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Version: 0.1a

Endless Paradise

You are a 30 year old man, Jacob, living in a world where everyone is addicted to a neural reality game called Endless Paradise.  The world is mostly empty except for those still carrying out jobs in real life and those that refuse to spend their entire time in the game.  You also partake in this addiction and work as a play tester for Endless Paradise by testing new software.  This testing gets you into trouble and causes you to encounter real life people willing to harm others for their own gain.


As of now, there is no fighting in the game itself, it is entirely text progression with CG events.


This game is in early development with only one person working on it and a hobby project.


Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement to continue working on this project, I really appreciate it!


Source of CG:
[Apadash] Juurin! Orc Gakuen! ~ Tenkousei wa Kasshoku Bitch-na Onna Yuusha!?

[Miel] Bakunyuu Himekishi wa Haramase Onaho

I do not claim ownership or claim to be the creator of the CG used in this game, if you enjoy the CG I would recommend checking out the games they original came from or other games those developers have created.

Endless Paradise is a fictional game set in the near future around a neural game.  In the game you play as a character named Jacob who stumbles into a lot of trouble.  This game is incredibly erotic and contains a lot of sexual material.


The game is available to play on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS.


This game is in alpha and will be full of spelling errors, bugs, unpolished script, and some lack of direction.

Jacob (Main Character): A 30 year old man that lives by himself and is addicted to a game called Endless Paradise.  To make a living he works as a playtester for Endless Paradise.


Artemis: Jacob's AI assistant in Endless Paradise and helps get Jacob into and out of trouble.


Brandon: Jacob's real life friend and friend in Endless Paradise.


Gerald: A friend Jacob meets in Endless Paradise.

Version 0.1a:

Fixed bugs with action button needing to be set to player touch.  Fixed bug with switch being out of order which was stopping access to a large portion of the game.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Eschation

Version reviewed: 0.1a on 08/07/2018

You're thrown into the game with not even a sentence of introduction, standing on a beach for some reason.

You'll figure it out soon enough, but it's still a jarring way to start a game.

Then when the game starts proper, you are given the opportunity to be raped by orcs without any alternatives, as far as I could tell for as long as I was willing to play. I do not like unavoidable MF, and like MF rape even less, so this game is definitely not for me.

Review by Arothe

Version reviewed: 0.1a on 08/04/2018

So far it's pretty much exactly what I was expecting. Keep working on this and updating it, because it would be a shame to let all that databasing go to waste at this point. I'm curious to see where this goes.

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.1a on 08/03/2018

Definately worth trying this one out. Continue this one please! :3

Review by AnnonMist

Version reviewed: 0.1a on 08/03/2018

Its worth a playthrough to see the plot and look at some hentai. Its too early to really seriously review, but what is here is fun.

Review by kris.harley

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 08/02/2018

it definitely has potential i hope to see some more of it please don't abandon this

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