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Spring 2008
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Version: 0.35

Fleeing Lisa
by plarson

Fleeing Lisa is a transformation game created in the RAGS engine by plarson.

With the collapse of society, science fell out of favor with the surviving populous and religion in its latest form ascended.

So begins the new Dark Ages of Humanity and the rebirth of the Inquisitors.

Hidden amongst the ruins of civilization small pockets of the scientific communities still existed.

How many communities of scientist exist is unknown. But, of those that exist, it is believed that most are discovered by god's inquisitors and redeemed.

The sinners are put on public display. Giving the public the thrill of watching sinners come back to god and be redeemed into godly citizens.

It is known by many, in and out of god's employ, that some communities have just disappeared leaving their technology undiscovered and thus a great danger to god's messengers.

But on to your problem -

It wasn't your problem but the Inquisitors didn't care about that. Anyone who knew the apostate must be examined until all knowledge of the apostate was removed from their mind. You where lucky? You where walking up the sidewalk when the inquisitors arrived. Waiting in hopes of determining who was to be redeemed or examined. The waiting ends as your next door neighbor launches herself out the window of her 10th floor apartment. Knowing you can’t help her you walk away from your life without a glance backwards.

Heeding your dear mothers’ advice you have sought to remain under the radar of the church and inquisitors and were quite successful until today. With the taking of your neighbor and your decision to evade the righteous querying of the church, you will be sought by the inquisitors, members of the church, and the bounty hunters that prey on those sought by the church. Your only hope is to disappear but at the moment you have no idea how to accomplish that feat. As you walk away from your life you realize that ruins of old town might offer a temporary haven for you. You make your way to the ruined buildings that make up old town, a haven for those desperate enough to try and evade the inquisitors, a home to gangs that feed off of the desperation of the fugitives, and perhaps home to those who hold to the old ways of science.

You make your way through old town keeping your head down and ignoring what goes on around you. Days pass and finally your luck fails. In the ruins of, ironically, a church the inquisitors have caught up with you. Moving silently through the basement of the church you listen to the inquisitors and their bounty hunters move through the upper parts of the church.

As you move deeper into the recesses of the basement you hear the ancient stone walls of the basement give way. You can hear the screams of the inquisitors and the bounty hunters as they try to flee the collapsing building. Perhaps luck has returned, as you contemplate the tons of stone that will crush you the stones that makeup the floor begin to dissolve their ancient bonds revealing for the first time in years a stairway. The only problem is at the moment you are standing on top of the now disconnecting stones and you fall head over arse down the stone staircase. Halfway down the stairway your consciousness flees.

Slowly regaining consciousness your eyes slowly open. As your brain again begins processing the data from your eyes you are shocked to full consciousness by the sight of a bounty hunters cold dead eyes staring back from less than a meter.

It takes you a moment to realize that he is dead and so is powerless to harm you.

You access your clothing and realize that you are very lucky. The cloth is rent in numerous places making it difficult to wear. Of all the tears in the garments only two places has your skin been abraded.

Your boots are in bad shape but still wearable.

You are surprised that there is light at all in the basement passageway. Looking upwards you can see shafts of light filtering down through the rocks and timbers that had made up the ruined church. Also every few feet along the passageway is a lamp that is glowing dimly, halfway down the passage is a door with some type of panel.

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