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Version: Teaser 0.0.2

Version: Teaser

Gallery of Immortal Allure

For those who don't check the discussion thread: Regarding the review below about windows defender flagging it as a trojan, I've run a deep scan on my computer (using avast) and came out clean. RPG Maker MV Games are apparently sometimes flagged as false positives by various AVs and this one appears to be tripping some people up. The newest build is a litle slimmer thanks to ticking off an option I missed the first time around to not include unused files, so I'm hoping that will solve the issue. If not, please let me know, I'd rather not have my game causing people headaches.


You just finished renovating a gallery you bought to display your artwork, and as of the start of the game, have just finished making your latest masterpiece with the help of your live-in model/friend Miyuki. But not all is as it seems in this place, and by fixing it up you appear to have attracted the attention of a supernatural power bent on helping your gallery flourish.

The game is very heavily bent towards inanimate transformations, as that's my kink. As it develops I'll probably start trowing in a few of the other tags up there, BE, Animal, maybe even slow transformation if I think I can figure out how to make that work with the sstem.

This is just the start of the game for now, Miyuki can be transformed in various ways, but I haven't gotten to most of the images as of yet (there promises to be a LOT of them.) so the story mostly plays out through text. There's lots of branching choices though so play through a few times (hint, what you say to the fairy matters)! Once Miyuki is free you've hit the end of content for that path. If she's transformed there's extra conent for each path that you can go find, but there's not really any reason to leave the gallery just yet.

This also happens to be my first attempt at putting a game together, so any feedback people can give (positive or negative, just obey the rules of critique) is appreciated.

Most recent update added a bit more to the Miyuki Freed path, and also an image dump to various places around the game. It's still short, as I haven't worked past the opening, but the next update should flesh out the story/gameplay a little more (providing I don't get distraced makingthe tons of pictures I'll need as I go. I really should just work on the game first, pictures later.)

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Review by Dialdron

Version reviewed: Teaser on 07/10/2018

What exactly is there? From what I can tell, all of the transformation choices lead to a very simple display in main hall, display in room, or use, except for the maid.


Don't get me wrong, this seems like a very promising start to a great game, but is there anything of substance in this build or is it just an introduction? To clarify, I am okay with the latter, but I'm hoping in the next update or two to have more options and actually pass time(unless you can and I didn't figure out how).

Review by benwolf0

Version reviewed: Teaser on 07/10/2018

well it short but a good start.

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