but I still have hope the setting, story and kinky scenes can make up for it.

Review by TotallySane

Version reviewed: 0.18 on 05/05/2021

The concept is interesting, but the 0.18 HTML version is a buggy mess with plenty syntax errors no matter if I use chrome or firefox.

Review by JermBugg

Version reviewed: 0.18 on 10/26/2020

This new html twine conversion was a bad, no, horrible call. Not only does it cut out almost half of the story and gameplay, but it also forces a linear route. The only thing that your choices effect are the images and interaction. They do not effect direction changes in the story at all. The rpgmaker version was much, much, much better.


This was neither an update nor an upgrade. It was a complete and utter mistake to convert game engines. Seriously, dude, how the hell are you just gonna cut over half the content. Hell, if I could afford it, I would be feeding you money every day just so you could revert the game engine back to rpgmaker, rewrite and rework all of the missing content, and actually increase the quality of gameplay for this game. Unfortunately for both you and me, espescially me, I can't afford to pay shit to you. I had come to enjoy the direction the game was evolving before this conversion mishap.


Sorry for being so rude, blunt, and blatant about it, but I figured I would show you enough respect to give you my honest to god opinion. I feel that if I had held back I would be doing you a great disservice and completely disrespecting you.

Review by bisubsissyslut

Version reviewed: 0.18 on 10/24/2020

After waiting forever for this GIANT file to load NO images worked, None were named correctly and if I wanted them I would have to create the folders for the paths you misnamed to pull the pictures.  So I have given up on the game until you make it a playable game.

I did read the story for a few pages and it looks like it would be a game I would like to play.


Fix it up,  Split the file into multiple folders for faster downloading.

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