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Yorna MGS
by yeehaw games

A young mage from a noble family arrives at a distant castle to find it ruined and her sister missing. Will she able to recover lost monster girls and restore the peace with their power? What price will she have to pay?

Ada, the female protagonist, is a prodigal mage with the ability to use monster girl's power as her own. Combine them to create your own play style from a powerful battle-mage to a delicate temptress. Will you overcome your enemies through force or make them into your toys? It's up to you!


Info for v0.1 -> v0.1.5 update


Version 0.1.5 brings the usual content pack: a few new zones with a puzzle, secondary quests, a psycho-parrot pet and 3 core scenes each with 2 variations - normal and lewd. 2 of such scenes are the standard boss and monster scenes and the last one is special. It's a repeatable modular scene. More on this in the features section.

I also updated the “Special Controls” help text both on the Patreon and inside game packages. Now it should be easier to navigate and use.


Interactive non-linear scenes

I made an experiment with H scenes to test out modular and repeatable scene structure for the future. You can check it after getting a maid dress from the dressmaker and accepting baron's offer for work.

This system allows players to try out a new approach with shorter, non-linear H scenes. During the scene, players will have several options to respond and act differently. Depending on the client's character and Ada's sex skills, players will get various rewards - from gold to items.

This is the first step of implementing such scenes with just one client. Later releases will have more poses and sex types, plus more characters and interactive options. Also, I plan to add more frames/pictures to all scenes later, after Yorna achieves the first Patreon goal. As it all depends on player interest, I'll be glad to receive feedback from you.

Shortened Scenes option 

From the 0.1.5 version onwards Yorna supports an additional option for players who want to shorten the length of H scenes in the game. It's available through the main options menu and defaults to "Full" setting. Both "Full" and "Short" versions use the same graphics base and differ only in the text length. You can switch between versions any time you like.

This setting affects both gallery and "on-map" H scenes. All scenes support this feature.

I appreciate your feedback about the feature. Contact me with your thoughts via mail or personal messages.  

Upgrading your castle

Version 0.1.5 brings options to repair your castle and add additional functions to it. To access the upgrade menu, talk to the Adviser Arthur just outside the castle. Minor upgrades are available from your castle's workshop once you've completed the first stage of repair.

At this time, minor features include Ada's personal room with a pet and a herb garden for your alchemical needs. This feature will get more options in the later updates.

Improvements and fixes

Added a cursor image to show the active digit during code input for gallery unlock.

Gallery mode now listens for the Escape key and allows to jump 1 level up in the menu tree up to the main game menu.

Fixed Ada's sex skills info. Now all of them show in proper places in the table.

Crafting materials requirements now follow a clearer notation: materials required - space - slash - space materials in your backpack.

Target window for using food or potions lost the default border setting and is transparent now.

Cleared the cursor in the loot window. It didn't serve a purpose there because there's no choice in the reward collection. You get them all.

Fixed combat background randomization. Now each of three battle backs has exactly 33.3% chance to appear. 

Fixed battle sprites for bosses during in-combat dialogues. They don’t overlap with combat info bar anymore.

Fixed a visual bug with a botched tree in Nymph's forest entrance section.

Updated the Hall of Fame map with a few new names. Also, you can exit the credits section by hitting the Escape key without waiting for the roll-over.

Added short tracks for pianos inside baron's mansion. Yeah, classic music!

Fixed a few minor typos in some descriptions.

Marked logo – loading screen as such to avoid possible confusion during Yorna’s loading.


Info for version v0.1.5 -> v0.2.0


Graphic and scenes

v0.2.0 has 2 new scenes in lewd and normal variations – 4 new unlocks for the gallery. The “maid job” recursive scenes receive 13 new frames with new graphics and 2 new clients with their own character and gifts for the job well done. New frames are focused on Ada working with her hand and happy endings.

As the result, recursive scenes has more variety now. I will add lewd sound to these scenes during the next update – didn’t have the time in this dev cycle.

Monster girls receive their own sprites and mini-cutscenes in the castle. Calista the lamia will receive her unique sprite in the next update and I will try to move from generic stuff towards more specific and original graphics. Yorna v0.2.0 has 2 custscenes: 1 for Leary and another one for Gabby.

You can try out 2 new dresses. One can be crafted after updating you castle to lvl 1, which you could do in the v0.1.5. Check Diana’s shop afterward. The lamia boss has the other one.

Your castle and improvements

Players can upgrade their default “Firepuff” magic skill to a more powerful “Fireblast” in the luxurious Ada’s room. Check the bookshelves on the left.

You can upgrade your garden with a batch of red herbs for alchemy and other crafting needs. Also, I added a well inside the herb garden to gather water. All water gathering yields twice the amount to speed up the gathering process.

Castle receives a default “kitchen/mess hall” zone where you can buy food with a discount. Plus, you can check how well Gabby is behaving while you are gone. After all, the girl has her needs…

Arthur no longer gives the introductory cutscene if the player visited Ada’s room on their own before triggering it.

Crafting and alchemy

Sand tribe’s town offers a book with advanced alchemy recipes. Buying it unlocks new types of more effective potions.

Added materials to monster’s drop list to make crafting easier and more appealing. Reduced crafting cost for some weapons to make them available earlier.

Interface and GUI

Added gold window to the main “on-map” menu. Now you can check you money by hitting the escape anywhere.

Moved status bar under HP and MP bars so players could clearly see the debuff or buff icons.

Removed confirmation on healing items in-combat because Ada is the only correct target for them.

Increased the size of gallery preview pictures so you can clearly see the details. The screen holds 4x3 pictures at the current configuration.

Added scrolling to the gallery mode. To view all the scenes (14) you need to scroll down by pressing the arrow with the mouse pointer or tapping down on the keyboard.

Renamed “Blowjob” to “Oral” as Ada will get opportunities to dive between ladies’ legs too.

Balance & enemies

Placed some monsters further away from entry points so players could away combat if they decide to do so.

Rebalanced the oni so you can beat her easier. She was pretty tough in the v0.1.5 and players had problems with her.

Adjusted skeleton’s movements speed to the usual “aggressive standard”. They were faster than intended.

Losing to monster and bosses now yields less SP. I increased SP for wins to counter this change.

Other changes and improvements

Deleted debug tiles which slipped in during the previous dev cycle. No more cheating :P

Fixed mountain tiles on the global map. Now they are stick together correctly.

Fixed ignored sprite hide command for Ada during one of the dialogues with Arthur.

Fixed some lewd sounds which had a strange panning to the right. Must be a misconfig on my part.

Fixed a bug with the gallery not unlocking the second type of the scene for a specific monster if players already got one type of scene unlocked and had “Skip” as their watched scenes option. Now it works with all the options.

Fixed a bug which blocked the alchemy table in Ada’s room. Now you can brew at home too!

Fixed visual jitter if players attempted to use a pedestal in oni’s puzzle without orbs in their inventory.

Fixed some typos and missing actor tags in dialogs.


Info for v0.2 -> v0.2.5 update


Scenes and Art

V0.2.5 has 2 new base scenes, each with 2 variations - normal and slutty.

The mansion got a new type of interactive scene - coach adventures with some backside exploring. The scene has all the 3 clients from the start and supports gallery activation. Similar to the first, blowjob scene, it will receive extra frames and branches in the next Yorna update, bringing it to the full intended scale. Also, I plan to do a half-clothed version in v0.3.0 if the time will permit it.

Just as previous feedback poll suggested, I added H sounds to all interactive maid scenes, both new and old. This change includes all clients and variations inside the scene.

The second base scene is centered on the big cat that you will find in the new forest zone along the plot line. ”The Big Fluff” monster girl is also present but, at this update, limited to plot story involvement, cutscenes and some mind-reading tricks. Also, teasing and fluff domination :p

Main Features

Yorna received the base logic for enchanting items and you can test it out with the sword part you’ve been collecting through your journey. v0.2.5 has the third and last piece so you can assemble the blade and tune it to your preferred play style. To use this feature, you’ll need to restore your castle after gaining the trust of a certain furball.

There are other improvements you can do - like repairing the shortcut bridge to your castle. Visit the lumberjack village for this opportunity.

I will expand the enchanting system to more items in the upcoming updates since the idea of giving more slots for equipment weren‘t solved in a satisfactory way. Every solution had its own drawbacks, so I decided to do this kind of sidestep. So far I see no penalties for using it and plan to support it all the way to Yorna’s final release.

v0.2.5 got the biggest pack of cutscenes and monster girl sprites out of all previous ones. All of them received synchronization of big on-screen sprites and portraits inside the text block. This includes all the previous monster girl cutscenes too.

I plan to use such cutscenes to add more monster girl interaction after their initial capture and some choices with buff or item rewards in the future.

Also, I finished all the monster girls sprites and plan to avoid using general ”flying ball” as an enemy sprite. Hopefully, this will add a bit of immersion to the game.

Small improvements and fixes:

Adjusted the gold line in the after-battle loot window so it doesn‘t climb higher than intended.

Fixed a single castle tile which was ignoring local -> global map size conversion. No more pygmy Ada :p

Re-marked craftable sword pieces as key items to avoid showing them in the regular inventory and confusing players.

Changed active piano sounds in the mansion.

Reduced costs for Sand Town smithy – the novice staff was too expensive.

Fixed a rare looped start for the interactive maid job scenes. It sometimes happened right after finishing one scene and the second one started without getting the money from Jack.

Added a mention of a local alchemist during Deadroot monologue to help players locate the interested person.

Fixed alchemist quest so she no longer asks players to get some Deadroot after they already gave some to her.

Changed grass graphics inside the Grey encampment - the edge is no longer looking like it’s close to a chasm.

Fixed some typos, missing dialogue tags and passable map geometry.


Info for v0.2.5 -> v0.3 update


Due to the previous goal and the new artist I prepared 3 scenes + extra frames for the sofa scene in the mansion. News H events feature moth, raiju and Baron Sebastian in a special scene after getting a high score with any of the clients.

I added a clothed variation to the sofa scene and made different frames for outer and inner finishes. 10 new frames in total for this scene. Special event with the baron is a one-time scene so getting a normal variation will unlock the lewd one too and vice versa.

I hope the next month will involve less "behind the scenes" changes and more work done. Yet it's understandable that newcomers require some time to settle in. Hopefully, the next month artist can step back a bit and update an existing scene for better quality. Something like we already did with mansion's scenes.

We'll see how it'll go.

Performance and tech updates

I migrated Yorna to RPG Maker v1.6.1 and Kadokawa fixed most of the problems in a year. I also tweaked the plugins and pruned less useful of them. Both garbage collector and pixi graphical engine received some love too.

The results are quite nice - resource consumption went down x1.8-x2 compared to 1.5.2. Yes, there is a gap in results due to the testing methods I used – I’m pretty sure no one will fast-forward different scenes 50 times in a row. Right?

All features and saves are compatible so you don't have to worry about starting a new game for Yorna v0.3. There are some things to polish but I’m happy with the results as is. The next big tech thing will be MacOS investigation.

I shortened the SP calculating delay after battles as some players thought their game froze. The logical functions are still the same.

Features and interface

Players wanted to see the names for H scenes in the gallery, even locked ones. I implemented this feature so you can get the hint how to get your locked events.

Deafeted monster girls will offer a small stat increase after you bring them to the castle. This is still a work in progress and you can expect more such interactions. Check your castle - these events are among the new monster girl cutscenes pack.

Now you can buy herbal tea to counter Ada's lewdness if it gets too high for your liking. You can't get her to a completely pure state though and remember - using the tea will make lewd skill training harder in the future.

Added dynamic shadows as a test feature. This means they will properly darken all objects under them, not just floor. Default RPG Maker's shadows are boxy and meh at best so I experimented a bit. If all goes well all shadows will be swapped to the advanced variation.

Minor updates and fixes

Fixed a flicker with calculating numbers inside the combat screen. Now there's nothing appearing under Ada's HP and MP bars during hit animations.

Arranged combat sprites closer to the center of the screen for better composition.

Increased healing skills cast speed to help players with "Oh crap" situations.

Changed Jack's dialog so he could appropriately comment on Ada's lewd level during their first scene.

Blocked the function to press and hold action button on permanent interactive vents like wells. Plugins didn't like such interactions.

Fixed a small cliff inside the desert zone. Previously players could climb it even without vines.

Allowed to eat "lizard-on-a-stick" item both during combat and map exploration as it was intended. Yummy! (Careful with food poisoning tho)

Fixed gnoll's battle skill description during the animation.

Fixed jinko's (tiger) scene results. Now it properly unlocks her scenes according to Ada's lewd level and checks if the player wants to skip the second playthrough of her scene.

Fixed Diana's store not offering all the intended dresses after upgrading the castle to the last stage.

The usual typo and dialogue tag fixing


Info for v0.3 -> v0.3.5  update


H Scenes and art

You can get new 4 new scenes. 2 base events, both of them with lewd and normal variations. We also added the first batch of new frames to the moth scene. You don’t need to re-unlock it, just you the gallery if you had it before the update. As I mentioned earlier scenes will get some love in the future updates.

I postponed the third scene to November and it will be the third variation of the mansion “Maid Job” H event with Ada being… on top of things. More on this in the upcoming developer plans for November -> December.

Mechanics and gameplay

Version 0.3.5 has 2 new dresses for Ada: one for beating up the boss and the second one is available in Diana’s shop. Craftable dress features new mechanic – stealth. Using the active skill of this dress, you can ignore common enemies, as they can’t initiate the combat with Ada even if they catch her. Use it for resource gathering and puzzle solving.

I saw the parity inside the cutscenes poll and will weight my ideas accordingly for the upcoming releases. 0.3.5 still has a pretty lighthearted mood for most of the cutscenes. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any cute or funny events in the future though.

Your castle’s lab is finally up and running! For now, you can upgrade a bunch of trinkets but with time you’ll get options with weapons and armor too. Talk with the lab staff to access the upgrade menu and prepare to spend your cash together with the new material – focus crystals. To avoid various strange scenarios players should un-equip the item they want to strengthen. Otherwise, it won’t appear in the menu.

A new type of game package

Testing showed I can use online platforms to deploy Yorna for playing in browsers. Controls are the same, including mouse options and the game runs smoothly performance-wise. The problem for such deployment is underlying web server - sometimes Yorna’s logic breaks completely while other web servers allow achieving performance close to a local client.

This means I will try several platforms for distributing the public version of Yorna and see how it‘ll go. If everything will be fine players will get another option to play the game without even downloading it. Yet no promises - it all depends on the platform and its staff. 

Small fixes and improvements

Added a switch to bring the desert puzzle back to its original state. It’s on the northern wall of the room.

Switched the “glow” effect material nodes have from white to red for the winter regions to make them more noticeable. Crystal caverns use sparks instead. 

Healing via the statue shrine will not force players to confirm the info message. Now you can use the statue and immediately move even with animations still playing.

Fixed Sebastian’s special scene in the mansion. Now it correctly works for both lewd and normal variants without allowing players to trigger it twice.

Re-linked the requirements for getting into Oni’s sand caves to finishing the first of Arthur’s quests – get him the Mothercare plant instead of overall clear. Some players got confused why their castle never progressed – that’s why.

Ada and enemy skill changes. Previously mage path with spamming firepuff/fireblasts had too much value for 1 mana point.

Added a note about saving before checking out the gallery if players used boss unlockable items after defeating them.

Leary, Gabby and Calista no longer disappear before their cutscenes end so Ada doesn’t talk with an empty space anymore.

Arthur will not only check if Ada has needed materials during the first update but also take them after player’s confirmation.

Added a note about the mountains in the East to the help message when Ada talks about Oni’s caves.

Spell blade now actually uses zoom-zoom sound during the attack – just as its description says.


Info for v0.3.5 -> v0.4 update



Let’s see what’s new in the update aside from the usual plot + puzzle combo.

Graphics and art

H events will start the list. You can get 3 new base scenes, each with 2 variations - normal and lusty. There’s one scene for the boss, another one is for the common monster (minotaur) and the last one is in the mansion. I’ll see if the new artist will keep up with 3 scenes plan in the future.

3 new dresses for Ada, now including passive skills and for the first time - a capped lewd level for one of the dresses. Passive skills will be active after learning them regardless of the current lewd stats. Players can get them like all other skills - by maxing out SP of the dress and don’t require any kind of special activation.

Roughly half of the maps received an update. Some got bigger so dialogue sprites won’t cover the map characters during cutscenes - like Nymph’s forest. Others received shadow touch-up and fixing like Sand Caves region. Now the shading will react to everything under it, including environment and characters. I will try to upgrade the rest in the next update.

Game mechanics

Now you can try your instincts with new treasure hunting activity. After repairing the castle for the first time with Arthur’s help, a shady character will appear at the courtyard. He will offer you to buy a pack of maps with hidden goodies.

Using the map in the inventory will bring up a small section of the map with an X - the right spot to dig. Use the shovel and get the loot! One of the new dresses is hidden in one such chest. Oh, and don’t worry - all treasures worth more than their price. New releases will bring more maps and hidden goodies.

Castle changes and upgrades

Your lab received 2 changes in v0.4. First of all, enchantment service is available earlier in the game - right after taming the fire crystal at Ayane’s shrine. Taming the air crystal will unlock an option to upgrade Ada’s weapons. The list includes puzzle and shop weapons, plus unique weapons like Fang and Spellblade.

Mio, the oracle cat-girl, settles in Ada’s castle with new cutscenes including her teacher and a certain fairy. I remember some players wanted to see more serious scenes yet she’s too small and cute to be too serious.

Small changes and fixes

Fixed the herbal tea, now it doesn’t cause dress change loops if Ada’s lewd level became too low for equipping the previous dress. Grey uniform serves as the fallback option for such cases.

Fixed the H scene with Sebastian and the piano. Now it correctly shows up in the gallery after unlocking.

Cleared diagnostic tiles which sneaked into v0.3.5 and double-check v0.4.

Increased the inactivity time for common enemies after touching Ada in sneak mode. I’ll think about switching off ”chase” behavior for the stealth mode in the next update.

Tome of advanced alchemy now correctly applies the new recipes to all places where players can brew their own potions. 

Fixed some exit points in Sand Caves regions - now enemies can’t wander off the map grid.

Added more random mini-events with characters for your castle. Now it will be a bit livelier.

Leary correctly turns to face the player in her initial pre-combat cutscene instead of talking with her back facing Ada. Rooood.

Added an obvious hint in the bridge section of the desert to point out that the vines are interactive.

Fixed more than 100% cleared content in saved stats.


Info for v0.4 -> v0.5 update


So, let’s start with the H content and the current update has 2 scenes with premium graphics – a new artist joined the art team and you can expect 3 scenes in the next update. Also, he did an amazing job with his first H event because it’s the biggest scene the game art-wise with almost no repetitive frames.  

One of the H events involves some soft tentacle action, the other one – spanking. Both scenes have warnings (tentacle scene shares the choice with other tenta events) so you can skip them if you don’t like the kink. Gallery will allow you to check them out if you’ll reconsider later.

Gameplay functions and features

Since my first workaround for the crash problem didn’t help at least on some platforms, I decided to make an autosave feature. Each time you change a zone, the game will silently create or overwrite the data in 30th slot. Be careful and make use an alternative slot if 30th slot is used by one of your own files!

Otherwise, the process is completely hidden and non-disruptive. You may remember that the game places the cursor on the last slot you used manually – it stays the same way even with the new feature. While autosave doesn’t fix the crashes, at least it lessens progress loss.

I hope tech support will answer with something useful soon though. Don’t like such crap being a part of my game without any real way to fix it from user’s perspective. 

Bla… I mean Eruvian Jack appears in Yorna. Functionally, it’s close to the blackjack card game with a few alterations. You can play for 100, 200 or 500 dragons, depending on who your opponent is.

In the current update, you can find 3 guys to play with. The restaurant in the village close to your castle will offer the first chance to try out the game. A bored hunter inside the lumberjack village can offer pelts instead of money for your winnings. And the last one is a trader – he’s inside new lounge area of your castle and offers to play for high stakes. Each of them will offer an option to check out a quick tutorial before diving in.

Ada can learn new potion recipes to brew by getting “Alchemy Secrets” book from cultist lair. Check out the puzzle for details. Oh, and don’t forget – using alchemy table in Ada’s room provides the cheapest prices for brewing potions. Of course, all other crafting pots will allow you to craft new potions too.

Skills and dresses

Reworked sneak mechanics. Now monsters ignore Ada’s presence on the map and roam around minding their own business. Bumping into them still triggers the prolonged “daze” effect but won’t force them to chase Ada. More like a shadow!

V0.5 introduces 3 new dresses with unique skills. You can get one from the final boss, one from Diana’s dress after clearing the chapter. Another one is hidden inside the caches, check the map guy in your castle.

Gallery update

Not an update per se but I decided to mention it here. Originally, I placed unique slutty/non-slutty frames inside galley’s CG mode. After a bit of thinking and gathering feedback, I decided to sync the frames with real scenes. This means you can check out all the CG frames in the CG mode – just as in the real H event, minus the text part. Sometimes it increased total frame count more than twice.

I’m thinking about adding more frames and giving some love to the older scenes during the next update, so give me a shout about the H event which you would like to see expanded/improved.

Castle upgrades/changes

As I already mentioned, you can expand your castle with a new zone – lounge. It will definitely attract more people with time and present another zone to check out for cutscenes with monster girls and other characters.

Reduced resources needed for initial castle repair to make the start smoother.

Interface changes

I fixed the option to delete your own saves, now it’s working as intended. Deleting an old file doesn’t force the game to crash or spit out an error. There are some ideas about improving the interface for the save/load screen but since they are based on RPG Maker’s core files, I decided to postpone them into v0.6.

Also, the inventory screen doesn’t allow the contents to spill over the menu frame. So, you shouldn’t see your items falling out of the bottom section of “on-map” menu. Works for both items and dresses/trinkets.

Misc/small/bugfix changes

Added more steps to Diana’s story so player progress between dresses bit by bit rather than getting most of them available for crafting after rebuilding the castle. Also, added a text block on the “certificate” tablet on the wall. Now the text block triggers even if you click on it with the cursor.

Some of the enemy’s attacks are no longer “silenceable” and some monsters received backup skills to use if Ada decides to play mean with silence effects.

Fixed some map tiles and geometry, added more space on the right side of most problematic maps (like the pine forest and gnoll desert). Now you can actually keep Ada’s image on and see where you are going. Some zones still need to be revised but they are okay-ish even now.

Added dynamic shadowing on most of the interior maps and zones without them. Looks like some locations won’t be able to support the feature due to tileset limitations but it’s nothing critical.

Fixed nereid’s lusty attack comment. Now it properly mentions her.

Moth’s scene now acknowledges the skip setting and allows to fast forward it to the last frame if you choose to do so through the options.

The “map guy” appears earlier in your castle. Now you can hunt for treasures earlier in the game to make the start easier. Also, I added some starting weapons inside the caches and lifted the restriction about unique weapons in your inventory. You can get more than one weapon in your loot. Sell anything you don’t need.

Allowed Leary to move wings during cutscenes. Now she no longer looks like a static image if you talk to her.

Regal dress no longer forces Ada’s face to disappear (cre~epy) and properly check for her lusty level. Its skill now properly buffs the player on use.

Agni the hellhound no longer appears after beating her in a boss fight.

Minotaur’s scene now properly adds exp points for the “Group Sex” skill. Affects both slutty and normal versions.

Birds no longer dive underwater lilies mid-flight. Yes, you read that right.

Smoothed over some dialogue cutscenes – fade-out effect for some scenes was too abrupt and fast. Now all of them should follow the same standard.

Fixed dialogue tags for some characters inside lumberjack village.


Info for v0.5 -> v0.6 update


H content

This release has 3 new basic scenes, each of them prepared both in normal and lewd variations. The first scene with the night gaunt is available on the upper floors of Mortimer’s tower while the boss scene awaits you at the top.

The third scene, featuring group sex, is inside baron’s mansion – check out the new basement zone. The entrance is to the left of the reception. To get past the guard, you’ll need to have at least 10 in Ada’s lewd level and baron’s scene with the piano.

Optional content

V0.6 update brings the foundation for 2 factions and their own quest lines. You can check them out and start earning their trust right now. Nun of Octa’s church built a monastery North of Ada’s castle and the refugees have a tent camp just outside of the lumberjack’s village.

Starting quests are easy to do and won’t require anything special to complete. They are here to hint at what’s coming in the next updates. So far, I plan to make at least 1 scene per faction aside from a pack of cutscenes and other interesting stuff.

Upcoming domination mode

While not directly a part of v0.6 release, I decided to mention this feature to mark players’ choice for the next feature in Yorna.

It will allow Ada to use lust magic overwhelm her opponents with sexual desire. Then she will take an active role during the new H event. To unlock such a scene, players need to have access to lust magic and win using only it. No clubbing enemies or fireballs to the face. Just pure lust magic like ”Lust Bolt” and ”Seduce” skills which you can get from dresses.

Most common monsters will receive the new mechanic. Obvious exceptions are enemies without brains (like skeletons) or non-humanoid types (like the poor sad flower in Nymph’s forest).

Why not bosses too? Ada invites new monster girls to her castle after winning and she actually needs to look them in the face afterward :)

Interface / Usability changes

Added vertical scroll in save and load screens. Now you can press up on the top of the list and the cursor will jump al the way to the bottom. Hitting down on the bottom will place the cursor at the top. The same applies to shops and menu choices.

Added a bit of space to the last batch of small maps which had problems with either blocking the exit points with Ada’s sprite or blocked “on-map” sprites during dialogues. Some of the maps: sand caves, nymph’s forest and grey kitchen.

Eruvian jack (the card game) no longer asks if you want to take another card while the score is already 21. Instead, the game automatically passes and allows your opponent to draw.

The game no longer forces you to enter the pine forest if you hit the escape button on the global map menu. Now it correctly closes the choice menu without moving the player.

Fixed a GUI bug where recipe and material lists could overlap during crafting.

Fully restored castle now responses to approaching the game – the same logic as the half-finished one. You don’t need to hit the action button to enter one of the rooms.

Small fixes / Improvements

Changed castle’s garden exit point so it no longer places Ada right before an obstacle.

Fixed a rare bug with mansion’s logic which blocked going to the second floor and the whole “maid” business.

Added a missing file to the CG gallery for ogre’s lusty scene. Now it no longer forces the game to bombard you with errors.

Fixed Oakheart’s description to a proper one.

Fixed shadows inside your castle’s kitchen.

Now you actually need to solve the statue puzzle before getting inside the “goodies” rooms in the cultist’s lair.

Fixed Serena’s scene item unlockable. If you used it before the fix, just walk inside your castle’s courtyard and save. The gallery will check the fix and add the missing scene if you already defeated her.

Fixed description for one of Calista’s combat skills.

Fixed Mio’s name in the first cutscene with Ayane at her fox shrine. Forgive me, kitty ><

Fixed graphics layering problem for snow mountain region on the global map.


Info for v0.6 -> v0.7 update


H Content and domination mode

This update features 3 new scenes. 1 with the panda, the second one with the honey bee and the last one with the ogre. Yes, it’s the first domination scene with Ada taking the active role. How? By reducing your enemies into lewd heaps driven by lust!

To activate the domination mode you will need to win the battle using non-damaging skills – namely Seduce or Lust Bolt. You can use any kind of buffs or heals and even items (Chap’s fine too if you decide to be funny about it) but no direct attacks. Default auto attack counts as a direct aggression and won’t allow you to get domi scene. Since ogres receive extra damage from lust magic – this should be easy.

Domination scenes uses a familiar logic with the regular variations. They support full/short length option to change the amount of text you’ll see. At the moment, I didn’t implement “Skip” feature for already watched domi scenes but it will be easy if players will voice such desire. Holding enter will fast-forward the text as usual though.

After event’s end, Ada will appear at the battle tile – you don’t need to start the dungeon from the start. You can find domination events at the bottom of the gallery, marked with “Domination” tag. I’ll keep adding them there so they won’t mix up with “normal” scenes. Domi event support both full scene replay option and CG variation in the gallery – just like all other scenes.

New dress with medium lust requirement

To help you try out the domination mode without turning Ada into a complete slut, I added another craftable clothes for her. It provides the “Seduction” skill and requires only 10 lewd points. Check out Diana’s shop to get it.

New dialogue scenes and other improvements in your castle

For the start, I added new merchants in the lounge area for player convenience. They provide medium grade potions and craft resources for gold.

Serena really kicked up laboratory’s efficiency – check it out for the new enchantment options to help you in your travels.

If you are hunting for dialogue cutscenes, visit castle’s garden and Ada’s room. I added 2 new mini-scenes featuring Mio, Calista and Fiora the Panda.

Secondary faction quests

Both refugees and nuns receive a new quest – 1 for each faction. Ada will be able to learn more about these strange people and perhaps even glimpse the true nature of some characters. Will you be able to guess what’s coming next? 

Small improvements / Bugfixes

Secondary factions received mentions in the “Help” functions for their respective quests. Once you receive them – you can use this feature to keep track of what you’ll need to do in order to progress further.

Maneater dress now adds the correct bonus for lust damage and show the correct slut level requirement in the info screen.

Fixed a small box in the pine forest. The loot used incorrect icon – healing pot instead of coins.

Fixed a problem with the craftable blade inside your castle. Now it has the highest priority and the lab master won’t switch to the regular shop before you finish blade’s restoration.

Fixed a bug with endless lewd level checking for dresses which required Ada to be pure (less or equal slut requirement) 

Expanded herb garden’s size. Now you can’t see butterflies flying over the big black void on the right side of the zone.

Added interactive shadows inside the castle’s courtyard. Now they darken the objects under them.

Fixed another variation of a bug, which blocked players from getting to the second floor inside baron’s mansion.

Fixed one of Ayane's conversations which hid Ada's spire even if players didn't press Q.

Added weakness to clear-list for cleanse skill and medicine.


Info for v0.7 -> v0.8 update


H scenes and art

This update brings 4 new scenes to discover. First one features gargoyle from the new location – the floating island and it has 2 usual variations – lewd and the normal one. The same goes for the cheshire in the same zone.

Jinko (the tiger girl) received a new domination scene. To get this one, you must defeat her with lust magic only. The last H encounter is inside Octa church – the confessionals are available, don’t forget to check them out. Both these scenes have only one variation.

I’m placing domination and factional scenes (nun and vagabond) at the end of the gallery so they won’t mix with the regular H events.

Mobile version package

Now you have an option to play Yorna on Android devices! I’ll upload the apk file with other versions from now on. A fair warning – I can’t test it out on all devices with all possible screen resolutions and system software. Contact me about any problems you encounter and add all available information to speed up the fixing. I ironed out all problems for my devices, but you never know…

So, what’s the difference between, let’s say, Windows version and Android? They are similar, yet the mobile version has some special functions. To emulate pressing “Escape” on the keyboard you either can perform a double finger tap (or whatever it’s truly called) or hit the button in the lower right corner.

Since you don’t have a control button on your mobile device, you can activate the auto-battle feature by pressing on the text itself. Aside from this, it works the same way on the laptop.

You won’t have save issues between mobile versions, I already tested this possibility. Since the ID of the game stays the same, trying to install a newer version will update your current one without deleting your progress.

There’s still a convenience issue with Ada’s big “on-map” sprite which you can hide by pressing Q. I can think of at least 2 options how to introduce this feature in the mobile version, but I don’t have the time to implement and properly test them before v0.8 release. So, this will have to wait for the next update.

Castle changes and improvements

You can find a new string in the options menu called “Intra-Castle Movement”. It’s a toggle between ”Yard Only” and ”All Rooms”. If ”Yard Only” option is chosen, Yorna uses the same logic as before and nothing changes from previous releases. ”All Rooms” toggle will display ”gate” movement menu each time you leave a room so you can choose your destination. With this option, you don’t have to exit to the courtyard and then use the gate to move into a different room.

This option uses ”All Rooms” by default since the majority wanted to see this in the feedback poll. Players can toggle this feature at any moment. The change takes an immediate effect and you don’t have to restart the game.

Also, don’t forget to check out Ada’s room inside the castle. If you watched all the scenes about Ayane and Mio, the kitsune will offer special training. It will help with Ada’s magical powers and feature a special evening just for them… Or not?

As always, visit the laboratory to check for new formulas and upgrades, especially if you’ll breach floating island’s vault.

Interface changes

I changed how herbal tea’s logic works. Now the game checks how many cups you have and allows drinking it by 1, 5, 10 or 15 cups at once. The tea still can’t lower Ada’s lewd level below 5 and I prepared for it - the game calculates the excess cups and refunds them. If you have less than 5 cups in the inventory, nothing changes during drinking.

Players no longer need to confirm the target for beneficial skills like a Heal and Mend on the “on-map” menu. Cleared the target window for buff/heal skills.

Added hints for the first factional quests. You can check them just like before – use the “Help” button inside the “on-map” menu.

To bring up factional dialogues closer to an established standard with important story cutscenes, I added Ada’s big “on-map” sprite to them. This change affects longer scenes.

You can read more about all the features here.

Small improvements and fixes

Doors inside the mansion’s basement no longer require hitting action button for interaction. Now they activate just by a touch.

Fixed several scenes which didn’t unlock in the gallery if players already got a different variation from the same encounter (lusty/normal) if “Skip Watched Scenes” was on.

Corrected lewd lever requirements for some dresses and their warning pop-up messages.

Grammar and NPC tag fixes in dialogues.

Fixed lava caves entrance zone – columns no longer cut the top of Ada’s hair if she goes close enough to them.

Deleted incorrect “End of the content” message during a dialogue with Serena after rescuing her.

Fixed gates inside puzzle zones. They no longer shift if players try to interact with them. This doesn’t affect the puzzle’s logic in any way.

Gave default Ada’s dress a bit of a touch up to better represent her clothes.

Expanded the walking zone on the stairs in the castle’s lab.

Mend no longer damages Ada during a crit. Yes, you read this right.

Added autosave function to the exit inside cultist lair with tenta-girls.

Synced all in-combat text boxes to a dimmed variation without a border.

Added lewd skill exp to domination scenes.


Info for v0.8 -> v0.9 update


H scenes and art

This update brings 4 new scenes. First one features dark matter in the new location, and it has 2 usual variations – lewd and the normal one. The same goes for the doppler, the boss of version 0.9 

Nereid gets a new domination scene. Same as always, to get this one, you must defeat her with lust magic only. The last H encounter is tied with vagabond’s optional questline. I hardly recommend checking the finale of this questline – it’s pretty funny. Both these scenes have only one variation.

I’m placing domination and factional scenes (nereid and raiju x vagabond) at the end of the gallery so they won’t mix with the regular H events.

New dress

Players asked for a new dress and I decided to go with pandarian garb to provide a high level option for warrior-like approach. It has a powerful skill for melee combat, so if you prefer brute forcing your enemies – check out Diana’s shop after beating Desona.

Scenes and optional content

You can find a new mini-scene with Mio and Gabriella inside the garden. Since this update was more focused on finishing vagabond’s optional quest arc, most of the time went there.

Now you can finish vagabond’s plotline – check the help button in the “on-map” menu if you don’t remember where you were in the quest chain. It doesn’t require much time to wrap it up and I recommend doing so. You’ll learn more about Raiju and her “Big Hero” in the process.

Castle changes

Check you your lab! After days of hard work, Serena managed to devise formulas for most powerful weapons to help you. Namely, each of the puzzle swords (Talon, Companion and Spellblade) received their last upgrade.

They require quite a bit of money and rare materials yet they are worth it!

Made kitchen and lab maps bigger so Ada’s on-map sprite won’t hide the walkable zones.

Lust draft and alchemist quest

Players asked for a way to bump up Ada’s lust level similar to herbal tea. After completing the first part of the alchemist’s quest in the starter village, she will gladly sell lust drafts. These items work as the herbal tea with one exception – drinking it will increase the lewd level.

If you have several bottles in the inventory, the game will offer several options: drink 1, 5, 10 or 15 bottles at once. A convenient option for players who want to play around with Ada’s lewd level.

Please note, drinking lust draft won’t upgrade your lewd skills, just the lewd level.

Small improvements and fixes

Fixed shop scroll for mobile devices. Now it allows checking all options in the list.

Fixed color code sometimes popping up with the hint in the lower part of the screen after using items during dialogues.

Intra-castle movement now works correctly with all variations of the castle, including the clean, non-upgraded version.

Swapped the second scepter of power from the lava depths zone for oakheart staff. If you already cleared the zone and got the scepter, check out castle’s lounge. I added a new npc who sells some weapons, including oakheart.

Fixed a rare bug where scenes with warnings didn’t unlock gallery entries after getting the scenes.

Now you need to press the action button or click on lumberjack’s village to enter it. This way you won’t get inside if you were walking somewhere else and stepped into the village by chance.

Cleared empty choice window after the player picks shopping option.

Potions no longer require a confirmation to use in battle. Since Ada fights alone there’s only one target.

Deleted the extra text block in nun’s scene.

Grammar and typo fixes in some scenes and intra-castle movement menu.

Talon family swords now properly apply bleeding on successful hits. Fixed a bug where “on hit” logic was skipped.


Info for v0.9 -> v1.0 update


I’ll post more info about this in the next development plans + a bit inside “What’s next?” section in the changelog.

Don’t worry, after completing the main storyline and watching ending sequence, you can continue playing to solve remaining puzzles, get all the scenes (including the ones I’ll add later) or simply watch mini-cutscenes with monster girls.

Yorna has 3 main endings + optional outcomes for factions, Octa church and vagabonds. Getting any ending will unlock all dress graphics so you can check them out in the gallery. Perhaps you missed some?

Oh, and don’t forget to prepare for Yorna’s fight. As the final boss, she can surprise you.

H scenes and art

v1.0 brings two usual scenes with lewd and normal variations for common enemies and the boss. New domination event features the gnoll. As always, you can find new scenes towards the end of the gallery.

Desona’s normal scene and doppler’s lewd scene no longer fade out the screen in the gallery’s replay mode if the short length was chosen in options. Gargoyle’s slutty scene now plays as intended. Sorry for these glitches.

Nun questline ending and cutscenes

Finished Octa church’s optional quests in v1.0. Each quest step has hints. You can meet one of Ada’s old acquaintances during it and get a useful talisman as a reward. It may come very handy in Yorna’s boss fight.

Added a mini-event with the honeybee in castle’s garden if you decided to help her with honey.

Tech stuff

Crash problem fix. While I released it before the final v1.0, it’s a big change and I decided to list it here. If you still encounter any kind of issues – contact me with all available info. Autosave feature stays even with its main enemy defeated for convenience sake.

Fixed geometry and shadows in several areas – lava depths, Mortimer’s tower, Grey castle and cultist caves with dark matter.

Fixed passive effect from “Clarity” skill. Now it correctly applies mana regen to all battles.

Fixed combat sprites showing above interface in boss fights. Now they are properly layered under it.

Small fixes and improvements

Lust draft received appropriate item info.

Adjusted Astrum’s (dress) details to reflect that its mana regen is passive and works even out of combat as intended.

Corrected 2 issues with total clear counters inside the mansion and Grey laboratory.

Fixed Serena arrival at the castle before you save her from Desona.

Ada’s no longer briefly invisible after losing to dark matter or doppler and teleporting to Ayane’s shrine.

Fixed missing icon for the tray.

Fixed some dresses to correctly work with Ada’s undressing. Previously they retained original clothes instead of showing naked sprites.

Fixed static cursor during code input for the shady guy if you didn’t used keyboard to change between digits.

Sex sounds no longer play after gallery’s H events in mansion are over.


Since the changelog is growing up yo the point where the site is not comfortable with it, please check further changes in the forum thread.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by ceciestuntest

Version reviewed: 1.2.5 on 08/26/2020

I rarely whote a review for game on this site, but wow.

This game is now one of my favorite, this is an underrated game for sure !

Ok, there is no really TF content, but the game is full of monster girl with many H scenes.

I have really enjoying playing it. Actually, I'm at the final boss (it's not often I play many hours in a game here) with 6 hours of play.

The mapping, on rpg maker, is great even it's the base tileset. Maps are great and it's not redundant to travel in this classic, but sympatical world.
The gameplay is cool ! Gameplay loop is a zone with a monster enemy type and a boss, a puzzle, material to found and hidden treasure. And if you loose, no game over, just an H scene and start to the begining of the zone. It's a really good choice to not include frustrating game over. For battles, it's classic but I love the skills unlocking (Xp with battle an outfit to unlock a skill, and outfits are visibles on your character (always present on screen).) And finally, difficulty is really great, not too hard (and you can grind fast if is it), so you can advance in the story without blocking in a boss.

The game is really worked, especially on UI, game design and finitions. And don't see any bug or problem.

And finally, the best part for me is the graphics. So, the girls are too cute and CG and characters are well designed ! I love too the differents outfits for Ada !


Conclusion: I can't don't recommand this game to you, I have had a good time playing it !

Review by swiezak1988

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 07/25/2019

This is a hidden gem on this site. I have grabbed this game when I was performing advanced search and looking for anything worth playing. When I launched it sometime later, I didn't even realize how underrated it is here. Game is similar in its kind to many Japanese games - it is set in fantasy world, you have castles, lords, maiden, villages, forests, monsters, tentacles etc. Bored already? Well, despite very usual set and RPGMaker I'd be bored of the description, but strength of this game is in how well it is done. There's nothing to complain about. This game didn't crash for me even once. It looks very well, even sprites are tailored to characters and NPCs. Game is a little bit grindy, but it is polished in the way that will not piss you off with any issue with gameplay or interface. And well, I'm after 5 hours of gameplay and I'm at 38% of uncovered content. And did I mention that game is simply pretty and characters are adorable? Yes, this is some kind of a game which is cute and sexy, but not slutty as some games are. Somewhat I miss some kinky, perverted or slutty parts (some exhibitionism for example), but on the other hand cute vibe from the game looks like conscious decision from author rather than lack of better ideas. One thing that I didn't like at the beginning is how fast MC is becoming a prostitute. I started with some sex scenes showing that she is experienced, then after few of them I got blowjob scenes where she was shy. I think author didn't sort that part out very well, since it looks like plan for some gradual character change with more lewd and bold choices, but all of them are available pretty fast and game gives only little clues that there was a plan for some gradual corruption. But even this doesn't break my very positive opinion on the game.

Review by Excanda

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 08/07/2018

The game is a good start, though you should know this is a lot like Melty's Quest that you can find on steam.

I hope you can make it as good as that game.

Review by blazedummy

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 07/13/2018

Really great start!


Awesome game loop:
Collect outfit -> Wear outfit -> See pretty girl in outfit -> Gain SP for outfit via combat or sex -> Learn ability from outfit up max SP -> Collect new outfit.


There's a also a scavenge and craft system as well as monster girl collecting.


Only downside is that as of version 0.1.5, there's only one monster girl and two outfits.


Looking forward to more content! =D

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